FREE LIVE Event: HDDSLR Cinema with Vincent Laforet

chase jarvis blog_vincent laforet classHey hey. Reminder that over at, we’re bringing in my good buddy Vincent Laforet for a FREE all-weekend-long workshop about making videos with the new breed of HDdSLR cameras.

[update: we’re LIVE now! check it out. And… you spoke, we listened. For those who couldn’t catch it, every night there is a full FREE playback starting 8pm Seattle TIME (gmt -8)…still pay to download if you wanna keep it…]

Starting tomorrow, from 9am to 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (yes that’s THIS weekend, all day long, all weekend long) Vince will be delivering a firehose of instruction that will help you + any first-time filmmakers and photographers making the transition into video understand the core building blocks necessary to make their first videos and short films. This is a soup to nuts how-to course, from gear, to theory, to execution, and all you need is an internet connection to participate. Live chat with the classroom and conversations via @creativeLIVE on Twitter included.

Register in advance here. The daily schedule is posted here. Drop in when you have time, or stay for the whole weekend. As with all creativeLIVE classes, the live feed is free. Pay to download if you wanna put it on your hard drive, ipod, or wherever you want.

Course Information

* Course: An introduction to HDDSLR Cinema.
* Instructor: Vincent Laforet
* When: Friday, April 30 – Sunday, May 2 (9am – 6pm PDT, GMT -8)

And FWIW, I think I’m gonna drop in one day to pay a visit in person. Hope to catch you there.

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great workshop! invaluable information thanks a million.

Padraic Deasy

Tony Obfenda says:

Vincent Laforet! Chase Jarvis! Awesome workshop. so much valuable information I have to watch it over and over! Can’t wait to use this information for upcoming projects.

Hey Chase-
I just purchased this and looking forward to it. Is there a higher resolution downloadable version than the “ipod”? Say, for the iPad for instance?

Advertising Photographer

John says:

Now that it’s over, thanks heaps for this! It was really great!!

Benny Smith says:

hi chase. I love the sound of this one, unfortunately was unable to catch it tho, due to copious amounts of uni coursework. Was wondering if any student discounts are available on the downloads? My student loans unfortunately don’t stretch very far..
Peace, from the other side of the pond! Benny.

Thanks for this Chase

Jonny says:

Watched about 1/2 of the livecast… very good stuff! Thanks to everyone who made this happen. I make a living in photography & advertising/marketing, and I still walked away with heaps and heaps of insight and knowledge. A lot was relatively simple/fundamental, but to have such a comprehensive package of everything Vincent covered is nearly invaluable. Too often we get away from the fundamentals, and for that alone, this was excellent.

Anyone considering buying the seminar: Don’t hesitate… It’s worth every penny.

loved seeing the workshop.I liked it enough to plug it on a free photography contest I host online that gives a lot of money away internationally.

Danielle says:

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the broadcast (at Starbucks, too!) The commentary from you and Vince today was particularly helpful. I’m learning so much and will watch the downloads to catch anything I missed!

jeremy says:

Awesome stuff, i’ve been enjoying it all weekend, and starbucks is making a fortune from all the coffee i’ve been drinking this weekend to stay up to watch it.

I did get a little sad though when i saw you on the session showing the video capabilities of the nikon….its so depressing how completely inadequate the nikon video capabilities are compared to the canon, and the only way to get manual control is to purchase the super out of my league d3s? Right now, if you want to shoot dslr video, canon is the only way to go because it seems like nikon either doesn’t care or cant get it right.

Steve says:

I’m trying to listen to the rebroadcast but I get a forbidden warning when I go t to any of the addresses? I’ve tried both Safari and Firefox browsers.

Rick Lamb says:

Hey Chase! Thank you for making the Creative Live thing happen with both you and Vincent! My wife and I sat from 9am to past 7pm in total awe of the info-sharing! What a wonderful giveback!!

John says:

It’s actually a very nice and welcome move away from the blurb of the first Adobe CS5 sessions… I’m REALLY enjoying it so far. The tech aspects are boring if you are already familiar with them, but welcome if you aren’t, and the rest is awesome. It’s great to be able to follow a talk by Laforet like this. Very interesting insights!

Matt Timmons says:

Thanks for the info. I think I’ll purchase so I can keep a copy since I can’t watch it the whole weekend. Are there instructions on how to buy the download?

Matt Timmons says:

Oh just found it right there on the event page. Duh. Cheers, -M

Jim Powell says:

I’ve had this event on my calendar for almost a month. Unfortunately I can’t really sit around watching this video all weekend, but I am REALLY excited about this course so I bought it this morning. I wish I could participate live, but I’d rather be able to break it up and watch it when it’s convenient. I can’t wait to check it out though. $79 bucks is an insanely good deal!

Martin-O says:

this look pretty good chase!

Jeff says:

Can’t wait to learn… then go MAKE STUFF!

Thanks Chase!

Luke says:

Hi Chase, I randomly stumbled across your work a few weeks ago, and have become quite a fan; I really appreciate your work and the approach you take to the art. I wanted to thank you for making your perspective and experience as well as others like Mr. Laforet available for us to draw from as we work to refine our craft.

I will definitely tune in this weekend…I was wondering, how does one become a part of the audience? Assuming this event will be hosted in your Seattle studio, I live down the road and would love to be present at one of these events to ask questions. I have been put in an interesting position, I have been tasked with building (from the ground up) and managing a video/photography/audio department at the company I work for, and I run into questions all the time. Outside of creativeLive events, do you ever consult? Are you open to intern/apprenticeships? Your thoughts?

Thanks again.

Patrick says:

How much would it be if we buy it?? will we be able to buy it after the Live Event??

Chase says:

you can pre-buy the video download DURING the live event for $79 for the entire weekend course. after the course is over it will be $129. vince’s courses normally go for $2000 or more

reminder you can watch for free live.

Anonymous says:

thank you for the reply Chase. i think i will just have to buy it becuase i have work during that weekend. thank you again.

Nik says:

This is the one I’ve had marked on my calendar since creativeLive was launched (or at least, since I heard about it!).

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