Sagmeister on Keeping It Real

sagmeisterWhereas in ancient times a big waistline was an indication of prosperity, today it’s not. The same goes for your creative business.

“The conventional wisdom in our business is that you have to grow and keep moving to survive. We never grew, always stayed tiny, and it serves us very well over the years, allowing us to pick and choose projects, and keeping our financial independence from our clients. We actually have a rather good track record, because we do select projects carefully. Most of our ideas don’t eat dust but glimpse the light of day because we find it much more helpful to spend some serious time and effort before we start working on a project, rather than suffer through it afterwards.” – Stefan Sagmeister, Designer

Your client list can get big. Your staff can get big. Your hopes can get big. Productions can get big. Even invoices can get big. But none of that means a thing unless you’re doing work that you believe in and doing it well. And only you can measure that for yourself. Where do you want to go and what do you want to do?

Bigger is only better when you’re talking vision.

[thx to the lovely blog the99percent]

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