Chase Jarvis CURRENT: SanDisk Q&A FollowUp

I’ve been on the road almost non-stop since we shot the SanDisk campaign in NZ last month, but I’d promised that there was a bit more followup to come as we wrap up post production back at the studio. In this vid, for example (in the spirit of the oldie-but-still-relevant Chase Jarvis CURRENT: 32 Questions vid) I jam through a selection of about 30 questions I’d been asked via the online channels, from creative direction to shoot concept to tech specs to gear.

And a heads up. At your request, I’ll be sprinkling in just couple more vids from NZ in the next couple weeks–at least a TECH about lighting and another RAW.

Lastly, lemme know what you think of this loose Q&A; video format. If it sucks, tell me. If it you’re able to tolerate me yammering on, I could streamline this video work on my end of things (add it to my podcast too), answer a heck of a lot more questions than I’m currently able to via email, and it would add a layer of discourse that’s currently not there. Feedback please.

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