Chase Jarvis SHORTS: Ground Control

Creating a strong emotional connection with the viewer is without a doubt the most important criterion in a successful image. Nothing will ever supplant that. Beyond that, however, there’s a whole bunch of second tier, more “mechanical” techniques that we creatives can cook up to elevate our images and create visual interest.

One such technique is compositional in nature: creating cool angles and unique perspectives. It’s what makes P.O.V. shots cool, it’s the mojo in those classic 360 degree shots from The Matrix and the super-cool car commercials, and it’s what make those slick overhead shots on Monday Night Football all really sing.

In the 2:41 of this Chase Jarvis SHORTS video, I illustrate the what, where, how and why for a contraption that we built in-house that’s helped me make some of my most-asked-about…[click the ‘continue reading’ link below]

…(how’n the hell did you do that?) images from The Blakes music video, from Laura’s Story video, and from images created for Apple, Brooks running shoes, Hasselblad Masters and others. I’ve used all sorts of lighting AND Nikons, Hasselblads, RED motion cameras, even the Phantom HD motion camera in conjunction with this contraption.

A quick spin thru the portfolio section of my site will reveal that I’ve got a good bit of use from this sucker. We call it “Ground Control”. Watch the vid and you’ll know why.

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