Another Chase Jarvis LIVE Event Tomorrow (Thursday)

If you happened to tune in on January 29th, we broadcast an all-day, 100% LIVE feed of a commercial photoshoot from our studio in Seattle. (Original post here.) We had a great time with it and got a nice bunch of feedback from y’all. So, as a followup, based on your request, we’re bringing the next installment of Chase Jarvis LIVE back at you again Thursday, February 25th from 10am to 12:30pm (PST, which is GMT -8). This is tomorrow for most of you, but today for some. And again, we’re asking for your help.

How do you tune in to this worldwide Chase Jarvis LIVE thingie? It’s easy. Just go to this url: at any time during the hours specified above.

What you’ll see when you get there? This time, rather than broadcasting the set building, styling, wardrobe, gear and the full photoshoot–we’re broadcasting all the nitty gritty that happens AFTER we’ve captured the image. We’ll take you through our complete workflow, from editing and all the way through final image post production on the images we shot in our original LIVE broadcast. (Yes, you’ll watch us work up the final image, right there on the spot, no rehersal.) And remember, it’s designed to be an interactive experience. You’ll be able to see and hear everything, ask questions of one another, me, Scott, Dartanyon–or any of the 8 awesome peeps in the studio–via twitter (@chasejarvis) AND a live chat embedded in the url above. (please use hashtag #cjlive).

Also, of course, there is…[more info + schedule, click the ‘continue reading’ link below]

…another qualifier: this is still in BETA. We had reasonably good technical success last time, but tomorrow, we’re adding multiple cameras, multiple microphones and a screencast view direct from Scott’s computer. So again we need your help. We need your participation. We might break stuff, but in order for us to dial in this concept, we need your eyeballs, keystrokes, questions, feedback, and your network of friends. Please help us further test out this concept. Whether it breaks or it’s a smooth-sailing success you’ll have helped this community either way. Alas, we’re all in this together.

Here’s the rough schedule:
**all times are Pacific Standard Time, Seattle (GMT -8), everything is subject to change and probably will….

10:00am – 10:45am Recap, workflow, gear, and editing.

10:45am – 12:00noon Raw conversion, initial retouch through final workup. Cover image #1

12:00noon – 12:30pm Raw conversion, initial retouch through final workup. Cover image #2 (in case you missed #1 and/or to reinforce what we did first time around).

12:30 – 1:00pm Followup Q&A;, clean up.

1:00pm Off the air

If you have questions or comments below, we’d of course love to hear ‘em.

Thanks and see you tomorrow!

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Fantastic website. Plenty off useful info here. I’m sending it to a few buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious.
Annd of course, thank you on your sweat!

I really like your writing style, good info , appreciate it for putting up : D.

more says:

Fastidious replies in return of this difficulty with firm arguments and describing everything concerning that.

PS. Chase, you’re awesome. I discovered your blog about two weeks ago and it’s already changed the way I shoot and think about photography. Thanks for taking the time to put your knowledge out there for us.

Pedro says:

It would be great if you could post some videos of the live events. You could use bittorrent to distribute the "heavy" sized files or you could post on YouTube small selected segments.

The knowledge you share about photography and your work is simply inspiring. Thank you.

I wish i would've caught this one. the photo shoot would've been cool, but i feel like i can learn the most from a photographer's post production routines. everytime you have these things, i'm already booked for the day, DOH! are these videos recorded somewhere, such as youtube, so i can still check them out? i do have to say, you're raising the bar by adding this live experience to shoots. very ambitious and generous, allowing others to see how it all comes together. thanks again chase, you're a driving inspiration to us all. peace.

gcfriedman says:

Would re-streaming the original webcast cost less than making it available for download? If so that might be a good compromise for those of us who were stuck at work during the original broadcast.

PS. Chase, you're awesome. I discovered your blog about two weeks ago and it's already changed the way I shoot and think about photography. Thanks for taking the time to put your knowledge out there for us.

Matt says:

I can't believe I missed another live event!!! I'm so bummed out. Will you be posting a recording of this later?

Mer Phillips says:

ah!! i missed it again! hopefully next time i wont have class from 7-3

Keri says:

Chase, cracking show once again, with everyone asking about downloading the video in the Q&A; (I missed the start due to my poor internet connection) so i too would like to watch it again, have you considered uploading it as a podcast to iTunes, therefore letting Steve Jobs foot the bandwidth bills instead of paying them yourself ?


