Introducing Worldwide FREE Creative Education [updated]

[updated 8-April 2010: I added the recording of the live announcement after the jump]

Hello Friends! I’m happy and proud to announce today that over that past year I’ve been working together with my super-tech friend Craig Swanson to bring you the world’s first LIVE creative education internet channel. And the best news? It’s FREE. That’s right, it’s free to watch any and all live feeds from some of the world’s best creative instructors. Tune into and check it out. Calendars, courses, archives and more.

On the photography side of things, we excited to announce in quarter one featuring Vincent LaForet, David DuChemin, Zack Arias, Scott Bourne, Art Wolfe, and many others. Wanna learn how to have vision in photography? We’ve got the instructor. HD Dslr Cinema, we’ve got it. Lighting? We’ve got it. Software? We’ve got that too. And if we don’t have it? Tell us and if there’s demand, we’ll create it for you.

I’m not an instructor, but it’s been a huge goal for the past year to connect the community with many of my friends who ARE instructors and ARE amazing at what they do. The goal here is to help democratize creativity.

In addition to all the photography gurus and course, we’ve got design classes, painting and other fine art classes, and programming classes up the wazzu. You’ll find …

…classes in Adobe CS5 (that’s right the NEW Abobe suite), Aperture, Lightroom, FINE art iPhone programming, Android programming, HTML programming and more.

How can we give away many of the world’s best instructors for free? Well, here’s how: You only pay for classes if you want to see them beyond their original LIVE performance. If you miss some classes, see something in the archive you like, or want to download it and put it on your iPod, iPad, or wherever, you can pay to download the class for a fee that’s minuscule in comparison to what that instructor normally charges. No streaming, no bologna. You get the file. We use money from downloads to pay the instructor and cover our time and costs for producing and distributing the content.

I’m proud of this model. I thinks it’s a model where truly everyone wins. We hope you support this idea. We’re open for feedback and we’re looking to help make the creative world a better place. A rising tide floats all the boats.

To check out calendars, classes and more, and to register for email/rss updates, please visit Thanks!

Thanks to Katherine Cummings for the great image of the leopard.

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