Green Screens and Greener Pastures

This is a 2009 sample reel from Stargate Studios. Hollywood all the way. Some of the shots from this video reel are certainly better than others, but that’s not my point.

My point is that this technology is becoming increasingly more available and affordable for still and video production, and is soon to be everywhere. Heck, we even used this technology pretty extensively in The Blakes music video we released last month (thanks to Superfad‘s post-production chops…). That was a legit production my most measures, but certainly not Hollywood. And I’m guessing that this video highlighted some familiar scenes that–before watching it–you wouldn’t have guessed were virtual.

Having just viewed the latest blockbuster movie…[click ‘continue reading’ link below]

…that’s all the rage, Avatar in IMAX 3D (loved it btw…didn’t think I could embrace the blue people, but went on to love it, noting it will forever mark a change in cinema…), and read a review that spoke of manufactured worlds as ‘gimmicky’, I can’t help but run to the defense of the integration of imagination and technology.

Are there really people out there that think this is somehow less than amazing, cool, and enabling?

Unlike my earlier post, Purists Beware, this doesn’t have historical precedence from the “masters” pre-dating Star Wars and the mid 1970’s. But is it any less virtuous because of this? Will creative professionals somehow exhibit less “vision” because they’re no longer leaving their studios and back lots, traveling the world, and getting into adventures of their own?

Nonsense. It’s not a substitute for vision. It will create a new world of infinite possibility for the independent and most day-dreamy of creatives–even within the most cost-conscious of productions. And if you want a part of it, it’s either in your court already or just around the corner.

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