Insane Footage at 100mph & 1000fps [via The Creators Project]

I wish I had a better plan, but I’m trying to make a film about the world right now through my eyes. I’m trying to use some of this technology we have right now, like our cinema truck and our snowmobile systems and our helicopter systems, to tell the story of the world today in a different way. -Curt Morgan

What do you get when you get when you combine some military spec gyro stabilization with a CineFlex and Phantom HD camera, a filmmaker turned ‘tech geek’, some great athletes or perhaps even a mountain goat or two? You get some damn sweet footage. Learn more about Curt Morgan and Brain Farm in this vid above, and check out more great stories on fascinating creative minds at The Creator’s Project.

Anybody got a credit card they’re hip to me hammering with about $350,000?

[Btw: Phantom HD was fun for me to use in this here music video.]

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