Chase Jarvis RAW: Innerspace Photo Roundup

I really dig that we’re in a new era of photography where like minded shooters enjoy gathering to learn. I prefer to shoot photos rather than give classes or seminars, but I DO like to create these environments that allow photographers to experiment, socialize, and learn together.

That’s what this little evening was all about. Our hardworking crew rounded up an InnerSpace indoor skate part, handful of semi-pro skateboarders (mad respect!), a whole truckload of Broncolor lighting gear, and a keg of tasty Pyramid beer–and then we stayed up way too late shooting pictures and talking shop with photographers who had flown in on their own dime from NYC, LA, Toronto, and elsewhere. It was a real treat getting to meet a bunch of new people and rally around self-learning.

We’ll keep doing these sorts of things when I can muster a free day or two. These are usually short notice based on my schedule, so following me on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook are the best ways to find out the where, when, how. I’m on the road more than I’m home, so if you’d be interested in me pulling together resources for one of these little underground meetups in your home town, let me know. [click continue reading link below]

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