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[Update: just got an email from Zeke at Trade Secret Cards. He wanted me to let you know he’s already sold about 25% of his inventory in just 3 weeks. He’s hoping to have unloaded the 5000 number by the end of the year… Let me put some of that money back into the photo industry… He’s also posted a YouTube clip of a photo tip I gave him from the interview here.]

I love it when people–especially members of this community–take ideas and run with them. This one is no exception…

A couple months ago, I was approached by blog reader and founder of a company called Trade Secret Cards, Zeke Kamm. He had a business proposition: He’d come to Seattle, pick my brain about various different pictures in my portfolio and then he’d put together a pack of 22 glossy, high-end cards that illustrate “how to” re-create each picture. Soup to nuts. Diagrams, equipment used, what I was thinking, etc. He sells ‘em and gives us cut.

We agreed to his proposal and for about $20 you can–starting today–buy these illustrative card packs here at or at national photo retailers like Midwest Photo. Cool idea on Zeke’s part – 100% his thingie.

And, fwiw, what’s with our 10%? I’m giving it away. Here’s the fun twist. I’m putting 100% of our cut back into the photo community. Zeke has printed 5,000 sets of cards. They go for roughly $20 each. So if my math is correct, we’ll give every dime of $10,000 bucks back into photo community if Zeke sells all his cards.

How shall I put this money back into the community? You tell me. I’m all ears. Let’s not put the cart before the horse, of course, we’ve got to help Zeke sell these cards, but I’d love to get your ideas in the comments below about how you’d like to see the money spent back into the community. My 10% is actually your 10%.

Another card example and link to other cards after the jump. Click the ‘continue reading’ link below.

And lastly, if you like the Trade Secrets concept, Zeke has also done a set with my good friend David over at the Strobist community. Buy those too, also available at the Trade Secret Card site.

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