We’re on A Rocketship

“The good thing about being young is that we are not experienced enough to know we cannot possibly do the things we are doing.” – Gene Brown

How dope is this? I hope I’m not alone in thinking how amazing it is that there’s a cross section of our culture that’s getting to make stuff like this in public high school film & media classes. (Note: this was probably inspired by an earlier lipdub vid from some college students…)

On a daily basis I feel lucky to be in the middle of what I’d call a typhoon of media democratization, opportunity, and creativity. But give these teens in Mr. Mitchell’s 4th period class (at nearby Shorecrest High School) a couple of years and some more technology, and they’re gonna bottle up this current typhoon and eat it for an after-school snack. And I freakin’ love it.

I’m totally inspired and optimistic for the future of creativity. And I think you should be too. (Or at least dancing with these kids from Shorecrest.)

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