Lend a Hand and I’ll Give You Some G-Tech

chase jarvis town hallFriends: It’s the weekend and I’m focused on some personal stuff that could use your help if you’re willing. I’m trying to help my favorite non-profit win a $125,000 grant to make emergency repairs to their building, and I’m willing to incent you with about $500 bucks in gear for your help in doing so. If you are interested, please read on.

[NEWEST update: in what the sponsoring group, Partners in Preservation, called “an unprecedented photo finish” I’m soooo happy and grateful and pround to announce that WE DID IT! Town Hall wins $125,000 grant. Thank you thank you thank you!]

[UPDATE: we went to 1st but are now back in 2nd, so we need your help more than ever. Don’t forget to follow the instructions below, it’s a little tricky. And more importantly, please vote everyday. Karma points. ]

Background: Town Hall Seattle is a cultural center based in Seattle that showcases diverse music, arts and humanities, civic discourse, and world culture programming. They feature the broadest range of any programming that I’ve ever known–from hosting cultural heavy hitters like David Lynch, Moby, Malcolm Gladwell, Barak Obama, Al Gore, and Arianna Huffington all the way to community activists, children’s choirs, poets, Seattle’s hip hop acts, and the local Spelling Bee. It’s simply an amazing cultural and creative hub.

Here’s the good news: the grant winner is decided purely by a popular vote online. The most votes wins. Here’s the challenge: Currently Town Hall is in 2nd place by 1% and the voting ends THIS Wednesday May 12. It would mean the world to me and the my community if you would vote. And here’s some incentive from yours truly. 100% honor system here. IF you vote, and IF leave a comment below saying that you’ve voted I will choose one person from the comment section below (bonus points for roping in your friends to vote too…) and send them a super-awesome 2 TB worth of G-Tech hard drive love (+/- $500 value) from my personal stash. We roll G-Tech drives exclusively around here, and I’m expressly grateful for their support.

Now go forth and vote. It’s easy:
1. Visit the grant award site here and select ‘New User’ in the ‘Vote Now’ box.
2. Register with a name, email and password. (Don’t be scared off by this. It’s harmless and you can check the don’t contact me box!)
3. Scroll down to Town Hall and click on it. A check will appear, but you’re not done yet.
4. IMPORTANT: now scroll to bottom of the page and click VOTE.
5. Awesome. Now that you’re registered and logged in, you can vote everyday thru Wednesday 12th. Bonus karma points if you vote today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Yes, whoever built this voting widget wrote code like it was 1998, but don’t let that get in your way. We all …need more data storage and what better way to get some free terabytes than by helping this great cause land $125k.

If you’re itching to watch a video, here’s a little promo I made with pal Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America just for fun and to help raise awareness. Thank you thank you thank you friends.

Mike says:

Yay, we did it! The power of blogs can be amazing!

Lucas Edwards says:

Congratulations everyone! I’m very happy to be a part of the votings.

Squid says:

Congrats voters, I’m glad I put in a vote a day like the rest of the Chase army. I’m glad they have two winners.

Arnel Garcia says:

Wow! That is a really great! Two winners! Congratulations.

Sanja Io Eos says:

Congratulations! :D Kisses from Croatia :*

YEAH! dual winners, i knew it would work out in the end :)

Tim Colston says:

In the immortal words of Hannibal Smith–” I love it when a plan comes together.” Thanks for letting us become a part history, at least in Seattle.

Federico says:

Wow, great outcome! Congratulations!

Wow, great result !!!
Congrats !

Rob Arora says:

Awesome that they gave them BOTH FULL Grants !! Very impressive :)
Congrats Susan (and crew)!

Greg says:

Great outcome! Congrats.

The votes are in! It was a tie! You both won!
“In an impressive challenge never seen in the history of the Partners in Preservation program, Town Hall Seattle also staged a comeback resulting in several swings of the tally on the final day of voting. In recognition of the extreme closeness of the competition and the extraordinary efforts of both organizations to rally support, Town Hall Seattle will also receive their full grant request of $125,000.”

Way to go!

jason says:

voted the last 2 days. congrats!

Silas Otero says:

Great News… Congrats…

Glad that our effort ended up helping two historic sites…


Silas Otero

Brent says:

Love that they gave the prize to both 1st and second! we made a difference through you Chase.. A great great thing you/we did here!!!

Congrats Town Hall!!!!!!!

Susan Benson says:

Chase, we don’t know each other but I’m board president at Town Hall and we’ve been singing your praises for eons. But now, you’re now sporting a permanent halo. Without you and your community I’m sure we couldn’t have achieved this outcome. As you all probably know by now, Town Hall battled so hard that Partners in Preservation is giving Town Hall the full $125,000 grant — the first time in the history of the project that they’ve given the first and second place finishers the same amount. Thank you, Chase. And thanks to each and every one of you who took up the cause of our amazing project. Because of you, Seattle’s temple of thought and creativity will serve longer and stronger and glow brighter.

M@ says:

Awesome, great work. I’ll have to make sure to stop by the Town Hall when I make my first trip to Seattle next month.

There is nothing better than making a popular vote so close that they have to award the top two the same amount of money. I’m so glad Town Hall still gets $125,000. Thanks to all of you folks who are not from Seattle and will never have the opportunity to step foot in that awesome venue.

Stuart Nafey says:

Voted Wednesday too!

Michael Marks says:

3 for 3 for me and my wife. Good luck!

Anthony says:

Voted all three days.

Looks like the Town Hall is still in second place, but there’s still time to vote! 940 responses, wow!

Tova says:

Well, there you go. I registered and voted for Town Hall and so did my daughter.

I hope I’m doing the right thing… hard choices. My sister lives on, and is the Harbor Master of, Bainbridge Island, is a Tug Boat Captain, and plays in a local Cajun Fiddle Band. I really hope she will be proud that I supported Town Hall ( but I just read about this and it’s too late at night to call her and check).

If you ever want to check her group it’s whozyamama.com

Hope your Hall wins

Gabe says:

Voted again.

Silas Otero says:

Last 2 votes from Brazil…

Never been to Seattle, only the east side of the US…

Still gonna give your studio a visit…

Regards, and Good Luck…


Greg says:

Voted today. Soaking in the good Karma!

Brian Sullivan says:

Voted based on your judgement. Will be revisiting my favorite city in October and will check out that project.

jen berry says:

Day 3 of 3. voted. task completed. why are we still tied. boooo.l

Andrius Simutis says:

A little late to the party here, but I just voted and unfortunately the boat is in first place at the moment. Nothing against boats, and it’s a nice boat mind you, but I don’t like the idea of the boat getting the money at the expense of Town Hall.

Jeremy says:

Voted again. Tied at 19% now.

Sanja Io Eos says:

A vote just flew over the ocean for Town Hall and you :) Good luck! :)

Lucy S says:

Voted :)

dgwilli says:

voted again, it’s all even

lucy berry says:

I voted today. Best of luck.

Lance C says:

I voted today

TJ says:

Voted, gonna get anyone I can
hope they win

I just voted, tied for first at 19%.

Joel says:

another vote today and still a close result w/ a 19% tie

Stacey S. says:


Hassan says:

Just voted, good luck!

Austin says:

Sounds like a worthy cause Chase. Toss in a vote for you guys.

Jason says:

Any body else have any problems with voting? I would check my selection and when I pressed vote said choose a venue when i tried again said i already voted for today?

John says:

One more vote…still tied at 19%

P Manahan says:

Voted again! for my husband Chuck.

Chuck Manahan says:

Voted again !! wow still close will try to get more votes for The Town Hall.

Bill says:

My memory is so bad I voted again in case I forgot to yesterday, ..bad joke I’m sorry. but I really do have bad memory.

Bwade says:

Voted once more..Still tied with the Schooner at 19%

M Manahan says:

Voted again for my Dad…Chuck Manahan

John Hayes says:

Great cause – I voted.

Jean Labelle says:

Voted again!
Good luck guys!!!

Joshua LaTendresse says:

Looks like a rad and worthy cause — and it’s all tied up with those boat people after I voted. Scurvy knaves!

nilsou says:

I just voted!

19% vs 19% its going to be really tight!

Amanda Mays says:

Voted! Hope the Town Hall wins!

M@ says:

and…..again. tied it up! looks like it’s going to be a fight to the finish.

bp says:

voted today.

Ernie Sears says:

I voted again – it is so close.

eric says:

Voted again!!

I’ve voted for the Town Hall too! (Funny, I’m from the UK – we aren’t terribly good at voting these days…..)

Max Monn says:

Vote #4 :) its down to the wire! i hope Town Hall wins!!

3rd vote in….. Good luck Chase

Glad to help out man. Voted again today

Devin says:

What kind of name is Schooner Adventuress, anyways? Go Town Hall, go!

proxima says:

Voted once again. C’mon people, let’s take over the boat! ;]

Beltpotter says:

Triple turbo voted.

DanielB says:

Voted again. We’re still in 2nd…only by 1%, though

Joe Herrick says:


Rob Arora says:

Voted again… dang – still behind by 1%! :(

Josh Baker says:

Check one more for Town Hall. Hope they can pick up the extra 1%+ today. I’ll see if I cant shake out some votes on Facebook today. Good Luck

Voted yesterday and today again, but unfortunately the town hall lost one percent in the race against the schooner :(

Nathan Smith says:

Ok! My wife and I placed out last and final votes this morning! Looks like the Town hall was behind again.. still have until the end of the day!! :D

jedrocero says:

voted again this morning! how does schooner stay ahead?? :(

ScottMacKenzie says:

Still close…

Come on more votes! Nearly there, yes we will tweet and fb again ;)

Dsturgill says:

Placed my third vote. Long live Town Hall.

J Edwards says:

Very close to first place now, Oliver Edwards, Lucas E and I will tweet again! :O

Ben Benefiel says:

Voted again. Sink the schooner.

Randy says:

I voted today good luck

Another Vote for today! Good luck!

eli Greengart says:

I voted again this morning EST. I see we are still in 2nd place, but I hope that this helps

dawn smith says:

Voted again. Best of luck with winning the grant!

