Which Photo is Better: A or B?


I was just recently commissioned for a campaign and shot about 1000 images to capture final image for this well known sports company. In the end, it came down to the two images above. As is usually the case, the final image is tough to choose, with lots of factors under consideration, lots of stakeholders picking their favorite. There was much debate.

I’ve posted stuff like this before and was really excited by the resulting discussion, so I figured I’d throw it out there again… WHICH IS BETTER, A or B?

Vote in the comments. Love to know ‘why’ if you care to explain your thoughts. 600 px wide versions of each image after the jump…hit [‘continue reading’ below]. After you all weigh in, I’ll tell you which one was used and why.

This is PHOTO A, below.


Runner A

THIS is PHOTO B, below.


Runner B

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Ivonne says:

photo B looks better to me because the light makes her look empowering

Gallant says:

It really depends on the usage.

If I could only choose one I would choose A over B. But otherwise I would make a composite.

Both are solid images, interesting composition. I have no issue with the lens flare- I always ask myself, does it add anything to the image? in this instance I would say it doesn’t add anything on top of A. In A there is already a hint of lens flare, the colours are rich and warm in both instilling the same sense of time, weather, and mood. The only advantage of the lens flare is it ‘softens’ the distraction that is the white telegraph/power pole.

However, A wins because of this one thing for me:
it’s more engaging. The expression on the runner’s face, her gate all come together.

Again it really depends on the brief and how/where this image would be used.
Image B would be great if it’s designed to set the mood… with accompanying copy.

Have we got a response as to which was chosen yet?

chris says:

A – looks clean, might crop a bit closer

art meripol says:

It’s B for me. the post and cars all distract from the runner. But here eyes and expression are immediate with the flair obscuring and focusing the viewer on her, her energy and life. Too esoteric? sorry but I see it that way.

Erik says:

I think it depends on the layout of the ad and the ‘feel’ you want to have with the ad. Without knowing these important pieces it’s hard to pick one over the other. They’re both beautiful images for their own reasons.

Jonerec says:

I think B, it gives more dramatic feel like, also it gives a mood about the picture.

Jonny says:

Continue reading….. WHERE??!!!!!!!

Jonny says:

Although I prefer A, B….leaves space for text…..

Ali says:

I prefer A. The flaring in B doesn’t work for me. It takes over rather than enhances the shot

Tim says:

I like B. I think the lower angle is better, I like seeing more of her hard shadow. Her foot is not amputated on B and I think the flare will interrupt the viewers attention and pull them into the ad.

Melody says:

I personally prefer B. I love flare and am attracted to it. However, for a marketing campaign I’d have to vote A. Purely for logistic reasons.

amp813 says:

B. for all the reasons that were mentioned previously, and again the company will have their graphic artist place cool text within that huge flair.

Clarisa says:

I prefer A. The flare it’s too present on B, it becomes more important than the runner herself.

Lois Levin says:

Not having enough information about your client makes a selection more difficult! My preference is B – not because of the flare, but because the runner is NOT looking at the camera. In A, her attention to the photographer is distracting to me, and has me looking at her face first, not her surroundings or her purpose.

Tinashe says:

B’s lighting gives off a more dramatic effect. Which can definetly work in the ads favor.

Tom Coyner says:

It’s not a matter which is better photographically, but which better suits the client’s needs. I would guess that B would allow more freedom for the graphic artists to use for inserting copy over image and still deliver a strong, overall impression.

Rick says:

I prefer A.. B looks like a post edit that’s to extreme. Either a masked out curve that’s to blatant or a LR Radial custom brush. To predictable edit for me…I just like the plain old and is not a over done post edit. It does not look natural like it was in camera affect by the light and lens itself.

Chris Modlin says:

Easy B. It’s a sports magazine. Why would you want a picture like A that looks like any other normal picture, where picture B looks like she is “running on air” The flare might be too much but accentuates the scene better than A.

Randy says:

I would not have even presented B, it’s a throwaway.

Gianluca says:

A is a great photo of sport action, B is unreal, a blaze of light, too much…

Photo B is better for me, because it draws my eye to the girl running. In Photo A, I find my self looking at the black car on the street, but the flair in B brings me up to the main focus which is the runner.

Peter says:

A for me. I can’t figure out what B is trying to tell

William says:

I vote B. The flare adds a punch to the sports theme. It depicts the most common and most enjoyable place of doing sport or exercise for that matter, that is out in the world, under the abundance of sunshine and pleasant atmosphere where all natural elements abound to make your task even more enjoyable.

greg says:

B is the clear choice.
It conveys motion entirely – and does not have the static objects of the light pole and parked cars in such detail.

Mark. Kirby says:

I suppose the best photo depends on what the clients’ remit was, the message / connection they’re looking to communicate with current and future customers, re product / brand / positioning.

A: Sets a scene of a runner that is focused, has a goal to achieve, sharp, clinical but is less appealing.

B: Natural, dreamy, enjoying the moment, speed but care free.

Both photos are good for different reasons, but my personal preference is “B” I like the flare, it’s interesting and has character and grabs my attention.

Good luck choosing.

Ash says:

I love photo A, but for promotional reasons B is my preffered.

B photo has a clean open space available for text and information to be positioned. The flare of light draws the viewer as it’s like a flashlight being shone in your direction, the key to getting clients to view your work is for it to pop, but by also providing an interesting subject you capture your audience for a longer time!

Sarit says:

It’s B for me – all I see is the runner zing by, comfortable in her outfit, shoes in air, with no distracting lamp-post or cars. If I was working for a sports attire company, that’s what I would care about.

Pat Burke says:

I prefer A, flare looks like a blob in B

Jeff Kennedy says:

A is better. The flare is over done in B.

Dennis says:

Going with A!
Flare is too distracting in B and i think it looks unnatural…

B. Braman says:

B. I find the sharpness of the cars in A distracting. B is more about the moment.

todd says:

B. Flare area was used for text

More natural looking B

Lorraine says:


Thorbjørn says:


AOnga says:

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Ian Dukes says:

Most of what I feel has been said before.

A is a factual account of someone running …. there is little room for the viewer’s imagination to do anything
depending on the message to go with the image. Its a cleaner shot more technically correct shot. But these don’t always make the best advertising photos.

In B, the runner is awash with the dawn’s light, signalling a fresh new start to the day.
If you can picture yourself running, it’s in the early morning, the air has a slight chill, you feel alive, invigorated.
The sun’s first light gives you a gentle kiss, warming you up, lighting the way on the road ahead.
There are possibilities for the marketers and advertising to take this image in any number of different directions.

I’ll go for B.

Kinda surprising though that from 1000 shots these two were chosen as the best.

Me thinks there’s an interesting twist in this tale.

A for me. The purpose of the picture is to say something about sport and A does this. B is more artistic but it is unclear what the photographs is about. Is it about the sun? Seems to be as you can barely see what the woman is doing. B is almost an example of how flare/shooting into the light can dominate a picture too much so the meaning is lost. I would say A but not mad about the pole. Why is it there? What purpose does it serve? This is a planned shoot so everything in the frame must be there for a deliberate reason. Can’t see a reason for it as it dominates the picture too much and has nothing to do with sport.

Kirk Lau says:

A is better.
To me, B is like Sarah Corner running away from the nuke on Judgement Day. that flare is .. too much

Matt Byrne says:

B will be used as campaigns need text which the flair allows

Rafael Galan says:

Weigh in on “which photo is better” comes down to whats the intent. Also something to keep in mind is image crop and the actual size this image will be viewed. When I first saw these images on twitter I gravitated to image B. The crop and size of the image made image B more appealing and the flare made more sense. Image A didn’t had that inicial presence to bring you in and explore the image.

Ultimately I choose image A because the running action of your subject seems more proactive. The contrast of the urban setting and her running gives me the sense that she is in control of her health and body. She is taking action. Also image A is aesthetically pleasing and versatile.

Michael Wang says:

I look at Image B and find it almost irresistible, of courser it would depend on the context and you as the photographer would prescribe the correct image to the commisioned campaign, however for me without any knowledge what this campaign would be.. I choose Image B really because ti’s asymmetrically balanced and is far more attention grabbing to me than a clean image (like image A).

My 2¢..

Definately A.

The lensflare in B is so bright it almost looks like some sort of Hollywoord explosion!

Marta says:

I prefer B.
I like the flare, It centers my attention on the runner. And her shadow it’s stronger, I like that too.

kylie says:

Thought A cause its clearer but agree the flare in B could be used as a design feature with text or something.

jimmy says:

Gotta say A for me.

Not a fan of images blurred out by flare.

Vince says:

A is more technically correct … But B takes the runner out of her element. I’m way to distracted by the cars in A! So B is my choice ! Sunny SoCal sunset !

Jaymes says:

No offense, but I’m not a fan of either image as-is. “B” is really unusable with the flare in the middle of the image that obscures the subject. It does block out the streetlight, but it just looks too unnatural. “A” has too many distracting elements. If you cropped image A with everything from the streetlight left being deleted, you might have a usable image. Thanks.

Jackie says:

I fear it will be B, as that will make for the most controversy. I detest that so-called effect using exaggerated flare. That used to simply be considered a bad photo, an out take! So hoping for A, this is such a strong example of this overused bad effect that it is even hard to look at. But maybe the company thinks it will make people look as they wonder why they are seeing a bad photo in print. My thought on that logic is, I may look twice but when I realize the co chose that to attract their buyers, I would be turned off towards the company and their products for having such an off putting ad. I don’t want to look at a glaring annoying photo and I will associate that annoyance with the product and never buy it. It’s an insulting advertising ploy IMO.

Marc says:

B gives a sense of mystery and feel of energy I don’t get from a that feels static with too much detail

Keenan says:

A is better, but B was probably used. Brands are looking for easy text and the “feel” if the photo. The “it could be me” factor. Plus it’s no longer about the shoe in a wide framed shot; it’s about what she shoe will provide.

Willie says:

A is better. In the A picture the runner is the subject. In the B picture the solar flare is the picture. Not amused with the over use of solar flare or glare at all.

Jacklyn Kaye says:

Photo A, because from a marketing perspective you need to be able to see the product you’re selling. In photo A, my eye goes to the model, I look at her clothes, I look at her shoes. I think if I went jogging I wish I’d look that fresh and fit, I should buy her outfit so that I do. In photo B, my eye goes to the lens flare first, then to the models face which looks less happy more caught mid-jog.

B was used. Look at all that real estate for text! Look forward to seeing the final product.

Simone Anne says:

A is my favorite, but if I were looking to insert copy or text over the image, I might prefer the blank surface that that flare provides… :)

Dale Frederick says:


B looks manipulated and fake.

KC says:

If I’m a client trying to push the edge, I go with B. Imperfection in visual is selling to a youthful generation who are buying. Plus, that flare provides an excellent spot for copy or design to rest.

Amit Sharma says:

A for sure. It’s got more details, it’s cleaner, it’s more colourful. And the burst in B seems synthetic — to my eyes it doesn’t look like lens flare, just another post-effect.

Matt says:

A gets my vote as my eye is drawn to the woman. In B, my eye is definitely drawn first to the flare.

me says:

Not knowing the circumstances of the project, I do not like either photo. Flair or no flair, the pole in the photo is distracting.

Tim says:

This was posted 4 and 1/2 years ago. I hope the client made a decision by now.

Grant says:


The cars in A are very distracting.
The flare in B is very distracting.
I like the jogger in A much more than in B.
Neither photo is great.

Anonymous says:

Photo B is too gimmicky to me. My vote is on Photo A.

Anonymous says:

Why the old post?

Anonymous says:


Suki says:

B has too much flare, but – she is higher off the ground, the shadows are longer, the line of her leg is stronger, and she looks really ‘in the moment’.

din eugenio says:

For me A. the B has to much flare that make the image confusing for me. but the expression of the runner is better in B. hope to hear what image the client choose. Thank chase for sharing your image with us :)

Depends on the size of the image when displayed and its final medium.

Original size (small)
Photo A – Bright Flare will make someone take time to actually look at an image they may otherwise overlook

Larger size
Photo B – In a larger medium, When you really get to look at the overall picture closely, the flare tends to be a little distracting.

That being said, if the medium is something like a poster that is likely to be overlooked, I would include the flare, as it is more likely to draw someone’s attention. If it is an image that the viewer will be forced to look at, say on a website in a blog post that is being read, the Image without the flare would probably seem more appropriate.

Keep up the great work.



nick berard says:

A. It has been said

Paul says:

Okay I’m going to be really difficult. I like the composition in Photo B, the use of line is better as well the runners stride. However I don’t like the excessive lens flare in this image. It distracts me and draws my attention away from your subject. I really like the lighting in Photo A. You can clearly see the subject and you are drawn to the runner with an initial glance which helps the image to communicate it’s intent.

So I would go A, purely because the flare is to overpowering in B. But if you could remove the flare in B, I think it would be a clear winner.

R. Harris says:

It feels like the obvious answer would be A, which is probably what prompted the question because the winner is most likely B. This would surprise most people, hence the value of the exercise.

There are a lot of unknowns (to us) that would factor into the decision (i.e., location of brand/copy as others have said). I think I would prefer B if the flare wasn’t smack dab in the middle… cropped to one side maybe.

But the psychology aside, I’ll be honest and say I would choose A.

So now I’ll wait to hear why I’m wrong. ;-)

Pat Burger says:

Im going with “A”, i like the all around mood of it. I would like “B” more if the cars weren’t in the frame.

Suka l.h says:

No much difference i find they both have the same ambiance : a story about a normal girl who jogs every morning in the hood.But if i had to choose it will be the B because she is not smiling ! come on nobody smiles when they run !!!!
I like the idea only i see it more with a soft light ( Morning light , Golding hour light…. ) But yeah definitely B !!!

Jim Shaw says:

I think B does it best, The excessive flare makes her look higher in the air and more dramatic. it also makes her seem like she is floating over the ground and the shadow of her feet and lower legs is better pronounced . The area to the left is less pronounced leaving room for dialog and leaves the eye to concentrate on the drama that is the explosion of the runner out of the sun. J

I wish we knew the positioning of the brand. It would make it bit easier.
I choose A. The flare, like everyone says is distracting. Not to mention it looks like smoke.
Add a runner and it reminds me of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

If you do end up reading this then it’s Image A for me . Your eye will always go to the brightest part of the photo. On Photo A just Above the runner which takes you eye to her so it’s doing it job. But you already know.

Jennifer says:

I prefer photo A. The flare is too much in photo B. The only thing in the second photo that I like better is her back leg because you can see more of her foot. The flare is too large and washes out the photo. You can’t see her apparel as well.
Large flare is popular right now but I don’t like it when it takes over as the subject.

Kareem says:

The Fonz says “A”.

Mg says:

A is my choice

Maks says:

B wins for an advert photo but I would love a combination of the flare from B and the composition of A. The flare works well for a logo to be placed in it (a white or off-white tick of Nike for example) but the head of the runner is too close to the top of the frame so A wins in composition, although the flare also has the benefit of hiding the lamppost.

Not sure why there’s a vignette on the top of the frame in B but it kinda looks like something in the foreground was obstructing the shot but hasn’t been fully cropped.

booker says:

Maks, you just copy from the comment above you? What a crock you are.

booker says:

Prefer A, but B gives that “flare” in the middle that is perfect backdrop for copy, logo, other information. Remember this is part of an advertisement, the “best photo” as a stand-alone photo isn’t always the best backdrop for an advertisement. Photography isn’t graphic design for advertising, and to be a successful commercial photographer you have to get into the head of the advertising guys.

Wayne says:

A is the better photo.

Sarath Raj says:

I vote for A. I have seen this flare in B as recent commercial shoots. But here the B is distracting.

E. says:

B. makes the photo capture your attention and is not a typical commercial photo.

Personally A is the image that most would pick. B is the better image because it shows that you are growing as a photographer. Getting the camera to focus with that much backlight is pretty hard. Getting the correct exposure is also a challenging. Without a bunch of B’s, you will never get the A nor will you explore your potential as a photographer.

Zeno says:

A have a better composition than the letter B. But its depend on the company what fits them or what they want.

Craig says:


Though I can see the use of B in many situations.

Craig says:

Personal preference as an image.

Lee says:

The choice will be B because the flare is perfect for company logo and content. It will allow the use of the image to blend into the background allowing the logo or focused content to stand out.

Elisa says:

I prefer A, don’t care for the flare at all.

Taylor says:

I would choose A if there would be a logo or other text added to the image, because the flare cancels out some of the distracting background and would allow the text and the runner to be the main focuses of the picture.

B would be my choice if the image was going to be left as is, without any words added anywhere. :)

Kelli says:

It would depends on what they were going for, but just visually, A, would be my choice. She looks like she is enjoying herself and I like the composition, it’s over all more appealing. B seems appropriate if some text was going over it maybe. I don’t like that it is so directly centered. She looks a little more intense and almost like she is running from something.

Ravi Vora says:

A was obviously chosen. Add your big ol’ flare in post and dial to your needs to obscure anything you want. Source: I shoot a lot of sports.

Josiah says:

B; even though the flare is huge it keeps your eyes away from the distracting lightpost. It also give more even colored area for text if it was an ad!

Sin Potion says:

A is better the girl looks in a good mood the light is not distracting and the colors look original

S says:

A Simply because her fit and toned body is more visible and would sell me on a sports product more effectively than a photo with all that flare.

Allen says:

If it hasn’t been already, might I suggest a third option, right in the middle of each image. Little more flare than A, and a touch less than B

Adan says:

I think it depends on what the designer has on mind.

A) is a beauty
B) but B gives me a lot of joyful play.

Joe Dyndale says:

It depends on the intended use. In isolation, I think A is the better image because the flare in B is way too distracting and over-powers everything else in it. However, if there is going to be a bit of text over the image the flare in B will make it much more readable than it would be in A (while making adding an extra partially translucent background to the text unnecessary).

P.S. A note to those responsible for this site: Having to scroll past 1200+ comments on my iPad in order to write this comment was mildly annoying ;)

Jayne says:

Not knowing the context the client wants to use the photos for makes it a difficult decision. However, I prefer B because although the runner looks tired, she also looks determined to keep moving – even with the flare. In A she looks like she’s out for an uneventful morning run…

Richard Lutz says:

I’m curious if there is a way to tone the flare down. I also feel it’s overpowering but it would be interesting to see if there was an option C where you split the difference between the two photos.

B because of the right leg, it’s visibly better in B while A seems like u’ve ‘cut’ it off leaving a one legged beautiful runner.

Dale says:

I’d go with B.

A is a technically better shot.

B is the shot that the stakeholders need. They’d need viewers to focus on the runner, and not the rest of the elements (cars, streetlight, etc.).

I’d guess that the text goes into the flare.

In a sense, Photo B is the teamplayer. Photo A is a bit of the diva.

Zx Teoh says:

Photo A

Andreas Timm says:

agree with previous comment. Great effect in B, but too much. So A.

Enrique Méndez says:

B. I love flares in general, and this one tells me the story that is early morning and the best way to start the day is going out for a run, is warm, is intimate, is what I want to be my mornings.

JR says:

Looks like A is the clear winner so far and I agree.

wafaey says:

my vote is A because its more realistic

Yngve Horvei says:

A! I love the effect on B, but it was just a bit too much. I find A more peaceful.

Bram says:

A. I think A has more to tell and the main focus lies at the running woman instead of the flare in photo B

Andy says:

B is the one

ashley says:

I like B better I just think the cars on the left should be cropped out and bring back some of the detail in the woman’s body. I like the faint spot in the middle because it looks imaginative.

Dan B says:

I actually find that A leaves me wondering what I should be focusing on. The background is pretty distracting with no change in contrast or brightness to bring out the runner. I do realize that the ad may be in a publication that will make it obvious or a logo somewhere in the ad will make it obvious. In B, yes the flair is a little distracting, but it hits you more emotionally and brings the focus to the runner. It also does leave more space for copy. My vote is for B, while less technically correct it is more raw and emotional which is what sells products.

Mike says:

B, since it would support Campaign/Body/Tag text so well, without sacrificing the runner.
More editorial applications, i guess is what I’m getting at. Contrast in A makes it difficult to pair with type.

Anonymous says:

Without knowing what the pic is going to be used as
It’s hard to say….
The light in B, looks like a force that’s raising her
Higher off the ground…..
A doesn’t look realistic to runner, running on

Personally I like “A”. However, if the sports company is looking for an image to place text and graphics over, then I’d pick “B”.

Jim says:

“Better”is a matter of opinion and preference. I prefer B

Eric says:

For me it would have to be A. The image is clearer and the sun flare isn’t overpowering and hazy. However i really do like the blue sky in B.

Tim says:

A. Cleaner image that suits my personal tastes. The clarity is more defined, and easier to fall in love with the image (to be used for a commercial client ).

John Jernigan says:

While the debate about A or B is all well, for both images hold certain qualities. It is ultimately which image will fit within the concept, design, placement of text and mood of the advertisement. With out this information it could be either. So to judge or determine the end usage it could be either!

T Callahan says:

Photo A

Alex says:

A . If it’s for a client
B. If it’s personal work

Sean says:

I would personally choose A because it shows off the runner more and since this is a sports company shoot that’s what you should be really focusing on, the runner.

vidya putra says:

A. she look happy

Cody a says:

Shit there are a lot of comments. The fact that b was even shown makes me think it was chosen. A is very clean and very ad ready. B seems more experimental and seems it could be used but just depends on the context of the ad. If they wanted to put text in the radiation blast then it’s B all the way. Both have cool factor and just depends on what the AD needed

Vin says:

No simple answer here….

I like the smile she sports in the A, however if the flare were a bit to the left of the frame it would proverbially seem like she light at the end of the tunnel and she is through it … and if the smile in (A) were layer masked onto the image, it would seem like she is out of the woods and happy about it…

Just my two cents :)

Mike Kang says:

B – because of a practical reason. It would be easy to integrate copy into the ad right over the flare. :)

Mike says:

This was originally posted 4 years ago, how do we find out which one was used?

A. Mus says:

B. I dig the atmosphere the lens flare brings to the story.

rw says:

A, flare in B is distracting, and takes away from composition, a combination of the two may have worked best, if flare was at left section of picture and as such masked car mirror that juts into frame

Dano Gruen says:

B. The flare of the sun allows the graphic designers to play.

Darin W says:

Both are awesome for different reasons. The only person’s opinion that really counts ithough, s the photographer.

Kieren says:

I vote B

Initially I liked picture A but I find myself looking down the street, for other runners or interesting things.

I don’t like the flare in picture B but I do like the warmth this nuclear blast gives the photo. It looks warm and makes me feel like going for a run. It also draws my eye to the models face, lead leg and shoe.

As a final thought, in neither photo does it look to me like she is actually running. She has so much air in her stride and no pony-tail whip (assuming she has one) that I think she was hopping on the spot. I’d be interesting to know if you had her hop on the spot, bound 20 meters or actually run.

Chris says:

I’ll wager they went with B, even though I myself find the flare too distracting. Personally, I would have gone with A because while it still has a warm feeling about it, the colors aren’t too intense, and you get a better sense of setting which makes it easier to what it’s supposed to be.

I can imagine B would be difficult to make out from a car, at least compared to A.

