Which Photo Is Better: A or B ?

chase jarvis photo brent amaker

Remember when I did the original chasejarvisLIVE photo shoot way back in winter? If you recall, I was shooting the album cover image for alt/punk country band Brent Amaker and the Rodeo. We also did post production and editing on the images LIVE as well a few weeks after the shoot. Well now it’s time to print these suckers on a limited edition run of vinyl and there is somewhat of a debate on which image is better.

Simply put, and with no further explanation, I thought I’d ask for your thoughts. So which is better, A or B?

Vote in the comments. Also love to know ‘why’ if you care to explain. 500 px wide images after the jump…

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A. With the foreground lady laying down…
Rodeo "A" - by chase jarvis


B. With the foreground lady standing up…

amaker "B" by chasejarvis

Love to hear your thoughts.

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