Jeff Shaffer says:

Voted all 3 days, tweeted, FB’d. I hope it helps. It looks like the Schooner has surged ahead by a point so far. Need to get more votes in-yesterday was neck and neck!

Joel Woo says:

Voted a 3rd time.

Kevin says:

Just put in my second vote. That schooner is still pullin’ out a small lead. I’ll try & get some friends involved. I think it’s time for Facebook.

Lucas Edwards says:

3 votes now :-) You are right Brent. I can’t believe it. Many people must be voting since we are not ahead yet. But, in fact we were doing great yesterday – 18%! I will be blogging on twitter and facebook to get more voters to vote on
Town Hall Seattle!

Can we do it?
Yes we can!

Laurie Iten says:

OK, third day in a row I’ve voted. Wonder where all the people voting for Schooner are coming from? Hmm, could it be a computer with multiple user IDs and passwords programmed to vote over, and over, all the while monitoring votes for Town Hall?

Brent says:

Its hard for me to believe that everyone who reads this actually did it and Schooner is still ahead!
Hope Town Hall makes it!

Michal says:


M@ says:

Voted again…that **** schooner…

Øyvind says:

Voted today as well :D

Mike says:

That’s another (third) vote from me – good luck!

Dustin says:

Voted again, sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I only got to vote twice.

Alex says:

Placed my third vote…hope Town Hall gets it…good luck Chase!

CMDVisuals says:

voted the third time now (advantage of beeing in an other time zone). But town hall is still second place. Dammit.

Andreas Ott says:

voted today again

Timo G. says:

Voted for the 3rd time now… 2nd place with 18% vs. 19% for that Schooner thing…

CMDVisuals says:

Voted the second time.

Kuba says:

Voted 3rd time, cheers :)

Jenny Grand says:

The Adventuress is a worthy competitor, but I love photography and the arts more, so I voted for Town Hall. Also believe more people, with a greater variety of interests, will benefit from the grant to Town Hall.
Thanks for drawing attention to a great cause.

I was able to vote for the third time for the Town Hall and I see it is still in second place so I hope more people will vote for it to win. Last day to vote.

Voted again today also.

Jakob says:

Hi Chase,

I triple voted for the townhouse from Denmark. Not that I care about the townhouse or Seattle as such, but I am all for all things that keep inspiring you, so you in turn can keep inspiring through your work.


Beltpotter says:

Double turbo voted.

Costas Kontarinis says:

Great thing you are doing Chase. You have my vote!

Dave Cruikshank says:

You got my vote today and tomorrow. Hope you win!

Adam says:

Voted. Good luck!

Christoph says:

Just voted again! You just need 1% to winn. Good luck!

Phil says:

Voted. Sounds like a neat place!

Kevin says:

Just saw this & voted. I hope it wins. Sink that schooner.

Glen says:

Voted. Goodluck.

Ron Verba says:

Once again, VOTED…lets do this!!!

Matt Geiser says:

Voted… all tied up at 18%… I gotta go recruit some help.

saejro says:

Glad to help. It looks like town hall is tied for first place with 18%.

Town Hall Seattle

Votes: 18%

Gabe says:


Chris Biele says:

Cool. Way to put your social muscle behind something that matters so much! I voted and I hope it helped. Funny, I lived in and around Seattle for a few years and haven’t been to the Town Hall. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m back.

Dena Warmus says:

I am so excited to have voted for such an incredible cause!

back tuesday and voted again :o) Good Luck!

Greg says:

Voted again today. Hoping this sends some karma my way. Last Wednesday I was doored riding my bike to work, denting my MacbookPro and smashing my external hard drive. That hurts me more than my broken wrist. At this point I’m not above looking for a hand out.

Hope the votes help.

Nathan says:

I voted!! and I will keep voting!

Ed says:

I just voted. I really hope you win. People need a place like Town Hall!

Chris says:

I just voted for Town Hall Seattle…thanks for doing this awesome giveaway…

Dina says:

Been voting most every day. Glad you are promoting this!! I’m a huge fan of Town Hall!

Kate Hailey says:

Voted again today, it appears to be neck ‘n’ neck!

Ben says:

I’ve added my vote to the list, fingers crossed

sai says:

done and done!

still looks like a tie at 18%

good luck!

I keep voting, doing what I can to help!

Chris Ward says:

I voted a couple of times. Still tied at 18%. Gonna be close.

Richard says:

Voted again – the % is tied as of right now!

Cynthia Wood says:

Hey Chase,

I just voted again – looks like Town Hall and Schooner Adventures are still neck and neck with 18% of the votes each. Tight race!?

I did want to mention, however, that even though I clicked on the “please don’t contact me” box I’ve already started getting emails from the National Preservation Society (or whatever it’s called)… :(

Fingers crossed for Town Hall Seattle! I want to go there next time I go visit my folks in Mill Creek.


Rick Yazwinski says:

and again :)

Joel says:

just voted again and it looks there is a tie for 1st place at the moment

Ben Walker says:

another vote today. It is still running second. going to have to increase my blog exposure. Thanks again.

eli Greengart says:

I voted. This world is an incredible place. It is amazing to think that I who live in Baltimore, MD and don’t really even know what I am voting for have a say in who wins this competition. Good Luck Town Hall Seattle

Randy says:


Juan Pons says:


Glad to help for a good cause. I voted!


Sam says:

I voted.

Mark says:

I voted.

Bill Campbell says:

I voted, good luck Town Hall!

lucy berry says:

I voted.

Scott Clark says:

I voted, twice so far.

Stuart Nafey says:

Tuesday vote is in! Catching up.

Devin says:

Plopped another vote down…. we are so close!

jozer says:

town hall Seattle has one more vote. will vote again tomorrow. good luck.

Alex Penny says:

just voted. had some trouble yesterday. its neck and neck!!

Lucas Edwards says:

Just voted again. I think it is such a good thing that everyone can participate in taking decisions!!! Wish we had something like that here where I live (EU) :S But keep up the votes people. We are up on 18% :) Great job everyone! Now, lets take the lead :P and keep up the vibes
>>> Ps. again. Remember to vote every day! This is vital :)

Al Overdrive says:

I see your back in seocnd place :) well, tied first at 18%… lets hope my vote helps

Ian M says:

+1 vote.

John says:

Another vote for a great cause.

Lisa says:

Hey Chase-
Voting again to help your cause! :)

Ricer says:

This is awesome. Great to see so many people helping an important location. And how awesome for you to have such a profound impact. I wish I could see more of this here in the midwest. I had to vote; hopefully the good vibes will become contagious.

KevinatMJS says:

Voted! and will do so daily..

Voted Again!!

Good Luck

Nathan Smith says:

Alrighty!! Did my Tuesday vote for both me and my wife!! Glad to see that it is at least tied at 18% instead of being behind like it was yesterday. One more day yo get my vote on.. I’ll be there!

Bwade says:

Voted again, town hall is now tied with the schooner.

Adam Castonguay says:

Voted! Will vote tomorrow too! Love your stuff Chase. Funny thing is I was thinking of buying an external drive!

Voted, coming from a professional music background this one is really important. Way to go man.

eric says:

voted again!

Alice C says:

voted for today :)

sandi says:

VOTED! sending another dozen or so votes your way!!

eric says:

I voted, its tied with the schooner adventures with 18%!

Dustin says:


Leo says:


Mary Kate Pullman says:

I voted!

Silas Otero says:

Another 2 votes in from Brazil…

Tied up in 1st.. :-)

Rob Arora says:

Voted again today… the race is on!

Tim Kang says:

I voted. I’ll get my friends in on it too.

I voted again today and I see the Town Hall is up to 18% tied for first which is great news.

J. Scott Clouse says:

Voted. Good luck.

PB says:

I voted and will vote again tomorrow. I hope you guys getting it, its tied up right now.

David R. says:

I voted today.

KB says:

voted again. good luck.

Anthony S says:

I voted! I’ll vote tomorrow too and hope that they win.

Meghan Manahan says:

My dad Chuck ask me to vote to help you, so I did. I will again tommorrow !!

Patty Manahan says:

My husband Chuck asked me to vote…so I did…good luck. He reads your blog religously…

ashely b says:

I voted. Good luck on this project!!

whitney b says:

I voted for you and asked others to do the same!! Good Luck

MikeD says:

Got my revote in. Still in second place with both showing 18%.

J. Johnson says:

Moved to Seattle back in October of last year and have not yet been to Town Hall, but will make sure to do so now that I know what a great place it is!

I voted and hope to vote again tomorrow. Good luck, Town Hall!

Todd says:


carol says:

I voted and asked others to do the same. Good luck! carol

Chuck Manahan says:

Voted…fellow Nikon user would love to hear about the Nikon D-3, (x), (s) comparisons. Love my 2.8 zoom VR lens.

jen berry says:

day 2. voted again. bam!

Jay says:

I’ve voted now. (now that the site’s working again)

Elliot J says:

Put another vote in. We’re tied up with schooner adventures now!!

Max Monn says:

Vote #3 :) We’re getting close!!

Just voted again while in a calendaring meeting. Town Hall Seattle at 18% now! Gotta pass that scooner.

James Stoneley says:

Just voted again. Looks like your call to arms is making a difference. Fingers crossed it tips the balance.

Hugo says:

Done voted, best of luck with this project.

Sue says:

I wish they could ALL get the money! -but two reasons I voted for Town Hall are 1) 350 events per year- that’s something happening almost every single day!
2) more importantly- all events are $5 or less! -what good is a cultural center if it’s not accessible to the whole community, not just to those who can afford to enjoy it. Every community should have a place like Town Hall :)

Amesh says:

I voted today…

hellopaul says:

Voted. Good luck! Hope Town Hall Seattle will win! ;)

jedrocero says:

Voted! Go Town Hall Seattle! Will vote again tomorrow for sure.

