Chase Jarvis TECH: Underwater Camera

I’m going to the bottom of a pool and I’m taking my Nikon D3 with me.

If you’re curious about taking your dSLR underwater, I assure you it’s safer and easier than you might think. In this vid, I lightheartedly kick off a new series of pictures (a fun and growing project) AND I show you the gear we use to get it done.

Bloody Marys optional. Watch the vid, details after the jump… [click the ‘continue reading’ link below]

Some hurdles and how to jump em:

1. Can’t get my camera wet: GET A HOUSING
I have an underwater housing for my Nikon D3/D3s/D3x made by AquaTech. It rocks. They’re a tad pricey, but worth it if you’re doing any underwater work on a regular basis. Here’a B&H; link to my AquaTech rig – different lens covers are optional. And Remember if you can’t afford to buy, but want to play around consider renting them from local camera shops like Glazers.

2. Don’t have a pool. CRASH YOUR NEIGHBORS
I don’t have a pool either, but I have some friends that do. Erin and Norman were gracious hosts – all I had to do was ask (and bring the BBQ fixins). Obviously, most lakes and oceans are free for you to swim in as well…

3. Don’t have scuba gear. JUST SNORKEL OR RENT GEAR.
I don’t own scuba gear, but I rented the whole tank setup for around $50 bucks.

4. don’t have a subject: FIND ONE.
Surfer buddies are good. Belly floppers are good too. Canine friends would be interesting. Big fish in a pinch.

4. Don’t know how to make a bloody mary. FOLLOW THIS RECIPE.
Get yourself some 42 Below vodka. Good stuff. Some tasty tomato juice or organic bloody mary mix, in a pinch, some Mr.T’s. Dash of tobasco. And for those who think the drink is complete, think again. Here’s the secret ingredients that my grandma taught me (I swear): tablespoon or two of dill pickle juice. Celery salt and pepper. Generous squeezing of lemon and/or lime. Pickled asparagus spear. And put some chunky salt on the rim if you can swing it, ala margarita style. Olives are gross and should be left out (and banished from the earth).

Hope this helps you enjoy some underwater shooting. Happy Friday – have a great weekend. Special thanks to Head Like a Kite for the music behind this track. Check them here on iTunes.

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