France says:

I love me some flare! And I do like the mood it creates, but, I would prefer B if it was a little less and/or not quite a circle mid frame. For me, she’s just a little too engulfed in it . “A” is more appealing to me, still has a little flare, but I can better see what she’s wearing. I also prefer her facial expression in A. One note, because you’re making me analyze it, I do wish she had a bit more toe/foot oshowing on the bent leg, And some noted the cars as a distraction. I agree but assume that part would probably end up more faded, or cropped, or softened in final use? All in all though, both are good and make me feel like I should get off the computer, lace up my runners, and hit the pavement. Think I’ll go that now! ; )

Heather says:

A. More clear.

Jet says:

At first I was for sure “A” but then after a second look at it my eye was drawn to her bent leg which at first looked like it was cut off. This is the reason I say “B” because the flare distract my attention for her cut off leg look.

Tiffany says:

I’m going with B my take on it. A, everything is in focus my eye is everywhere and she is looking at the camera B has the flare which the eye is naturally drawn too which pulls me to her running it to me is a caught moment.. Also the flare would work well for putting advertising info right on tops of it :-P

vincent peter says:

My choice is B, caught my attention it’s like a golden hour. very dramatic . my eyes cant get out from starring the runner.. its like a loop glare then runner glare runner… its like magic..its photography with love, with soul… photo A the post is like a distraction to my eyes.. I think too many distractions

nicolenjoli says:

I tend to like both but it depends what it’s being used for, I think that A is all about the runner, in photo B the light flare is competing with the runner, what is the story being told? My decision would depend on that.

Prashant says:

A. Unless some more edits were carried out on B with Text overlay.

IWoo says:

B is much more engaging to me and there is greater complexity with the opaque space that draws story. I wonder if it’s morning or evening, warming or cooling, whether the air is heavy, what the mix of ambient urban sound and running cadence might be, etc. Perhaps the beautiful runner and the shiny cars are equivalent scenery in this time and place and the whole scene and atmosphere could instead be considered… .

Felipe says:

B is too much, if you can reduce the light a little it would be better.

alex says:

I vote for C

I will go with A for simply the subject is clearer and you’ll know what she is doing. I think B has too much flare.

Rhoel says:

It really depends on what you need them for. If you were to use it for a ad where you need copy, B would be a good choice because you can put copy in that blown out area. If the photo were to be used by itself, with just a logo, or a simple graphic, A would be the obvious choice. I say keep both so you have choices.

Tim Vasvi says:

Depends on the purpose of the image. If it was just for a picture then A would be the obvious choice as it is overall a better image with more detail and more of the image visible.

However, from an advertising perspective, the flare in the middle of image B acts as a great space to include textual information. So although A would be the most obvious choice if it were for a straight up shot, I think B was used in the campaign.

rebecca says:

I like B. Because it hides the telephone pole and cars and gives the impression of more energy.

janet says:

A. Its cleaner and sharper.

Jaak Nilson says:

Image B is better. A stronger lens flare is adding more romantic mood and reducing a street post. A post is too strongly in frame and taking too much an attention. Actually both are great images, but I would prefer a photo B.

Dennis says:

I choose B, but it actually took me a while to choose as at first I liked A due to the fact that you can see her face and body better.
but once I put the pictures next to each other. B was the obvious choice.
the strong contrast in B just makes it much more interesting to watch than A in my opinion.

James says:

B….more visual impact

Julie vold says:

I cropped I prefer A, but do love the mystery and light of B if it was cropped / cars more in a haze

Kelley says:

I would choose B. I chose purely by how the pic made me feel.

MW says:

Photo A has my vote.

Photo B, for a moment, caught my attention because of the light besides the runner. Though the light may add a certain inspiring essence to the photo, it has also in a certain way remove the beauty of the photo.

Lukas Biba says:

A is better – great “hair” backlight,, the product is visible
B – flare is too much for me, but great for agency, magazines – they can put the graphic, text inside the flare:-)

Irene says:

It depends entirely on the message you want to convey. Both images tell a story and can stand on their own merit. Hard to choose which image is the better one when we don’t know what it’s to be used for.
Here’s what I see when I look at these two images: Image A gives the feeling of being strong, focused, and determined on their current path. While image B lends itself to bursting forth from an idea and being propelled into the new.
Both are great images. But what does the client want to say? What message do they want to convey?

D says:

I prefer B . It is a campaign photo , B show not only the movement but the flare , the magic and its moment . B is my personal favorite.

Lukas Biba says:

A is better – I like the composition, great “hair” backlight.
The flare on B is nice for newspapers, magazine, advert – they can place the graphic or text inside the flare. But for me it’s too much:).

Mai Sumi says:

i pick B
‘Cos too much storys in A

Davor Pavlic says:

Photo B.

Because in photo A the model has a not pretty looking halo around her head and she isn’t capturing much attention. In the photo B the big bright light captures your attention and brings it to the model and the halo is gone. It also takes you away from the cars unlike in photo A.

jazzrack says:

without knowing the underlying vision it is difficult, but it is still easily B

the blurred background in A is distracting, also its composition would make any text/graphic overlay problematic & you eyes are all over the picture.

In B the “glare” draws your eyes immediately to the center, blurs out distractions forcing the viewer to look exactly where the artists/marketer wants it

Christiaan Lowe says:

A looks better, just too much flare in B, B reminds me of overdone HDR.

Jeremy says:

The B is the best for sure ! Because there is something more poetic, more in the moment and more accidental that makes the picture 1000 times more interesting and more beautifull. But I’m 100% sure the A was selected for the campaign ! Why ? Because the companie want there products to be visible. (Is it a good choice ? It depend on many thing)

Ok I would typically pick A. But I can argue the side for B for a sports company. I see less of a light happy smiling face in B vs A. A looks like she’s out for just a nice run. Enjoy the day.

B – I see someone running to train. Her face isn’t a grimace – but it isn’t smiling either. The sun is beating at her back, pushing her on. She only see what’s in front of her and her goal.

Paulo Barros says:

I like photo A . Cleaner, the flare is not too much distracting. Photo B is cool too, but it has a more “divine” and spiritual feel with the bigger flare. If that was the goal, you nailed. But my favorite is photo A.

Carlo says:

A is definitely better. B has the loveliest flare but it simply doesn’t belong in the pic. Perhaps if it is framed somewhere near the beach or seascape, or a desert then B has a fighting chance.

my choice is picture B ! picture A have too many distractions: the cars on the left and that light pole in the middle. in a campaign of sports company the photographer has to focus on the obejcts that the company will sell!
i love so much the idea of the flare on picture B but i think it is a little bit too big. it should be moved on the left a bit!

Vincent Pang says:

although i think A is a better photo with less distraction. But having work with advertising agency, they could use B and put some text on the flare. Again, I think it’s just a matter of preference here.

JOE says:


Ernie says:

Technically, probably, A. But I love the vibe, grit, and feel of B. :)

Ryan says:

B no contest. A is overkill.

Tapan Kumar Das says:

My vote goes for A. The flare in the second photograph has taken up quite a large part of the photograph and is almost intruding onto her her face. Would have great If I had several overlapping circles of less bright flare, the one’s we get when we don’t put on our lens hood.

Mike says:

I’ve gotta say B – B is what it feels like to run in the morning. Seeing that image as a runner makes me want to get out there and run. If they’re selling clothes or shoes or whatever it doesn’t matter, it’s the feeling of running. I’m not drawn to the model in B, I see her but then with the lens flare focus more on the feeling of the image which is “get out and run” and “wear our stuff” from the company just by putting their logo in it.

Vicki says:

In my opinion…. A – the reason is you can see it with detail. The flare is too much in B.

Gina says:

A looks better for me. Lensflare are nice but I think inthis one it’s a little too much and besides, the girl looks better in the photo A.

Laurie says:

I like B because the flare creates a perfect space for text. The as won’t be just a photo, it will have copy, too.
Personally I would crop it so the the flare is on the left edge and text could be left justified.

Chris says:

A has my vote, I really don’t like the effect used on image B.

Mike says:

The flare is needed in ‘B’ because the street signs are too distracting, but it doesn’t look very professional.

Oscar.sna says:

I like the A better, as the B image needs a different crop, without the cars and more tight to her.

I’ll go with B. The beam looks distracting thus making look for a second time wondering whether the lady is running away from something. The image is quite interesting :)

Sandu Tarlev says:

I like A photo, but if I want to write something I will may be take photo B, to put some text on flare.

ed says:

I think B allows the viewer to more easily imagine themselves in the pic.

A VOTE. B looks like a thumbprint. A leaves the viewer wondering it the sun is rising or perhaps it is setting! A Vote here~

Just A Passerby says:

B – because the flare is the perfect place for copy.

Kristian says:

A. B Looks like something a noobie “professional” would do to try to disguise the fact that they took a bad photo and get facebook likes.

Dennis Mock says:

I think most people prefer Image A , but I chose Image B cause its more interesting.

Dennis Mock says:

I think most people prefer Image A , but I chose Image B cause its more intereting

Always good to find something new and interesting to learn from. Great website you’ve got here.

samra says:

my pic is a :)

Trinton says:

Will many people have said A and focused on the fact that the foot ware or what she is wearing is what suppose to be what is the main focus. This may and may not be the case.

I am going to say B is the choice of the client because even though it has a larger Flare and yes maybe distracting in of it’s own. It also gives a space to place a “product”. The photographer of these two photos states he represents a sports company. He does not say what type of sports company or what their product is, so even if it s the shoe they may want to put a shoe in the flare so that you may get an up close view of their product. If not then they need some place they can place their product where it is HIGHLIGHTED. The running model is the background so to speak.

Bran says:

When I first saw the pics at the top, I liked B better right away. It has a different, ethereal thing going for it. But, when I scrolled down, I wasn’t so sure. I think I’d like B better with a different crop. Take out the cars and/or move the flare from the center. But, that’s me. Both great shots.

Preetham says:

A is my choice as it brings out the details and having mentioned its for a sport company, I could see the details like shoes and the jersey better than B.

Laust says:

I’m not sure any of them are that good.
A’s composition doesn’t make much sense to me. Why do we need to see the cars, the lamp post and the trees when it’s obvious that that the message is in the right side of the picture; the running girl.
Therefore i think that B is the better alternative as the flare removes much of the unnecessary info but ideally I’d crop A much closer and only deal in the running woman on the pavement with the bush as background. And then of course not as much flare. That much flare is also just a cheap attempt at making the picture more interesting.

Ian Paterson says:

Photo “A” would be the best image.

Flare can be attractive if it is done with in this case some symmetry to it, photo “B” in my opinion does not have that.

Tudor says:

I would definitely choose A because the flare is less distracting. In picture A you can see more of the image instead of having that big lens flare that cover most part of the frame and also I like more her face expression, it looks like she is smiling in A that in the B where she’s looking slightly tired.

for your purpose definitely A.

I think B has a superior aesthetic value, the light flare is amazing. But for a commercial sport shot I would go for A.

Rob says:

Honestly, I think somewhere in between would be perfect.

B gets my vote as the flare provides an opportunity for company message

Ashley says:

A. Less flare, feel the flare in B takes a little away from it.

KaiKaiKai says:

A for sure. too much lens flare in b.

jay mcintyre says:

For a campaign, A
For my office wall B

Since I’m not working on the campaign, give me B

Anonymous says:

i prefer B artistically, but i imagine A would be better commercially as the product is of greater focus

Azmi R. says:

I would say A is better than B. However, A is still not my favorite due to the lamp post that seems to split the image into 2. Plus, the post seems fighting to be the center of subject with the running woman in the photo. I don’t know the real condition of the place where the photo was taken but I would wait until the woman 3-4-5 feet away from the post. I think it would create some separation between the woman and the post, and hopefully the woman will stands out more than the post.

I love the atmosphere that is shown on the edges of a flare this size, which is funny because it’s the same thing that I don’t like about the flare, it’s size. More than this though, I believe it’s the center-punched position that is too ‘in my face’.

Both images hold my interest, but I’ll pick A this go around :)

Victor Santana says:

For me, the vote Goes to A, we could never forget that we are selling something, this cases, sport clothes, almost the hole light thats getting out in the B, in smashing the subject and the details on it..

So the A for me… Chase.

For me B is the winner I like the dreamlike quality that this image has, she is floating in his own dream.
You need to dream to win.


javier says:

B totally.

In A the subject is looking to the camera, and her neck is tight…

B is the one… but I think that it would be better…

A. Great use of tone, crisp feeling but… ordinary.

B. More graphic, increased floating of the model with more visible shadows, the flare adds a supernatural feeling to the image… as if she’s passing through a threshold or stepping in from another dimension.

If this is a commercial shot, B should be the wise decision for there is natural space available for commerical graphics.

Mr Leonard Monkey says:

B – get’s your attention. Buy, buy buy…

Carla says:

hum… from my point of view it depends of what kind of idea you want to express with this photo.

Photo A – its better if you simply want to give an idea of running, exercise, it´s a good shot for a commercial of a simple bottle of water

Photo B – it´s a most powerful picture, the light gives the idea of explosion, strong, and at the same time she seems to flow in the air.
It´s a better photo for an energy drink.


I like B, the ligth is beatiful .

Corey Melton says:

I like A by far. I dont like the destruction of content or subject in a photo unless it has obvious meaning. A is a great shot

CA says:

I like B better. Not from an artsy point of view, but for the emotion in it for marketing use. It makes me feel like the runner is out there doing what she loves after a hard day at work — running off the steam of the day. I think the flare adds to that and gives it that “I have to run off today’s crap” feeling.

Drew says:

While I generally enjoy lens flares, I feel like the one in Photo B looks a bit too artificial and added-in-post-production. Whether that’s actually the case or not, it seems a bit too big, round, and placed in the center of the image, for me.

To try to say which is “better” is a bit pointless without some guidelines. What does the company paying for these want to portray. Lens flare is a certainly a trend these days, which makes me want to say picture A, but I actually like how the lens flare swallows up a lot of the distractions and makes you look for the subject. I would guess they picked A, but more because of her expression, which some have noted. Picture A’s expression would sell more shoes.

Gary Rowlands says:

When will this end ? I wonder.

EmceeGrady says:

my vote is for B
looks like a morning run and for me it’s the hardest run of the day so this picture shows more drive. “A” not so much i think the setting pulls away from the focus (fit women running )

Alex Morgan says:

Depends on what it is used for. A is pretty straight forward, and B is a bit more stylized. The flare in B could be used space for text or design and such for advertising…….although I prefer the facial expression of A. It all depends on the situation……

Will says:

I like B more than A…. I’d like a middle ground one probably much more….more flare than A not as much as B…..

A is a great shot, a great normal everyday shot….

B is a little more “edgy”….. so depending on “what” the client is going for it is really a toss up on which one was picked…I’m sure if we knew WHO the client was it would be easier to figure out.

Joseph Fisher says:

B would be my choice given the information we have been provided. I believe more detail on what the client is promoting or looking for would be necassary to make an informed decision.
With that said, I like the clarity of A but the composition is distracting in my opinion. The light post in the middle and the cars are very overpowering. Perhaps that is why I choose B, the blowout adds distraction to all and brings out the feel of ealry morning. Early morning makes me think of running and coffee, since it is a sports company and there is no burro present… Well, enough said, B it is.

Wayne says:

So nu?

Which one did the agency go with?


Potatochips says:

A is my choice
B is too distracting with the backlight and flare

KNG says:

I prefer A personally.
The focus in photo B seems to be falling into the sun in the middle and as if anything other than the sun is irrelevant in the photo. If this is the effect your client is after, why not photo B….

B. the other image is too normal.

erica says:

I prefer B, I know that a photo is well done but B evocate like a photo need to do, not only explain a concept.

Jay says:

I like A, the flare is too much in B. If it was less might look better but it takes away from the runner in my opinion.

Eagle Eye says:

I agree with both Tim and Bighead Tallguy’s comments. However, most of the comments are from photographers and not from the main demographic. It would be interesting to hear what some of the demographics’ view points would be. In B I like how the cars and shrubs are not as pronounced which helps focus your attention to the running. Personally I would like two see a cross between the two photos.

Bighead Tallguy says:

It depends on what your goal is. A is better if you want to want to speak to the majority of consumers (as evidenced in the comments of this post). B is better if you want to speak to a smaller demographic of consumers searching for nuclear arms or proof of the supernatural.

Tim says:

B – I think B is more vivacious. The larger flare pushes the runner forward providing momentum. It also allows the viewer to focus on the runner instead of the lamp post. I will admit if we’re looking at a fine art photo, A would probably win, but to be used in advertising B holds a little more mood and options for type/copy placement. The flare also pushes her out from her background — her contour and shadow are more defined. I would like to add her expression is more serious and concentrated in B. Combine that with the large mood-setting flare and the whole scene speaks determination and reaching for some goal.

Arthur says:

B for me. It seems like the lady is coming from the light source from another dimension. The yellowish reflection from the greens looks like the aura of the lady changing her surround in a natural way, not “man-made”. In my opinion, it’s one of those things why some of us still loves film…. Perfect in imperfection.

Maryse says:

At first I thought A. But BONG LEACH’s comment made me look at B differently and change my mind. It’s true that, overall, photo A is clearer. But the model is more separate from her environment in B and therefore stands out more. Her own shadow is not mixed/confused with the shadows of the leaves. I also prefer the position of her right leg/foot in B. It seems more in action. Her foot is almost completely hidden by her knee in A. And she does look like she is jumping more in B than in A.

She also gets a bit more space in B (the cars and the post are bit further away). And I prefer the contour on her left side in B (where the bushes are). It looks like there is a yellowish mist surrounding her and then her skin and clothing are darker, before fading a bit in the flare. I like that.

Maryse says:

Oh and I prefer the sky in B as well. I like that there’s some blue near the top.

Maryse says:

And as someone else has said, even though A is nice, we’ve seen photos similar to it many times before. Ok, that was my last comment.

wirehunt says:

B It has somewhere cleaner for text.

And I like it more.

Danny says:

A, because she has a great smile and we can see her face/eyes better. I would “fix” her upper right thigh (outer). The flare here is enough for me.

In B I like the separation from the ground as compared to the first Image, she almost feels like she is flying…so if the shoes are of importance that may come into consideration. In the first image the other shoe is practically missing.

Great model.

i would say NR.1 to mutch flare on B

John Kantor says:

A is a really good picture of a street lamp and some cars – and a runner. B is mostly a picture of lens flare, but it would make a great background for an advertisement.

Andy says:

man.. this post blasts a glaring light on the fact that there are alot of people out there who know how to make a technically sound image, but not a lot who know how to make creative and out of the box decisions.

B, and here’s why:
1: Photo A looks like everything else. this shot has been done probably 20,000 times by amateur photographers. (*fingers crossed that it’s not A*)

2: Photo B, when viewed by itself, and not compared to A, looks fine. This is similar to the concept of a shade of red looking orange when compared to other reds. I guarantee if Chase had posted B as a final image in a blog about how he did the post-production, no one would have said anything and everyone would drool over it.

3: I didn’t read everyone’s posts but I did see a couple people hit on the fact that the flare brings movement and life to the picture and I couldn’t agree more. Not only does it grab your attention, (I’ll bet everyone who picked A actually looked at B first) it also does a good job of representing and communicating a FEELING.

Budi says:

i like “B” for her strong expression, and the rest of all is an art

Rogers says:

My Vote Is For A

Jon says:

My vote is for B. This image give you the opportunity to overlay text and graphics without it being too distracting.

My vote goes to photo A, simply because, the flare in photo B is distracting.

M says:

A; the flare in B is too much.

Anonymous says:

I like B. The flare may overpower the subject a bit, but there’s more photo magic in it.

I would have to say B. While at first I would have choose A). I think B conveys the sports gears message. Its probably heat gear there selling for runners. Thus B gives the feeling of running in the early morning heat. Shes alone hitting the hot sidewalk. B also gives a great spot for text to convey there brand.

Ronda says:

Never A because the cars are too prominent and the main reason, she is looking at the photographer. The technical stuff doesn’t matter because B draws you in and the flare gives you room for type. She is also looking ahead in B at her destination and is not distracted by the photographer but looking at her destination. Feels like it’s just her now,alone, early,and running.

I would say A too – I like the back lighting in her hair – too much flare in image B, but still a cool image.

marcus grip says:

I would say A. It fits better to the picture, though the flare in B is nice, I find it too much and is not contributing to the feeling that the picture -from my point- should communicate through.

Danny St says:

For me, there is much more drama in B. Love it :)

Andrew says:

A definitely. B is a cool artistic shot but to much emphasis on the sun and not enough on the product and the runner. I like the fact that she is looking at the viewer, builds connection which your client will want the viewer to have with their product.

Radu F says:

B is too subtle, too artistic for a comercial photo. I vote for A. The sun/flare in B is just too big in my oppinion.

Keith says:

I like B better: I’m not a great fan of bright lights distracting me from the main subject within a photograph. Although, it does blot out the light post and the background adding a completely different feel in the A Image.

It’s not that the A Image is bad, it’s just different from the B Image, and each person will find something fascinating about both Images.

I guess I can find some fascinating things about the A Image, such as – how the runner is brightly engulf by the light, as she makes her way through the light, she becomes, clearer, as she draws closer to the photographer – still being able to see her entire body coming through this great light, is fascinating to see.

jimbslim says:

I will take B.
It’s a more evocative image and will resonate with the idea of why people run. The A photo has its own good qualities but i think is a more descriptive photo not enough personal attachment to the activity for the viewer.

pooihoe says:

Photo b. my thoughts are that this is for a sport campaign you would leave some space for some ‘words’ or slogans and the flare in the middle fits nicely. and photo A the right legs get a bit ‘chopped’ off.

angelo says:

Are we still waiting for few billion more people to “weigh in”? The suspense is killing me.

BP says:

Pick one?
Not enough information :)

Mike says:

A is the obvious choice, it a perfect shot, nice clean image and the safe choice. The flare is just too much in B, you can hardly make out the product, and she isn’t smiling either.

Still, for advertisement, I think B would be the best choice. It will get more attention from the viewer, it is something different compared to all the perfect clean crisp images we get to see everyday.

I would assume some text and maybe a close up of the product would be added, so the viewer can at least see what this is about. But yeah.. B would be the best pick here.. I think.

Jean says:

I prefer A because the image looks so much cleaner and crisp and a bit of lens flare to make it look different

neil craver says:

is there a letter between A and B

Personally prefer A. It has a subtle amount of flare and the warm and rich colors remind me of the 1970 vintage ads.
I do like B and although the flare seems to be to strong it does cover most of the big pole and could lend itself as a white space to add some text in the actual ad.

I choose A just because I think the additional flare in B is a bit too distracting.

DanBro says:

A but I also really like B. It would be nice to have about half the amount of flair. I love how the flair brings you into the photo and makes you look at it plus it kind of cleans up the background but it is just a little too much. It is getting rid of too much of the detail and color

Luis says:

B – you only get a few seconds (if that) to make an impact and the flare does that – even if for the wrong reasons.

Ads create an emotion and I think the sun in your eyes is a feeling any runner understands. Either works but B will get more cut through in a busy market or magazine.

Stephane says:

Commercially, I could prefer the A because of the hair light (the sun). This picture shows some glamour, though it also promotes the product : running (the shoes give power to the woman which feels light : her feets even dont touch ground) after work (it is obviously the evening after a day at work: the cars are back home).
BUT : in B she looks like an angel flying in a halo of light – it is like a take-off : the shoes drive you to heaven.

Decasteljau says:

Prefer A, (flare too distracting in B)

Kimmycakes says:

I like both A & B. Each photo has a mood/feeling. Photos speak stories. So depending on what the message is…..
or what product is being sold will determine the best photo.
2 thumbs up ;-)

roger says:

prefer A because it a cleaner look and B seems overly diffused by the flare.

