More Moving Magazines, This by Alexx Henry For Outside

As more and more of us photogs co-mingle our still capture with motion capture, we’re going to be seeing increasingly co-mingled media outlets increasingly more excited to increase their co-mingling of media.

You get my point.

Looks like Outside is along for the ride now, thus adding another solid print title to the short list of those that are doing more interesting things–either out of desperation or innovation–which is still up for debate. This cool vid from photographer Alexx Henry is his second such project if I’m not mistaken. He’s got an “imagine the future…” sort of blog post that accompanies the vid here on his blog. Nice moves, Alexx.

Which brings me to my favorite thing about this sort of new media: in my experience (and I’ve heard here from Alexx’s and many other friends out there too) the media outlets are actually interested in collaborating with their artists once again, rather than dictating to them as seemed to be the norm in the few years past…. That’s a key word, collaboration. I think it yields far more interesting results. Hope this is more than a trend.

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