Chase Jarvis FRAMES: 21,112 Party Pictures

Typically, the end of each year marks a time for celebration.

In that spirit, each autumn our studio has an anniversary party where we celebrate with our clients, business friends and co-collaborators. It’s an eclectic mix of about 600 people, from graffiti artists, restaurateurs, musicians, ad execs, city officials and the whole spectrum in between. Everyone lets their hair down and unwinds with the mission of having a darn good time.

This year’s event was no exception, however something rather exceptional DID happen.

For a bit of childish fun, we set up a photo booth using state-of-the-art camera and lighting equipment and captured 21,112 photographs in under 5 hours. That’s more than 1.5 images every second–the camera shot almost continuously for the duration of the party. That’s gotta be some sort of bizarre record or something… The resulting “movie” of those photographs tells a pretty funny tale. Please indulge me here in a little bit of goofing… If you’re not hip to some intermittent debauchery, some tomfoolery, and the occasional PG-13 flasher, don’t watch this. If you’re lighthearted and have been there before, watch and enjoy. And stick with it. Just when you think it’s on repeat, somebody ups the ante… [click ‘continue reading’ link below]

Huge thanks to everyone for celebrating with and and especially to the bands that played our party:

The Presidents of the United States of America
Head Like A Kite
Hey Marseilles

Links above take you to their iTunes pages. Already looking forward to next year’s shindig. Also thanks to Cantinetta, Pyramid Beer, 42 Below Vodka, Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, Jones Soda, Small Lot Co-op Wines, Mark Naficy, Stuart Hallerman at Avast! and everyone else who helped pull off the evening.

For those techie types, this kind of firepower is only made possible with the Nikon D3, Broncolor Scoro A4s lighting, and SanDisk Extreme Pro 32G card. Check out my gear page if you’re interested. Huge thanks to those folks as well.

Have a great weekend.

[And if you’re interested in embedding this video, feel free. You can get the Youtube window to format vertically by changing the height to 740 and width to 480 (or anything on that proportion.)]

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