Andrew says:

I like both photos but based on the information given I will say that they went with photo B. If you look at picture A my focus goes toward the parked cars. In photo B my attention goes straight to the lighting flare. She’s not wearing any logos so I am assuming the purpose of the image isn’t to display the clothing she’s wearing. It’s probably an inspirational/motivational photo and image B gives PLENTY of clear space for the text and logo of the ad.

I vote B. : )

I vote “B”. The glare will provide lots of room for the adds text.

william p says:

the girl is pretty…you can see more of her in A. She makes me want to buy whatever they’re selling.
A is better.

Doug Laurent says:

clearly A. B looks like she’s running away from an atomic explosion!

Arp says:

Photo A has my preference, cleaner image model has better expression in relation to camera position.
But of course it depends on for what the photo is intended.

Colin says:

A b/c you can actually see the model. If the flair was smaller/moved a little more to the left, B might have a chance.

mehmet says:

B for sure. Because most of the people who choose A chose it because of the faults of B. B is the star character. A is just plain normal. and B is really like nothing I’ve seen, the flare is so big, so much.

Eric Calabros says:

if a text object (slogan, logo or something like that) will be placed on middle of the image, B is very good. otherwise, A is better. I wish face style of Runner in B replaced with her face style in A :-)

Its obvious, the photograph with The Star in it is the most eye catching: B.
I would say for use on a Billboard or Magazine ad where people would look at the details, A would be best because its technically the best exposed. But for the box cover of a breakfast cereal, sports drink or other product, B has more instant punch and more atmosphere.

Rick Koetter says:

Holy comments Batman!!! As others are saying, the flare in B takes too much away from the subject. Unless, of course, there is a theme or tagline for the product that would account for that flare. So, I vote for A, unless B fits better :-P

Rick Koetter says:

Actually, after looking at it again, I could see a situation where B would be the better fit. If you wanted to put text or graphics on the image, that blown out area in B could be perfect for that. In that case, I choose B.

I feel it really depends on the use of the photo… As a straight on photo yes A. is less distracting but if the photo would be used for print ads a designer might like the flare in B. for a logo and text of some sort.

Luke V says:

A for a whole host of reasons; facial expression, clarity of product, less distracting flare.. although one could argue that the composition of b was better. was that the final crop?

James Milne says:

I’m guessing B was used because the flair could be used for logos and such, but clearly the A image is the better one.

Martin says:

Definitely A. B looks like a defected image to me.

John says:

Definetly A Mr Chase.

Flare is too distracting and looks photoshopped on B :)

Dan says:

Unless the sports company is selling flare I don’t see how there’s much of a decision to make here. A, though I’m not fond of either.

faiman says:

My personal fav is B,
Photo A is very much suitable for campaign point of view because of concept and in advertising its hard to choose Photo B coz the sun glare is making distraction from the concept, Photo B is good in cinematic shot, where camera pan making a glare n making the subject more visually appealing :)

Heather says:

I vote A. It’s a tough call, but I agree with previous comments that the sun flare in B is just a bit too much. It gives B a beautiful sense of atmosphere, but I feel it dominates over the model.

MaBo1970 says:

I think a, because of the model.
Greetings from germany!!

Jay Dexter says:

I’m going with A. I’m a huge fan of sun flare, but in this case the sun seems to be beaming through the fence. Not realistic. Not to mention the sky is rarely blue when shooting towards the sun with this type of exposure. *drops mic and walks of stage*

jeff ambrose says:

photo b holds my attention longer.

Joshua says:

I’d go with A, because it just seems much more natural. The sky in B looks somewhat odd due to the vignetting and the flare is too much. I do however like the warm colours it has.

Joel says:

I like photo A. Photo B have too much flare.

Jon says:


Although the model’s pose is better in B (slightly more dynamism), and although I like flare (doesn’t everybody these days?) – the flare in B is just too much.

That’s what I think.

Therefore I also predict that the client went for B.

Shawn says:

I like B. If this is a print ad then the flare gives you that negative space for text.

Dan Kaufman says:

I’ll vote for A-and-a-half-to-B
A is safe
B (as currently shown) is too over the top, the flare is overwhelming and becomes the story.)
halfway from A to B is my vote.

Derek says:

I like B, A is too typical, nothing fancy or extraordinary about it, B is distracting, but interesting at the same time. From the point of view of marketing, B create a curiosity and intriguing enough to look deeper of what is happening.

Simon says:


The Flare in Picture B doesen´t look that good and realistic for me.
I really love Pictures directly shoot into the Sun but B doesn´t work for me.
Looks too much PS

Stu Bailey says:

A is better in my opinion.

In B my eye is imediatly drawn to the flare in the middle. Then after I look around it for a few seconds I get drawn straight to the flare in the middle again.

In A my eye is naturally drawn to the runner first and it stays there for a good amount of time, then to the cars, then back to the runner. However, the bottom of the street post is more distracting in A than B.

Mike Collister says:

A has my vote. It is crisp. Sporty. Makes me want to run. And I hate to run.

Nicholas says:

Personally, I’d prefer option B.

Option A: First of all, I find the pole of the street lamp a tad distracting, it seems like there’s too much tension between the subject and the pole. Both vertical, and the pole being so well exposed and sharp, it really does IMO creates an awkward tension. However, someone mentioned above, the expression sure looks better in option A though, more energetic, more well modeled.

Option B: I really like the mood in this, especially the strong shadows, I feel it really does emits a strong mood. I feel if you’re using it for sports, despite people have mentioned, the flare might be blocking the subject, but I don’t see a need to show the subject full upfront, people would still understand that she’s a runner.

My bet will be on B definitely, mood > technicality for me. :)

Franco says:

Better for what?
The woman is smiling in the first one, the scene is a pleasant sunny day.
In the second one, the woman is tired and the sun is very hot.

It depends on what you have to do whit this shots.

(sorry for my english)

Sean says:

“A” looks a little boring, but 1/3 intensity of B’s glare would be nice

saneesh says:

Pic B has too much of vignetting, the flare looks good but vignetting is a huge minus for me in that picture, because we dont have another choice will go for Pic A.


Aputure says:

As the others have said, photo A definitely. The light is too distracting in photo B. However, the shadows and illumination of the foreground, and the blue skies in photo B are better than A.

Craig K says:

IMHO Image A is what most photographers would prefer because is technically successful — less flare meaning better contrast than image B. One negative comment for image A: The lamp post is a bit more distracting than in image B.
Image B may be more desireable for advertising as it provides a convenient location for text. It also emotes a greater sense of experiencing a “runner’s high”.
Either image is successful in its own way.

Chaz says:

For me “B” works best. My initial reaction was to go with A, but given the depth of field of the image, things other than the runner were drawing my eye and became a distraction. The flare forced me to focus on the runner and not the other things in the image.

theo says:

A, because I like the smile on the model’s face better in this image.

Nate says:

B flare is distracting

It depends on what you want to say, what is the verbal message associated with the image (non verbal message)

Ron Dawson says:

If the client is selling sun flares, definitely B. Otherwise A. This is assuming the client doesn’t have some alternative plan for using the flare we don’t know about.

A all day long. The flare is overdone in B

Adam Redding says:

I am guessing they used B and dumped some kind of product image right in the middle of the flair!

Guy says:

B… Just do it! :) lol

I vote for A. I love flare most the time bit it’s a bit overkill and distracting in image B.

Phil says:

B would look better on a composition – like an ad with logo and text over the flare.
It would have a lot of personality, while A would be unnoticably boring.

Marty says:

The cars are too much of the photo in A. B would work great for use with a logo and or text.

jonathan says:

A has a better smile, but B is probably more suitable for copyspace.

Im gonna go A.

Nice work as usual chaser.

Jim says:

Where’s the Brief? The one that nails the brief wins. :-)

Technically however, I think B is more interesting. The model’s expression is better -pushing a little harder – and I absolutely love the surreal glow around her legs/feet and the shadow. If I used it, I’d probably crop halfway into the flare and let it bleed off-page to hold copy, but you’d almost be forced to speak to the strong suggestion of the perceived “blast”, which could work pending the content of the brief. A is good and safe, but just not compelling and the model is smiling, which to my thinking, is not the “goin’ for it” attitude most running companies are seeking. But did I mention the importance of the brief…?!?!?

Luke says:

I would have to say I prefer the unconventional B pic. The flare give’s it that unique look that you probably could not have captured entirely intentionally.

While also adding to the intrigue to the picture as previously mentioned” a jog on a warm summer morning “. I dont jog but I would run a 1000 mile’s for the subject in that picture.

Frederik says:

Two great pics.
But in B is the flare a little over the top. Love the idea though
but A is the best for me !

Mike says:

I prefer B in that I find it creates more story – the viewer almost feels they’re on a warm morning street. However I would have chosen A for advertising purposes. It shows the apparel more cleanly and her facial expression is more open and happy making me feel like it’s actually enjoyable to be out jogging at sunrise.

John Arnold says:

I prefer B.

Image A is beautiful but it’s very verbatim: here’s a woman running.
Image B has more of a sense of how it feels to be running. It’s less of a literal telling of what was going on and takes you more into the scene. In way you become the runner. If feels warm and you imagine how pleasant it would be to be running through this scene. I suspect that that feeling is what the sports company was going for with the purpose of this shot.

A. I don’t like the gigantic flare in picture B.

Steve S says:

This is an easy choice for me. I choose B.

This is an advertising photo. It is meant to draw the viewer in through emotion. “A” is a nice image but does not draw me in. To make the case for “B,” how many runners can FEEL like they are in the image with the bright sun low on the horizon. I know when I ran it was usually early in the morning or later in the day. I can almost feel the sun in my eyes or on my back. Or if passing another runner, seeing this exact image. The difference here is perspective, don’t look at this image as a photographer, look at it as a runner.


Travis Neely says:

I dig A for the reason that the model’s face and expression seem more affecting and would probably be more effective for an ad.

J Rainey says:

Not too sure if i can say something that’s already been said in over 1,000 posts.. but A makes me think i’m that guy who enjoys watching beautiful women jogging (heck, who isn’t that guy?) but with B it seems more about having that surreal moment in your morning run that just clears your head

A is about the physique of the woman and B is about the emotional appeal to running (to me, of course)

Łukasz says:

both are great but i would say…. A ;)

Simon says:

dunno which sports company it was shot for?… but having done some stuff for both i’d say,

Nike = B
Reebok = A

i choose image B. image A is nice but it’s just a stock photo…it doesn’t have the chase jarvis personality to it. i actually think i would want to composite the girl from A into B. so much about her in A that is great this is missing in B.

I like B better. There is a weird shadow in that light green tree behind the runner that I do not like. I don’t like the dark shadows at the cars and the ugly bumper of the white car. And I happen to like the flare in B because it shows motion that is lacking in A.

John says:

I would probably pick A between the two but to be honest they both have things that bother me a little. But what do I know….

Marc Andre Jourdan says:

I think I chose B… if it s a campaign picture it is about the mood of the picture coming through plus the flare in the middle gives you some nice space to put the slogan of the campaign in or the brands name… :) Picture A is too distracting (the blown out sky – the cars – too many details – the high contrast)

thats my quick feedback…

Grunge says:

I prefer A. Too much flare and the runner’s smile make the difference for me.

nobsta says:

B, dont´t like that green colour in the middle of image A.

kees says:

Without knowing the product or goal of this advertising campaign, making a choice is nearly impossible unless based on technical/creative merits. I’d pick B if the product was something amazing, a break-through, a smart idea. Kinda like the cartoon where someone has a great idea and this lightbulb is shown over his head. In that scenario, the flare is the main point and the runner serves to link the light to active lifestyle. Fiat lux!

VERNON says:

A for sure, B looks fake and overdone.
The shadows from the legs in both shots also looks out of place as there is no other noticeable strong shadows.
my 2 cents

My first impression was to vote for A.

After really looking at the two images for a couple of minutes though I really enjoyed the vignette and detail of B.

It would be interesting the see the rest of the project though to get a sense of the overall feel to the campaign.

Either way great shots and I look forward to following more of your work.

Dan says:

Photo A looks overprocessed. I prefer photo B. Looks more natural, colorful, and warmer.

Marlonq says:

A has my vote, I think B is more Jarvis style, but A has a better appeal to it.

Well I personally like the first “A” photo more than “B” but I think it depends on what exactly we gonna do with this image ? If we are going to add some text on it I think “B” is better dessicion because of the space that we have for the text :P

Drew Shipley says:

I prefer Photo B. Photo A is excellent, but it is also expected. Some would argue that the the flaring in B is “technically incorrect”, but it adds a whole new level to the photo (warmth / visual energy) that makes it more unique than Photo A.

Honestly, I used to avoid “technically incorrect” shots at all costs while shooting until about a year ago when I began working on occasion with a friend who is also amazing photographer. Seeing him create unique and amazing images by doing things I never would have attempted just because I had told myself I shouldn’t be doing it and I realized I was limiting myself from creating some amazing photos. To create amazing photos there is only one rule to follow and it is there are no rules. Art is subjective. There will always be people who don’t like what I like and vice versa, but you should never limit your creativity because you were taught / read somewhere / someone told you that what you want to try is technically incorrect.

Shaun says:

B is my vote, The flare makes the runner look like she is coming from another dimension.

Dale says:

Photo A. I am pulled to the subject and notice the excitement and pleasure in her face. That makes me interested in what she is smiling about.

amit says:

A for me. The skin texture looks great in it :) … B it hiding the subject of interest.

Tyson Murray says:

Well I have to be honest and as soon as the page loaded my Eye was pulled toward B. Isn’t that what you want when you are advertising?


B looks like it has been taken because of the flare, not the runner.

Debjyoti says:

So which 1 did u go with Chase?

Evan McGlinn says:

A. Too much flare for me in B. However, I do like the shadows of her legs better in B.

Kasper says:

I vote A, the flare is way too much on B.. :-)

Gary Rowlands says:

Image B, without any doubt.

A client wants to sell a dream, not a street scene.

B has more romance, less realism, more questions, more emergence. A Phoenix rising. B needed vision to let the scene roll. Maybe an excess of flare, but still the clear winner here.

Image A is more obvious, less accomplished, too ordinary and the Marketing Manager could have shot it with a decent camera.

Dusan Hein says:

I vote for A… looks well both as a large image and as a thumbnail. There’s a lot of magic in a B, too, but as a thumb it doesn’t looks good to me.

Frolov says:

Definitely A. If that shoot for a sport campaing – you need to see the subject which is the runner.

Ahmad says:

We have enough sunlight in the A and in the B there is too much of it.
I vote for A!

Jason H says:

So for my answer to “Which is better” I say A.

If the question was which is more creative, more abstract, more “different” then then answer would be B. But even so would never use B unless it fulfilled the scope given to me by the customer. For me the flare is just too much. Although it does hide the lamp post.

For me though, something in between the two would have been ideal. So more flare to create a halo around the lady giving her an almost ethereal feel (we all feel like that when we go jogging in the morning after all) but not so much as to dominate the image.

Rusty says:

A is better although the background is more busy. B is overdone and does not look natural. It would make a good advertisement for a Photoshop “creative” plugin ;-)

Sarah says:

It all depends on the the message the client/company is trying to convey. Which image supports the concept the most? That would be my choice.

Lady Tea says:

Absolutely Affirming the A on this choice.
Too much flare on the B side mate!

akechi says:

B seems to convey more energy than A

mike k says:

I like B, this is a feeling image and B makes me feel more engaged to the idea/emotion of the time of day and the runner. I believe that a lot of advertising is afraid to take a risk and let photographer’s push the envelope.

Vogue let’s their editorial photogs sometimes shoot a feeling rather than the literal clothes.
Also, the pole in A bisects the image a bit too much for my taste.
Nice job on both! Thanks for sharing.

xavier says:

I vote A…

tonysvision says:

B. The flare makes it more abstract. Because it is more abstract, B is more about running than the runner. The shadow adds a strong counter point, if the client sells shoes, then it adds even more. The flare gives a place for the client to put some text.

Adrian Choo says:

Too much flare on B so the pick is A.

Tim K. says:


B. The runner looks pissed, and sunflares are cliche, especially after that horrible new Star Trek movie.

Aqilah says:

I vote B! it’s just different. Something not common or anybody would come out with :)

I think they both have great appeal. B- with the flare is a little distracting and does take away from subject a little. I think the real debate comes down to what you are trying to say with the image. Or perhaps what the client is using the photo for.

Will Austin says:

I love A. Really nice subtle semi-circular ghosting between her lower foot and the pole base. Nice dappling on the sidewalk. Too much flare in B for me, it dominates to the point where she is no longer the subject of the photo. I like backlight but not into the massive flare look. Great work Chase!

A gets my vote. I like the facial expression the best.

Russ says:

I’d go with A. It clearer and crisper. The light in photo B kind of obstructs the runner.

Rahul Dutta says:

i go with A

its a crisp commercial picture .

Dan says:

A has my vote

Len Villano says:

I really like A. B is cool but a little overdone for my taste. To me it looks more like B was a mistake where A looks intentional.

A wins. Just enough flare to make it cool. B the flare is way too strong and centered.

steve says:

Def. B would make the best ad.

jess says:

i hate to use the word “better” because i feel like photography is so subjective in nature. each viewer has a different experience with an image. that being said, i prefer A. like a lot of others have said, i feel like the sun flare is a little much in B and becomes distracting.

martin says:

I really didn’t care for either. but if B were cropped so the flare became an accent I’d choose that one.

Rob says:

A…. The flare thing has had it’s time in the sun (pun intended :-) )….. about time for something different – like been able to actually see the subject.

A :) I’m a big lover of invasive sun flare, but I think B pushes it a bit too far. The sun flare is kind of odd looking and clearly the focus of the image. A definitely achieves the goal of an artistic, interesting, sports-focused photograph.

I would vote for A. It has more clarity and definition, composition-wise. B looks to have been overdone and the blinding light is almost too strong to be included in the frame. The positioning of the “blob” seems to be lower too, which makes it a little bit odd. So definitely A.


Holly sh#@ balls Batman!!!! Ask the publics opinion and the comments flood in. Everyone seems to mostly notice the flare, I love the flare but go with a for a simple important reason “a smile.” Luv ya bro.

MikeC says:

One of my questions would be “what is the concept for the campaign?” or what was the creative intent for the image…. Failing that, I vote for A… B is an interesting image and might have been usable if the flare was less intense.

Severine says:

I vote for the B. It’s the most creative, interesting one. Even if I think that the A has a better composition my eyes keep going the the B!

Jojo says:

Prefer B of these two. Has a better atmosphere, allows the viewer to read into it. ‘A’ is just a lady jogging on a pretty day.

Alastair says:

B has better atmosphere? If atmosphere requires a high patch of glare obscuring the subject, sure.

AJ says:

I prefer B it’s more creative, atmospheric, suggestive and engaging, it leaves a longer lasting impression in my mind. It has more depth, mystery and many more zones of interest.
A seems straight forward. Well shot, clean, nice overall impression but as a purely creative point for me it has less juice than B.
In B you could place type or a logo into the middle zone where the flare is.
However I like the runners height in A, in B she’s a bit too far off the ground.

First reaction is to lean to A but after study I think I like B better. The runner seems to be coming out of the light and higher off of the ground with the backlit effect.

Denny Wells says:

Cropped square at the top of this post, I prefer A. It is cleaner, with better contrast. A well balanced image.

Full images in the body of the post, I prefer B. The left half of A draws too much attention. The blown out flare in B focuses attention on the runner, and the clever shadows under her feet.

I would like B better if it was cropped vertically to remove everything to the left of the lamp post. A has better lines in it, but the lens flare near the bottom keep drawing my eye and the shadows on the ground behind it aren’t as cool as B’s.

Conor Ronan says:

U must be bored by now. I have not looked at what other people have said but A. gets my vote. Flare is over powering in B.

Being honest, neither are particularly interesting.



Steph K. says:

I prefer A but would have explored a version between A and B. If that didn’t work I would definitely go with A because the product is clearer, the runner seems happier, more energetic and accessible. B’s flare is too over the top and takes the image into the realm of the fantastical and unrealistic therefore more difficult to relate too and isn’t selling products all about identifying with something in the image?

Mari Kadanik says:

Vote for B. Both are good but B has more mystery and universality for a main visual.

Ravi Vora says:

Clearly B. It stands out and makes a branding statement. The other one is very plain-jane and wouldn’t keep anyone’s attention.

The “distracting” flare makes it not only epic, but also draws visual interest that the other lacks.


lyle says:

I like B for the energy. From the images, the ad must be something active (exercise gear or some energy concoction etc), and the flare makes it seem like a burst she/you need to get active. Also, the flare helps keep the eye on the foreground. A is a “clean” image, but it also causes eye-wander into trivial areas.
I’d bet money B was used for the ad.

tw says:

“A” is clearly a better picture for a sports company. Photo is divided in two and clearly contrasts the two sides of the image. the left hand with its dark cars going backward and on the right we have a lady enjoying her run to the point she looks angelic. The thirds rule broken with good effect. You can either glance at this photo and automatically get it or you can look at it further and get more involved as a viewer.

“B” I’m not exactly sure what this sports company is trying to sell. But if attention is what your trying to get maybe it will work.

Which photo is better depends on the context of what your trying to say

I like “A” a bit more – the flare is a bit distracting on ‘B’. If the company is going to place some copy over the flare, that may help.

A slight flare on ‘A’ might allow you to keep the clean look & focus on the runner plus allow a space for copy.

james bruce says:

I really like the way the energy that the woman in A had, however there is a tree near the center of the photo that is distracting and kind of prominent. The flare in B hides that element. I do think that the woman is tired looking in B, but I think B is the choice.

Grace Cook says:

I like B. Looks more powerful.

Daniel says:

“A” for me…better eye contact and whole feel of her presence with the wider frame…flare on B looks way to artificial, not really supporting the message but being the message. And flare is no message at all ;-)

Darrin says:

Personally, I would like to see a shot that is in between. B, will probably be the choice.

EKR says:

Which one I prefer goes out the window and it really doesn’t matter which one anyone here prefers.
No offence intended. What’s going to happen is the usually. Give the client the best of both worlds.

The final image will end up somewhere in between the two.

Scott M Eide says:

My first vote was “A”… But the thinking about it “B” would be the better choice for the client. The Flair creates a better negative space for any copy. “A” there is to much going on in the background that the copy can get lost with out using tables.

She is not wearing any branded clothes that needs to be visible so the over lapping flair is not a issue. B also having the flair lower has more of a morning feeling which can be looked as refreshing.

just my 2 cents

Emin Bayramzade says:

I think A is better

Jacob Triffo says:

The Company will probably pick A, and they’ll be wrong, because B is by far the better image. A is the safe bet, its not as ‘artistic’ if you will, which again, is false. The big flair in B really takes the image to the next level, especially with the warmer color cast, and the burnt out sky, not to mention the difficulty of actually getting the flair in there and having it look natural.

JonCharles says:

As a digital artist who composites images…and the fact that I like image B for it’s more artist approach. I would say combine the two… Since image A to me is a better representation of the the woman running with the sports gear. You could get the best of both worlds.


Glyn Dewis says:

Holy c$&p …. how many comments??? lol :)

Chase, ‘A’ gets my vote; love it!


Gilbert Ho says:

I prefer A. The flare in B overpowers the entire image, while in A the flare doesn’t detract attention from the model and the clothes she’s wearing.

Roel says:

I’d say it depends on what the goal of the commission is. In my opinion A is a very clean and brisk image, but I find the athlete’s look at the camera very distracting. To me the feel of the image is more that from a photo shoot rather than conveying an emotion of what running is about. Maybe just a bit too perfect. A great photo if clean is what you’re after.

