The Future Is Here

immortal sunglasses POVIf you were like me, then it wasn’t long ago that you were prophesying that “before long” we’d have implants or cameras on us at all times that recorded everything we see. Well, welcome to the the future. They’re not implants, and of course you look like a Cylon if you actually sported these suckers, but the spectacles pictured here are getting closer to the future of 24/7 coverage of human life.

There have certainly been a number of prototypes out there for a while, but it looks like they’re starting to hit their stride. IMHO the marketing vids for these guys are…er…ah…yeah. But the tech specs of these Immortal glasses are getting interesting:

_4GB storage space
_ Resolution 736×480 (Video)
_ 3 Mega Pixels
_ 25 frames per second
_ Two-button control for ease of use
_ Built in 500mAh battery (2.5 hours of running time) Voltage 5V DC
_Interchangeable lenses; polarized flame orange, polarized dark gray and clear.

On one hand, it’s clear that these glasses are pushing POV and helmet-cam to the next dimension. On the other hand, and perhaps more interesting is that we’re finally having to face the question: do we want our lives recorded all the time?

Personally, I’m …excited at the application of what becomes curated and shareable from all those bits and bytes, and it certainly could get really weird fascinating if when you begin to think of tapping into a live feed of from your Facebook friends. Imagine RSS-style video coming at you from my any number of your Facebook friends in real-time. Whoa.

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