Best Business Practices For Photographers, by John Harrington

If chapter titles like…

_Working with Reps, Assistants, Employees, and Contractors: The Pitfalls and Benefits, or
_Transitioning to Freelance, or
_Licensing Your Work, or
_Setting Your Photographer’s Fees, or
_Releases: Model, Property, and Others

..don’t get you to buy this book, perhaps my assessment of the book will:

I think Best Business Practices for Photographers, Second Edition is essential reading for anyone even thinking about licensing an image, starting a business in photography, or dreaming of taking their photo game “pro”.

Long time photographer, author, and blogger John Harrington today delivers his 2nd edition of this book in epic detail. The thought of creating this book makes my head explode because it’s so loaded with details, facts, and examples. It’s dry reading – but a lot of this stuff mission critical, or at least sets the stage for your understanding. John is a vocal advocate of photographer’s rights. And while things in our industry are on the move, John’s got a smart, conservative, and worthwhile voice for dotting your business i’s and crossing your business t’s. We should be thankful that he’s done the work to assemble a strong reference guide. Consider thanking him and informing yourself by spending the $23 on Best Business Practices for Photographers, Second Edition right now.

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