Jason Meaux says:

What’s with this effing Schooner? Voted yet again… surely thought we would have advanced to 18% alone. Looks like it’s time to call the reinforcements. My staff will be “urged” to vote today and tomorrow during every break. Aww yeah, we’s bout ta get gangsta up in here!

aaron says:

Voted. good luck

Matt Miles says:

I voted via iPhone on the Gondala to the top of Blackcomb Whistler. whoop whoop

Bryan Alfiler says:

Voted..will vote tomorrow too.

Martin C says:

Chase, j`ai placer mon vote. Merci :)

Jack says:

Voted! Tied 18%!

Tracy Brewer says:


Voted today once more!

Andreas Ott says:

voted today

shbmwmc says:

Getting’ there… Voted today and will again. Glad to help.

John says:

Hey Chase, I voted hope this puts it in the bag!

Nathan says:

Voted again! Let’s do this thing!

khuncho says:

Voted today again from singapore :) wow.. we are in 18 %.. same with “boat”.We just need some more,right?

Voted. Looks to be a tied at 18%

Gregoire Bolduc says:

I voted again today… along with a number of other folks I bet! But it’s a great cause…

Arne says:

Got my vote too.

Ed says:

Got my vote! It is a close race right now. Only 1% behind. With a little effort we should be able to overtake ‘em.

HI Chase & gang;)

Well here you have a Danish vote to support the cultural community of Seattle. If I´m the lucky winner I´ll pass the 2TB on to a project in need of some hardware. The project is of Your choice from the cultural community of your home town :)

………and thanks for sharing your work and passion with the rest of us !


dave says:

I just voted. Seattle Town Hall sounds like a very cool place.

James says:

I voted for town hall seattle because it sounds like it is the bees knees.

Simon Mills says:

Voted again today, still a pesky 1% behind…

I voted… good luck!

Bass Grace says:

It’s a great honor voting for you, hope the projects around Seattle will be a great success! Keep up the fantastic and VERY inspiring work Chase Jarvis – I’m amazed!

Peace and harmony
– Grace

Bass Grace says:

Oh, I totally forgot! I’m voting with the Edwards’s – Oliver Edwards showed me this fabulous topic!

stefan says:

voted :)

Voted again… must beat the boat people!

Tyler Austin says:

DAY 2 voting and tweeting completed! :)

Ben Benefiel says:

Voted again. Down by a percent. Keep ‘em coming.

Joel Woo says:

I voted again today.

Ira says:

Voting daily!

Haluro says:

Voted. and will vote again.
Thank you Chase!

M@ says:

voted again…hope it helps.

JustinC says:

Voted again.

proxima says:

Voted today and will vote tomorrow. It’s a pity that I couldn’t read this post earlier.

Øyvind says:

Voted! Again..

Mark says:

Voted ;)

J Edwards says:

Yeah Oliver Edwards and I will tweet again, just need a couple percent more :D Best of luck!

Oliver Edwards says:

This is getting rather tedious, come on need more votes for Seattle, will tweet more!

John says:

Good Morning,

I voted and I hope the Town Hall wins, it’s very close now!

All the best,


Alex says:

Voted again!…keep this going guys!..it’s still a 1% difference….

web traffic says:

voted! I hope you win!

Chris Hood says:


Looks like a real national treasure, would love to visit sometime. Maybe when I get some funds together, it’s a long way from the UK. :P

Jochen Reimers says:

Just voted today

Mike says:

that’s another vote from me in the bag…

… looks like you may have some competition though: http://schooneradventuress.blogspot.com/2010/04/vote-for-boat.html

“Thats not a schooner, its a sailboat…” <— movie trivia

Anyways… just droppin by to say I voted again pre-midnight and post-midnight using 3 different email addresses, and will do again tomorrow…or whenever it will let me again. Good luck!

Borys says:

Voted again..Sent an announcement to all my FB friends..hopefully it spreads.

Jo Gorsky says:

Voted !

I hope you get it !

And voted again (doing it every day) :)

dunster says:

we are voting every day, but someone votes for that “boat” too :-)

Kuba says:

Voted today again :)

Noam says:

It was my pleasure to vote for Town Hall Seattle.

Maybe you should try to post this request on Shutterstock’s forum. SS togs are always happy to help a fellow tog.


Mitchell says:

I voted. Always happy to help a worthy cause. Glad you do things like this. Keep it up! Will vote tomorrow too.

J Atkinson says:


Ian M says:

Voted again. We can beat the schooner.

Michael P. Majewski says:

I voted!! Seems like such a great place…

Great looking place, looks very deserving of the money. Voted, and will try to vote Tues. and Wed. as well.

jen berry says:

Trifecta in progress. day 1 voted. check.

Voted and posted to Facebook, Twitter and Myspace for others to vote. Also will be voting on everyday as well. Hope we win! Thanks for the opportunity to give back!

JohnC says:

Happy to lend a hand to support a worthy cause of yours.

Christoph says:

Voted again ;-)

Matt says:

Voted. Hope they can squeeze into the number 1 spot!

Peter Mahar says:

Hey I love what you are doing here man, my grandfather also has a great passion for the town hall. Thanks for helping them out

Arne says:

Hey Chase, voted from sunny (well a bit wet actually) South Africa!

Voted ! Haven’t yet been to Seattle but honestly, it looks like the town hall is just the kinda place I’d head for. With all the sway you’ve got online, it makes me wonder how the Schooner (which does also look pretty cool) has done so well !

Devin says:

Voted, twittered, facebooked it! Almost wrote in on my face with a sharpie… but… no. Would that help?

wally says:

voted. Good luck. thanks for the opportunity to give back.

Ron Verba says:

Just VOTED again….keep the dream alive.. =)

jeffkran says:

Thanks Chase!

Voted and Twittered

All the way from Down Under – Australia

Fingers crossed Chase


Dahby says:

Happy to help Chase. Just voted!

Moshe says:

voted. now, thank you Chase!

(seems like the re-vote is a feature, not a bug, as they are saying: “Thanks for voting! Come back tomorrow and vote again.”)

Johnnyflash says:

Hey Chase! I voted and posted it to my FB too.. good luck… I will vote again!

Squid says:

VOTED! and will vote all week.

jon alcala says:

I voted all three days and convinced those in my college computer lab to do so also! thanks for the inspiration!!!

Greg says:


I’ll put the word out to my network, hope it makes the difference.

Hankk says:

Voted — good luck!

I’ve totally voted yesterday an today an will vote all through Wednesday. The voting site is a bookmark on my iPhone lol. I have all the people I work with at a local camera shop voting too! As well as our regular customers! I hope you win!!!!!

Mark says:

Voted.. which was a toughie ‘cos I’m a boat person, but I figure you put enough good content out there to buy me ;o)

Chris says:

Got my vote, that such a cool building, been there a few times.. I live in portland!

Brett Cox says:

That was harder than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t expect everything to be Seattle based. Haven’t lived there in years, but deep in my hear I hope someday I will call it home again.

Brian says:

Voted. Cool project. Thanks for pointing it out.

Mike says:

Voted! Glad to support a good cause.

Anthony says:

Voted today! Seems like a great place that is deserving of the grant.

Will vote tomorrow and Wednesday as well.


Jen Lapuz says:

hope the votes get the grant.

Eric says:

One vote in!

Glad to do my part, best of luck.

Kevin says:

Voted! Good luck Chase!

Adam says:

just voted again!

Lance Hill says:

You got my vote! Thanks for your continued inspiration Chase!

Consider it done.

Quite an amazing building. There’d be some good panoramas in there I’m sure.

Drake Miller says:

voted loved your photography you have inspired me to learn lighting and im only 13

Kyle Rose says:

Hey Chase, voted!
Thanks for inspiring me to get a little deeper into iPhone photography and photography in general.

tripleman says:

Voted. Happy to oblige.

steveferro says:

great response from the community. just voted in the last two days 6 times….three different email accounts….wink:) lets do it!!!

Alton M says:

Voted. Will vote again tomorrow.

Mark says:

Voted! Hope you ship to Oz!!

Gil says:

I said to myself as I read this, that I wouldn’t vote for anything unless I thought it deserved to win.

So I took a look first at the front-runners, and well, I do believe Town Hall Seattle should win.

Voted and voting daily.

Brian K says:

I like that you’re always getting out there and putting your energy toward good causes. I definitely voted.

chris bianco says:

voted, poasted on facebook and got 2 friends so far to vote :D

its places like this that allow our world (and especially the artistic community) to thrive and grow. gotta be thankful we have places like this!!

good luck with the votes!

Benedetta says:

voted -great cause

Voted! Will be asking my students to vote too. We could use some disk space.

eric says:

voted !

Hood Whitson says:

Historic Preservation + Cultural Invigoration, I am all about it.

Just voted, posted on my wall to rope in my friends, be back tomorrow. Good Luck getting your votes!

dgwilli says:


Morgana says:

I vote – great idea and a great cause :)

MikeD says:

Got my vote in… I love townhall been there a few times.

N. Brisbane says:


Elliot J says:

Voted!! And will do the same tomorrow and Wednesday

dave says:

looks like we’re still trailing but i voted and will do so again tom.

Max Monn says:

Vote #2.

Check :)

David says:


Chris Sharps says:

Voted! Good luck with it Chase. Hope your push works! Keep the great blog posts coming!

Sandy says:

The site doesn’t like the Chrome Browser, but having lived in Seattle I’m happy to support the Town Hall.

Joel says:

Got my vote for today.

Jaron says:

It’s great to see how you get involved with these things that can have a change for good. Usually I would be hesitant to do any of these types of things online, as there’s so many scams out there. But you are a person I feel I can trust. So I’ll vote each day to do my part. (Plus, you get bonus points for the video, photographers are suckers for something visual)
Keep up the good work, and I’ll past on the link to all my friends so they can do theirs.

Kaleb Goff says:

I voted, and i got my whole family to vote! +4 chase, hope we win!

Carolyn says:

I voted! What a fantastic cause! I will get my friends to vote too. :-)

ZachWagner says:

Vote # 2! They were in 2nd place at 17% of the votes. It’s looking good!

dennis says:


PBJ Studios says:

Hi Chase!!! I just Voted.

SW says:

I voted.

