But What Have You Created?

seth godin headYes, I know you’re a master of lighting, that you’ve used every light modifier known, that you’ve been going to PhotoPlus for ten years, that you were one of the first bloggers, you used Twitter before it was cool and you can gauge light temperature in your sleep. Yes, I know that you sit in front of your computer reminding other photographers that they’re using the wrong gear for this job or that job.

But what have you made? Where are your pictures hanging? Where are your campaigns? Your commercials? What about your new book or your portfolio? What have you done with your skills that has been worthy of criticism, that moved the dial and that changed the world?

Go, do that.

The above is a slightly modified cut and paste from this Seth Godin post to make it more relevant for our own industry. Seth is a wizard. We all need a kick in the rear. Let this be yours.

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