Superfad Delivers the Superdope for Sony

I really enjoy the integration of live-action and motion design production. Turns out that my good friend Will Hyde–the ECD over at Superfad and all around super-talented guy with whom I co-directed a music video a while back (not near as supercool as this stuff here…but fun nonetheless)–has really outdone himself in the latest Sony campaign called “Eye Candy”. Great little behind-the-scenes piece here showing the amazing work of Will and his Superfad crew on the Phantom HD cinema camera at 1000 frames per second. I realize we don’t all have these means, but it’s to fantasize about what’s possible

See the 2 minute finished piece after the jump…pretty amazing when you can create. Great imaginations + budget + tools + vision = tasty bits like this. I’m both inspired and exhausted just watching it.

Props to the team. Credits: Client: Sony Electronics. Video Program Manager: Lisa Gonzalez. Agency: chickINchair Productions Executive Producer: Kim Tierney. Live Action Production Company: Superfad. Director: Will Hyde. Director of Photography: Martin Ahlgren. Production Designer: Jason Puccinelli Wardrobe Design/Stylist: Heidi Meek
Make Up: Bryin Smoot. Line Producer: Scott Ludden. Design & Animation: Superfad. Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde. Creative Director: Carlos Stevens. CGI/VFX Director: Dade Orgeron. 3D Artists: Tom Oakerson, Phiphat Pinyosophon, Andrew Butterworth, Yas Koyama. Alex O’Donnell, Dimitri Luedemann, Billy Maloney. Compositors: Tom Oakerson, Paulo Dias, Loren Judah, Dorian West, Sohee Sohn,. John Stanch, Soyoun Lee, Dimitri Luedemann, David Holm. Editor: Ryan Haug. Flame Artist: Andy Davis. Head of Production: Chris Volckmann. Executive Producer: Rob Sanborn. Music: Matt Hutchinson

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