Voted! Sounds like a great cause, hope it works out for you!

Voted hope the town hall wins

LOlsen says:

Just voted!!! Awesome.

Ben Campbell says:

All the best chase, I voted!

Nic Blanco says:

Wow, what a phenomenal foundation!

I just voted!

Randy says:

I voted

bjørn says:

I voted for your townhall

Dsturgill says:

Glad to lend my support for a great cause. Plan to keep voting till the voting is over. Will try and see if I can recruit some of my hillbilly brothers down here in the south to pitch in as well.

Rick Allen says:

voted again

Stuart Nafey says:

I voted for TownHall on Monday!

jlambert says:

Voted – and good luck with the result. Looks like a very worthwhile cause.

jvalverde says:

Great inicitative, happy to colaborate.

Philip says:

Voted again – – – Hope it helps!

Glicerina says:

Re-voted!! finger crossed!

Gregger says:

Seems like a great cause. Voted and will continue to vote. Keep up the great work you’re doing both behind the camera and in the real world!

Happy to help out

Dustin Shigeno says:

A great organization. Just voted.


Alice C says:

voted again and got my bf and got about 4 of my friends to vote too =]
good luck!!

Krister says:

Voted yesterday, today, and will vote tomorrow. I also sent a link to my brother (a seattle local who plays in a couple bands in the area) so he could get the word out too.

jasoncohen says:

just did it… hope they get selected!

Rashun says:

I voted

baaaah baaaah.. I feel like a sheep but the cause is a great one. It worked for me and I voted.

John says:

I voted. Great idea for a way to support a non-profit!

Rick Yazwinski says:


B says:

I voted with more than one email account!
Still 17% and now Schooners is 18%…

scottsdalejohn says:

Vote yesterday …. it was a tie at 17% at the time of my vote – Good Luck!

Brent Davidson says:

I voted again and saw the Tie at 17%, which means this post is going to help Town Hall win!
Good work guys, will vote again tomorrow!

Yo Kamiya says:

VOTED~! I only discovered your blog about 2 weeks ago but so far its been awesome. Good Luck

Voted. Good luck!

Sean says:

I just got in today but I’ll be voting today (when I can get the site to work) as well as Tuesday and Wednesday.

Great way to get the community in there Chase.

Angelo says:

Hi, I’m voting each day!

GP Martin says:

Hey Chase, Judging by the server error, your blog post is making waves. Will try again later, hope it works out for you and your community.


Matt Raven says:

Damn, hadn’t finished voting when posted above – also server error “500”

aaron says:

tried to vote, website shows internal server error.
will try again later.

Matt Raven says:

Voted.. Good luck promoting this deserving cause..

Dmitri says:


Daniel Gregory says:

voted, great building and history, walk by it everyday on way to work. would love to see it restored.

Chuck Griffin says:

Just voted, good luck!

Michal says:

just voted…. wishing the best of luck…

Andrew King says:

i voted today and will be back to vote again tomorrow! best of luck with it all.

JustinC says:

Voted again!

Done! Glad to help. Make sure you add this to your fbook page, too.

My Mondays vote went for your Town Hall Seattle, so lets see if we can get it into the number one spot.

Theis says:

Just went on a lot of friends spam block for sending info on this but I sure hope it helps your case.

One vote from me and hopefully more from my friends :)


Joe Horvath says:

Chase man, thanks for the heads up on this! Great cause

nuudles says:

i voted! good luck town hall!

kennakphoto says:

servers back up after your fan base flooded the site! have been voting for Town Hall all along & will continue to do so daily. Town Hall = essential part of Seattle culture! Thanks for spreading the word Chase.

Denley Wong says:

Voted. =)

Bryan Miller says:

VOTED!!! If they win, see if they will throw in some Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh…………….???

Matt Geiser says:

Voted again!

W.Murliak says:

My guesthost cmdvisuals told me to vote, so I voted. But Town Hall is still in second place.

Lucas Edwards says:

The Edwards gang is voting for the town hall every day.

>>>>>GO SEATTLE :D huh huh huh

Chris says:

Go Town Hall!

Lisa says:

Ok, I got my vote in for Town Hall Seattle! Thanks for adding the contest, I would love some GTech gear…:)

Nik says:

I voted, and (being a daytime cubicle-cowboy) will vote daily!

Blair says:


Count one more vote for the cause!

Vote again today whilst chillax’n at the beach with the wife and kid!

jasonschafer says:

i voted today! rock the vote

Joachim Kristensen says:

Voted. Hopes that a single vote in the sea of many will help a bit :)

Mid0 says:

Voted for it. Don’t forget to come tomorrow and vote again. I got here from a B&H Tweet. I’m glad I found this.

James Stoneley says:

Just voted, hope it helps.

Voted! I fully support and love cultural centers such as this! There are an important addition to any city.

Andrew says:

okay…finally success, I’ve voted.

jason says:

just voted. best of luck!

Silas Otero says:

Vote in from Brazil… Loved the idea of using other e-mail, gonna do that to….

Hope you guys get the funds…

I´ll Be Back!!!! Tomorrow… :-)

KevinBreckenridge says:

Done, and Done.

I took a historic preservation class a while back, pretty interesting stuff. Best of luck!

Justin G says:

Definitely voted for Town Hall! Good luck with all of this!

Phong says:

I voted. Crossing my fingers for Town Hall.

Mr.J.Edwards says:

I voted. Good luck Town Hall.

Zapplegate says:

I made my vote! I’ll definitely be voting everyday till it’s over

Jason says:

voted! good luck, and props for supporting a great organization!

Joshua says:

I voted twice (different emails) AND I did it while eating a PB+J. Gotta love the internet!

Lisa says:

I am trying to vote, but I can’t see the list. It says 500-Internal Server Error….I will keep trying to vote for Town Hall though :)

Jay says:

Trying to vote. Server is down. Guess you have too many followers? :) 500 – Internal Server Error

markzero says:

I crashed the server voting ☺ Will keep checking back.

Voted this morning, now off to school to spread the word. Good luck and karma be with you!

Amesh says:

Phew!! finally the site is back up and running. I voted for Town Hall and I am getting friends to join in too :)

Phill says:

go go voting rangers do de do do do do… uh by the way I voted if you weren’t sure!

Brandon Leong says:

voted, hope it wins!

Jerry Carney says:

Voted! Will vote Tuesday and Wednesday.

Donald says:

boom. voted

Andrew says:

I want to vote, and I intend to vote given the opportunity, but right now the site is displaying “500 – Internal Server Error” whenever I try and vote…looks like Mr. Jarvis brought too many visitors to the site.

Daniel Yee says:

Just voted!

Let’s get back on top!

Viktor Enns says:

today’s vote: check

Bruce Buck says:

Just voted. Way to get people motivated! :)

Had not thought about the time-difference, so when I tried to vote this morning CET, it was still the same day as late last night CET.
But now (nearly 6 pm CET) it worked again!

Adam says:

1 more vote from the UK, will do so again through Wednesday.

Only 1% behind people, come on :)

tony s says:

i just voted, hope you guy get the grant

Ernie Sears says:

I voted for the Town Hall too!

Chad Johnson says:

Just voted. Good luck!

Jordan Steele says:

Ok Chase…I voted again this morning and also posted the link on a sports message board that I belong to and asked all of them to vote as well.

These guys love nothing more than to win a good online voting contest so I’m hoping they can put Town Hall over the hump and into first place for good!

Tom says:

Hey Chase, Just voted. Definitely a worthwhile cause. Cheers

Trevor says:

Just voted. Go Town Hall!

maui says:


raminka says:

Ok Chase……let’s win this bucks for good….!!!

Anonymous says:

VOTED! Good luck!

khuncho says:

I have just discovered you last week.I love your passion for your work and in helping your community.I voted for arts too…

gcmandrake says:

A vote from Colorado. Good cause.

Nathan Smith says:

Just voted again for both me and my wife. +2
Went back to 1% away again… bummer. Still 2 more days though!! :)

Dylan THomas says:

Just voted and will continue to do so. Good luck!

reid says:

voted. YUP.

Greg says:

Just voted. Great video by the way.

DickHollander says:

Voted! and will vote again!!

“Thanks for voting! Come back tomorrow and vote again”
Town Hall Seattle
Votes: 17%

Scruggs says:

17%… Sorry I couldn’t tip the scales, but we’ll see what the next few days can do for ya. Good luck!

reg says:

I voted. I feel sorry for the ones with only 2 % tho!!

will says:

Just voted — hope this works out for you

K.C. says:

I voted for the Town Hall

Juan says:

Just voted….anything for the arts:)

Clay says:

Voted. Town Hall is second with 17% of the vote as of 9:30 Central time.

Darren says:

Town Hall got my vote! I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet, but this seems to be a great way to keep it preserved so when I do want to visit, it’ll still be standing. Good luck with it to everyone involved.

Keep on, keepin’ on.

Jesse says:

I voted.

Chase, think it’s cool that you are passionate about supporting your community, as well as the wider photo community. All kinds of awesome.

Jeff says:

I Voted. Good luck Town Hall.

Matt says:

Schooner adventures is so much cooler. Lets be real here.

Pat Bolduc says:

I voted! I really hope they get it!

Heck yeah I voted! I love Town Hall-great space, and they have so many wonderful events there!

Wade says:

Hey Chase!

I voted for the Town Hall, and I’ll make sure to do so each day until Wednesday. Here’s to hoping!


Matt Duke says:

Hi Chase,

I’ve voted for the Town Hall.


Gregory Tran says:

voted for the Town Hall

good luck!

Richard says:

Chase, you share so much of your craft with the photographic community through your blog, live shoots etc etc so happy to repay your kindness with a vote for the next 3 days for the Town Hall.

John says:

Voted. Well done Chase.

Wade says:

Voted. Lets do this…..

David says:

Looks fantastic. I voted

Michael says:

Sounds like a great place. Voted.

Filip says:

so voted again but it seems to be a close fight. still 1 % behind but now w/ 17%.
hope you guys will make it! send this link to my friends now – maybe i get them to vote as well ;)

Ken Toney says:

Chase, I voted and will continue for you guys. Looks like y’all are in second place right now!