On the other hand I think B has a more realistic feel to it conveying the enjoyment of going for an early morning run. The size of the flare does however require you to look at the image a bit longer before you grasp what’s going on. It wouldn’t be my pick for a magazine or billboard add, but rather an in store display comes to mind.

So I guess my answer depends on what you want to use the image for.

Daithí says:

A for me.

It has more depth

Matt Hunt says:

A: the flare in B overwhelms the frame.

Two sides but only one vote: I like A because the fit/action model looks more relaxed, she almost looks like you caught her walking on air. But my vote has to go to B, she seems to be working at it, which I like. As a reader, I don’t want to see how perfect her body is or how calmly she can look on a hard core jog. The extreme lens flare is suited for the activity.

Marian Majik says:

for me A is much better

Will Foster says:

Why is she running from an explosion? I like photo A. I feel like the huge lens flare takes away a lot of the photo. Maybe if the flare was half way between the photos?

A! The flare in B is just a little too much, unless you want lots off negative space.

El says:

My choice is B. A is nice and neat but B has more oomph.

Joe says:

Although I like B I think the flare is just to much, and is taking away from the photo itself. But if the shot is dealing with flare and light I would say B. So not knowing I’m going with Photo A

Dov says:

Chase, two of my housmates say A. They think the flare is too strong. I said B earlier. ALSO, fyi.. It’d be great if you can throw the comment box at the top especially when viewing on an iPad. Otherwise one has scroll down 900 comments. Not so fun.

Frank says:

It really depends on the purpose and use of the photo to say which is better. Having said that, I would pick B. A seems to be the better one, but the light green in the background draws my eye away from the runner. The overexposure certainly draws my eye here and hence on the runner and her shadow.

Marius Johansen says:

A, to much lens flare. And A is much more cleaner. I feel the sun is taking to much space in B and draws my attention away from the subject. No you have almost 1000 votes to go through ;)

Debra says:

I like the cleaness of “A”, but I find the cars distracting and feel that the light pole splits the image. “B” is my choice because I feel that the flare lessens the distraction of the cars and pole and adds an element of movement. The flare gives the effect that it is a force propelling the runner forward and helping her to complete her journey.

I like B but for the campaign, I’d have to choose A. A bit too much sun burst in B.

Cool post, Chase. Thanks for giving us the chance to react.


A to me is a better portait shot but since this is for an ad my vote is for B

David says:

B seems to be my choice; she seems boundless by everything…even gravity (very cool shadow). With the flare there’s less complexity in the background too. The wall next to her in A has a lot going on, but like the change in textures and materials being displayed in the street lamps, trees and walls. Also seems that if you add the advertisement to the photo it will soften the “nuclear blast” effect.

I’m very new to photography and love your stuff; thanks for creating these experiences to learn from.

Dov says:

First series: I like B. I like the lens flare effect, It adds environment and she’s emerging from, “the light” I also like the cropping as opposed to the second series of A and B. The dark car on the left is very distracting and my eyes jumps to it first as opposed to jumping to the runner. Good job Chasers! ~ Dov

Houser says:

I feel strongly that A should be the choice here. There’s plenty of definition for the eye to feast on, yet you still have that glow of the flare.

B seems to have a cataract and give me visual discontinuity. I spend more time trying to figure out what is covered by the flare than understanding what the image (and client) are trying to speak to me about.

Jc says:

I prefer A, I think it shows more detail

Martyn Day says:

The outstanding photo is B because of the lens flare. A is just a good photo of a pretty girl running.

B is bathed in sunlight, the warmth oozes out of the centre of the frame. I know exactly how that sunlight would feel on my skin. I can picture the long shadows and sounds of the suburb as I run the same route as the model.

A is a picture, it’s very straight but doesn’t really tell me that much. It’s a capture of a moment in time, nothing more. It spoon feeds me the explanation of events and there’s not a whole lot to tell.

B invokes so much more of an emotional response, it pulls out memories of jogging in the summer and pulls the observer in to the neighbourhood.

On a photographic critique it also obfuscates the big streetlight post and diverts the eye to the detail nearest the light bleed, which just happens to be the girl.

In short B is for people with great imaginations and a sense of being, A is for people who need to hear stories at bedtime

Carmina says:

Definitely B if you are wanting to call attention to the runner. Both feet are showing. The flare knocks out the background calling focus on the runner. I like the shadow better also as well as the warmth.

Carmina says:

Definitely B if you are wanting to call attention to the runner. Both feet are showing. The flare knocks out the background calling focus on the runner. I like the shadow better also as well as the warmth.

Ethan says:

Clearly A.
Although the lamppost is almost too important. But the runner shines and is beautifullly lit. The lamppost adds a sense of realism, of everyday reality, going for a run out your door.

The ominous white light in B is too dominant and overshines the main event – the jogger!

Mircea says:

B in my opinion, seems like walking on the light

El says:

Everybody seems to have a problem with flare. I choose B because it is more interesting than A. A is nice and neat but B has more oomph.

Wendy says:

A. Dont like the huge flare in B

jim says:


Why ?

A – clean crisp image, conveys urban environment, summer weather and the joy of running / excerising; something I can relate to and I get it quickly

B – good if sticky is my goal – makes my eye wander all around the periphery of the flare to see what might be missing in the light. Spend more time on this image but I’m looking for what I can’t see, not at what I can see.

Ryan Angel says:

I think that both images are very strong and has its own unique characteristics (obviously since they’re both different images), so I don’t have a specific choice at this moment. My only question to be able to have a valid answer to this debate would be “what will the copy say?” and “where will it be placed?”

Bev says:

doesn’t it ultimately depend on the message trying to be sent??

I like A best, but that’s is just for looking at a picture. If this is being used for an ad, or for an illustration, there will be a different focus. Then B may be best since it lends itself to some text over the flare.

Brian says:

I really want to like photo B. I love the idea of her running out of the sun flare, as if she’s being born from the star itself, full of energy and life. Unfortunately, I think the flare is too blobby for my taste, as if something is actually on the lens. I

I prefer A. It’s sharp, clean and expressive. I’d like to see more flare if possible, but I find the amount in B to be distracting.

Michael says:

I prefer A, because it definitely gives me a feel-good vibe. Photo B just makes me look around to figure out what’s to see on the photo. I think the model looks better on B, but you’re selling activewear and it’s much more visible on A.

Mark D. says:

I like “b” because the subject is not looking a the camera and appears to be focused on the running.

Puneet says:

just B, but if some of her body is recovered from the flare !

Gary says:

Both photos have problems. B because there is too much flare, and the vines over her head look like some sort of streamers, and A with that stupid post in the middle of the photo, and because of the smile she looks like she is mugging for the camera as other reviewers have noted. Toss’m both.

Matt says:

A! the expression works better, and the flare in B is just a little too much for a “commercial” shot in my opinion.

great work as always CJ

Lainer says:

You need a photo C, where it’s in between the both of them. Hard pressed, I’d pick photo A as B has too much flare.

Luca Viola says:

Hallo Chase.
I prefer the A one.
Even if I don’t know the needs and commitment (do you need space to write something, or do they need a mystic image?), I would select the A one.
It’s a stunning image, strong impact, strong contrast… in the opposite of the girl that appares weight-less.

In my taste the B leaves too few space for the image…
…and the amount of light give me some noise at the eyes (but that’s just a trouble of me).

Brian Crofts says:

A, mos def. I love a good sun flare, but in B it becomes the subject of pic. maybe that’s what you want.

I also like her expression more in A.

A. I find the flare in B way too distracting.

Lorenzo says:

A! or maybe a mid version… :-)

Wim says:

For me it,s image b.
The flare gives it more speed


Pam says:

I prefer A. It’s not clear to me why thee’s a big patch of light obscuring the figure in B. If I knew a logical answer, maybe I’d change my vote.

Marc says:

I prefer Image A.
To much flare in B!

Dave says:

Haven’t read all the other comments, so I may be redundant, here.

I like both. I see merits in both. Ultimately, it depends on what the client directive is, which none of us know.
One thing that bugs me about A is that she seems to be suspended in mid-air, like a Warner Brothers cartoon character; there’s not enough sense of motion, and she almost looks ‘shopped in. At least, in B, you have a sense of the environment… early morning run, maintaining your health, “in the zone”. The flare – while overdone, anymore, and in this instance is a little heavy for my taste – actually helps push the runner into motion, in my opinion. It also leaves space for copy, which would center the viewer’s eye and pull it a little out to the right, again suggesting motion.

Matt says:

In the end the client will pick they one they like! regardless of it’s technically correct form. It’s B.

RP says:

I prefer A. B is more dynamic to say.But for publisizing the Image It may not be appropriate.Because of the bright flare I feel there is missing something and little bit distracting the first impression.So I vote for A.safety Bet.

Scott says:

A, but I like the facial expression and positioning of the runner in B more.

Anonymous says:

B suck major ass

CJ says:

Definitely A

regina says:

Photo A

Laurent says:

B for me definitely. I like the way the the glare removes the less important details, leaving the eyes to focus on the runner and part of the cars telling there’s a road beside. The shadow below the runner in B also gives a deeper impression of a morning/evening run.

The glare on B though is much too centered imo(i liked the square-cropped version), does feel a tiny bit unrealistic but I would still go for B comparing both photos.

Deb Cull says:

This is a tough decision. There are great things about both photos, but I think photo B has two things that make it the winner. The first reason is that you can more clearly see her back foot than in photo A (both photos captured her during the best part of her cadence). The first photo almost makes her look like an amputee. The other thing I noticed about B is the distinct runner shadow on the sidewalk – this make the shot much stronger than the shadow in A, which is muddled with the shadows from the other branches.

On that note, I do feel that the flare on B is a hair too strong. But I think that is a nitpick. If this is a shot for a shoe or clothing company, shot B helps sell that.

My vote is for A beacuse the composition and the light is better than B

joel olivares says:

B. the flare suggests time and freedom (this was shot on purpose). the timing of her feet shot off the ground suggests balance, energy, rhythm and power. plus the shot makes it easier to add text

Nikon Ned says:

Technically, A would jump out as the obvious choice, but, since I know nothing about the campaign, the company behind it, the product or lifestyle they are trying to sell, the type of copy treatment they want to use on top of the photo, then I really cannot say. I can see the merits in both photos from an advertising angle.

So just on aesthetics alone, I vote for A. It made me feel like taking a run.

Aly White says:

I like both elements of A an B.
I like the clarity of A, the runners expression an the shadows on the floor, but I prefer how the runner is further away from the lamp posts an the ‘warm feeling that the flare gives it in B. Personally the flare is just a little too much for me though. However as an advert I would say that B works better an is far less forgettable.

Sonq says:

Prefer B with that floaty ethereal look. A may show more of the model, but that lamp post and clarity of parked cars look distracting.

George says:

I like B because despite having the strong presence of the flare , it attracts your attention and isn’t a forgettable image.

It looks like the runner is being propelled forward by this strong morning energy at sunrise. An inspiring shot..

Dwayne says:

I’d go with “A”. The composition I think is better, and the shadow from her running is great along with the plants and car shadows. It works. Photo “B” that light is kinda to harsh I think, and it blows out the shadows from the plants which I enjoy.

Chris S. says:

B – If the purpose of this is for an ad, say in a magazine, then the power, the expression, and the light are perfect and the huge highlight in the center leaves a perfect space for the graphic designer to lay out the campaign’s catchphrase, logo, whatever.

I feel like most people picking A are doing so because they have been brainwashed in to what makes a good photo.

The best photo is the photo that is right for the situation.

Mário Pires says:

I think B is more powerful, the woman seems to be coming out of ball of fire, traveling faster than the speed of light.

Anonymous says:

I choose B

The pole in A grabs my focus and keeps it. The flare in B grabs my focus and pushes me to the runner.

Peter says:

My vote is for photo A. I find the sun flare in photo B too distracting.

Rick says:

I have to vote for A. I love the shadows in B but prefer the clarity of A.

Hmm. I would love something in between A and B concerning the backlight. In A I don’t like the tree coming out of her head. But if I would have to choose I would take B and lighten her up a little ;). Cheers Andreas

Anonymous says:

A, handsdown! Flare is too distracting. not sure why the sports company is considering photo B.

David R. says:

Artistically, I like B, but considering the commercial nature of the work, I would choose A because it emphasizes the runner more.

Velarian says:


‘A’ seems generic to me. Since it is for an advertisement, something different is calls out to us. Photo ‘B’ got my attention immediately for its flare, composition and non-generic form of photo.

Well, I guess I’m going to go against the flow and choose B.

Although I like lens flare… I think it gets over used… and so for that reason I was tempted to go with A. But with A I tend to wander around the frame… to the cars, and the pole, and everything else in it. With the flare in B, I see her face [which is what I feel like when I’m running, not like she looks in A “oh look, there’s a camera”] and her footwear. Even though it’s got the large overexposed center, I feel like it makes it a more simple image.

It was really fun to read comments, though!

anthony says:

*A* is the clear winner for me. The lens flare in “B” is a little too much.

Allison says:

My vote is A. I like your facial expression better and B has too much of a flare, but I like B’s sky better.

Peter Huber says:

I think A, but it really depends of the purpose of the campain, and the message of the pic should deliver. B is cooler and more different, but also I think the sun flare is to big and perfect in it’s shape, looks almost made i PS… or a misstake. Little more disturbance and dirt and B would get my wote for sure.

Russ Rowland says:

Not knowing product and intent means I’m picking purely for my own criteria.

Her expression in B is much better. She’s in her zone and not mugging for the camera.

In ideal world, I would try to PS her expression from B to A because I really don’t like the light burst, I think it detracts.

Forced to choose, have to go with B. Her expression wins the day.

Cannon says:

For an ad, I’m going with B. Very eye-grabbing and the big blast of surprisingly soft light gives a great spot for a logo or a little bit of copy. Nice work as always – and I’m sure you know this well already, but don’t listen to the haters.

Howard Haby says:

A. I love flare, but B has too much, although, granted, this can be very appealing. And A has just a little that adds a nice, warm feel. I just think A is the better photo.

Chang says:

A for sure. Too much flare in B obscuring the runner. Perhaps something in the middle would be nice.

andrea says:


Kevin Skusa says:

.. both of them have their own expression…

in my eye i prefer A.. it s more a clean shot and shows the atmosphere on a run. if it is just for an image
in addition to running or sports, — relaxing/repower yourself being free outside and so on..

B is more effecting because of its glow… it could underline the power of a new shoe or sth… like an after burner .. lots of power .. the product is more in focus or better the feeling you have when you use it …

that were my first thoughts/feelings when i saw those to fotos!

to decide which one is better for the campaign it would be helpful to know what should be expressed ..

thx for sharing:)
kevin skusa

Steve says:

Has to be A !
The flare is too distracting and dominates the image.
For some strange reason B makes me uneasy, as if my mind doesn’t know where to look or what to focus on.

Ania says:

B, A is nice but B has that something special.

Both beautiful shots, but B is more intriguing and dynamic. The sun flair allows space for laying in taglines and logos in the ad layout as well.

John H says:

A is my choice…by far.


I feel as though A has too much detail, depth and the tone is too dark creating a distraction from what the primary focus is, the runner.

In photo B, the sun has created a natural diversion that pushes your eye to the runner rather than the light pole, fence detail and tail lights of the cars. I also like how the shadow under the runner is much bolder in B. This creates a draw to only one of 2 defined areas of the photo split between the car to the left and the runner to the right. Naturally, the runner is more interesting than a parked car creating one area of interest, the runner.

Thanks for opening this up for discussion Chase.

Vince B says:

Photo B for me. Photo A’s composition lead my eyes to the white car’s taillight while photo B keeps my focus on the runner which I assume is the main subject matter for a sports ad.

B. As a runner… I don’t always run with a smile on my face. Her expression in B is more realistic. Plus I like the flare. It’s kind of like she’s running from something or being propelled out of the flare. Just my thoughts, it looks like A’s got it pretty wrapped up here.

I’d rather see B than A ;-)

Oxana says:


Oxana says:

u can put any slogan on B – enough place for advert and it will look natural,

A is too sharp and wood gates catching too much thoughts

Jim Harmer says:

Absolutely no question in my mind. A is the better photograph. The overexposed portion around the sun on B is just too much for my taste.

Ron Warren says:

Seems like a no-brainer to me. A, all the way. The glare in B doesn’t look intentional. It just looks like a mistake. With B, was the idea that there would be copy on top of the glare?

Bill Hawley says:

B cause it’s imperfect. Perfect is just something created by what other people tell you is perfect and if something “imperfect” is released out into the world by someone of importance and viewed by millions of people who all love it then it will most likely turn into a “perfect” picture. So what would you rather do, put out an already perfect picture that won’t change people’s minds and instead will just make people say “hm that’s pretty nice”, or do you want to put something out that makes people look twice and think “hey that’s really cool. I don’t think i’ve seen something like that before but it looks awesome!”?

Mauro says:

A – it’s a beautiful, well composed, sharp, shot. There is nothing not to like about it.
The only thing missing is the little magic that the right flare could provide.
B – I like the flare idea even though the flare isn’t quite right.
I like it because its composition emphasizes the girl running.
Perhaps If the flare was smaller, B would be perfect for me.

Best regards.


I’d go with B . . . why? It’s simply a more artistic shot. A, while a fine shot, is less dynamic. If I am flipping through a magazine, me eye would skip right over it. The bright flare in B draws my eye to the image – in this age of rapid attention real estate, you need something like that to catch the eye quickly . . .


Kyle Pearce says:

A. I like some flair too but B is just too much. I think the pole dead in the middle of the frame is distracting in both.

Lonmesina says:

I’ve got choose B its perfect if you need to put logo and or slogan. For example: if you put the words “destination: reach goal” or “towards the bright path”. However if you use it as double page advert with slogan “burn gas or burn fat” A is the perfect image.

couple of toss up reasons. regarding photo comparisons:

* athlete’s expression is better in B photo because she is looking onward instead of smiling down at camera angle.
* hands down though… for my taste, there is WAY too much opposing sun glare in photo B. that garish huge sunspot looks to be the focus of the image. I see nothing else. So, do not like B.

In the end, A wins for me.

Aaron Schaub says:

I prefer Photo A because I can clearly see the person running. In the other photo, the glare becomes the subject. To be fair, either photo could work given the requirements of Victory.

Raph says:

A gets my vote because of clarity. B definitely has a bit too much flare and like others have said, it ‘s too distracting. thanks for posting this and great job on both photos !

Giri says:

Hi Chase,

I believe this shot was aimed at the runner. In this view, I think B is better.
The large flare in B, helps bring an emphasis on the runner. It kind of silences the row of cars in the left and also blurs out the background in a passive manner. Nevertheless I think it will make more sense if you could bring the runner in front of the flare with a slight merge by brushing it out.

I would gladly pick B as my desktop background.


Bart says:

I think the company would choose A :-))) B is nice but maybe with less flare

geoff says:

The first question is what is the ad campaign for? Without knowing, it is hard to judge which image would be better.

If you need to pour a LOT of text into the image then B might be better because you could put the text into the lens flare. If it is going to be a relatively text free ad, where the image sells the idea, (although I’m not sure what that would be without some context), then A would be better.

So my answer is: it depends. :)

Christophe says:

Definitively “A”! The women is smiling.
She is beautifull so why do you Wan’t to hide her by huge sun flare??

James Finlay says:

If only possible to have B overall with less flare and more flare than A! B good if product copy placed in centre of picture. A is the ‘safe’ choice.

Tim says:

A, flare is too distracting in B.

Andreas says:

B would be nice with a Logo right in the middle floating above the glare. The runner would then give a nice ‘subconscious’ background message. Otherwise A.

Matt says:

I prefer B, as there are fewer distracting elements in the image and the subject seems to be popping out of the flare – very effective. I guess it’d also be easier for the sports company to put some advertising on image B as there is a less-cluttered background to use.

Miguel says:

Definitely A

dhani says:

A with the sky from B .
The flare makes it look like she is hovering and won´t touch the ground

Richard E says:

I vote A. If the flare in B was slightly less I would have chosen B as I think the Flare makes the image burst with energy

Simon C says:

It’s a question that is impossible to answer until you know specifically ‘what’ it is for?

I can tell you which photo I ‘like’ best, but that photo might not be the best one for the purpose for which your client wants it.

This is the classic photography as a tool/photography as art dichotomy. Perhaps from your point of view the only salient issue is that the best photo is the one your client ends up selecting and paying for!

Greg says:

Hello Chase!
I am French so sorry for my English …
My vote is A because it is clearer and more readable, there is a slight halo of light between the legs of the subject and cars.

In relation to B, I prefer the framing that lets us see the curb, I also like the shadow of the legs is more pronounced …
I hope I was useful …
Good day …

Espen says:

A. Balanced.

B is “too much”

JensNDS says:

A. I think B is a little crossfaded.

Jon says:

I go for A. The light is to blown out for me in B.

Tom says:

B for me.
A has far more distractions, my eye keeps getting around the image, the pole in the middle, the cars on the left. In B my eye is drawn to the runner en tends to stay there. Although I do find the flare a bit much.


In my opinion either A nor B is a “better” photo, the “better” one (if indeed thete is such a thing) is just the one that the client feels is what they need….
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so the choice would come down to a majority vote. Both are good images in their own way, but just don’t think you can say one is better than the other!
Art is subjective, not objective, so someone can look at the Mona Lisa and say “what’s all the fuss about” and someone can die for the love of it, this is what makes photography great, it’s the artisitc vision and drive and creativity that’s important, and did your art exceed the expectations of the client
My 2p worth :-0

Lloyd Barnes says:

I like A better – the flare is more subtle and the model’s looking at the camera, which gives a connection to the viewer.

Aurélien says:

For me it’s photo A.

Eugene says:

A, definitely.
Better pose, better face. Flare in B doesn’t look nice to me at all.
The only reason why it might be B — if they needed to put a text on it.

Debjyoti says:

definetly “A”….if thats for a sports company.
both the pics are good..but “A” got my vote when theres a lot of decisions behind choosing 1and that too for a branded sports comp.

Dejan says:

definitively A

Mark says:

Easy, Photo A is better. The flare in B is too distracting

Allie says:

A is the better shot :)

Roger says:

I would go for A. The flare in B is a little too distracting and doesnt look real.

I love flare. A lot. But a more natural flare than what’s in B. Also, I know people are saying the cars and pole are distracting but it makes it more real. Sets it in the “urban” environment.

Juan says:

Photo B makes me feel like the girl is flying. No hard shadows as seen in photo A distract my attention from the girl and her legs shadows that makes me feel like I will fly with these pair of trainers

Photo A, of course. Too much flare on photo B.

If the campaign is selling a product, the clothes, then definitely A.
It the campaign is selling something simply via mood, then B has a lot of power.

If the client has a short and simple slogan (Say nike’s “Just do it” and the swoosh) the big glowy orb makes a perfect spot for it too.

Definitely a tough call, but for general use, I’d have to say A.

Hi chase, You say you took 1000 and A or B are the best I think you most listen to kevin chase.

Daniel says:

Depends on what the photo is for. Its purpose always ranks out its beauty. But for me “A” is much prettier, more calm and leaves credible dreams. IMO “B” is too fake, too much and less focus for the mind..

Philip says:

A, without a doubt.

I have a feeling the stakeholders who prefer B like it because the flare takes on a symbolic meaning that the more literal image of the sun in A just doesn’t have. While I can see the appeal of that, A just reads more simply and easily as the sun so the image just remains more relatable. Now, if some carefully crafted text or a logo were to appear in that flare, I might feel a little differently…

UncleSam says:


The flare in the second totally kills the bg which I don’t like. It’s my opinion, anyway.