Anonymous says:


Could you please upload the video on Youtube? That wouldn't cost you anything and it will help a lot many users.

What a great webcast! Brilliant. I'm a graphic designer come photographer and the passion and drive you show is totally inspirational. More, more, more! Congrats.

Thanks so much again Chase for the amazing webcast! It's so inspirational being able to watch professionals do their work, it's almost beautiful!

- flannol

Jonny says:

Would love to see a torrent file from yesterday, watched the morning, but had to go do a shoot after lunch. Thanks again you guys, you've given so much back to the community.

Alexis says:

Is this video going to be posted for those of us that weren't able to watch the live version? I loved that last one, I wish I could have been apart of it!

Thanks Chase to you and your team for these experiences!

As a student, I NEVER considered creating depth with light!
God Almighty, that was beautiful!
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

Jorden says:

Hey Chase,

Will echo the many comments already posted on this, but will we the two be posted? I was following from Brussels, but got cut during the photoshop part. Would be very much appreciated! Thanks from the grey and cold BRX!

jussi says:

Loved the show!

Who gives a rats ass about what server do you use?

The best things in the show were in the small details of the pictures. The small things that separates the heroes from loosers.

I loved the fact that I do my editing in a very same way. Quick crop or even small adjustments before deciding what to do with the image.

Also the choosing between two almost identical images. Loved it and wished to have heard even more dialog between scot and chase about the pics. I know, they don't need to talk anymore but the telepathy does not streem over the internet too well ;P

I missed the streem from the shoot and it bugs me.

Anyways this was awsome, but the techpart is useless. D3..who cares, when the light and the details matter.. "the creative side" as it could be discribed.

Anonymous says:


It is really interessting to see so much ignorance about modern technology. I mean, hello it is 2010, as mentioned above, TORRENT is the way to go, take a look how Linux-Distros are shared for the last couple years. Answer: torrent files with checksumms.

So get your a##es up an share your captured streams, because Chase already have done the hard work. :-)

Really enjoyed the livecast – thanks.

Agree with some of the posters above that it would be good to try somehow to tidy up the Q&A; bit so it's not so dominated by spammers. Easier said than done though I guess as you don't want to ditch the chat because of the instant feedback it gives you during the show. Can you limit the number of questions each poster can submit somehow?

Thanks again. Look forward to the next one.

Twitteah says:

Chase, thanks for the live, but listen to me all the guys from the team – you can record shows for free on ustream. No need to pay thousands of bucks. I don't how can you not know it. Read the help here:

Then, when you're off the air, the previous clips show up. Even if it won't be permanent, it's always better than nothing.

Alex says:

Hi! Is there any chance that you could post it afterwards aswell? For us that live in a contrary time zone?

Looking forward to it! ;-)

/ Alex, Sweden

Matt says:

Thanks, Chase, for another astonishing behind-the-scenes look! I'm learning a lot from these, and appreciate you all freely sending your work out into the world for the sake of art and creativity.

Anonymous says:

"You guys asking for a replay video, its pretty unlikely" – What about YouTube? Post the snizzle there!

Holla back with some details!

Better yet.. throw it on a DVD (cost ya $0.75) and I'll buy it for $9.99!

Anonymous says:

Hi Chase,

I really could watch during working ("sustain") hours. Could you cut the video and post on bittorrent? This way you avoid the nasty bandwidth costs (maybe takiing the hit with the 1st 4 leachers). Then everybody wins…

Or post bite size chunks on youtube.

Also could you post the address and chat info for use who want to use a real irc client?

Rogan says:

You guys asking for a replay video, its pretty unlikely – chase explained several times during the broadcast that the cost to him to have a few hours of video hosted online would run into thousands of dollars given the likely hits it would achieve and bandwidth it would devour. He is generous letting us in to begin with but i doubt he'll stretch to paying to give people another opportunity to see it!

Gary says:

Loved the webcast, gutted I missed the previous one. If there's any way of showing it again, even just a second run of the stream, I'm sure many of us would be very grateful.