Catarina Cabrita says:

Just voted for Town Hall Seattle, hope they can win the grant, keep on and develop the innumerous cultural activitites.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow guys.

Good luck Chase and just post it in my twitter too

Tyler says:

This is an awesome cause, I got my entire family to vote!

Mike Postel says:

Sounds like a really good cause! Count my vote in!

Sandy Baum says:

Don’t know if this is the correct mode to respond to your request, but
wanted you to know that I voted for your favorite preservation project.
Living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I see preservation as an unending
process. Good luck in your quest.

Geoff Moore says:

Lucky to live in historic Boston. Happy to help friends in Seattle.

I voted, I tweeted, and I am posting on FB. Lets get you some cash.

Geoff Moore says:

Lucky to live in historic Boston. Happy to help friends in Seatte.

Gregoire Bolduc says:

It seems like a very worthy project. so I registered and voted! And who couldn’t use extra storage? lol

Aaron says:

voted. wish we had a spot like this in my town.

Jason Meaux says:

Got my vote… daily!

Thanks for directing your energy to the right places Chase!

Inspiring in more ways than one.

Alex Taylor says:

Gladly – will try to remember to vote tomorrow as well.

David says:

Done. Got support coming from NYC and Texas. Nice work Chase.

Ben Benefiel says:

Way to raise the army for a worthy cause, Chase. Voted.

I love Seattle and I love this venue. I voted juat a minute ago (yay tied for first!) and will do so again tomorrow and Wednesday.

Justin Horton says:

Another vote … good luck!

Very cool! I voted. Still tied at 17% but in the second position on the rankings. Might just create a few more accounts to keep voting.

Øyvind says:


Stephen says:

What happens if the dead heat goes to the end?

Good luck and twitted (or whatever that’s called)

Kuba says:

Nice place to be saved. Just voted.

Joel Woo says:

I’ve voted.

Cynthia Wood says:

Just cast my first vote…(which means I intend to return)! Looks like Town Hall is currently tied for first with Schooner Adventures. (Schooner Adventures…?) Go Town Hall Seattle!

Tyler Austin says:

I VOTED! I also gave it ALL the Twitter and Facebook love I could to spread it! :)

Thanks Chase … Voted

BrunoSenna says:

just voted!!! good luck!!!! yeahhhhh

EWS says:

I voted, sounds like a good cause, good luck!

Andy says:

Good sir, I have voted. I plan on voting often =D Peace!

Susan says:

After my vote, I see the top two are now tied at 17%- good luck!

Jeff says:

I voted.

Danny says:

I’ve voted. A place like this should be preserved well. Good luck.

Alex says:

Just voted….glad to help the Preservation Chase!

Brian Davis says:

This sounds like an awesome thing to be a part of. I love organizations like this. I voted immediately. Great idea Chase!

Kir says:

voted. Have to win over Schooner Adventuress

Abraxas says:

just voted

good luck from Budapest, Hungary

David says:

I sir have voted – and if you remind me again – I will vote again… Good cause.

Kat says:

You do so much for the photographic community across the country, how could I not lend you a hand and vote?

I voted – good luck!

ScottMackenzie says:

Voted! Will tweet message. I need all the Karma I can get. Thanks!

Brendan Schlagel says:


Mark Gambol says:

Happy to help with a vote. Good luck. More votes on the way I’m sure.

rudy hayden says:

just voted. hope it wins!

Oliver Edwards says:

Yes the Edwards gang and I helping since yesterday through wednesday, will tweet for you!

Mike says:

Sounds like a good cause to me – I’ve voted too.


after my contribution, Seattle town hall is tied for first place with 17% of the votes.

Good luck !

Ken Stead says:

Voted – great choice among a lot of worth candidates. Glad to see you haven’t lost your historical buildings like so many areas.

Jeff Shaffer says:

Great idea! Voted today, my wife voted today, will vote tomorrow thru Wed.
It already appears to be working for Town Hall. I hope it succeeds!

Aali says:


flo-o-rama says:

just voted again and we’re first ex-aequo with 17%! way to go!

I voted , I faced booked , I tweeted good luck

Andrés says:

done son!….unless the phrase is strictly “i just voted”…then…i just voted, chase.

Benjamin Schneider says:

Just voted – and will vote again until wednesday!

J Edwards says:

Indeed Oliver Edwards & I will help you out, crossing fingers for you ;)

Denis says:

I just voted for the observatory… alas is one at the bottom of the list :(

Mike Lao says:

i just voted!

Michel says:

I voted today and yesterday and told my friends to vote too. good luck

Vetle says:

Voted! Good luck to you and the Town Hall, Chase!

Joao Rechena says:

Just voted, made it to 17% paired with Schooner Adventuress.
Regards and will vote again tomorrow.

Great cause. I voted, good luck!

Voted again today!

federico gnoli says:

i’ve voted! hope to see the town hall one day!!!

Anonymous says:

I’ve voted!! hope to see the town hall one day!!!!!

Game Critic says:

G-tech hard-drive FTW!!!

I’ve VOTED, rock on Chase!

cflee says:

I’ve voted. Good luck!

Just voted. The big boat and Town Hall Seattle are still tied at 17%. Will vote again tomorrow and the day after that.

Anthony Plummer says:

Voted from Australia Chase. Good luck mate.

Just voted! Great non-profit here in Seattle! Will definitely recruit some friends!

Philippe Khodara says:

Hey Chase,

We will win this !

Voted !



Hey Chase. voted today and yesterday from across the pond and will continue to vote daily. Seems like this is working, town hall now in second place but on the same 17% of votes as the winner……. hopefully your followers can bump it up!

janhendrikhanschke says:

Voted from here in Germany :-) Glad to help!

Darren Smith says:

Just voted. Good luck. Send some of that photographic hardware out Africa’s way. We need it as much as any-one.
BTW: Why’d I vote for Seattle Town Hall. Well, I visited it some years ago, when on a trip to Seattle. Its local heritage worth preserving. And its a personal memory.

Mark says:

Done & Done from Lancashire , UK – now can you do a similar kind of vote assist for our political swamp here in the UK!

Daf says:

Worth noting – need to press “Vote” after clicking on Seattle town hall.

Daf says:

Woo – and you can vote every day!
After voting it said “Thanks for voting! Come back tomorrow and vote again.”

Hey Chase,

Just voted! Looks like Town Hall Seattle is starting to pick up some momentum. Best of luck to the Town Hall!

Steven Willemsen says:

I voted, and so did my brother and my girlfriend

AJ Kessler says:

Hey Chase, happy to rope some friends in to help out for this. Thanks for continuing to produce such an inspirational blog.

Tony Rogers says:

Voted today from London, UK.

Christoph says:

Just voted from the Netherlands. Good luck!

Timo G. says:

Placed my vote from germany for today…
i like your effort and am happy to be able to support…

Dennis says:

I´m highly impressed by your engagemant, it really sounds like something that needs to be preserved! Just Voted!!! Roll on guys and greetings from the southcoast of Portugal!

Sheila says:


Voted town hall from Blackpool UK.. :-)
(Thanks to Chase Jarvis and Twitter)

Robert says:

voted you are at 17%. Should I let you know when I vote tomorrow?

Jesse Watson says:

Voted! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and charity you show.

Jerome Bitun says:

Just voted. I love your passion for your work and in helping your community.

David says:

vote vote voted.

Paul Hodgson says:

Chase – done from over here in th UK

Jason says:

Thanks for all of your efforts chase you truly give back. I am a daily reader of your blog and you have been really helpful in helping me find my creativity thx. I gladly voted for Seattle town hall.

Chris says:

I voted every day, and made my friends vote too – hooray for Town Hall!

Carolina says:

I voted. I hope the Town Hall wins, it sounds like a truly significant cultural corner stone for you up there!

Gunder Perez says:

just voted. made it a tied with the big boat…. hehehe (“,)
how many votes can we make per day?

Marco says:

Man, I have just discovered you last weekend and now I am really impressed with how much fun you have doing what everybody else calls it work!

Big Love everybody, from London

Jan Pirgl says:

A vote from the Czech Republic. Good luck.

Maya says:

Just voted. Like the little promo video.

Steve ferro says:

Hey I voted I hope we win. I love alot of the bands and hip hop cats from Seattle . Good luck

Christoph van Lent says:

Voted today from The Netherlands. Town Hall Seatte is at 17% right now. Good Luck!

My vote is in…mahalo for the inspiration.

marcus grip says:

I voted! AND i will also send this to over 1000 photo students in my online class forum and also on facebook and twitter so as many as possible can help your community. Last, i want to thank you for giving so much to us that visits your blog here.


Done and done. Happy to help.

Giules says:

Voted! Good luck :)

Erik Van says:

Been voting the whole time. This is very nice of you!

CMDVisuals says:

I voted, too. 1st and 2nd are even by votes now.

Basim says:

Voted. Town Hall tied at 17% with Schooner Adventures.

Thanks for the heads up. I actually just drove by town hall and told my wife how excited I was to take her there when we move to Cap Hill this summer (as she hasn’t had the opportunity to see it’s beauty). It wasn’t until a Rosie Thomas Christmas concert two years ago that I even knew Town Hall wasn’t a political place but I must admit that it has quickly become my favorite venue in the city. They got my vote tonight and they’ll get my vote until the vote closes. Hopefully all my friends will follow your lead and Town Hall will finish first on Wed. Thanks again for the work you do outside of your actual job.

ZachWagner says:

Great cause! I voted! :)

Jason L says:

I voted today, will vote tomorrow, and wednesday for sure. I am more of a musician than an photography (but still love photography a whole lot) and I think venues like this that help give artists a place to express themselves is great to keep alive. That’s just my opinion. I really do hope it stays up and thanks Chase for giving back. You have inspired me in so many ways to give back as well.