Jurz says:

Sometimes I find it hard to choose between CJ images, but this one is simple A. I find the glare in B is too distracting, B would work for me if amount of glare would be somewhat 20-30% less dominant.

nodderwaak says:

I would have a 2nd look at the other 998 pictures …

Brian Cheyne says:

A. The flare in B is just too much.

Lensman X says:

The leading lines composition for picture A is stronger and the eye is naturally garnered to the brighter side of the image -hence the girl. A simple test would be to show image A to 1 group and image B to another group for 1 second. Ask them to recite the elements in the image. Picture A will probably garner more reaction to the girl -if this is what you are after. If you are still undecided ask your client to do a quick ‘qual’ test with small sample size within their target audience online.

Definitely A. If the flare in B was higher and not competing for the same space, then I might have chosen B.

Jakob says:

A presents the runner best. The circle in B is taking over the image.

Sebastien says:

Hello, Something between A & B. The contrast of the girl on the picture A over the “Background” of B picture would be a nice agreement for me! But if I had to choose, the A picture. Lens flare on the girl too strong for me

Anonymous says:

A has my vote. Flare can add a creative touch to some shooting situations but in this instance, the flare in photo B is deconstructive.

A without doubt. The flare is too strong in B. Makes me look away

numbeos says:

For me, photo A is better..Lens flare is too distracting on the photo B :)

Frank says:


In A: the pole and cars are too distracting. Pole is in the middle of the frame – not too dynamic. However, better facial expression in this shot.

In B: ball of sunlight (plasma gas cloud?) hides pole problem; also keeps the rest of the frame mysterious – you can’t see all of her, but you can keep trying – good to keep the eyeballs on the image longer…better angle to reduce presence of the parked cars. Can you crop those cars out instead?

Gerritz says:

They are both cheesey cliches, which is fine since it’s advertising, but the mega flare is just too much, seen it a lot . Then again in A, the model seems to be looking at the camera to see how Chase is reacting. maybe re touch her eyes and it’ll be ok.

Tony says:

A is the winner, you lose focus on the subject in B and just wonder about that sunspot/flare in the center.

My preference is A , the flare in B is too shocking and distracting , however if you can mix the 2 photos together to get less distracting flare , then my choice will go to the 2 photos combined..

Sni says:

My vote goes to B. A is a terrific photo but B requires good understanding of the lens, camera, exposure, aperture, and shutter speed to create this particular image. Personally, I love photos with flare, intended flare of course. It adds depth and a level of imagination to the photo. A is absolutely great, but B takes the view beyond still photography. I can almost imagine her in motion…running towards me.

Per-Trygve says:

B is better. The pole in A split the image in an unpleasant way. The flare in B masks the pole and split the image in a more dynamic way which also challenge my imagination.

henry says:


B has too much flare for my personal taste.

Jamie says:

A for me. Nice smile and everything just fits in.
B has too much flare. She looked like she just ran thru a portal. Unless that’s what the agency was looking for.

Michal L says:

It all depends on the identity the company wants to embrace… but A is too standard or everyday. I agree that the glare seems too much in B, but hands down it’s more memorable.

Moulton says:

My vote is for photo B. You said that this project was for a well known sports company so I will assume there will be some type of branding added in the form of a logo or text, therefore, the flare in photo B provides the perfect spot in which to interweave the branding. The cement lamp-post in Photo A severs the image in half leaving the viewer bobbing back and forth between the parked cars and the runner and ultimately creating unrest. However, that could quite possibly be your/their intention: “contrasting the gas-guzzling littered urban landscape with a breath of fresh air hurdling down the walkway…the choice is yours?” I do still believe that with all of the competing lines in Photo A, it will be much more of a challenge to add a logo/text and still make it all jive.

Rodman says:

There is no right or wrong answer, especially since no context was provided (i.e., background on the client’s objective). Judging by my own context, I find both pictures to be defective: (A) has lens flare that doesn’t appear to have any enhancing effect and (B) is completely dominated by the excess of light. I like (A) better though (B) appears to be more prepared.

john1027 says:

A – B has too much flare.

zhiacque says:

A for Me

jetgreen1 says:

B is better in mood. Not as technically good but when you look for raw emotion, good is not always best..Plus she is looking at the camera in A..Too staged.

B. Definitely B

The flare blocks the street pole thingy and leads my eyes to the runner…without the flare, my eyes would be distracted by the pole

B gets my vote +]

Markus says:

I like A better, B looks like someone spilled somthing on the fotoprint.

… if there is somthing like “better” out of context, at all…

danno watts says:


imperfection is absolutely perfect.


Norm M says:

I vote for A, the flare in B is just too much. It takes away from the image

Adam Leahy says:

To be honest, I don’t like either one.

Andre Orso says:

I like ‘A’ better… I like the crisp colors, and the flare is there which gives me the feeling of a morning run – and I like the expression on her face better…
Just Do It! :D

Zan Smith says:

A is a good picture and B sucks.

Zan says:

On second thought I was way too harsh on B not knowing what the criteria is for the shot. I does seem that the flare in B is over the top.

mayank says:

There are so many votes for A, its not hard to understand why. You can go back to your client and tell em the public choice (which i guess is the key) in case they have chosen B. I am not a pro in photography or arty kinds but B fails on me.. the flare is awful! The expressions on runners face tired. Sorry no disrespect but thats what a consumer would say probably.

Mike says:

I prefer A by far. I really enjoy flare in photos, but it’s much too dominant in B, so there’s really no comparison for my taste. Maybe you could compromise by just adding some flare to A in post.

james says:

If you choose B, you might as well, click “Filter > Render > Lens Flare,” oh and after that you can add the campaign text in the big sunflare with a “dropshadow”

i think A is an excellent shot, the lady’s face is quite bold/rigid/confident, and her body is well defined… Great shot. Pick A or no more ChaseJarvis Blog for me! :)


Nate says:

B has stopping power. A is average.

tom says:

A … that flare is sooooo 90s’

Nonie says:

B definately! The runner stands out more and her shadow is more prominate! More dramatic! The flare just needs to be softened and faded out towards the street.

Sebian says:

This is what i think.

A : Advertising campaing
B : Artistic content

Steve Widoff says:


More dynamic and less competition for the runner’s attention.

How it is that you came to present these 2 versions to your client?
Were you responsible for the postproduction?

Kyrani says:

I like B. love the lens flare.

chad says:

A: Nice rich photo. Subject is clearly defined within her element.
B: Flare is overpowering. makes me want to put on my glasses (not corrective, just glare ;)

My Vote: A

Kenny says:

I think A because I want attention toward my runner. I feel that between the two it would be A that an ad company would prefer but I like many am also interested in which is chosen.

Wayne says:

I like B the best. The photo shows the runner running out the early morning sun, breaking free, powered by the sun. It would be great for an ad promoting orange juice.

The absence of detail in the middle gives the client plenty of space to place text. The runner on the edge of photo B is emerging where the runner in photo A is just another detail in an busy photo. Photo B is simpler and the subject of the photo, the runner, is not competing for attention with a number of complex elements as in photo A.

mat g. says:

Neither actually….. personally, I like A better for the ad but the runner should have some sweat on her shirt to show that she’s working hard…. what kind of sports company doesn’t like sweat. Talk it over with them and see if you can photoshop some sweat in there….

Renee says:

Although B seems cleaner, the color and detail on the runner is nice. However, for some reason I am drawn to B (perhaps with slightly less flare). I find the car detail too much in A-too sharp, my eye goes between the runner and the cars. I guess it depends on the focus of the campaign is though, right…

Renee says:

A seems cleaner and the color and detail on the runner is nice. However, for some reason I am drawn to B (perhaps with slightly less flare). I find the car detail too much in A-too sharp; my eye goes between the runner and the cars. I guess it depends on the focus of the campaign is though..

Joel smith says:

I really like B it lends itself to ad layout and text in the hot spot. Both images are great but like I said B is better for a commercial or print ad purpose

Harry Green says:

B. It is real. It displays the source of the light. It accelerates the runner and gives more depth. Forget about the optical flaws of flare. This is where flare works. Leave it alone.

cdroper says:

B makes me want sunglasses

Anonymous says:

What about C?

So, when are you telling us which one you used and why? Come on, Chase! :c) I want to hear the end of the story! :c)

John Caetano says:

The flare is a bit much but I still go with B for many reasons. 1. I like the fact she is not looking at the camera. 2. The flare makes it appear she is blasting thru which in the photo case she is running. Etc…

Razvan says:

“A” is the one.

herb wright says:

I personally like A , overall composition

Pol says:

If you cut out the cars, I prefer A, but with the cars, B is better. There is just so much symbolism attached to running out of the light…

Mervyn says:

It would be a tough choice to choose between these 2 photos..
However i chose A as the details are all there..

I would had choosen B is the flare is just around the face making her mysterious..

The obvious choice is “A” based on general photographic design principles. HOWEVER, I really do not know the message the sports company wants out of the photo. The photo that best accentuates and conveys the message wins. Thanks for this opportunity Chase!

Jeff says:

Photo ‘a’

I personally don’t like the flare in photo ‘B’

‘A’ has me looking at the runner, taking in the details. I like it. I could see this being an excellent photograph for an ad.

‘B’ has me more interested in the car on the left. I feel the model is overshadowed by the flare.

Actually… Now that I look at it again the flare in B causes my eye to sort of flow through the image, from the car to the girl and around in circles, while the pole in the middle of A is -slightly- distracting.

I still like A more.

alex says:

If it will be used for print ad, B gives you more “white Space” for text/graphics and washes out the street light pole, sidewalk and the white car. Pulls the black car out of deep contrast and suggests the runner and feel of early morning fresh run rather than “bam!” cute runner chic in photo A.

Very Lululemon look to it….Hmm?

Jason says:

A is a cleaner image, the glare in B is very distracting, with photos your eyes are drawn to lighter parts of an image but this light just blows the picture out too much. From a commercial point that light might be right for overlaying text to get the message across to the audience Like Just do it. I’m intrigued to find out which one wins.

Sean Willis says:

I’m going to go with “A”, since this is for a sports campaign. I’m usually a fan of a lttile over exposure, and heavy lens flare. However, If the flare in “B” was a little toned down behind the runner, I would say go with “B”. It dominates the photo too much.

Thanks for asking our opinion Chase!

Sean Willis says:

Ilike the sidewalk and how it is lit, with the runners shadow in “B”. Maybe a composite of the two?

Scott says:

A has my vote. there are minor details like the runner’s expression and other things but the biggest factor for me was too much flare in B. while i agree that the whole “over flared” images are starting to show up everywhere, i still feel like they have their place. however in this example the position of the flare is just distracting. i’d prefer it come from the edge and lead into the shot toward the subject.

Scott says:

For an ad or any thing else for that matter it’s not about which photo is best, it’s about which components work best together to portray a specific feel or meaning. I think the flair is distracting but, it does take my focus off the runner and put it on the environment…thus if the ad is about gear for the elements or just getting outside it does it’s job.

amien says:

A for sure.

Jeremy says:

I prefer A for being a better standalone image, mainly because the glare in the middle of B is very distracting for me. I imagine that, since this was an ad, the company might prefer B so they can put text and extra graphics in the center.

John Stephens says:

‘A’ is professional. ‘B’ is amateur.
‘A’ was taken by a professional phot

Jeremy Sarkisian says:

B. It emboldens the “break of day” theme and the model looks like she’s really running instead of just posing for an ad. It’s like she’s got that “i’ve gotta keep this going” emotions running all over her, and the scene is on a pavement round the corner of about just any neighborhood.

If i’m the art director, i’ll choose B because it relates to the audience better

two great shots btw

Mike says:

In most situation A will be my choice, as B is a bit unrealistic and fake to me. Anyway, it depends on the purpose of the picture for.

David Petersen says:

I’m a fan of A. The light pole gives it a diptych/contrast feel between the sedentary cars and the active lifestyle. The minimal, warm flare of A tells me it’s a first thing in the morning and that’s my life priority – an active lifestyle first, work second.

I don’t know the art direction, and maybe the max flare is needed for copy. Dunno. B doesn’t have the story that A does from a photographic standpoint.

Cool Stuff. I love it when you do this type of thing. Thanks a bunch.

Joshua Dance says:

A. B is totally blow out. Can’t see much detail.

Trevor Gray says:

I’m struggling to choose. I wish I knew a little more detail about what the client wanted.

PHOTO B: if you are looking at placing the the client’s name in the middle of the flare as the main focus point. Without a name embossed in the middle of the flare. The flare becomes to much of a distraction cause the second thing my eyes focuses on is darkness of the car in the left foreground because of the contrast.

Photo A: is better if you want the focus to be on the runner. However, the white post in the middle of the photo is to distracting, especially with the color of the runner unable to over power the present of a white car at the curb. But if you were to crop photo A at the line of the gutter, removing the cars, this will give a much better focus on the runner by positioning her just left of centre.

So I’m sorry I’m undecided, I’m a big fan of your work. Especially your work shooting for the ski industry. But this time you’re not catching me with these photos.

Maybe that’s why you can’t decide.
Anyway keep up the inspiring work.

eric says:

Definitely B.

A has too much personality in her face. I think it would work out better for you if the subject looks as much anonymous (if that makes any sense) to viewer as possible

B, I can relate as a sports theme. A just looks like a girl running.

At first I thought A because the runner is much more clear. But after looking at it for a while, the area around the lamp post and the runners shadow is MUCH nicer and less distracting than in photo A. However, I think the runner gets lost a little too much in the flare, so would consider combining the two, using B as the base and carefully masking in the runner… It may not work but I would try it. Otherwise I would go with A.
But really, the way the light plays on the surroundings is perfect in B. Really tough one!

randy says:

ill take B

Pat Bagley says:

Hey Man, I love your work and have profound respect, but honestly A is boring and B is too much. I think some context for the use of the images would help folks decide which achieves the intended goal. Is there a story as to why it comes down to just these two? Pat.

JimS says:

I like A better but B looks more dynamic and that’s probably the one chosen.

Shay Murphy says:

A for sports campaign, B is all about the Flare

Geoff says:

I vote for A. I like pictures with flair, but not when it overwhelms what should be the overall subject and theme. The obscured and less contrasty details in the image of the woman detracts from its physicality and dynamism.

Scott says:

It really depends on who and what it’s for. A is cleaner, with the emphasis on the runner. B is more emotional, and would work well as a symbolic shot of someone achieving some goal or overcoming difficulties.

Very curious to hear the full story…

Jay says:

I’d say A. I like that you can see her more clearly and she’s smiling. I’d really like a mix of both though. :) A with only a little flair.

lyle says:

face is way better in B and I like that she’s distanced from the pole. If the flare were just a tinch less….

Benjamin says:

A. It has a cleaner look and the lens flair looks a bit too much in B

Anonymous says:

Vote for ” B ”
The image “A” is not enough punch.

TimR says:

Those cars and the light post sort of wreck both, so B is better because it hides them a little, especially the light post which is the worse offender. But that flare looks a little like an alien life form or something.

erinar says:

I vote for A . I think A gives more 3D look, face expression is better, with any nice font wording to the left it would, increase space, atmosphere and 3d look of that photograph.
Distracting cars and lamp post would dissapear behind lettering.
I love this picture anyway :)

Definitely B!

A is an average photo … The environment in photo B carries a lot more energy!

JW Stovall says:

They are both fine images…for different applications. So, I ask you , which is a better photograph for the project you are working on?

Mike Ponce says:

To me A is the winner…

Scott Morrison says:

Forsure A over B but i really dont like how the light post in photo A is dead center.

I’d do a blend between the two in PS and use the photo of the model in shot “A”, I prefer the general colour temp of “B” as is more apt what with there being the sun (or a warm strobe) back lighting the talent. My thinking would probably change if I knew the size and placement of the text / logo.

I prefer B. I like the sunflair, the shoes are lit more and she has two legs.

In A the girls leg looks stumpy, which does not speak athletic to me.

Laurie-B says:

A. B hurts my eyes. That can’t be good for advertising.

jeff says:

it’s in the eye of the beholder. if you like what you see thats all that matters. thats what makes it art . by the way I’ll take B

Jeff says:

B. The runner looks like she’s floating in the glow and the flare takes viewer’s eyes away from distracting parked cars.

If cropped as a vertical removing all elements on left of screen including pole, the flare would be extraneous and A would be a stronger, more classic shot.

Cam says:

My daughter and I vote for A

Ree says:

I’d like to see “C”. Somewhere in the middle. A is not enough punch and B is overkill.

I assume that if it’s for a campaign of some sort there will be lettering involved. So my vote goes to B. From a design standpoint, A is way too busy for any type to attract the eye.

B is more focused and will lead the eye to the flare and then the runner.

I agree. I couldn’t make a better explanation.
Also, the runner’s face and the projected shade makes me vote for

tripleman says:

Unless you’re going to load the centre up with copy, A is my choice.

B has too much cowbell, I mean, flare.

Tombo says:

I like A. It’s about the runner, not the sun.

john urban says:

A. See the 6000 flare comments above.

Gordana says:

My vote goes to A.
While B has that extra energy burst in the flare, A is still powerful enough on it’s own (her expression, mid-air moment)

Matthew Carr says:

A. looks more posed and looks like it could have been taken at any time of the day.

B. looks like early morning first light with the more defined shadows. Looks like she has been out running before light and now she is in her stride as the suns comes up

B is definitely my choice

Cory Moore says:

I guess it depends on the purpose of the image, but I would actually choose B. Image A has a lot of detail in the scene, and I actually found myself looking all around. Image B helped me focus solely on the runner. Another reason is that there is some minor lens flare in Image A toward the bottom, which is a little distracting. With Image B, I know the flare is deliberate and serves a purpose. Just my opinion though. I’m in no way a professional photographer, designer, or artist. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

Set says:

I don’t prefer B, because, the flare is too large.

But, what message of campaign does this sport company wants to offer? If there’s something mystery etc, or becoming an effects. I think it’s okay.

While A, although I like it, seems so many objects there. Perhaps requires post-edit to adjust contrast between the runner and other objects.

Matthew says:

A – not that I don’t like (B)… but rather (A) more

Tyler says:

A, without question. If given the choice of A: staring at a Hottie Mc Hotterson, or B: Staring into the Sun (or flare), I’m gonna choose Hottie Mc Hotterson every time…

Kenny says:

I choose B. Even tho it look distracting, but when look for second time it really have the special in it. I guess by feel I will choose B. But by pretty photo, A is prettier…

Nancy says:

I like B, the sun brings focus to the girl running. Who needs bokeh with cool sun flare!

RNS says:

B all the way !!! nice one

A is technically ‘better’. However, the dramatic flare in B will grab lots of attention.. Furthermore, the flare decreases the amount of detail in the image and draws attention away from the pole (which is kinda distracting) and out to the sides (where the runner is); making the image, I believe, unique and therefore more memorable than the competition- which is great for a company’s exposure.

Big respect for your work, man.

Spencer says:

B for ad copy placement, A as a standalone. But the real answer is, neither. “Better” is in the eye of the beholder.

Erin Cady says:

Personally, I like A. I think her expression is better, her skin tone is nicer and there is still that warmth and flare without it being too much. I don’t like that in B, she looks like a leg is missing, especially when the image is smaller.

Anonymous says:

B for ad copy placement, A as a standalone. But the real answer is, neither. “Better” is in the eye of the beholder.

benji says:

I like A better, but could see B being chosen for commercial purposes as it adds more wow to it. Plus it isn’t about the photo so much as the brand and product. Love it.

Justin says:

I like Photo A because I can see the subject more. I also really like Photo B cause I spent more time looking at it trying to see more into it because the subject wasn’t as clear as Photo A. Great photos. Keep up the awesome :D

Deny says:

I prefer the B picture..

Coz I fell it’s more unique and warmth.. Make me feel the spirit and warmness of great morning. And start the day with jogging.. :)

wlad says:

B is more dramatic, the body language of the girl is more tense and focus on her running and the big flair adds some mystery to the image.

Without hesitation, I vote for A.

My first thought on B was that it had water on the lens.

Paul Pomeroy says:

B – assuming there will be text/graphics over the photo (otherwise A)

Scott says:

I say it depends on the graphic layout. I would vote for A if there is a lot of type and the look is clean. I would vote for B if it’s more of a loud ad.

Bo says:

I’m gonna go with B. It has a stronger emotional pull and a sense of mystery. I also think it gives the runner some power and energy. Overall, from an artistic and a marketing standpoint, I think B has a more solid signature.

Great work!

Mark says:

I assume it’s a sports wear company.

In which case I’d also say A as the product (the clothes) is clearer to the potential buying segment which I would assume they’d say is women runners.

I_like_pics says:

I like photo [A] better……….. photo [B] looks like she is being chased by the smog-ghost.

ari says:

‘A’ for sure. The runner seems too enveloped by the flair in ‘B’, drawing more attention to the center and away from the subject, although the cast shadow is more favorable.
The damaged bumper on the white car is somewhat distracting and the SUV perhaps too easily identifiable (is that a bad thing?).. Will the final image be cropped square?

Mike says:

I vote for B. I like the more well-defined shadow of the runner emphasizing that she’s in mid-air….that and I’m a sucker for blowouts.

Larissa says:

the mix of A and B :))
little bit more of B in pic A

Rebecca z says:

A is my pick- her run looks more natural. B looks like she is hopping to her next step.

Mike Phillip says:

from my eyes … A is better

Iwan says:

I choose A, because it’s clearer than B (it’s too flare)

A gets my vote

In B she looks like she’s about to be abducted by aliens, but the flipside is that you see less of the cars.

If you could cut the flare by 50% and/or shift it left then B would be the winner


Callum Winton says:

A gets my vote

In B she looks like she’s about to be abducted by aliens, but the flipside is that you see less of the cars.

If you could cut the flare by 50% and/or shift it left then B would be the winner

Richard Lemieux says:

I prefer A. I find it has a more realistic feel to it. However, B gives it more of a fantastic feel.

Anonymous says:

Both good eye catching shots. my vote for A because for obvious reasons I’m a guy and want a better look at the girl. For tech reasons: it’s cleaner more natural looking than shot B with it’s extreme light blaring in the shot. I do like that effect (which i have seen in your pictures a lot) but here this seems like it dosen’t work because the overall feeling of the whole shot is a “Captured in the moment: type shot and the blaring light makes it look unnatural which I feel most commercial stills suffer to much from, which is that fake manufactured look.
Your a awesome photog get rid of that crazy nuclear blast of light.

It rather depends on the brief which might alter my decision. I go for A because it is cleaner. If the point of the flare in B was to add liveliness and happiness then it isn’t needed as those are present in A. If the point was to romanticise then I think it is over done. If there was some other point then I’ve missed it.

Will says:

I like A better than B, however might prefer something that has the flare somewhere inbetween the two.

Mark Fore says:

I lean towards A. The other picture is too overwhelming for me, I can’t actually focus on what’s happening.

Geoff says:

If there’s going to be copy on it, then I’d say B. Without the copy, judging is as a photo, I’d say A.

It all depecnds on how you want to use the flare. It’s the perfect vehicle for some copy.

Angelo says:

In my opinion, A is a technically better image. But, B may work “better” with the ad campaign. It’s sort of not a fair question.

“A” – cleaner shot.

Mike Warot says:

A is much better… at first I thought it was literally the same image, but then began to see the subtle differences.

