Chase Jarvis RAW: Cameras at Risk

Even after years of doing this stuff, I still get excited watching $70k worth of camera hanging 30 feet in the air off a couple of measly bolts.

Last week I posted two 3 minute films that I’ve been commissioned by Russell Investments to create exploring the topic of ‘risk’. In these vids (please check them out here if you missed them), our crew hauled a RED One digital cinema camera and a handful of Nikon D3s HD dSLR cameras into a skateboarding park and glassblowing studio with the goal of making some pretty pictures. In the process, we put these cameras to work in some pretty fun ways and I thought it would be cool to share those with you.

Thus, here’s another Chase Jarvis RAW behind-the-scenes video where you’ll see the RED One being shot handheld, slung from a jib, on a dolly, and on an Easy Rig. You’ll also see the D3s handheld, in shotgun mode, on a steadicam, and remotely chasing a skateboarder on a fun new three-wheeled dolly. There will be no cameras on tripods anywhere in this video.

Hopefully this vid answers a lot of the questions that poured in last week in the comments section, via my @chasejarvis twitter handle (I’d love your follow), Facebook (fan me?), and via email. If I missed something, give a holler and I’ll do my best to respond in the comments below.

A dozen or more behind-the-scenes photos plus some links to worthwhile gear after the jump. Click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

My DP, Chris, with the RED on a small dolly…

Chris using the Zacuto Z-Finder.

The Easy-Rig in action. I’m looking on with a portable monitor to see what the camera is seeing.

A fleet of Nikon D3s‘ in action. Bounce card at camera right. I’m asking Jason questions.

Scott operating a Nikon D3s on a Merlin Steadicam

Scott and me running from the Humble Monkey camera truck.

Skater shredding from POV of the Nikon D3s on the Humble Monkey camera truck.

View thru the 17″ monitor of the view thru the RED on the jib.

The RED One on a 30′ jib arm. Jib operator Dave…I’m camera right looking at the monitor.

RED mounted to the jib with multi-directional electronic head.

If we missed anything, lemme know.

And once again, if you missed the two original videos showing the results of all this camera wrangling, please check it out here.

Happy shooting.

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