Adam M says:

Voted, town hall tied at 17%…

Juan Carlos H says:

Vote is in!… Tied for first as of now! … the power of social media is flourishing

Mikko Männistö says:


Jerem Toth says:

Just voted, I am over here in New Zealand but hey! Its the least I can do to help you out Chase for all that you give. Good luck!

Doug King says:

I voted and shared this on FB

Nicole C. says:

Chase- thanks for using your Star Power for good!

Seth says:

Just Voted. Thanks!

Sy Stepanov says:

The vote is in, Chase wins!!

Jansen says:

Signed Seal and Delivered! (voted)


Mali says:

Just voted! And it looks like it’s a tie now… It will win by Wed! :)

Richard says:

I voted! Good luck

jonjon01 says:

Just voted, your support of Seattle and the photographic community is the best.

Adam says:

“I Pity the fool that doesn’t take this chance to vote and win” Its a close race! Great idea Chase. Go TOWN HALL SEATTLE!!!

Jacob says:

Submitted my Vote! Love your support.

Scott says:

Just voted — and I’ll vote again early and often. i love Town Hall Seattle’s programming, just wish I lived close enough to get there more frequently. Hope they win, ’cause they deserve it!

Scott says:

Voted! Will do it each day!

Katie says:

Hey! Voted all the way from Oz… good luck Town Hall! Looks like a fab place :)

Jim Denham says:

Just voted Chase. Hope Town Hall wins!

Narelle says:

Done :)

Andy says:

I got your back, Chase. My vote is out there in the interwebs.

Ian M says:

I voted. I’ll have to add the Town Hall as a site to visit on my road trip to Seattle this summer.

Nathan Roe says:

I voted.
will try to remember to vote tomorrow and so on.

Nathan Smith says:

I voted and so did my wife! + 2

I’ll do my best to have us both vote for the next couple of days too!

Mihai T says:

Yup, that voting app is from the past. But I did vote, and it’s a tie at 17% right now.

tracy smith says:

voted today, setting alarm to remember to vote rest of the time too. Moving to Seattle soon and hope to be able to check things out @town hall when I get here, very cool you’re so tuned into the community. I am in town this week for a scouting trip, drove by your studio was going to stop by, but figured no one was there on such a gorgeous sunny Sat afternoon, maybe some other time.

Daniel Evan says:

Voted. Town Hall is at 17%!

Brian Lipps says:

Just voted looks like this is paying off since the Hall is now tied for first.

Bill Millios says:

Voted. Hope you win. Rather have a town hall than a sailboat, even if it is a really nice boat.

Just voted! Good Luck.

I voted yesterday, and will vote today, tomorrow and wednesday. It’s great that you support the Town Hall this way, good luck!

John Nieminen says:

voted, Good Luck on the grant!

Sara says:

Just voted. Didn’t know about Town Hall–obviously I don’t get out enough! :-) It sounds excellent; I’ll keep voting!

Adam Young says:

I voted. I’ll see what I can do to get the wife and family to vote!

I voted! I love great cultural places like this that really have their own life. Hoping to see this place win. I just know it deserves it. Thanks for everything you do Chase, keep it up.

Robbie J says:

I voted! What a cool deal, I’ve been down in California for school but I’m moving back to Seattle in August, I’ll have to come check out the rejuvenated town hall once I’m back in town. Great job gathering support, I’m glad I heard about it!

Warren Brown says:

I voted! Great effort to get this going.

voted. and got everyone in the mac room at uni to vote too (20+)

Town Hall Seattle tied at:

Votes: 17%

Marc C. Johnson says:

Voted happily as a displaced Northwesterner. Hopefully mine will put THS over the top!

Jon says:

Voted, will do it again and again.

Voted! Good luck Seattle Town Hall!

Very admirable of you, Chase to help out like this!

John Grover says:

voted…and have at least 4 friends voting….today and every day till wednesday! It will be cool to see if your twitter networking will bag this for them.

Matt Smith says:

It’s Mothers Day …. & I voted!!

Thanks Chase for always looking out for our community

JF Machado says:

And about to spread it to Twitter and Facebook…

‘Though never been to WA, it’ll be cool to see it when I eventually do.

Mitch reinitz says:

One more vote. Good luck!

Tim D says:

Voted! Fingers crossed for a win!

Kevin Eaton says:

Just Voted….looks like a worthy cause.
I’ll keep voting thru Wed.

Brooke says:

Voted, and will every day till the 13th, looks like a brilliant place, hope to visit one day.

Best of luck Town Hall Seattle

Scot Hinckley says:

Voted. Getting ready to vote again tomorrow.

voted! and i’ll be voting all week too, put it in my outlook and everything.

Bang-a-rang!!! VOTED!!!

Neal Lippman says:

OK, I voted too. The voting site now shows a tie at 17%…

Houser says:

Voted. And FWIW, Chrome on a Mac seems a bit buggy on the voting page. Use Safari instead.

Tim Anderson says:

Voted! Hope we succeed!
-Tim Anderson
Digital Asset Management-Sean Hagwell Inc. Photography

Bernard says:

I voted Chase….good luck!

Steve Hebert says:

I voted! Hope it helps…..

james says:

Voted! I’ll try to remember the next couple of days too.

Ricky says:

voted! good luck!

Sean Hagwell says:

Voted. Big props to you guys for supporting such solid causes.

Marchand says:

Voted! Good luck!

Michael Hurcomb says:


I voted and have thrown it up on my Twitter/Facebook account!

Rich says:

Voted! Good luck!!

David in Seattle says:

I voted! I live in Seattle and support our town hall. Currently at 17%

Mom and Dad says:

Voted today and will follow up Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Town Hall is awesome!

Matt Geiser says:

Voted… tied at 17%…

Jose Echauregui says:

Here’s my vote,hope to hit 18% and more.

Jeff Largent says:

Voted, hope it helped.

Rupert says:


Just voted and got 5 of my closest friends to vote too! Town Hall is still tied at 17%. I’ve been a musician for years and it’s places like that, which keep us strong and willing to keep up the performance love.

Patrick Santos says:

I hope my vote will help. I have spread the word to my friends about this..good luck..


ken says:

I voted too…but almost didn’t because Al Gore was at the Town Hall? Mr. “I Invented The Internet”? LOL.

My vote is in. I’ll keep voting until wednesday and I’ll make sure to get it out on both my twitter and facebook.

Jeremy says:

Voted! Good Luck.

Such a cool project Chase. Voted!

Chase, Good luck! I’ll continue voting for ya the next few days.

Mike Padua says:

Voted! As of this writing, Town Hall was tied with Schooner Adventures at 17%

I love community art venues and have worked all of my adult life to support them, from 924 Gilman Street to our own warehouse concert venue in my hometown completely run by volunteers in my hometown! Go Town Hall!

JM says:

I have voted, I have sent it to a large number of friends, my wife will vote after dinner. My parents will vote some time tonight also.

Mike Greenberg says:

You have my vote- Tied at 17%!

kevin liu says:

voted, now tied for first

Alice C says:

Voted for Seattle! :D Good luck!

Chris says:

In there! Good luck Seattle!

Darshan Nagaraju says:

My vote for you and the Town Hall Seattle Chase!

Albert Luther Kim says:

I voted! Go Town Hall Seatlle!

Greg L says:

Voted. I’m not in Seattle, but I’m glad to see you pushing hard for cultural funding. Having worked with both the United Way and the Toronto Int’l Film Festival, I know first hand how funding for culture-related causes often gets the short stick. Glad to help out and keep up the good work Chase.

John Secord says:

I voted. I love Town Hall; I go to PSSO concerts there.

Alistair Holloway says:

I just voted all the way from sunny olde england. Ok it’s not sunny at all it’s actually 1:35am – what am I still doing up???!!!

Bryan Miller says:

voted…hope this works!

Ron Velarde says:

Done Voting for this day! i’ll share this. :D

Gabe says:


nathan says:

Done and done. I’ll vote the next couple days too, best of luck!

Alex says:

I voted….way to use social media!

Oscar says:

just voted

J.W. Ramp says:

Just voted from Pittsburgh – cheers!

Mark Fore says:

Voted! Use to live right next to Seattle hopefully will come back soon

I voted…BTW thanks for creative live, Ive been takin art classes at a local community college, dosen’t even touch the wealth of info from your classes! ;)

Allison says:


Just voted. Good luck!

Always happy to support the CREATIVECLASS!!! I’ll pass this along on facebook and twitter.

cmitch says:

Done & done…

Paul C says:

My vote is in. Will vote for new few days and spread the word. Looks like a cool organization.

Jake Rohan says:

I voted. Good luck!

John says:

Running close – tied at 17%

Jay_Z says:

Done, Town Hall Seattle has my vote!

Jeff says:

Voted – and will be voting again on Mon, Tue & Wed as well as spreading the word! Good luck to the Town Hall Seattle and hoping for the G-Tech love ya mentioned! :-)

Moein says:

I voted. Hopefully they win :)

Lloyd says:

I voted. As a former Seattle resident, I hope it helps!

I voted and am hoping Town Hall Seattle is the winner.

Mark W says:

Voted! Best of luck Town Hall!!!!

Mark says:


Matthew says:

You’ve my vote, best of luck!

Nathan says:

I voted, best of luck! :)

I voted +]
I’ve been voting everyday since i since you posted this as a message to ur facebook fans and I’ll keep voting…Hope you win and thanks for CreativeLive…its the BEST THING EVER!!!

Andrew says:

I voted for Town Hall Seattle. Good luck!

Richard Ng says:

I’ve voted. All the best!

charlie says:

My vote has been cast. Best of luck to town hall and good on you for supporting the cause.

Nick Moulton says:

Hey Chase, voted for from Melbourne Australia. Fantastic cause and I hope to visit it in the not too distant future!!

Anonymous says:

I voted and will continue to vote every day until Wednesday. :) Not to mention I emailed everyone on my contact list. Thanks for taking a stand on something important and more importantly spreading the word!!!!!!!!

Jim Greenlee says:

I voted!!! Good Luck!!

Sean says:

Voted, looking pretty close, showed as a tie for me.

David says:

Voted! hope it pulls through

whoo! town hall is tied for first!