Gary (SpionKopRed)

Sarah B says:

Thanks for the awesome webcast,images were cracking, and the ability to have a sneak peak into your post production methods was great too :)

Thanks for the time and effort you all put in to make it happen, and also thanks for sharing :)

Sarah (berkshire, uk)

Definitely post a video please, as I missed it too, but would love to check it out!

cupid says:

Thanks for the awesome Live event. Do you a recorded video where I watch again?

tim says:

Really great. I liked hearing about the ultimate vision behind all that photoshop mojo. Without the vision part, it would just be another boring tutorial on layers, etc. But with it? Couldn’t stop watching. Thanks.

Tony O says:

Excellent broadcast!! Learned a lot!

Chase, I'm a mom of three doing wedding and portrait work in Colorado Springs and I love watching you work. Thanks so much for your generosity and inspiration. I learn so much from you guys (usually late at night after the kids are in bed!) The enthusiasm you all show keeps me pumped to reach my own goals.
Loved the live broadcast!

Bill Lee says:

Great show… I really appreciated the subtle insights I got by watching you work in a real situation. Unfortunately, I missed the first hour, so I didn't get the same insight into how you culled down 1600 images to a handful in a reasonable amount of time.

A suggestion: Since you are broadcasting the 30" monitor into a low rez stream, it would helpful to have one of those mouse cursor highlighting utilities that highlight mouse clicks. This would allow us to locate the cursor that is easy to lose in the low rez. By highlighting the clicks, it also helps to emphasize the most important actions: where you are clicking!

Cheers! Thanks again for your efforts!


Nate Agnini says:

Amazing use of technology and taking your policy of sharing to the next level. Thanks.

David Culton says:

I watched almost the entire live broadcast today! Thank you so much! It was amazing to spend an afternoon (since I'm a photographer in EST) in your workflow! What a great way to wait out a snow storm. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Ramūnas says:

Great work. A couple of thoughts:
Use bittorrent for video sharing, that way your servers won't have to carry all the load.
Have some moderators in the chat, to prevent people from spamming.

Rogan says:

Thanks for that Chase – another fantastic and informative insight into how you guys do what you do!

My feedback for next time would be… Ditch the chat!! It makes it too easy for people to just enter the same thing again and again and they are always stupid questions that have been answered before or are not relevant to what you are doing. Make people communicate their thoughts through twitter, or limit the number of posts each person can make – genuine questions just aren't getting through because of the spammers and theres no way Dartanyon can keep up and block them.

Hey Chase & Scott (and Dartanyon),

Thanks for letting inside the black box again. It's 5:42am in Hong Kong and I am going to BED.
Speaking of bed, what about TED? When can we expect to see that talk online?



Ulfius says:


I understand how the video would be to large for you to post for download, but how about putting it out on BitTorrent?

That was awesome guys. Really loving Scots post. Be sure to drop in by the Otago Peninsula next time yr in NZ!

rob says:

@chase just wanted to know if you load your finial project into a main aperture library on your server or does it loaded into a folder on the server?

Darren says:

Hi Chase

Could you not put it on Itunes would that still cost you?


Love your work also you got to come to London!

Very cool Chase. Would love to watch but will be on a plane. Any chance you're going to podcast this or record it for archiving on the blog? I'd love to see it.

Jan Gennat says:

The Chase Jarvis Live Skype group !

Find my on Skype (Jan Gennat) an join it.

Mike says:

Hey Dude.
saw some of the live feed last time was great work but as I'm in London i was asleep half of it lol any chance of making a hi-lite vid for your blog?


Peter says:

Hey Chase, I'll be stuck at work, again, unable to watch :( I wish there was some way to watch it online at a later time. That would really be awesome!

Scott says:

So cool. I'd love to watch, but having a full time job, these things always have conflicting hours. Any chance of putting them online for afterwards for anytime viewing for a limited time?

point357 says:

Chase & co once again giving away something far more useful than all that other stuff we're somehow convinced we need to buy. Real world, yo. Not that indoorsy stuff that rhymes with Shmelby and Schmynda. While we're there, much respect for not posting videos of yourself trying to play guitar:

I'll be there.

Kokkle says:

Really cool!,
It's 1am-4am in Bangkok, but i'll be there.
Thanks All..