In A the model is smiling at the camera, in B she’s looking off into space, probably trying to figure out why the sky got a million times brighter as she’s about to get nuked. 8)

Wow tons of comments!
Without hesitation, A for me.

Aaron says:

A. The flare in B looks too much like a blotch of vaseline, and A has enough subtle lens flare to indicate the fact that the image was backlit by the sun.

Brolin says:

Photo ‘A’. I like the lens flair in B, but it’s a little much, and i think that photo A has enough lens flair as it is. But even thought they are the same, they are sooo much different. Very creative on two different takes on one photo.

I prefer photo A because photo B is a disaster. The flare in B is way to big and very distracting. It looks like someone spilled bleach in the middle of the picture. Even if the advantage of B is the available white space the flare needs to be much further to the left in the composition where it doesn’t obscure the subject completely.

willie says:

It has more ‘intrigue’. It makes you wonder a little bit more.

A is the shot that that the ‘normal’ shooter would make, thinking that ‘B’ was a mistake.
Just saying.

Anne-Marie says:

I think it depends on the product and the message the client wants to get across. Both photos are great. Photo A is kind of earthbound, girl-next-door is having her morning run. Photo B is more dreamy…for the woman who has great ambitions and wants to achieve more…she’s setting off from a giant light and gazing to the horizon. I’m sure you catch my drift ;-)
Maybe the flare in B should be reduced just a little bit…like 10%?

And ps…. thanks so much for posting your interview with Jeremy Cowart. I saw it live, but you guys said so many clever things that it calls for a review!!!

Rafael Hoyos says:

I must say, I like the shadows un the floor in B

Pete says:

B would be my vote if I were creating this purely for myself but if I were voting as a stakeholder in the company I’d likely be voting A

Jake says:

The flare in b is simply too distracting, but it would be helpful to know what you were going for in these shots.

Jonathan says:

For the 600 pixel size, I think A works better. Like many others, I find the flare in B distracting.

HOWEVER, when the photos are a smaller size (top of the post), I find B better. The details in A are distracting with the smaller size and the flare in B actually helps draw the eye to the runner.

So I guess my vote is, it depends on what size the photos will be presented, and of course what the client’s campaign message is intended to be.

A. What a nice smile she has. No smile in B, maybe because of the nuclear bomb and all…

Tobi says:

too much light in B.

John Grover says:

A does it all for me.

Sudi says:

I pick A for a campaign. More clear and more focused on the topic.

katie says:

I happen to love flare. I use it a lot and many of my own favourite images contain flare. I feel warm and part of the scene. However, it’s obvious there are many who disagree and find the flare distracting.

To answer your specific question, I prefer B.

Keegan Sparks says:

A. Better expression.

Rafael Hoyos says:

Is there a photo in B?

Greg L says:

I like Photo A better. As it’s been said already, the flare really takes centre stage on Photo B and is distracting, at least to me (and several others, based on comments).

Emma says:

B is the better picture.
I feel that the cars in picture A gets too much attention or that was were I was looking, not at the running girl. In picture B the light draws the eye’s attention and you look closer to the focused object, the girl. Picture B really feels like a perfect summer day to run, and I guess that’s is the object with the photo.

Well, that’s just my thoughts. :)

Tim Colston says:

I am going to have to say A due to the fact that the flare changes the entire perspective of the image. The image could be used for anything that involves someone to run. Chased by muggers or the police. Or she could just be running recreationally. Running to get help. It takes the emphasis off of the runner and makes it way too ambiguous. My two cent.

Andrew Jones says:

A. B is way to distracting. The general public won’t appreciate it.

rabbitinpumpkin says:

Depends on what your client is going for (if they even know that lol). If you’re going to release it as is/stock , then A.. but I like B if the focus is on outdoor activity. If you go with B then crop out the cars and give it a little more contrast maybe?

Carl says:

A. The flare is too much of the center point in B and would take away from the rest of the message

Nicholas says:


Usually a fan of big lens flare and sunbursts, but this one goes into the distracting realm. It looks like a mistake – even though we know it is not. I also like her smile in A, but the way she’s looking at the camera is a little weird. So, A is less of two evils, I guess.

dave says:

My vote is for B. The photo provides a nice ambience of the early morning run, which provides a better mood. The flare provides the feeling that the runner is bathed in sunlight and also helps to mask the pole and the cars. Photo A is too detailed (if that makes any sense). I don’t think the ad is about the act of jogging, but the feeling of a great morning run. Photo B promotes this better than Photo A.

Tim McBroome says:

I prefer image A the photo of the runner.
I do not care for image B the photo of the lens flare.

I believe my motivations are clear from the statements above :)

Gary Marlowe says:

Extraordinary that so many have so much to say about so little.

C’mon, guys this is not a choice between which picture is best because frankly neither is any good.

The discussion surely shouldn’t be about choosing A over B, but the need to discard both and find a better picture.

What’s interesting is that given a choice between two images almost everyone has been caught up comparing one against the other when it’s obvious neither should be used.

Michael says:

My Vote is for B.
To me A just depicts the action of running while photo B creates more a emotional connection with the runner.Thats just me though. Both are great shots either way.

Christopher S. says:

Photo “A” has my vote. While I am a big fan of flare, I think Photo “B” has too much of it. The runner is beautiful athletic woman. I like her facial expression (smile) better in Photo “A.”
The color is more rich and the runner’s tone body, and her clothing items are better defined in Photo “B.”

Chase Jarvis & Crew Rock!


Trevor Dean Photography says:

Both are amazing images. But from a marketers point of view (which I am not, so this is an assumption) photo B focuses more on the product and feel to the image and also provides some great space for copy to be added (which I’m sure would have to go somewhere). But also really like A for it just being a darn great image. (B) is my choice though

tonya says:

I like A, but only because her expression in B is pained. Coming from that huge flare, she looks like she’s running for her life (maybe that’s the intent?) Photo A has just enough flare and the better expression. She looks happy, confident, powerful and healthy.

Matt says:

My pick: B

If the photos were to stand alone and I were to choose simply which photo I prefer, I would choose “A.” However, I have made the assumption that the image is for a print ad campaign. If I were the designer for that campaign, I think the negative space created by the flare offers some cool possibilities for integrating copy or branding.

Jeff says:

I like A.

B makes me squint.

Jon says:

I prefer A, but like different aspects of each photo. The models face in A I believe is stronger or at least happier looking. However, I like that you backed away in shot B because I’m not as distracted by the SUV’s mirror or the poll in the center. The shadows on the ground and the contrast on the vehicles I also find distracting for me in photo A. If you could replace the ground shadows with the shadows from B and also tone down the contrast in the vehicles to closer match image B I feel like it might (imho) increase the strength of the image(s).

As always thanks for sharing!

Brent says:


I think B it look slike she is being teleported from some other planet… or something like that.

Ryan says:

I am going with B. I feel with out the flare the first thing my eye is pulled to is the cars parked along the street. The flare seems to push my eye to the runner which is the main subject of the the photo.

Fede Cabrera says:

My choice is “A”. Nicer facial expression, and lovely backlight.
I usually like flares but in “B” it´s too much (at least in my opinion).


Linda says:

My vote goes to B for several reasons. I prefer the composition on B because the large pole is a little more off center making it less predominate in the image. I also like the fact that the runner is further past the imposing pole, leaving it and whatever else is behind her in the “dust” provided by the lens flare. Also, the look on her face is a more believable depiction of what a runner looks like while running. Life isn’t always a white picket fence, and this image makes that statement. While A is a pleasing image, B gets my vote.

jimjim says:

A, but you have to crop out the cars

Ronnie says:


In A my eyes are stuck on the lamp in the centre.

Ronnie says:

Edit: A if cropped like in the small pictures. Full pictures, B.

Ola says:

Looks more like a Chase Javis Photograph.
Personally too much flare in B, but if the flare is the story, then B.

I vote for B, unless the add itself is for the clothes she’s wearing in that case i vote A. I like the look and feel of B, the warmth and the sunlight makes it a nice running add campaignshot. But again, this is my opinion, we can’t all like the same can we :)

Helen Turton says:

I prefer A for the cleanliness of the shot but prefer how she looks running wise in B.. you can see her camera left leg a lot better in B but she’s looking directly to camera in A… they’re both perfect in their own ways but a combination of them would be the answer for me. I think A.

amz says:

A – Nicer facial expression on the runner, and the flare in B seems a bit overwhelming (my eyes are drawn to the light, not the runner)

To me it depends on the story the client wanted to tell. If the story is, “you will look sexy and feel great running in these shoes” then “A” gets my vote. If the story is about the dream like runner’s high “B” gets my vote. I like the expression on the model’s face more in “A” but if I were buying one of these prints to hang on my wall I would go with “B” because it leaves more to the imagination.

Based on the gradient nature of the shadow along the fence I would guess this is backlit with a strobe instead of natural light, with a ring light used for fill.

kazi says:

Oops, started a sentence in the middle of the previous reply.

“The seemingly distracting” should have included “flare actually seems to lead the eye towards the feet and shadows”.


Michael says:


The too-bright lens flare in B divides the photo and makes the subject unknown. Is it the car or is it the woman running… or even worse, is the subject of photo B the lens flare?

slim says:

A-1.5 combine a & B more flare on an and less flare on b.

James says:

I Vote A. For me, the post divides and creates a question. To drive or to run. Her composure and smile says Run.

julie says:

I think Photo B emphasizes the act of running more as a force. A just looks generic. I would shrink the burst of light by a bit though

I vote A, though B would be better if that flare wasn’t obscuring the runner.

Rick Lewis says:

Well, if you are still counting…..A

I have to agree with most of the prior posts why it is better. BTW, I really do like it a lot!


Heike Rost says:

My vote: B.

Why? For the emotional skills of photo B, which has some touch of vision, of unexplained and unexplainable. A burst of light like runner’s flow, makes the beholder’s mind wonder … and his thoughts wander – go walkabout into phantasy.
A is a technically perfect picture, but somehow boring like “seen a thousand times, seen before, seen every day in the hood”.

kazi says:


My eye is drawn to the runner’s left foot and more particularly the shadow, and the fact that the runner is in the air. The seemingly distractling

A – Less clear as to what I should be looking at, the washed out sky is more of a problem (for me), ironically, than the flare out centre in B.

As a few have remarked above, B allows me to imagine the idea of me running (I wish), whereas A is more an image of that particular runner.

A for commercial or advertisement I definitely think A. You could imagine yourself being that person jogging down the sidewalk. You can imagine yourself In her shoes. Lol no pun intended. It gives you a sense of where you are where the jog is taking place. Pic B let’s your mind wonder to much it bothers me that I don’t know what’s behind her. Which in sense distracts me from what she is actually doing.
A for me.

TomBrooklyn says:


Better smile. Less flare.

Tom Q says:

Photo A.

The flare in B overwhelms the shot.

Martin says:

seeing as a lot of your work is lifestyle based, I’m a huge fan of B, I think it looks like she’s bursting out of the light, it makes me want to get out and run on a sunny morning, the whole image has emotion.
The flare’s fine, I think it works for this shot.
Opposite my house there’s a park and in the morning when the sun’s rising it comes through the trees like this, sadly there’s hundreds of school kids in the way but i’ve always wanted to shoot it and this is how i imagine it would look.

Go B!!

Avni says:

Prefer: Image A
Reason: Since this is an ad for a sports company, the image of a clear well toned body makes a better impact as compared to half hidden image of the model…….

Nina Mönkkönen says:

I’d go with version A.

Clarence says:

The flare on B is quite distracting.

Max says:

Another vote for A. The flare in B is just too overpowering and distracting.

Mike Wilson says:

A is all about the runner. B is all about the technique. A gets my vote.

Edric says:

Because of the distracting flare photo B is a unique proposition.

Ian Harding says:

My vote is for B. Here’s why.

I think A displays the runner more clearly. It gives a more natural everyday look to the image, while B is too flare-y and distracting. However, even though A is obviously clearer, I think the pole that splits the frame is less aesthetic than the flare in image B. I also like that the runner’s head is in the clear of the sky in image B, with no major greenery around her hair.

Result: my vote is for image B.

A, I don’t like the intensity of light in B – it is too strong.

Samantha says:

I like A better. It’s more clear and B looks like there is just a giant sun spot in the middle. I’d pick A =]

If the client was a sports company then photo B was chosen. The glare is sufficient enough to blur out the lamp post & draw your eye to the athlete, which is the objective. Also the huge glare adds to the drama, as if the athlete is bursting through a mist or fog. She is caught with both feet off the ground (almost like levitation) to create an even greater impact. Plus, I really like her shadow cast on the ground, it also gives an ethereal effect to the whole image.

obp says:

Like most people – I prefer A, just a hint too much flare in B. Need to be a combination A & B.

VinzzniV says:

B for me. I love this light !!

Aleks96 says:

A is the best. Think there’s way to mouch of the sun in B.
Tough choose, I liked both…

Erik says:

A of course.

B should be thrashed. Flare is misplaced and overblown.

Mejrin says:

going with A

Roger says:

I like as well, the flare in #2 overpowers the image.

Hey Chase,

If the frame was cropped a bit more to balance out the flare with the girl, I would go with B, but as is the light is taking over the image and becoming more of the subject than the girl is so I have to go with A – unless the subject IS the sunlight, in which case you did a terrific job with B(gotta love photography’s subjectivity!). She also looks like she’s coming out of the light, like a wormhole, in B, which is neat and adds a unique feel. But A gives more depth to the image with the background detail and still uses the light to add emphasis to the subject instead of becoming it. Great shots just the same.

Michael Carty

ps-good job with HelpPortrait, I enjoyed the show and chat of all things photog

vallord says:

A. Is cleaner and more commercial, but it depends what the client is trying to sell. If they are going for something more homogenized, A is a better fit.

B. The light from the flare is making me uncomfortable, that said, I keep looking at it, where I glossed right over A. My eyes are drawn to the shadows of her legs, looks like she’s flying.

Konstantin says:

B. Makes you look back and forth, searching through the picture.

Jan says:

B = stronger image

jesmor3 says:

I like the idea of B, but A’s details just please my eyes so much with all of the environment to look at. Also it might be because I can’t see the product as clearly in B. My vote for A. :)

Scott says:

I find A is way too cluttered, but assuming the client has something to do with lifestyle or sportswear, the product is possibly more visible because…

I find B is way too indistinct, unless the client is the government, and they’re promoting vitamin D for health.

So it really depends what the campaign is for, which you (no doubt purposely) left out, to give us a surprise ending :)

Mikelangelo says:

what’s the product? Who’s the audience? What’s the campaign theme/concept? Where will this be used (print/web/billboard/etc.)?

the flare provides an option to place copy/text needed for the ad without being marred by a distracting background in B.

A is more traditional, clear and a very solid choice.

I think the lens flare takes out a lot of the busy details in A, therefore, making the image a little cleaner/simpler in B. I think I prefer B because, but I would have liked a slightly less intense sun on that one (but only slightly).

Peter Le says:

B, because it gives a feeling of the moment.

Ron says:

I would go for the first one, but i has a blurry thing in the centre, so nr 2 it is!

raena says:

i like A better. B just sort of looks blown out and almost like a mistake. i like how you see the definition/tone of the runner’s body/muscles in A. she looks more badass!

Shane Ambry says:


Rather than wading into the “A vs B” discussion above, I want to challenge you to go back to your purpose. How can I answer which is better without knowing the design brief / objectives of the ad?

If the brief says “we want to show a strong, powerful women who is comfortable with herself and her place in life”, or “it’s about our running shorts”, then image A is your winner.

If the design brief says “Give me a big blob of negative space in the middle of the page, so that I can put in text”, or “it’s about late afternoon running, but de-emphasize the subject”, then image B is your baby.

Love your work and your approach.

Tim says:

Choice A for sure. Like it nice and clean, brings out the runner more.

Debbie says:

A for her face and rim light on her hair. The cars are really distracting; I hope the add gets a square crop like the thumbnail. And what’s with the shoes?

peyv says:

I find myself looking at B for a longer period of time.

Dave says:

If I’m selling shoes, I have to go with B. Photo A is too much about the model and not enough about the product.

Tony Leonhardt says:

I think it all depends on the context of the ad campaign, but I think B is a more powerful image.
B is my vote.

A has better commercial / advertising approach, since subject is more clear of distraction and as an observer, my vision goes straight at the running lady.
B is better for editorial purposes. There is more feeling, more mood and abstract concept implied.

Q says:

A! B looks blown out, and you’re better than that ;-)

Mark A says:

B looks like a darkroom accident. I mean, seriously…

A gets my vote.

Cal says:

B. Flare is probably a little extreme, but client would be loving it…so common in lifestyle photos right now and provides a nice clean space for type/logo. Engagement or lack of engagement with the camera will help to reinforce the message the client includes – allows character to become archetypal, the fit everywoman. Finally, the shadow below the runner is clearly defined in this image and provides a clean simple element to round out the image.

My 2 cents.
Thanks for reading, keep doing your thing.

A. Looks more natural and colors are pleasant.
B is too bright + the shadow of her legs is too harsh.

Eddy says:

A. all the way, just that bit more detail makes it.

Anonymous says:

i personally prefer B but can’t wait to hear the decision. to me the runner looks way more “in the zone” in B, her face is more relaxed, she’s more at the peak of her stride, the shadows at her feet are more defined, etc. basically i think the vibe she’s giving off in B is more believable.


Dave says:

Depends on what you’re trying to sell?
With limited info I would say A – happy runner. But she is looking straight at the camera…
The flare in B is a great spot for eye catching “text”

Peter Cleveland says:

Photo A is my choice. I find that the lens flare in B over powers the subject.

Network Geek says:

Oh, also? A is better because it’s the one in your portfolio in another section of the site. How many people commenting have actually looked at your portfolio, I wonder? =)

Derek says:

‘A’ by a long long way for me, but i’d say client went for ‘B’

Eric Mantooth says:

Definitely photo A. The flare is too distracting in B.

Brandon says:

A!!! Focus is the woman Running, not the light. The second images looks as though the center is about to catch on fire, its too bright, too much. “A” has that subtle lens flare and great back lighting, but not too much to push the key lighting off. Plus in “B” the shadow of the woman on the sidewalk makes her look as though she is lifting off by aliens. Photo “A”, her shadow is not as distracting. Also the Models facial expression is much better in photo “A”. I do like that the sky has a better blue tint (vignetting) in “B”, but that’s about it. This was an easy answer to me. “A” is a great shot.

Omar says:

The glare on A is perfect ! Fence, details
B take too much distraction, can’t see the nice fence on B

L.L. says:

Photo A is neatly-composed and I like that my eyes were easily drawn to the jogger however, I do find the photo quite ordinary.

Photo B caught my eye first but I think the amount of flare is just too much. It kind of “divides” in the middle too and I think that if I saw this ad in a magazine or say a billboard, I might have a hard time figuring out what was being endorsed. Maybe a smaller amount would do the trick? Nevertheless, you have nice photos Mr. Jarvis. :)

I vote for Photo B since it stands out quite a bit for me.

stephen says:

A by far

Pieter says:

Both are wonderful shots.

I go for B. I see more speed in it, more dynamics. It fits the theme of the photo. A is too balanced for me.

I would rather see her foot hit the pavement, by the way.

Ryan Cordero says:

A for the win, the flare in b is too distracting

Zoe says:

I have learned that to judge a photo that is going to have text added, with out knowing where the text, is going to go is difficult. Truth be told A seems a pretty boring picture, B is much more intestting, but the flare is too strong. I would personally dial down the flare a bit.

It seems to me both of those photos are a compolation of the background, and the same runner, just exposed differently to match the backgrounds. If that is truely the case, move the runner a little bit to take her out of the flare, and that would be my choice.

Harold Cook says:

Hey Chase,

I would go for A.

B to me is too busy and doesn’t show the details as well as A.


jamopo says:

They’re quite different and you obviously like B despite most people probably favouring A.
I reckon you favour B, the shadow is nice the sky clearer and I like that you don’t have the woman smiling.
Personally would have toned down the flare and gone for B with the logo in the middle of the shot.
Nice work.

Justfab says:

Definitely A. B is too over the top distracting and looks like an error of some sort, not a sun flare.

Jim Josef says:

I say B, she looking at the camera in A if you look closely and it takes away from the message of the photograph.

Remi Boucher says:

B. I prefer this one because the flare tales away most of the distraction (light pole, cars, etc). It might be a little too much, but I still thinks it drives the eyes on the runner more efficiently and it gives a warm and pleasant feeling to the shot : you would really want to be outside at that time.

Dawn Zimdars says:

Looking at both images I find it impossible to choose which would be a better image. There are elements within each image that are great, yet the images on their own… well…. don’t do anything special.

Bernardo says:

Picture A, no doubts. The flare on the second distracts too much

E Cochrane says:

Choice: A

JW says:

At first, I thought A was better. But when I thought about the emotion that could be conveyed, B has something special about it. A seems like something I’ve seen lots of times before. B took me to the morning as the sun comes up, the quiet personal moment before you have to start paying attention to schedules and things to do. I could hear the sounds, smell the aroma of the early morning in B, I’ve been there, this took me back.

Filip says:

It’s not a same photo, but for me, deffinitly “A”!!!

Dave says:

I prefer A, I find the glare in the B photo a wee bit overwhelming.
(mind you B is a little more captivating)
My 2 cents.

Chris says:

I would like to say B but I can’t. There’s something not quite right about the flare. Too centered maybe.
A, unless they are going to crop it to use as a single page, then I say B

aradilon says:

A, though i like B but it’s just to much flare, if it was a bit less i would pick B.

Doreena says:

I vote for A too

laura lok says:

b is more interesting since I don’t know the subject

I’d go with B. The flare directs my attention immediately to the runner while my eye has to search a bit in photo A – I think A is just to busy and the flare helps to simplify things in photo B.

Ben N says:


I like the expression of the runner better. In A she seems to be looking at me too much, and I feel she is too high in the air and floating.

B mohr have a bit too much flare, but when I look at the expressions, I can’t deal with A.

My 2 cents.


antwerpenR says:

A for me…the flare is too much in B

fred says:

->A parce que je la prefere…(mais a mon avis la B est l’originale avec peu de retouche)

Scott says:

I’d have to go with A.
B has more depth to it but the glare is so powerful it over powers the rest. My eye went directly to A when I opened the post, B was harder to focus on because of the glare.
B is more fun to explore – just a little less flare…

Noresz says:

I like photo A. The B is too much for me.

Skipping the obvious differences, I like A because she has a more pleasant expression.

Niko says:

Absolutly A!

Owen says:

I like A better, the Flare irritates my eyes for some reason.

But looking at them again, i guess it would depend on the purpose of the photo. They are both very nice.

While I personally like A better I’m going to go with B. Her “amputated” leg in A is a bit distracting and I’m thinking that B might fit the brief better- especially a tie in with a tag line. B also gives the early morning run feel which suggests a dedication to the sport. But, if I knew these things for sure I’d have a nice new expensive pair of running shoes too!

Steve Temple says:

A for me. It’s the whole ‘light areas advance, dark areas recede’ thing. My eye gets stuck on the sun in photo B. After that, the runner starts to compete with the car on the left edge for next in line of importance.

Greg says:

I’m going to have to go with “B”. “A” is a great photo and the flare in “B” is a little much. But as cliche as flares are these days there’s a reason they’re cliche… they look cool and they create a certain feeling and I like the feeling in “B” more.

Doug says:

For me, A allows me to focus on the runner rather than trying to look through the sunspot to find the runner. I’m sure you’ll prove me wrong.