Love your stuff, chase, especially the “cameras at risk” RAW segment. and I’m running out of HD space :) good luck!

Nathan Huisman says:

I voted. And I liked it…

Tai Gray says:

Just voted for today, and will definitely vote every day until wednesday. Also put out a link on my facebook. Hope Town Hall Seattle get it!!!

Got my gf, brother in law, brother and sister 2 vote! keep going guys! lets do this! :)

Jayce says:

i voted and i will try to get some of my friends to do the same, good luck!

Kip Beelman says:

I voted on May 9th at 3:59 PM. Spreading to Twitter/Facebook now.

I voted and pasted directions for my Facebook friends to vote too. Now on to Twitter!

murat says:

just voted, looks like they’re head to head with both @17%.
good luck!

I just voted for Town Hall!

Grant says:

Just voted. As a form Seattleite, I’m glad to help. Good luck!

Just voted and have set a reminder on the iphone to vote on Mon/tues/wed. When I voted Town Hall was neck and neck at 17%

Anonymous says:

I voted- Best of luck. I will continue to vote! :)

Panya C. says:

I voted ;) Hope the Town Hall gets the repair money!

Pshorten says:

I voted for Town Hall.

Brent says:

I voted and sent it to my friends in Seatle. Hope to check it out when I visit this summer

Carrie S. says:

I voted- Best of luck!!

Voted. Hope this helps and good luck!

Jay says:

I just voted. I’ll try to do that again 3 more times. #1 & #2 were both at 17%. You’re close.

Sam Knapp says:

Glad to help. Looks like an amazing place, well worth saving.

Nice Chase!

Always promoting helping actions too! That’s what I call a proactive photographer! Registered and voted!

Also, spread the word to friends trough twitter, orkut and facebook!

Greetings from Brazil!

Michael Marks says:

I just voted, also got my wife to log on and vote. Good luck.

John Robbins says:

Just voted…and you’re tied for the LEAD! Will head back over the next few days and vote again. Good luck!


Voted! Down with Schooner Adventuress!

Jeremy B says:

I voted. I’m sure with your online community behind you, it will be a shoe-in.

I voted!! Good luck, and thanks for everything!

Shawn Lynch says:

Just signed up and voted…now time to spread the word and wait the 24 hours to vote again tomorrow.

Pomranka says:

Voted. It looks to be tied for first with 17%. Good luck getting into the lead.

If you draw this comment, please give the hard drive to the Town Hall. I am sure they can use it more than me.

Adam Kleinberg says:

Voted – best of luck chase and friends! And great video!

voted- Fantastic cause!!!

I really hope all your great community work pays off with your reach/use of social media.

Fingers Crossed.

BM says:

Done; it’d be useful to refresh your feed (by changing even a single char in this post) in the next two days.
And no G-Drive for me (but thanks for your idea); already have a better solution.

Brian P says:

Just voted. Hope it helps.

Terry Townsend Berry says:

Voted !!!

Spencer says:

I voted! :)
Saw on Facebook!

James Le says:

Voted. Cheers man!

michae friberg says:


Yes!! Just voted and posted on FB and Twitter.
Looked at the tallies and we’re tied at 17%

Voted and tweeted!

Cool. Just voted and I’ll tell all my photo students to vote also. hope you get it!!!

All the way from mexico, gook luck.

Ricardo Ganem

Greg says:

Voted and passed it along

Cyril G says:

Voting since your first post! After all the cool stuff you’ve shared with us, I think it’s fair to give you a hand to support this nice project. Votez tous!

I’m this for “free”, not for the hard drive,

Bryan says:

I voted.

Jack Pope says:

Just voted, looks like Town Hall Seattle is now tied for first at 17%!

Voted and bugged my son to do it as well. Looks like Town Hall is now tied for 1st place.

Heath says:

Done. And done.

Ken Mott says:

Voted!! Will do each day too.

Estel says:

Bugged by my bf to vote ;)

Ok, Chase I voted for the town hall project, and I will vote again! Now just remember that we helped you out when your back in LA someday!

Good luck man, looks like your tied with my vote!


Hi there! I have just voted, and have asked all of my fans on my facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/thatwasfunnybutIdontlikeyousoimnotgoingtolaugh) to vote as well. I have over 80,000 fans on the facebook page, and hopefully the majority of them will vote as well. I really hope this helps town hall seattle to get the grant!

brence says:

I have cast my vote too!

Just Voted from Egypt and spread the word.
I trust your choices. Good luck.

Dylan Haley says:

Voted. Good luck Chase.

Matt says:

Always happy to help out a good cause. Votes have been cast by my wife and I. Hope they win.

nft says:

Voted I did. I’ll cast another the other days too.

Alex says:

Voted, retweeted, and bugged my gf to vote too ;)

Ron Adair says:

Done, and done.

Sweet vid Chase. Which camera(s) did you use?

Peter says:

No worries, mate. Just voted from Australia. Best o luck.

Irena says:

This was certainly something worth putting < 2 minutes of my time into. Always glad to support people that give it their absolute best when it comes to doing anything creative . Greetings from Croatia. :-D

Keegan Sparks says:

I voted. Good luck.

Dan says:

Voted! Helping as much as possible!

John D says:

Anything for Chase. Voted and spread the word as well.

Tyke says:

Voted a handful of times since you posted on Facebook.

Philip says:

Voted – Looks like a great project!

Chris Giles says:

My vote is in there! Good luck!

Chris says:

Helped you out Chase!

herbg says:


Kim says:

Voted. We need to “sink” the schooner.

Heather says:

I voted and told my friends to do the same!

Bwade says:

Voted..16% still. Will try to remember to vote for the rest of the week.

Kris Wilson says:

Voted so far twice also.

Gary says:


Todd says:

Voted from Maui

Michael says:

Voted for Townhall!

Hope they can make up that 1% this week.

taylor says:

voted twice so far!

Mike says:

Sent my vote for Town Hall Seattle over from Germany. I love Seattle!

I could really use that hard drive space as well as all I have is 80 GB on my schleptop. =)


Max Monn says:

Good luck man. I’m pullin from the east coast for you Sun-Wed

Voted :)

mlande says:


Ryan says:

Voted. Will continue to vote until Wednesday

Hey Chase.
Just published this: http://bit.ly/9E8QB9 to spread the word…. but in case you choose me I’d much rather see the photos you wrote about in this thing: http://blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/2007/09/to-go-or-not-to-go/ than to receive some G-Techs. Both the situation and set sounds cool and authentic and I have plenty of terabytes (also the fact that I live in Denmark would be make the shipping difficult).

Anyways… good luck!

Lorraine says:

I’ve been voting every day for a week or more– I kind of wish other elections allowed that!

Keri Beal says:

Voted – good luck Chase, will get the guys in work to vote tomorrow for you, along with a vote from that email address too :-)

Brent Davidson says:

I voted and will continue to vote… Good Luck with this I hope it works out!

Martin says:

Town hall got my vote, too.

chuck says:

I just voted. The boat is ahead by 1%.

Jonas says:

Gave you my vote!
Great to see your interest in your community. Somehow it feels like photographers have a special appreciation for communities in general.
Hope the Town Hall wins!

Mike P says:

Did it earlier today, when I saw your first post. Will set a reminder to vote everyday til Wednesday. This place sounds awesome. Good Luck!

Ramūnas Monkevičius says:

Voted, and will do it again.

Dirk Hofmann says:

Did my part and hope it will work out for Town Hall Seattle.

At least to me it wasn’t clear for your post that you can vote daily i.e. more than once. So everyone, keep going.

Dan Scherber says:

Voted from NorCal. Good luck.

Chase… Vote number one complete.


Rob says:

Voted from the UK – Good Luck

Roman says:

Voted! Good Luck!

RamanSingh says:

you’ve got my vote… as well as a few other email accounts that i have… registered with hehe!!

Bob Lustig says:

Voted today. WIll get my votes in MTW as well!

Juan Bonilla says:

Voted! I love arts and I usually give monetary support to them here in Cincinnati, OH. Voting? That’s no biggie! Will do it again tomorrow and Tuesday. Good luck!

Borys says:

Vote in! come on 1%!

Mile says:

Done sir.

rldixon says:

Voted, retweeted, posted on fb, gonna go shout out on Market Street shortly…

Haakon Eltvik says:

Voted ! Great initiative from you Chase :)

cj says:

Voted. Good luck to them!

Ben Currie says:

Got my vote. Good luck.

Just Voted and will vote again tomorrow

Just voted, Town Hall was in 2nd place with 16% of the votes. Goin to tweet it now for you too.

RobertR says:

Good luck! Voted.

Jeremy says:

Voted from Arkansas!!! Good luck!!!

Filip says:

voted! still at 16% hope it’s going to work out for you guys!!!!!
good luck and three more votes from me are promised!

Gilles Pilon says:

I voted. Good luck!

Rob Wild says:

That place sounds amazing!!! Voted and hope Town Hall will make it. Good luck!!!

Rob says:


Michal Fanta says:

You have my support too. :)

Good Luck!


Amy D says:

I live in Texas, but graduated from Univ of WA – Seattle. I come back every year that I can to the city of my heart. Voted. Thanks for letting us know about the opportunity. – Amy

Ritch says:

Posted on FB and twitter good luck

Glicerina says:

Voted from Italy! finger crossed!

stuart says:

yep, voted. i love town hall.

Hi Chase I voted and got my friends to vote too . Inspiring building I’d like to see that one day and great to connect with your tweets and see how far the rabbit hole goes. The drives look super I am in Australia and even if I don’t get selected I am going to hunt down a bunch of those drives hope they are available here I have never seen them may have to import . Hope the hall gets the vote . Back tomorrow and the next day to vote.

shawn collie says:

voted just now….spreading the word…and will be voting again tomorrow!

joar andré says:

Just gave Town Hall my vote, and will do so until Wednesday.

Voted. Good Luck Town Hall, I’ll vote again tomorrow.

i voted for town hall. definitely a worthy cause.

I voted, go Seattle!!!

