No One Wants Ordinary Photographers Anymore

“No one want ordinary photographers anymore. No one wants regular photographers. They want someone that can bring some kind of special lens or special expertise to the conversation.”

“You have convictions, you have ideas. They may not be perfect, but just get them out there. Give them a shot.”

Want to make a living in commercial photography? The above quotes are my adaptions from some brilliant strategic minds within advertising. While I was watching this video, it occurred to me that nearly every sound bite applies equally to photographers and photography, as it does “planners”, the subject of this video. Simply substitute the word “photographer” for “planner” and you’ll see what I mean.

Yes the video–and the forthcoming video series over at PSFK–talks about “planners” (a position within an advertising agency that creates strategies which subsequently drives an agency’s creative pursuits), but if I were you, I’d tune in to what they’re saying. Because it applies to everyone in commercial art. No in advertising one wants anything ordinary anymore, whether you’re a photographer, a director, a planner, or hell, even a client.

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