Wanna Free Trip To Visit Us In Seattle?

First, a huge thanks to those of you who have sent me photos of yourselves with my new book “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You”. It’s been fun and inspiring and great to see the book in far-off places like Japan and Paris. Lots of new faces and some familiar ones.

But more than that, you’ve got me fired up. I just stumbled across this link on my book’s Amazon.com page (directly beneath the image of the book) that allows you to “share your own customer images”. What? This could be fun. I’d love to see more of these images, and I’d love a place for you to see them…so call me crazy, but I thought we’d pull together a little game.

First, here’s what you can win:

Every week from now till the end of the year (11 weeks) I’ll pick my favorite photo of someone with my book, and I’ll send that person a signed, limited edition print from the book. I’d love to see images of you with the book in fun, far off places or on your couch, in the Sarhara Desert, or heck, at the Apple store (on sale there too!). Think garden gnome. Anything fun/interesting. And then, at some point during the game, I’ll pick one entry that’s the most interesting or fun and I’ll fly that person–all expenses paid, airfare, hotel, & meals–from anywhere in the world, to spend a day with us at the studio in Seattle. We’ll do lunch. And probably some other fun stuff too. “Winners” announced via Twitter and Facebook.

Second, here’s how you play:

[UPDATE: the rules below outline that you must post to both Amazon and Facebook. For those of you that can only post to FB because you’re not an Amazon customer, don’t sweat it. But keep two things in mind. 1) Don’t think of this as a crazy “competition” I’ll be looking at both places to find people to send prints to… If you can’t post to Amazon, I’ll understand and 2) this is as much as possible about having some fun over at Amazon.com… so keep that in mind. If you can post there, please do… now back to your regular programming…]

1. Buy the book if you can or want. (Amazon. B&N.;)
2. Take a photo of yourself with your The Best Camera book (or a borrowed book if you can’t swing one), or just the book if you’re shy but extra points for people in there, and make it fun, interesting, creative, or simple.
3. Upload that image to my Amazon.com “share your own customer images” link.
4. ‘Become a fan’ on my Facebook fan page. And under the “wall” tab in the ‘what’s on your mind’ window atop the page, write your name WHERE YOU’RE FROM and a url if you’d like. Click on the ‘add photos’ icon.

[Click ‘continue reading’ link below.]

5. Based on geographic location, fun factor, interest level or anything else that catches my eye, I’ll select one “signed print” winner every week from now till the end of the year and I’ll announce that weekly winner on my Facebook fan page and via my Twitter.
6. And at some point during this whole mess, I’ll host one person to come visit us in Seattle – all expenses paid.

It’s that easy. And remember ANY CAMERA. It’s not about the camera – it’s about the fun pictures of you and my art book.

Enter as many times as you like. Entries should start immediately – the week has already begun.

As an aside, I’ve received tweets that the book has sold out from several places, but generally speaking…
_You can find the book online at Amazon, B&N;, and Borders.
_You can find the book at your local bookstore.
_You can find the book at most Apple retail stores (stoked! how sweet/lucky is that!)
_And of course, if you don’t find the book at a place you want to see it, request it. That always does the author some good.

And if you’re liking what you’re reading, I would always appreciate a rate/review of the book on Amazon. Thanks.

Please have fun with this. Spread the word. I’ll love to see you getting clever with this little book (and clever with Amazon – has anybody ever done this?)

[btw, if you’re at all worried about what places like Amazon and Facebook can do with your images, then read the fine print. Would they ever use a quirky image of you with my book to “advertise” Facebook? God I’d hope so, but I’d bet my shooting finger that it would never happen in a million years. My hope is that you’re not bothered by those things given the context…these are supposed to be fun snapshots of you with a quirky book ;)]

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