Ray Peeples says:

I voted and asked all my friends to lend you a hand!! Good luck!

Voted… will do again tomorrow! Still at 16%… gotta figure out how to knock them Schooners “out of the water”

KB says:

Voted. Good luck and enjoy life.

Richard says:

Just voted – good luck!

Jordan Demer says:

I voted!! Come on lets do this!

Tony says:

No swag necessary Chase, happy to help you out in exchange for all you’ve done for our community.

Marianne Barta says:

Voted:) Will continue to vote and tell friends.

kheylen25 says:

OK – done.

Matt Parker says:

I voted! Good luck!

Luke says:

Dont care if I win gear or not, good cause, so I voted.

Gonzalo Manera says:

Just voted and still behind with 16%. Hope we all can make a difference!

Cynthia says:

Voted! Thanks, Chase!

Tomislav says:


Pieter says:

registered, voted, will vote again til it closes.

jcaridi says:

voted! Hope you guys win, ill vote everyday till wednesday.

Mark C says:

Voted myself, and going to have my wife vote too. We met each other in Seattle, and have spent many great times there over the last 10+ years. Happy to help out.

JERO says:

un voto de mi parte de Bogota Colombia. Viva Seatlle!

Registerd, votet and tweeted your post…
So will do tomorrow, and the day after and wendnesday =)

Good luck Seattle Town Hall!!!

flo-o-rama says:

voted and got 2 of my friends to vote as well. Seattle Town Hall’s gonna make it If we keep it up like that til wednesday!

jfuji says:

Glad to help!

Guillermo says:

VOTED TODAY :D Let’s do it till Wednesday :)

josh says:


Chris Culler says:

Voted, and I’ll keep voting as much as I can! I’m a big fan of Town Hall Seattle, they’ve done great things for the music and arts culture here in Seattle.

Voted. Glad to help support a good cause.

Dane Lincoln says:

Voted. Preservation of history is so important in such a fast paced society.

Chad g says:

I voted today! I’ll be voting tomorrow

Jordan Steele says:

Chase – I voted and put the word out to some of my family who lives in Seattle asking them to spread the word.

Will be sure to vote over the next few days as well.

Josh says:

I voted and will be voting everyday. awesome cause chase!

Kristian Spriggs says:

Voted! Good luck to Seattle Town Hall

Brett Flora says:


I voted. I hope the Town Hall can pull it out! It’s super rad to have that music going on there. Everyone vote!

George A says:

Voted for Town Hall Seattle, everybody pitch in!

For that which you have given to us, it’s the least we can do….. Voted!!

David Dvir says:


Voted, good luck with it. Please take me out of the running for the drive though. I’m sure there are others here who would gain a great deal more from it than I.


Voted. Town Hall Seattle is still 1% down, but hopefully that will change soon!

Dunster says:

VOTED, VOTING, and spread the word!

Voted, re-tweeted and Facebooked!

The power of social networking at work!

Noah Daley says:

Voted, hope it helps Chase!

nikol mikus says:

Done! Will try to vote everyday! Way to support the arts!

Jen Lapuz says:

Just voted. I hope you win the grant.

Leon N says:

I voted! Good luck to Town Hall!

Gavin Hall says:

Voted and re-tweeted. Good luck and thanks for all you’re doing for the photographic community.

Richard Melanson says:

Voted! It’s in 2nd place with 16%!!

Laurie Iten says:

Voted, and vote again, and again, and again!

scout says:

anything to help a good cause… voted!

David F. says:

Voted. That video won me over :)

Mark Salmon says:

Voted…I just wish someone did this for the old 1930’s cinema in my home town! Good luck

Federico says:

Voted, I’ll vote again in 24-48 and 72hrs!

Chase, I voted. I hope it helps.

Voted while riding down I-65 through Birmingham, AL! Saving treasures like the Town Hall Seattle is great!

Faith Cunningham says:

I voted, thanks for inviting us to get involved!

Richerd Reynolds says:

2TB or not, too many great historical landmarks get forgotten and torn down because they don’t get the love they deserve. My vote has been placed and I’ll spread the word.

Voted, shared and tweeted.

Rob Sandereson says:


Voted plus got my roomate to vote too! Good luck!

Ventsislav Nikolov says:

Voted.Good luck!

Stacey S. says:

I voted too!

Kate Hailey says:

Voted! Will tweet about it too, hopefully that will get some more votes! :)

Adam J McKay says:

Voted and posted a link on my blog.

Arnel Garcia says:

Voted! Good Luck! And will vote in the coming days!

Garrett C. says:

Voted — Good luck to the Town Hall in Seattle!

Eldon says:

I voted… I guess thats one more…!

By the way, thanks for all you do, I always enjoy reading/watching/learning from your posts and “stuff”.

You’re an inspiration, and I really love the way you give back to the community, photographers, and otherwise.

Jan says:

Vote and posted on FB

Jake Hurlbut says:

I voted! Best of luck to Town Hall!

P.S. Sorry for the Anonymous Comment! I got a little ahead of myself

Anonymous says:

I voted! Best of luck to Town Hall!

Ivin Dysangco says:


Markstrayer says:


Voted, good cause and nice video. Hope this pushes them to first.

MBagley says:

I voted Sunday and will spread the word to my friends.

BTW, if you happen to pick me to win the G-tech drive, go ahead and give it to Town Hall Seattle, a local school, or some other organization who could use the love. They probably need it more than I do.

Good luck, THS!!!

Marq Amaro says:

Hope our votes end up helping!

Tim Lloyd says:

Oh yeah, i’m voted.

Fabian Kessler says:

Just voted ;) Good luck with it, I hope the Town Hall wins!

Arnt Lima says:

I voted!

RTz13 says:

Voted! Still have some days left, you have lots of ‘followers’ so don’t worry! (:

bill janda says:

I voted! Good luck!

Tom says:

When I saw all the great sites and buildings on the list, I thought they all deserve our support; but I voted for Seattle’s Town Hall because of the active and important part it pays in the life of our community. I am tweeting this to my followers and mentioning it to my friends in real life.

Good Luck Town Hall!

David says:

Voted. Hope we can pull out that last 1%!

Tim Colston says:

Voted. Good luck.

John S says:

Hi Chase,

Just voted. Always like to heart about these things and can always have my vote bought!!!!!!!!


Tom says:

Voted and spread the word! Hope the Town Hall will win!

I voted and will keep voting :)

Paul Wollam says:

It was very hard, but I voted.

Jonathan Tramontana says:


Done. Voted. I hope it works out. :)

Chandi says:

I voted & posted this on my fb page days ago before you posted the contest. I’m originally from the Seattle area & absolutely LOVE this building!

Silas says:


GabeH says:

Voted! Really hoping they win!

Jeremiah says:

And voted.

Danny Pack says:

Great to see community support – we have some great arts organisations locally so I understand the need to keep such a place going at a time of need. Put down a vote for you, hope it works out!

Jouni says:

Done – first time I got to vote in the US as a Finn!

Ron Verba says:

VOTED!!! Lets all make it happen =)

Kate Ford says:

I will vote every day until Wednesday! Town Hall is just a few blocks from my house- it’s a gorgeous building and it needs those repairs.

Joe Figaniak says:

Got my vote…can’t wait to get my hands on a new camera this summer….I’ve been feaning for one for a while now.

Trey says:

three things i love – chase jarvis, Presidents of the USA & great local venues for music. i’m from Texas, but i voted. best of luck to Town Hall.

Duy Le says:

Voted, love what you are doing!

Voted! Hope it wins through!

Jan Garrevoet says:

voted and will do so every day! good luck and hope you win!


Scott Dreslinski says:

Voted, will vote each day through wednesday!

Ri-B says:

Voted! I hope they’ll win.

Carlos Ontiveros says:

Just voted. its great to see so many vote to support a good cause.

steven says:

Voted! Great cause, hopefully it’ll get the money :)

Torsten Rehn says:

Voted. It’s really sad though, places like this needing to mobilize the followers of the Cult of Jarvis to get money for emergency maintenance.

I voted! and will continoue to till tuesday :)

Neville says:

Voted! Passin it on

Ben W says:

Just voted. Currently in second with 16% behind the schooner with 17%

TFPrince says:

Voted! Hope we can make it possible! :)

léo says:

it’s DONE

if in the next years I come in Seattle I’d love to visit the seattle Town Hall

Jeff Clemons says:

Chase, a big thank you for putting this out there! Its rallying together like this that helps bring much needed assistance to those that truly need it! I voted, as did my wife who is also a fellow photographer, and will be spreading the news via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and various photography sites across the net! Lets get them that grant!!!

echo0101 has voted :) that site is pretty buggy.

I voted today and I definitly will tomorrow again!

Good luck!

B Burns says:


Max Collins says:

VOTEd! I will most definitely be sure to pass on the word.

AllenR says:

I registered and voted. Allen

Jesse Rourke says:

I have voted, and I’ll be sure to vote till wednesday. It’d be great if a place like your town hall gets some help. I’m backing it for you, hope it helps.

Anonymous says:

I voted! Hope they win :)

Jill Meyers says:

Hi, Chase. I am a former resident of Seatle and also care about preservation of your wonderful city. Just voted ! Good luck.

Colin says:

I voted! I really love cultural and community centers, they do so much for local towns and cities. Good Luck Chase!

Oli13 says:

You got it Chase. Voted, re-tweeted and shared on Facebook. Hope it helps.

Brad S says:

Voted! Really hoping they get it!

Jordan says:

Voted. Good luck Chase!

Borna Cavrag says:

Always looking forward to support an initiative like this. Even though I did vote, and did post a comment, I’ll leave the gear at your place, and let you donate the value to a different charity ;)



Jay Gannon says:

Voted but don’t worry bout the g-tech gear.
Happy to support a good cause.

Just voted, and the widget is tottally horrible :P

JC Dill says:

I voted – it’s a very worthy cause.

eric says:


Rob Arora says:

Voted! Thanks for bringing our attention to a great local cause! :)

Dane says:

Voted! Gonna get some friends in on it too!(:

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