T says:

B….In picture A, the light post has the same importance than the subject. Picture B has a more dramatic meaning than A…

I revise mine… Didn’t notice that they are two separate pictures entirely… I’d go with B, the composition is better. But get rid of the flare.

Cameron says:

My initial response was, “this must be one of those ‘the client picked the crappy one again’ type of posts. My vote is for A hands down, but after reading many of the responses, it seems B isn’t as bad (at least based on opinion) as I thought. I think the sun flare is so overwhelming that the only reason to choose B is if the ad required a lot of clear space for text. In that case, A might be a little busy and distract from the typography, while B would leave a nice circle in the center.

I still prefer A from a purely photographic standpoint.

Mike S says:

I’m going with B. Given that this for a sporting goods ad campaign, the model should presumibly be the focus. The extreme flare in B lessens the distractions and provides something for the model to “emerge” from.

A is better. The glare is just too imposing in B, but A looks beautiful and highlights the subject.

I like photo A. Simply because the light in B seems to blow a hole in the middle of the picture. But I guess it depends on what you’re trying to say. Though I have to say I like her expression better on B.

Carolina says:

Photo A. I find the glare in the middle of B too distracting from the subject. The lighting in A adds to the subject.

A. but i’d crop more on left to split the white car in the middle. somewhere there..:-)

Romeo says:

Photo A seems a lot more morning-ish, thus more appropriate for the jogging… B gives me the impression of very hot&dry weather, so not too good for a good morning run…

Douglas says:

I prefer A, because the model in photo A the model is engaging the camera and she looks like she is having fun. The B photo her expression is a little different, not quite as engaging. I do like the lens flare in B, although a bit to much flare.

RonL says:

I was leaning toward B, simply because it leaves the runner more anonymous and therefore the viewer can put her/himself into the scene. However, the more I looked at it, the more the flare was irritating.
I have to vote for A.

richard segi says:

I like both of them, maybe the flare on the second one is a bit too much but bottom line is, it depends on what you are trying to portray to the client and customers and do they get the message.

Just my two cents here, but from a purely image standpoint, I think photo A is the better of the two images. The rim light produced by the sunlight is captured amazingly well. That being said, photo B is the more “experimental” of the two images. Some would say that the lens flare look is over done nowadays, but I still like the look. The nice thing about photo B is that lens flare is taken to the extreme. For a magazine ad layout it really strikes the subject as they open to that page and keeps them focused on the image. And really, that’s what the ad folks are looking for anyways! Cheers…

Andrew says:

I think Image A is better by far.
The flare in image B becomes the focal point and obscures everything behind it. So much so that you can’t even tell that the runner is a beautiful healthy young woman.
Image B just looks like a bad shot.

Mark Lewis says:

Has to be A….. I love the lens flare arches centre bottom, also a lot more info makes it more interesting;

Jeff O says:

“A” by a long shot. You can see your main subject and has enough flare effect to set the mood. B – is over done.

Matt says:

I love B. The Flare is great. B is much stronger for me. The Flare is warm , has more emotion, more energy and seems to push the runner forward. Dynamic. A is a great, clean picture, B has character.

Rob says:

From a composition and product placement standpoint A is the better photo. The lens flare in B is a bit harsh and washes out the sports wear, which I assume is what is being marketed. Now the Client might like how the lens flare in B makes the subject glow and create an air of mystery. I could also see them placing some text on the lens flare also.

tonygreyjr says:

If a bit more was provided about the clients requirement, it might be a little easier to choose a preference. A is a great shot as far as images go. But with everything going on in the pic, whats the focus? In B, the flare is very creative, but do I look at the car, or the runner? Hmm, the flare does give white space where logo and/text could be inserted to emphasize the point. I’d go with B assuming this was for an ad.

JD says:

as a creative director I like A
as a photographer I like B

Wade Rhoden says:

I prefer A, there a slight flare in the picture thats functions alot more that the other in B. Look at the amount of detail that is lost because of the huge flare in B. I love the shadows on the ground cause by her running. Theres just alot more to see and connect with in A.

Jack Pope says:

Im a sucker for flares, so I vote B. It would also be a great place to hold a logo or text if needed in the advertisement.

Don Carroll says:

B, I would think. I think (insofar as the client’s needs are served) that it serves up a mood rather than the literal runner or literal depiction of the sporting goods sold. Once copy/logo/etc. are added, it won’t be necessary to show the literal. The idea is to aspire one to be a runner themselves, not to simply show product in action.

Dominique says:

This question really depends on the brief and what the role of the photo is in the campaign or particular execution. I could make a case for either. I like looking at all the details in A and I think the details in the shot hold my attention, but if I had to set type or put a product shot over it (say a close cropped running shoe) that big area of flare would be pretty useful and the extra interest created by detail in the shot would not be appropriate.

Anonymous says:

I prefer A, there a slight flare in the picture thats functions alot more that the other in B. Look at the amount of detail that is lost because of the huge flare in B. I love the shadows on the ground cause by her running. Theres just alot more to see and connect with in A.

Chris says:

Depends on usage.

personally I prefer A, but if it were to need text over any significant part of the image, the text would get lost. B provides a cleaner slate for things like that.

JP says:

i would say it depends on how u use the picture. picture a would make a good pic if the logo would be on the bottom or out of the frame, it shows detail. as for photo b it would be cool to put the logo in the flare and then show the background all in one. It all depends…..

Jonathan says:

I would place my vote on A. Aside from contrast, saturation, flares ect. Photo A is more about the individual and less about the environment. Also like that it looks like the model is just about to smile in Photo A. Her expression in Photo B looks more stressed. In general, Photo A tells a more detailed story than Photo B. just my 2¢.

Tristan says:


I like her expression better, and the way her body is postioned. The thing that I do like about the B image is the way that the cars are composed.

Just my 2 cents.

TAK says:

Definitely “A” – it communicates well, its clean and the eye is drawn to the woman, instead of the sunburst.

Chris says:

B. Just like the feel better. It has more mood than A. It’d give an art director more space for overlaying copy, and I find the lampost in A to be a pretty distracting element.

Scott says:

A as they stand.
B if cropped at the lamp post.

Eric says:

I prefer A only because I think the flare in b takes too much from te runner. If the flare was a little smaller I would have picked b hands down. I do like how b makes you focus on the runner more though. Still choose a though. Nice work.

wrlee says:

A is easier on the eyes and the mind; B isn’t–which can be a good thing, if you want people to stop for an instant longer and look at the ad.

But, the choice would be influenced by the purpose of the image and how it is going to be used and what it is going to be accompanied by.

A by far for me

A fo’ Sho’! Its a cleaner image

Mike says:

I vote B. The flare may be a bit too prominent, but A seems too posed to me. In B, the runner has a more natural expression, and the other key for me is the clarity of the runner’s shadow in B. The well-defined silhouette paired with the bright flare makes the runner seem like she’s floating, kind of transcendent.

Jeremy says:

I choose A.

I like it because it is more raw looking – not so processed. The I don’t know if the flare in B is all natural or augmented in post, but it overpowers the composition. Neither one clearly depicts any of the items that the model is wearing so I don’t think the sports company is attempting to sell those items in particular, but more the lifestyle or image she is portraying.

To be honest, I don’t know how B even got in this race. Unless the company’s name is Solar Flare Sportswear or something. On its own I think it is cool looking, but it doesn’t encourage me to buy anything from a sports company.

Andrew says:

Photo A has a more accurate exposure however because of this I find the cars distracting this leads me to like B the runner is blasting out of the light ! I like B the client Likes A so what, each image is serving purpose.

A is my choice, the flare is a little too big for me and distracts me from the model.

alfanick says:

A looks more natural, but B could be cery attractive and useful in printed/billboard ad campany – you could put some nice, huge, clean and bold typography inside that would mąkę the ad very attractive.

JPayne says:

A wins for me. I feel like the flare overpowered the composition in B.

Network Geek says:

Well, I look forward to seeing which was used, but I hesitate to even offer my opinion here, mainly because I can’t imagine you have time to actually read all these comments! =)

I like A better.
As many have mentioned, the overly bright flare in B is mostly distracting. Also, the model’s face in B looks distracted and uninviting.
In A, however, not only can you see the model, and, presumably what sporting good item she’s selling, but she’s looking at the camera and, therefore, me. She’s smiling and inviting and that creates a more positive response to her and, consequently, what she’s theoretically selling me. I get the feeling she might like me more if I buy it, whatever it is. And, I’d really like her to like me more. Isn’t that the essence of sales?

Andrew Harvey says:

Possible B if you dial back the flair, think you’ve over done it, dominates the frame too much

Luís Santos says:

B! Definitely.

Like some have already said, you need to think about the purpose, and other design elements (like added text and logos) and not just which photo is better.

Some said the lens flare in B is too “cliche”, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using cliches if they work, which I think it does. In my opinion, photo A is actually more cliche, with an unnatural, bleached, strong contrast look and too distracting.

Quick comparison:
– her face in pic A is only pleasant, while her face in B is inspirational.
– the sidewalk in A is too “dirty” because of the shadows of trees, while B is clean, easy to see, with only the shadow of her legs, which looks quite good and dynamic, making her levitate.
– the combination of this “levitation” feeling and strong but clean flare gives it an almost “alien”, or hidden force kinda thing driving it through, which I would choose if I was selling a product and wanted it to appear powerful.

James says:

A. The flare in B takes away from the subject.

Marco says:

A…too much glare in the second picture. In picture A it looks more natural, but it still gives the shot an amazing light

revna says:

I think B is better. in A I only see a street, cars and a running woman.ı can’t focus anything, everything seems same but in B effect of the high sunlight could pointed to running woman and her footwear. ıt is much more clear than A

joeri says:

on both the pictures the shadow from the girl is not good.
The light has NO shadow. The girl does. Thats not good it bothers me.

Jason Gamblen says:

A for sure.

Colin says:

A, the shadow of the feet in B does not match the light source so looks wrong.

Mark says:

For the client I’d say B I like the shadow leading back to the runner in the air. Overall this looks less set up and more like a captured moment/candid.

Vilhelm says:

The photographer in me chooses A
The designer in me chooses B

It really depends on how the final image is going to be used. As a stand alone photo A gets my vote. B looks like it would play better with type tho.

dustin says:

A + (1/4B) IMHO

I initially loved B, that was the one i instantly preferred out of the two (i love flare), however after a few seconds picture A seemed the most clean out of the two. B would definitely be my favourite if it had a little less flare, it seems to kinda take over the frame after a few secs, but flare is a strange mistress you cant always control i suppose.

Both great shots though, feels like Nike or Reebok to me :)

Bree says:

My vote is for “A.”

Here’s why: I find that the flare in B is too bright and prominent in the photo. But more importantly, I like that I can see the woman’s face in photo A – it lends a lot to the understanding and feeling of the “going for a run on a beautiful morning” experience.

Davin says:

B – Absolutely, positively without any shadow if a doubt B.

matt blassey says:

i prefer photo B. for me, i have more of an emotional and real attachment to this image. its not perfectly lit and the model isnt perfectly posed and it just feels real.

Linda says:

Definitely A. It would work really well as a double page spread, with the runner perfectly positioned on the second page. As well as the flare being way too much in B, the runner’s pose in A is stronger; In B her running technique doesn’t look as polished. Her expression is also better and more engaging in A.

In fact, I’m surprised B was even in the running to be chosen, let alone in the final 2. As a photo though, ignoring all the criteria for a good advertising shot, I do prefer B.

dano says:

Best for a photo contest? For a print campaign? For a web banner? For a print? For Nike? For Arc Teryx?

This is definitely an “it all depends” question.

I’m more inclined towards A cause B just feels totally unnatural to me, truth is I think the best picture would be right in the middle, I can see where your going with this, but the flare just looks to even and computer generated, it needs more variation on it’s shape, on B, the edge of the runner would have a pretty significant high lite on the side the flare is coming from, and it wouldn’t fade evenly throughout the person.
I think a happy medium between A and B would be best.

Dirk Hofmann says:

If these are the only two options my vote goes for B. In A my attention goes to the pole rather than the runner. The pole is in the center, properly exposed and in focus. In B the center of the image is through out of focus by the harsh flare which draws my eye to the runner instead. In B I would have preferred the runners right side to be less impacted by the flare. But that was not the question. So, overall it’s B.

Saxon says:

Most definitely I prefer A. The flare is way too much in B, takes away from the vegetation (which in A gives it a nice comfortable feel), obscures the runner, and makes the cars look too dark. It’s about all I can look at in B.

John says:

Pick A!!!!!

b looks like she’s running out of some portal.

Dan Baker says:

A.. The flare is just too obnoxious..

A. If this is a product shoot, the light in image B hides whatever the product is that you’re trying to display, whether it’s her shirt, shorts, or shoes.

In image A, you can see the products. Simple.

boarderhype says:

I vote for A if you consider to choose a picture for a campaign. The focus should be on the product which might be the outfit of the woman!?

Jim Denham says:

I like Photo A. I like the flare as opposed to the full out light blocking out the runner.

A for sure. My reasons…expression, body position and lack of sun flare.

Todd Hobert says:

I like A better for sure. B is a good concept but a bit heavy handed and i would reposition the light burst and probably mast the runner so she’s a bit more visible.

PeteUlatan says:

A has my vote. B is more lifestyle. Although I would note that if I saw B w/out the comparison of A, I would have liked it.

Victor says:

With current cropping, A would be my choice. The subject (runner), is more relevant to the whole image.


I feel like if B had the cars cropped out, it would give a simpler composition and the flare would feel more like it was supporting the subject and I also like how it gives a warmer tone to her skin.

Then again, it might remove a bit of the suburb street decor and I guess the ratio of this image must be of some importance.

Love your work as always! I’ve learned a thing or two since I’ve been following your blog! I’d say keep up the good work, but I guess it would be of little importance… Its clear you and your team are a group of passionate people and will never stop!

Crawford says:

A, without a doubt.

Brandon says:

I choose photo A. Only because you mentioned the ad campaign was for a sports company and I’m assuming the clothing on the jogger is made by that company. In photo A you can see the clothing much better than in photo B however I do like both images…then again my assumption could be entirely wrong…

Nathan says:


I could get behind B more if the left were cropped out starting at the pole. I don’t care for the massive flare being centered in the photo, I want it to be coming in from one side or the other.

Christian says:

Personally I think A is “better” for a print ad. The sun in B is to distracting from the main element, the runner. As I can only assume that the company is someone tied to this and not the sun I would go with A.

Also her facial expression is A is “calmer” or less strained in B. Both are great shots but for if I was to pick which I would use for an ad, A is the pick.

I think that A is the winner for me. If this were just about which photo is cooler, the flare in B is kind of cool. But when I remember that this is an ad shot for a running company, the flare in B obscure way to much of the scene for the runner or clothing or shoes, or whatever they sell to stand out. I even think that the flare in A is a bit much and obscuring. I like the crunched blacks on the scene, but I wish the runner was a little brighter.



I’d definitely pick version A, its only “con” that I see is the branch growing out of the subject’s head.
The flare on B goes just too far, plus the facial expression isn’t one of those that I’d put in a brand ad. Maybe applying just some of B’s postprocessing (in vignette and toning department) to the A picture would make the decision easier?

Bill says:

Will vote (B), but dissecting it I wish we did not loose half of the runner in the lens flare. (A) really has not central point of interest, just a blending mode and color drama. Sky is lovely in (B), hedges are not
50% blend of each would be ideal maybe. But in accordance with the voting scheme, overall, (B)

Hmmm I would say that B is more natural looking, but A (to me anyway) is a better all round image. There is just a bit too much flare for my taste in B, but that’s just my taste. :) Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Saundra says:

A, is my fav.

Stone says:

“A” for sure. The flare on B becomes the focus instead of the subject.

Phil Kuryloski says:

I’d go for A.

B feels too unbalanced for me, although if there will be some text or other elements overlaid over the final, that could completely change my mind.

Josh Chapel says:

I think if they are going for a softer image for the campaign go with A. If they want a harder/edgier feel, go with B.

Image A evokes the general joy of running to me. She has a softer expression and is running down her block in the afternoon, after work, in anywhere America. She is just enjoying herself and chance to get out for a run.

Image B evokes the challenge of running to me. It’s morning, she struggled to get out of bed, she could have hit snooze but she didn’t. She is breaking through the barriers that stand in her way and will reap the rewards because it is hard but she is determined to overcome.

I think I prefer the look of A but they both tell a clear and different story to me.

Charles says:

A is much better. B has a big white blob of light right in the middle of the shot.

Gross says:

I’d have to say A. The other one is nice too, but something leans me towards the more moderate version.

Steve says:

A: For me, image A says something about running, but image B seems to be more about “flare.”

I prefer photo A.

The huge flare in photo B bothers me too much.

Edwin says:

B has too much flare for my taste. I like A better. Is she floating?

Hayo Baan says:

For me the choice would be A, but with the legs of B.

Rationale for A: flare in B is way too much and she has a less friendly smile there as well. I like the stance of her legs in B slightly better though.

Brian Miller says:

It depends what the photo is going to be used for. As just a photo A is much better. However if used in a marketing piece, B may look neat and more appropriate. For example, with how Chase has displayed the pic with the letter B overlay. It almost looks like she is running around the letter.

A is a better catching photo.
B is a better supporting photo.

From an art director’s perspective, it would depend on the final use of the image. I could really see B being a stand out for an ad, or on packaging, etc. — the flare provides perfect space for copy. And the expression on the runner’s face in B is just SO much better than in A. Also, the lighting in B is sublime, which makes the image not just grab your attention, but hold it.

kat says:

If you’re putting “just do it” in the middle of the flare I pick B…… even so I would knock it back a bit in post to retain just a touch more detail of the runner, but ultimately my eye is drawn straight to her shoe – great if you’re selling shoes!

Maurice L says:

I would like to see a picture that combines A and B.

I like the more clean result of A, and I like the sky of B.
The flare of B is just to much, and the sky of A especially around her head just looks funky (in a bad way)

From a personal standpoint I prefer A. I think it has a cleaner look. The lens flare is a bit too much for my liking in image B.

From a client’s standpoint, I think it really depends on what they were looking for in the brief, and how this image would be used.

Chase says:

A. The flair is distracting – although as an art director myself, I dont know the campaign and the thought process behind what this ad is going to say.

Stacy says:

A takes it for me. It’s cleaner, I can clearly see the runner and still have just enough flare to be both pretty and interesting. The flare in B takes over too much of the scene and I don’t see the runner as much.

FiZ says:

My choice: A.

B’s flare is too strong, and doesn’t have a sensible point of origin (it seems like it just originates in the center of the picture for no reason). Also, the setting seems a bit ‘pedestrian’ for such an epic movie-poster-style effect. Also, A has a much more recognizable composition whereas the flare in B serves to divide the picture vertically, making the cars on the right seem really out of place.

But that’s just my 22 cents.

Joey says:


Overall I like B better but there’s just too much flare.

Pete McPhedran says:

I like A better than B for all the reasons above, in addition, the shadows of the legs, although very similar in both, for whatever reason look less fake in A. I don’t challenge them in any way, shadows are weird depending on angles. It just seems to my eye that the one in A is less noticeably out of place.

Nice work,


mattbeaty says:

A If you’re keeping it wide
B If you’re going to crop it in at the pole.

Tim says:

I vote for “A”, my reasoning has nothing to do with the flare issues but with the expression the runner has on her face. Seems more of a joyful expression, that she is running for sheer joy or is enjoying the run.

bjoern says:

B – because A could be made by everyone…

Viktor says:

Reluctantly A.

I might like B better if the runner would obscure the flare somewhat… I’d imagine she’d just appeared out of some space portal. But right now, the portal is swallowing her, I have to fear for her life!

I do like the how the shadow of her feet is unobscured in B.

Tim says:

hmmm toughie. I love the more documentary feel to B and the crispness of the shadow seems to really suggest the runner is in the zone (maybe because it looks as though her feet are more elevated- difficult to explain but I know what I mean!)

A has it’s merits but I would say B just edges it.

KaneoDesigns says:

I say A, its perfect for me, too much sunlight in B that covers too much of the subject…

Shannon Yeh says:

definitely picture A =) bc picture B has to much glowing light in the middle =)

Liam says:

I go for B. Has much more energy. The flare adds drives the runner forward allowing you to concentrate on the runner by fading out the lamppost.

In A the lamppost is dead centre and competes with the runner for attention

Reminds me of that famous apple add where the runner throws the hammer at the screen!

Anonymous says:

B. the flare gives the image an energy that just doesn’t exist in image A. It is like the runner is bursting out of it.

Abby Wilcox says:

sorry. forgot to put my info here.

Adam says:

A, less distraction from the flare, more model visibility

Jamie says:

A is my pick of the bunch!

aWebJam says:

B is for Best…..there is more of a story here. What is she running from or is she exploding into a run.

A is for Any other picture with flare, car, and runner.

J G Harding says:

Look at the human element, not the lens element!

In B she is rising up off the ground, with a holy glow and a look of passive wonder.

I connect with B, it makes me think, ask questions and keep looking.

A is like clip-art, B is a real photograph with a soul. Crop it right and it’s a winner for advertising or art.

B for me buddy.

But then I love flare: http://jgharding.com/post/836069531/haverhill-sunset-by-j-g-harding-welcome-to-my

Rob T says:

Definitely A – B is very distracting.

Wes Jones says:

A. Its been said, but the flair is just too much in the other. A seems much cleaner for an add.

Jen says:

In A, the runner seems strong & in control – the photograph is straightforward with a narrative. B has a magical quality about it that I love – it speaks more towards the abstract feelings of endurance & perseverance.

Cliff says:

My eyes are drawn to A. The sun flare in B is too distracting and it overwhelms the image, leading you to wonder more about that bright area and less about the runner next to it.

Erik says:

It depends on 1) what the client wants to portray 2) what you’re trying to illustrate or make the viewer feel Without more context, it’s a complete toss up as to which one is “best”.

Christy says:

Depends on what you’re going to be using it for. They’re both great shots!
A is awesome though!

alvintoro says:

If it’s a solar flare campaign, image B

Hey Chase,

My pick is A. The lens flare is just enough, I like the halo effect… B is a bit too much.

— Art

Daniel Brown says:

I like A better. A bit of flare, but no too much. Subject gets lost in the flare in B for me.

Steve says:

If the “well known sports company” just happens to be Lululemon, then it has to be “A”. The model’s expression in shot “A” exudes what Lululemon is all about. In “B” the model looks too strained and not really having a good time.

For me it has to be a mixture of both.

Don’t choose one…

The shadows on the pavement are better on the 2nd one. The flare adds nicely to that, but it’s too strong and obscures too many nice elements of A.

Something in-between is needed, take strong points of both.

alain says:

B, makes you think. A is just a normal picture.

Bill says:

They say different things to me, Chase. A says, “I’m taking a leisurely jog around Greenlake.” B says, “I just ran to Greenlake from, say, Wisconsin. Partly because of her expression, and partly it’s an emotional response to the flare (I think).

Steven Valk says:

Vote for B, but there is little bit too much sunlight in the middle. Maybe 20-30% less sunlight be better solution.

kavehg says:

B gets my vote simply because it ‘stole’ my attention … caveat: IMHO, it has the potential to be cleaner/have even more impact if the light didn’t overlap with the runner’s body. At least, not as much as it does now or if it stopped at her back, as if it’s a source of energy being absorbed (OK, starting to sound corny) … I say this, of course, not knowing what emotional response the image is trying to invoke.

This is fun. Thanks :)

Tom Barker says:

If photo B’s feature was shifted to the left (starting from the lamppost) it would be stellar.

