How To Shoot A Car Commercial: One Tenth the Size, But 10X Cooler.

Too often advertising is a lot about BIG. Especially automotive advertising. Big budgets, big gear, big egos. Big and boring. This latest Nissan commercial from TWBA Toronto, however, isn’t big in those traditional senses. Instead, it’s big on spirit, innovation, and effectiveness. Plus big points on photography/cinematography. Seriously great camera work. Enjoy the making of video here above, but be sure to click the ‘continue reading’ link below and enjoy the finished commercial after the jump…

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Thanks for the tip Allan!

So dope.

Ethyl Theaux says:

Wonderful! Beautiful movie! Thank you. That eagle covered with snow waiting for a break was great. Turn pages of my Eagle Fables picture book at

Wow !
Absolutely great… !

john Coyne says:

love it!, love that it was shot in my neighborhood too!


Joe says:

It’s a shame that all this talent and creativity is wasted on something that’s meaningless, instead of using it make the world a better place, at least in some small way. All this money, skill, etc., for nothing.

Phil says:

This is a great advert, makes me wish they would show it over in England sometime lol

Mr.J.Edwards says:

just found this great link, remote helo for your 5D/7D.

Game Critic says:

why did they use a dodge caravan isn’t that there competitors car

Profils says:

Well done RC stuff!

Ken Butti says:

RC helicopter video cams are awesome! and unleash so many vantage points to film and photograph from!
love it.

fioritofoto says:

Man, both videos are super good!
Love it.
(Note to Nikon: there they go again using 5d's to make a high-end commercial – how long will we loyal Nikonians have to wait!?)
(Note to self: you do not make high-end commercials, so settle down)

Jen Berry says:

oh man. i'm working on a car commercial right now. i wish it was this fun.

Tommi says:

This is so fun! Usually I find car commercials boring, but this is great. Shooting and the story really rocks.

Only you Chase can come up this stuff. Way cool, and thanks for being you.

Ken Toney says:

Another reason why I love your blogsite! "keep it commin now"

Rick Lewis says:

Just another outstanding post!!

CoreyK says:

Really cool stuff .. A big thank you for doing these 'Behind the Scenes' videos. It is fantastic to see *how* your shoots are done!

Sean Austin says:

I'm not sure how the ad really works for Nissan….it's a fun ad to watch, but you can tell immediately that it's an RC car and trying to tie the fun of a toy with the experience of a real car doesn't work for me. Cute, but….eh. Fun to see that folks make a living doing this.

Anonymous says:

That was cool, I can't wait for all the comedy ones! a toyota car that won't stop….

Scott says:

Fantastic. Love the punchline the commercial — dog door and "Life Size Version". And the drifting is fantastic. Great creativity. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes video!

J. Alan Paul says:

DAMN! Very inspiring to get big results from small things… The fact that a large scale commercial for a company like Nissan is filmed with small scale HD cameras… and DSLR's!

It is amazing to stop and think where we have come with technology! A few years ago, imagine what cameras would have had to be used for this same thing….. mindbottling!

Darien Chin says:

now i want all kinds of remote controlled toys

Peter Le says:

I loved the beginning of the song where the guitar "shifted gears!" LOL


earl says:

1) that was totally super awesome, eh?
2) sure was alot of DSLRs there, i dont think i saw one "red" or other camera, pretty cool.

it also goes to show that even for a "small" production, you still need tons of people, tons of gear, and tons of time.

Michael P says:

Way cool Chase, so thinking about that RC helicopter rig and some ski and kayak shots can I borrow the Hasselblad?

Jeff says:

This was a way cool video. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I like some of the shots were composed to look as if they were a real car LOL.

I'm glad they had fun with it – the finished product is just as much fun. I think it's better than the average car commercial. Kudos to Nissan and their shooting team.

Will says:

Amazing! Thank you for posting this Chase! the RC helicopter rig looks amazing, have you thought up a new way to use it yet? haha



Anonymous says:

It’d be awesome for aerials weddings, if not for the “flying chainsaw” part.

Really like all those 'making of' type videos. Thanks for sharing!

Clay Anthony says:

Definitely awesome. Wish all shoots were that cool!

Jérémie Potvin says:

I like a lot, that was cool… well done!

That was great and fresh. I love a sense of humor in a company. I want a RC camera mount now too.

Howard Haby says:

Pretty cool stuff! Awesome.

Tanner says:

That… was awesome.

Joshua says:

This is the way to get things done!

Think of the conventional – learn it – then twist it upon itself and add a dash of humor.

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