Anonymous says:

It would be awesome if someone could capture this and put it up on youtube! :-)

Abe Froman says:

Hey Chase, How about chopping the live shoot archive into smaller chunks and hosting on YouTube? Just a thought.

aww cant tune in
possibly have a recording of it for those who cant make it? :))

Seth Bricel says:

Is there any way to watch these after the fact? I wish I could make it to the live broadcast!

2-5am in Hong Kong

I can swing that ;-)

Cooper says:

Will there be a video later that covers some of the things you do for the people that won't be able to tune into the LIVE event?

last time it wouldn't work i wonder if it will this time

rob says:


You read my mind.. I was hoping you would walk us through your workflow… Yes thank you ahead of time

luke says:

you should record it or something for the people who will be at school.

Great stuff Chase & crew ! missed a lot of the last one as I was at work and trying to watch with one eye – can I book a 4.30am wake up call for Adelaide SA?

Anonymous says:

Have you thought about putting all of the live shoot / editing content onto a DVD? I'd buy it :) I got to watch some of the live shoot broadcast and loved it! kudos to you and your team for putting stuff like this together for us mere mortals to enjoy and learn from!

Alex says:

Hey Chase. Should have signed in before (I left anon post about photoshoot). Didnt realise this was a continuation of the last shoot.

Now will be tuning in after I get back from my assisting gig tomorrow. Looking forward to it!


Thanks Chase, as always your doing something outside the box. I didnt have much time to watch the last one but it looked like a lot of fun. I really liked how you posted some images on the fly. Hope I get time to tune in tomorrow.

I agree if there was an easy way to record and repay the shoot I would watch it every night:)

Take care,


Chase Jarvis says:

reminder (@ anon): don't know what's featured in this material? it's all in the post, mate.

this is post production on the images from the LIVE shoot we did on Jan 29. links to that post in today's post or available by searching.

regarding airing a replay of the shoot, would love to, but it's not all that viable since it's 8 hours long. hosting/posting is unruly…

hope to see you tomorrow!

Stefan says:

Chase you are just amazing!!!

And I am not just talking about the great photographs you create but for the energy, passion and dedication you devote in the name of this art. But most important of all, the way you want share your view with the world.

Respectfully yours,
Vladington – amateur photographer and a humble fan of yours

Jonny says:

Awesome! I'll be tuned in.

Panya C. says:

Ok, my pea brain was wrong again ;P 26th 3:00am~ sorry people.

Panya C. says:

If my little brain works right, it would be from 3:00am on the 27th, here in Tokyo;) Looking forward to this!

if we cant watch tomorrow is there going to be a way to watch it at a later time?

Jordan says:

Is it possible to post the video after the event? I work in Portland and will not be able to tune in live, but would love to watch it afterwards. Also, is there any chance of posting the video from the previous event?

You are indeed a god amongst men. lol

Pedro says:

Here is a time and date table for the live event. In my country, Portugal, it´s going down at 18:00! Don´t miss it!;=2&year;=2010&hour;=10&min;=0&sec;=0&p1;=234

The first one was a Complete Blast!
Very much looking forward to it!
Thanks All!

Francesco B. says:

So Cool, Chase!
Live post-production webcast!!
I'll definitely be there/here :-)
I have a feeling someday soon you'll broadcast a location shoot… :-)


Anonymous says:

Chase, in my humble and often wrong opinion you ought to be showing some of the photoshoot. I for one wont be taking part purely on the basis of, I want to see what you guys are working on before it becomes pixels on a screen.

Lets see a little of the shoot, then the workflow. That would be interesting. This current idea isnt so much.

From a London based assistant who enjoys your blogs! Keep up the great work. Alex.

Leilani says:

I'm so excited!! Is there anyway to see the video from the first photoshoot?

Another great idea. I am curios to see the work flow in Aperture 3.

Anonymous says:

Sweeeeeeeet!!! :D

Leonardo says:

Will be there from Barcelona.

David Teran says:

wow, this will be amazing!

what are you going to be editing?


Shelby White says:

Awesome! I shall tune in.

Chase, how about a walk around event soon? The weather is clearing up.

Robert says:

Sweetness! Thanks Chase and crew…loved the first livecast

Maskido says:

awesome! cant wait!

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