Because it’s not, I vote A

I would have to say that if they were both a part of one image I would pick C. :)
I think for this challenge your main client is a sports company, I would like my product to show in the image as much as it can. So as a consumer I would choose A because of the esthetics. I think that B would be a nice exposure if the client were to be in the arts and or wanted a piece to showcase light/photography. In addition, I love the face in A but the body position in B. I love the flare in both, maybe A with a little of B enough to still see the runner.

What is the demographic? I guess that would be the ultimate question. All in all these are beautiful images. I would choose A because of the client side of things. And not to forget that with A you can always place the flare in PS where as in B, the over exposure would not be fixable. Those are my thoughts.

Jennifer D says:

I would actually have gone for something in between. A needs a little more something and the flare in B looks like a fake mushy UFO. You wanted opinion. That’s mine.

Drayke says:

Photo A definitely gets my vote as well. I like how sharp and detailed it is vs the overdone flare. It has its place but in this case I definitely think the increased detail is far better.

Mike Budowski says:

I am going to say B. The reason, if it is a sports company, photo B gives me the feel of an elite athlete. Like she is running on air. In a word, Jordanesque.

Photo A looks like the subject is actually running where as in photo B she looks a bit like a soon to be victim of an alien abduction. She’s hovering while in the beam of an intensely bright light.

Rob says:

I have to go with A, too much flare for me in B

Andrew Barker says:

I think choice A look the best

Jaymes says:


The sky in photo A is completely washed out. The contrast is much to strong and the “GOD rays” pull you out of the composition. There is way too much going on, it’s dificult to stick to one subject and because of the subjects proximity to the other visual elements, there is no distinction as to what the image is trying to convey.

The flare in B is way to large, but it increases the amount of midtone amount across the rest of an overly saturated image.This image has the same amount of visual elements, but appears to be lacking in subject matter because it’s lost in the sunny haze.

If I had a choice the most visually stimulating image would have to be photo B. The flare is a circle that appears in the center of the frame. Although it is completely blown out of the park, it unifies all the subject matter in the composition because it appears to cover most of it. While photo A is definately more clear, it doesn’t appeal nearly as much because it’s very clear, and at the same time very flat.

I enjoy the Chase Jarvis photos immensly, but where this one is concerened it’s kind of a lose-lose.

Mickie says:

A – I usually like when it´s a bit too much, but i feel that B in this case is a bit tooo much,. in a perfect world a combination of the both would be awsome=)

Matt says:

While I like photo A as a photo, I could see the potential of photo B for design purposes. The flare is a nice backdrop for typography. The flare is a bit strong and maybe even over the top, but I could see its usage with type.

Dan Rowles says:

Its has to be B for me, I’m guessing the product is the trainers that she is wearing. There is more detail in them in B, the flare actually removes the distracting lamp post and again sends the eye towards the product. The image is a bit different from your average sports shot so will make the ad campaign stand out.

Oh, and I like it more too :)

ABRphoto says:

This being a commercial, it undoubtedly should be A.
There will be more people who do not understand B or simply look at it as an artsy photo and won’t even remember the product. The face is too dark and the expression is worse in B which makes it harder to relate to the person.
The only porblem with A is that it lacks tonality in the sky.
I do not think that you should even consider B as an advertisement.

(looking at them as simply photos I still think A is better, B in my opinion is a bit overdone and the theme overused. also tonality in the face is disturbing. either make it a silhouette or expose it more.)

Woody says:

As is, I’m choosing A. Not really digging the flare in B.

NikolaT says:


I like elements of both but neither is “best” imho. I prefer the leg shadow on the sidewalk in B but the facial expression in A. I really like her height off the sidewalk. If I had to vote for one straight up, it would be A.

So, how many takes for this shot? I assume A was near the beginning, since she is smiling.

Eric says:


I B would look better if the flare was more to the left.

I gravitate toward B. The lens flare in A seems accidental whereas the treatment in B is more deliberate and purposeful. Aside from the model having a more purposeful expression on her face in B also.

Tom Varden says:

Impossible. The great thing about B is the flare which is also the distracting thing. I’d paint in a little of the flare from B into A. You’d get the great mood and feel of B, but without the distraction of a giant blob of light. I think many viewers just wouldn’t be able to get past the blob flare. I like the blobby light, but it spills over to the left too much.

If I lived in a world without photoshop, it would be B.

Anthony says:

A for sure. B is just killing the whole person’s image. A has a unique blend of good glare, angle & you can see the persons figure and action.

Crescente Rengifo says:

“B” it’s my favorite, why? arguments are overrated.

Mike Fillion says:

I prefer A, only because the highlight in B is so big, you lose the runner. If that highlight was toned down, I’d pick B.

Jack Megaw says:

A gets my vote…and I’ll tell you why.

I am a photojournalist and in my line of work you have to be able to relate to the subject. In a good sports photograph typically the rule is two faces and a ball. If you have two faces and a ball and then the viewer can relate.

In “B” photographically and artistically completely understand the flair – I have used flair in the same sense as this also in my images. I just feel that in an image such as this the viewer can relate to the image as somebody running in the morning in regard to just seeing a (good) picture.


G Allard says:

A is a beautiful photograph.

B wins for me — love the runner’s expression which to me conveys everything in at first glance. The slight shift in angle creates a better vanishing point (off-center). The blown out flare adds a tone of drama and draws attention away from the light post which seems a little too centered up in A. B just has more “there” there.

Jon says:

My vote goes to photo A.
In my opinion flare of the A photo is well controlled and still transmit its fresh. In the B photo flare is too much and becomes more “important” than the shot. Only one thing like more in the B case, the shadow of the girl, as a nice detail.

Sailsd says:

The shadow seems to be just the same in both pictures.

Drew says:


B looks so fake and looks like a photo shopped blob is in the middle.

Scott Webb says:

Well I can’t really say because I don’t know if the creative is finished?

Know what I mean?

A as a photograph is probably the better choice?

However, and it’s a big HOWEVER, I see option B to have great graphic design potential. You can see a bit of it due to the “B” option from the VS graphic. Overlaying typography where the massive flare exists looks hot.

So I start to believe we don’t have all the information for the creative work.

I can see reasons for both but I don’t know enough to say one is “better” than the other at this point.

Atanas says:

Picture “A” ! Picture B is to burned out for my taste!

Sailsd says:

First: Even though in A the runner looks in the camera, the intention of running is not get to the camera or get distracted by it but running somewhere. This is where B leaves me pondering where she might be running to.
Second: Even though not looking at us to get our attention the way of fuzziness in the image gets me to pay more attention to her than to the rest surrounding her – not the trees, not the car, not the fence, not the carseat which is way too sharp in image A.
Third: The sky in the background. In Picture A its just plain white-yellowish. In B it has a nice blue color.
Fourth: In B she is like leaping out of the light which also explains the really hard shadow of her on the ground.
=> So I actually like B more than A.

Alvaro Baeza says:

What do you want it for?
A to me is a “good standard picture” if its about the girl, this is much better
B to me could have a better story attached. Looks likeshe is running out from the glowing object.

Nazrazr says:

if i am against the odds i will choose B but definitely A is better.

I’d be curious to see what the type treatments will be. B could ultimately be more effective for the campaign, but as-is, I prefer A.

Aus says:

A. On B it just takes up too much of the subject….unless this is an advert for sunscreen!

BK says:

I am drawn to B. The ground in front of the runner, including the runner’s shadow, is cleaner. This draws my eyes to the shoes and what lies ahead… Let your imagination take it from there.

My vote is for A. The flare in A is subtle and adds to the image to include the arc lens flare towards the bottom. In B my eye is instantly drawn to the monster flare in the middle of the image which not only pulls me away from the runner/scene but covers her/it up. I also like the aesthetics of A, the color looks good, the feel is there while in B that is diluted.

niklas says:

finlands vote goes to B

Luis says:

My vote is for B

The flare looks more intentional than in A. Also it give to my imagination more to think. I will the power of the runner. She is running very strong, like the like is been generated by her. And there are more possibilities..

Patricia says:

Definitely A! Beautiful shot! composition, colours, lighting… I loved everything about that…
Picture B, no no…the flare is way too much!

Michael Montalto says:

A is the better overall photograph.

Donna says:

I’d go for Photo B because its looks more natural. I mean when its a sunny day, you expect to see a lot of sunlight. Photo A looks a bit more staged, smile is commercial and she’s looking in the camera. Its not what you typically see when someone is jogging. In Photo B however, there’s a radiance of determination in her face and she’s looking away from the camera. Also,by covering the product with sunlight, it created a sense mystery and curiosity which is really attractive. I believe that when you’re trying to sell something, you have to portray it the context where the product is supposed to be used=)

monique says:

I think A is better. The runner looks confident and happy and in b she looks out of breath like she is really pushing. A the exposure is bang on and while there is some creative flare and nice back lighting it is not overdone.

Dave says:

A, flare goes a bit too far in B IMO

Traci says:

I prefer A if it is cropped. In the larger image my eye is drawn to the bottom left quadrant of the photo and becomes a distraction from the runner.

Steven says:

A is better. B has too much sun glare. It blocks too much of the jogger and makes the image ambiguous to the product.

CyberGus says:

None of them.

Do you really like the street lamp and the cars in the composition?

I mean they’re not equal in weight, it absolutely distractme from the girl, the street lamp in the middle divide the composition, maybe not the best place in that block for a photoshoot.

My two cents.

bruno mendes says:

I loved the (B) photo! the huge flare makes that photo pops out of the frame into my eyes!!

the (A) is kinda boring… and there is something coming out of her left ear….

Matt May says:

Photo A is a typical “sports” related photo… I think B has more drama and action in it, shown with the shadows at her feet and the explosive sun … so I would probably go with Photo B

Edmis says:

I like A. Looking at B, makes feel like i have some vision illness.

Alex says:

A for me, the flare in B is too distracting and over powers the rim light and separation of the runner in A. Though I prefer the cleaner shadows on the ground in B.

Gordon Jones says:

I like B the best. It gives a sensation of speed that A lacks.


Makes more sense to me.

George S says:

I vote for photo A.

Chad Munce says:

A is better. Too much flare on B.

A wins. but I want to see where B would take you if you kept at it, because I think it would have been a better shot.

The problem I have with B, and why it lost, is that the runner needs just a bit more definition on her right side, and because she gets lost a bit the cars start taking over. Otherwise I like it more – more atmosphere, more interesting shadow on the ground / clearer definition of the runners “flight”. Crop it to just the right 2/3of the image an it wins for sure.

Just seems like the subject got lost somewhere as they appear here.

Sean says:

My vote is A. flare is over the top.

//d. says:

Definately A for me. i like the subtler flaring. and the way the deeper shadows on the ground frame out the runner.

David says:

Oh, also: I prefer the way her foot breaks the light/shadow line in picture A.

Picture B almost looks like she’s standing on the edge of the light (except that her own shadow makes it clear she’s in the air)

Svavar Freyr says:

I would choose a midle way if there was one but for me I say B

nelly says:

B ! Love the flare of energy bursting behind :)

just julie says:

option B

glare is getting cliche but for this type of an ad… it seems to be a bolt of excitement and energy making her run faster, leap higher… it screams, “I want to be the girl wearing those shoes… wearing that outfit… listening to that music…. getting that fit!”

At first glance, I prefer A

hands down B. love the flare and it forces my eye to the runner, de-emphasizes the cars in the photo and the fact that the street light is so dead center. without the flare, my eye goes straight to the center streelight.

Lou says:

I started off liking A, because the runner is perfect, expression, stride, etc. But then that pole started bothering me and then I started liking B, but for different reasons.

B is more abstract and doesn’t focus specifically on the runner. In the end, B wins for me. Yeah, image B with the runner from image A dropped in.

So, image C is the winner *smirk*

pam mals says:


if the photo was about the person A. would win hands down, but B. leaves a lot to the imagination and the over abundance of light gives a feeling of intensity.

Josh LeClair says:

A – like others have mentioned the flare seems a bit to much in B – though the flare in B helps to distract from the light pole that also seems distracting.

Peter says:

I prefer A. I think there is too much flare in B and therefore ruins the photo a little.

Shawn says:

A for me. Same issues as mentioned above re too much flare.

i’ll go for A. i think in B you’re distracted from all the other details in the photo.

Milt Anglin says:

Too much flare in B therefore I vote for A.

Vince says:

I prefer B… like she’s running out of the light

Georg says:

I think B is great.

Jonathan says:

B is too much…

I prefer A. I see where you’re going with B but I find the glare/flare a bit too distracting. Photo A maintains that sunkissed look and has a touch of flare without it being distracting.

I like A best.

B is too distracting with the sun spot right in the middle. Although I do like the way the shadows fall behind the runner in B better.

ElnRGB236 says:

Personally, and for the art value, photo B. But for a commercial campaign definitely photo A, hands down, for the clarity and straight forwardness.

Luka Travas says:

I would go with A.
In my point of view, flare on the second photo draws away attention from the runner…

Richard says:

Choosing A. B is more distracting and the runner’s expression in A is better

Tom Lynch says:

I like A better, but if text is to be used, then B will add that space……

Arvelto says:

I like A!

Rob says:

Definitely ‘A’. B is overwhelming and looks fake.

David says:

I dislike the post in the center of A, but I still prefer it over B.

Unless you want a nice clean spot with room for copy, in which case B will work much better.

A. Because B has too much flare, unless that is where the text is going.

Ana GR says:

Although A is “the” photo, for me B has way more power. It tells more than A.

Stefan says:

A but not for the flare but for the better expression on her face.

Wilf Feder says:

should be right in between. The “sun” in B seems kinda overblown …oh and i would shift the light to the left. to rather hide the cars and reveal more of the model. sorry for pretentious tipps =)

I prefer photo A. The flare in photo B is neat, but kind of “takes over” the photo… it’s quite large and distracting.

Photo A is great!

Kathy says:

B has my vote simply because you can see the toe of her right shoe. In photo A you cannot, which looks odd to me.

Tough call in that I really like what’s happening with the sidewalk in B, but overall I think A works better. Both the vignette and the flare look way too forced in B.

John says:

I like A

Steve says:

Definitely A. If the model had the same expression in B as in A then B would have a better feel.

Philip says:

I go for A, because it looks more natural but still unusual and arty.

I love A. The Sun in B is right in the center, it breaks the composition of the photo.

Anne-Marie says:

I’d be curious to see the brief to help me choose… But if I go only with my knowledge and gut feeling, I’d go with A for the following reasons: I’m a huge fan of flares and contre-jour shots, however, the flare of B is a bit too strong to my taste and takes away a bit from the main focus of the shot. I also like the attitude and expression of the model better in A, she is smiling, strong and really sharp and would probably appeal more to a client that wants, in the end, to see (and sell) more of his product. I love the mood and colors of the A shot better too in general. Awesome shot… As usual!

Neil LaHaise says:

I have to pick B! Although the flare is a little overwhelming and a little distracting, it makes the image look like the weather is the kind of weather you want to go for a run in. At least B makes me want to got for a run more then A does. So I think B would sell more product for your client.

jeremy says:

Definitely A. I see what you were aiming for in B, but it doesn’t quite work.

Olive says:

looks like some source …or power behind her…

Dan says:


I like that type of effect in B, but it’s just too much here. Tone it down quite a bit, and it might be okay.

Dennis says:

I prefer A as a photograph, the glare in B really overwhelms the shot. But as others have noted, I don’t know what your clients are going to use the shot *for*: I could see them going with B because of ready-made space for text within that glare, or A if they’re trying to call some attention to, say, whatever product the runner is wearing.

But, ignoring client constraints and judging solely as which one I’d prefer, A it is.

Todd says:

It really depends on what the client needs it for – B has much better negative space (or copy space) while A focuses more on the model in her environment. So hard to choose a fav…

Greg says:

If the client is going to use text in the blown out part, B is better and renders the photo as purely supportive of the text. And vice-versa for A. If the client is going to use the photo as stand-alone then A is better.

Marco says:

When in doubt ALWAYS go with more flare! It also leaves great space for copy

Rhys says:

I think it really depends on the layout and where the text will be placed. I like both, though I do think the flare in the second one goes beyond flare and almost looks like there is something on the camera lens. However, that could make sense in a certain layout.

stuart says:

I prefer B. The intense flare gives a sense of magic that’s missing in A.

A looks like a beautiful summer morning jog.
B looks like a hott sweaty midday run in the heat.

But if youre putting text in it, the text would fit perfectly in the middle of B.

A. The flare in the 2nd image is too distracting IMO

emmanuel D. says:

I vote “B”, because it’s different.

Art is all about thinking differently, and I choose B cause it’s
something I never seen before, and I love the girls expression
it looks natural.

The “A” photo looks like any other photo I’ve seen. And she’s looking
towards the camera which to me feels fake.

Jerry Ferguson says:

A few have said this, but, if the image is going to be stand alone I think A is my choice. But if text is going to overlaid on the image then B for sure. The text should be the focus. But, without any real context of what you or the client is looking for it’s not really an easy choice.

jmck says:

It depends on the design that will go around it.

Briony says:

it depends on what it is for….i personally am drawn to B but I believe A would sell a product better.

Jon says:

Definitely A – B has too much flare.

Elmo says:

Really depends what the message that goes with the picture is going to be- and what kind of sportswear the company is selling. Guess it must be shoes as the clothes really looks old style!? If shoes I would go for B as it’s a picture you remember and a better face of the girl (.. and the clothes are not that dominant.)

Keri says:

A for me.

I do like B but it doesn’t grab me as much as A

Jeremy says:

I like B –

The leading lines in A are great but take me away from the runner… the flare in B gives just enough to break up that lead – and keeps me on the runner.

Being how this is an outdoor company, I would go with whatever photo keeps the interest on the outdoor sports subject.

Adrian says:

Having seen larger versions I’d say that photo A is better. Why? Well, B seems to follow the overly popular and overdone flickr-look. It’s not that it looks bad, I’ve simply seen too much of those. Besides, I like the running women and the spot takes my attention away from her, so again point for A. On the other hand everything depends on the future purpose that the photo will serve.


Brian Davis says:

A. The flare and vignette in B is too distracting. A is cleaner and has a better feeling to it.

Dee says:

A is a better photo. B is a happy accident.

B pops more visually but lacks the versatility for use with text.

Paul Silva says:


B is too much…a shot that was between A and B would be ideal though

Lola Photo says:

Vote for B. While A, is much crisper and cleaner- which at first glance makes it more appealing to look at, shot B is much more interesting and inspiring. Shot B makes me want to look again, and figure out what is going on.

Well done!

Ignacio Mendoza says:

I prefer the A. It looks better clean composition.

Greetings from Juarez Mexico Chase!

Marc says:

All depends on where the ‘sports company’ want to place their type and logo…..

As an ad B.
As a good picture A.

Ollie says:

Short answer A

Long answer –
It totally depends on the brief, reasons for the shot, client expextations, art direction, etc. There could be many good reasons for choosing B.

Without any of those considerations, just looking at the asthetic qualities of each image, image B’s flare is probably too centre-weighted and garish to be the popular choice – a different crop could fix it.

Image A would then most likely please most people, by default, even though the lamp post becomes quite dominant. The amount of flare is just enough to be interesting without taking over from the subject.

Chase – wanna share the client brief? :) And obviously the client’s final choice?

Linda Thompson says:

Looks like I’m not the only one who likes A better. lol :)

I like that the runner is looking at the camera just a little in A….gives a feeling of connecting with the runner. I also like that the flare isn’t so pronounced…there’s still a very warm feel to it, but it’s not overpowering. You can still see all the details of the picture.

Ken Toney says:

A is better, I can see the legs better :).

Nelson says:

Depends on context, but I like A more.

Jason V says:

I’d say ‘B’.

The sun-flare detracts from the fact that she forgot to put on her shorts and is only wearing underwear.

Also makes the photo look more surreal and “not like everyday boring stuff”

Andy says:

I vote A which means it’s probably B!
I prefer clarity, colour and model’s happier expression.
Flare in B bit too OTT for me

Jonathan says:

I enjoy A , she is lit up wonderfully but I have issues with the the light post. I like how B hides the post but the light on her fades too much for me. The negative space on B from the flare could be great for Ad’s.

Antonino says:

I prefer the image B is warmer, better represents the strength and power of race as well as the fatigue of the model’s face. The flare in the middle looks like a drop of sweat that emerges from the image.

Jaycee says:

B- The flare adds some atmosphere while it forces the viewer to squint a little in order to make out some of the other details in the image, almost as if the viewer were out for a run in the morning where the sun them self.

Kelli says:

I vote A because she’s looking at the camera and smiling. Not sure runners actually do that, but it’s nice and idealistic for an ad campaign.

Gerry says:

I prefer A but I suspect that B was chosen because it provides space for the clients message.

MH says:

A all the way. Less distracting; the runner looks more athletic; more context. B has way too much glare; I agree with the hipster/cliche comments. I would only chose B if there was a need by the art department to have a space for text or logo smack in the middle. A is a great shot.

David Dunton says:

A is better overall. Like at least one other commenter, I like that the model is looking beyond the frame in B instead of almost into the camera in A. But the the garish flare in B ruins it for me.

jenny says:

Photo B, for sure. because my eye goes to the light post and stays there. love, love, love photo A. :)

jenny says:

opps! i meant i love photo B! : P

Jan Balster says:

A, no doubt. In shot B the flare takes over the whole image. A shot between the two would have been ideal but A has the most potential to get there in post.

Hi Chase,

I like the colors and the mood of A.
How about moving the lensflare to the left and kind of cover the car with the flare?



Gerry Coe says:

I think “B” will be the final choice, I don’t think it is necessary to actually see the clothes/shoes etc. It is more down to feeling. “Out of the Sun, Golden Girl” For the Sports company there are too many distractions on the left, either way I would still crop out most of the cars on the left or soften them down a bit.
But Heck, What do I know. ;>))
PS, I prefer photo A personally

Tyson Collins says:

“B” gets my vote for two reasons. The first is that I’m unsure about the angle of the runner’s leg in “A”, and the second is that the sunburst glare in “B” suggests a sense of euphoria.

David Bridle says:

I love B. It gives me a feeling of bursting into a run.

Todd Gardiner says:

I like A because the expression on the runner looks more fun and less haggard. In fact, that “panting” look in B combined with the flare do make it look like she is running from a crisis or something.

Add to that the backlighting of her hair in A and I like this one better. B does have a great dark shadow of the runner on the sidewalk and a tempering of the cluttering shadows from the bushes, but that does not make up from the elements in A that I wish were in B.

Dade Freeman says:

A for sure, B the sunburst takes the attention away from the subject too much imo :)

I prefer A, flaring in B is too heavy in my opinion… Her expression is also better…

While I love the look of flare in my images, in the case of shot B it’s a bit much, so my initial reaction is to choose A in terms of the image alone. That said though, I’d be curious to know how shot B would be treated in terms of any copy and logos that might be introduced to make the final ad. Depending on your clients needs, maybe B would suit them better?

Chris Heine says:

B Sir, it leaves some room for the imagination.

Its cool with flares, but distracting. And simply because the runner looks better in A.

Keep up the good work

Bluestill says:

Which is better? Both tells a different story so better is definitely subjective in this case. Photo A seems more staged and has a cleaner look for a product. Sort of like the fast food product shots that draws you in but you never really know what yours will be like, except that it won’t be like that picture in the window
Photo B… Whew, now that’s the SHIT (can I say that here?)!!! It’s edgy, raw and unscripted. It’s more of what an action shot or editorial shot should look like. You don’t just noti