New iPhone Photos in My Portfolio: Be My Editor

I began posting portfolios of images shot with my iPhone more than two years ago now. And my love affair isn’t wearing off, it’s growing stronger. The best camera still is–and always will be–the one that’s with you.

I post iPhone snapshots everyday to my twitter, facebook, and, but I haven’t updated my iPhone portfolio page in quite some time.

Until yesterday.

I dug through a huge pile of images and completely refreshed the gallery with some new favorites. Scott and I are in a little disagreement as to which ones are hot and which ones are not. As such, I’d love some of your targeted feedback. Please visit my new iPhone portfolio page here and tell me in the comments below which image is your most favorite AND which is your least favorite image. We’ll did this crowd-sourced edit once before and it was really helpful. We’ll make some changes if a pattern emerges.

Since there’s work involved in your edit, I’ll give some shoutouts and send a signed book or three to some randomly selected people who are willing to lend a hand with editing thoughts. Thanks in advance for your time.

[Shameless plug: In case you’re new here or just wondering, I created–and shared–most of these using the app I developed last fall called Best Camera, available on iTunes.]

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