There Are No Excuses

I’ve heard you say that there’s nothing to take a picture of. I’ve heard you say you don’t know what to make, when to make it, how to make it, what to do. I’ve heard you say that you don’t know how to get your work “out there”. I’ve heard you say that you don’t know what to put on your blog. I’ve heard. I’ve heard. I’ve heard. And I promise you, I too have said all these things.

But there really are no excuses. Just make something and share it. You could make something in a day, just like these guys made this video. Or that thing, or that other thing. No excuses. These 2 guys had a wonderful, simple curiosity about a street in their home city of Toronto. So they explored it. They took a day and they made something.

Now. By itself, this isn’t going to land them in a museum. Or get them an editorial job shooting for a magazine. Or a campaign. But they’re not sitting in their dark basements doing nothing. They’re making something. They’re living the Create-Share-Sustain paradigm. They’ll make this cool thing. And then another cool thing. And then another cool thing. And then, you know what? They…[click ‘continue reading’ link below]

…they will get contacted to shoot an editorial job, or a campaign, or to hang in the Tate.

It’s not any ONE thing we do. We might make a splash with something, but that is short lived. Just like I don’t get to know you through a first introduction at a party. Or via a single tweet, for example. I get to know about you through lots of interactions or the sum of your twitter stream. It’s the collection of our work–the repeat cycle of making things and sending them out into the word–that helps us illustrate who we are, what we stand for, where we’re going and why.

Go make something and share it.

(thx for the tip @jacoblied)

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