Zack Arias Interview + A Few Questions About creativeLIVE

Whew! What a week it was last week… Last Wednesday, I brought pal and photog instructor guru Zack Arias into my studio for another episiode of chasejarvisLIVE. We chatted photography for 2 hours and took questions from the live Twitter audience via #cjlive. Was a blast. While about 20,000 of you caught the interview LIVE–it seemed like I got at least that many tweets/emails/fbook requests to post it again here on the blog, so… As you wish. Here ’tis.

From there, we shipped Zack and his crew into our creativeLIVE studio where he put on one heckuva studio lighting course all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully you saw the interwebs booming, especially with the @creativeLIVE and #askzack tags. I’m pretty sure Zack swiped some ratings from the World Cup. Or at least we had fun trying. I wanted to give a huge shoutout to Zack and his team for an amazing effort. You guys and gals nailed it. Also a shoutout also to all the manufacturers that kicked in gear for Zack to give away, as well as uber thanks to B&H Photo Video for their support of the creativeLIVE studio and G-Technology for keeping our gobs and gobs of data safe. They support us, please support them. I hope lots of you tuned in. And if you didn’t but wished you had, the course is available for download here.

While I’ve got you, I wanted to ask for your feedback. Not somebody else’s…YOURS. In the comments below, we’re looking to find out a few things with the goal of making creativeLIVE the best it can be. Tell us whatever you want, but please help us by answering some or all of the following particulars about our LIVE, free, worldwide creative education platform:

1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

Thanks for taking the time! If you’re new here, I invite you to subscribe/follow via links above and to the right. Lots more stuff heading your way soon on all our channels…

376 Responses to Zack Arias Interview + A Few Questions About creativeLIVE

  1. Josh Haygood June 15, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    This is awesome chase. Thank you so much for the live feed. It is always more gripping to watch something live than something that has already happened. It really is better than just watching tutorial videos and interviews online. The instant feedback from questions on twitter is what makes it feel more involved. I live in Fort Worth, Texas and I have a had many questions directly answered of me on both your live shoots and this last interview with zack. The open forum format is great! Keep it up!

    • Marcus Kraus June 15, 2010 at 11:06 am #

      1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others? I personally like the format, if you like it you can buy it. I also like how it introduces me to other photographers I may not have heard of, I didnt no who zack was but I think he is great as a person and photography

      2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed? Cincinnati Ohio, the timing and everything is PERFECT

      3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it? I really really really think it DOES work. I feel like I am learning and if I really like the info I can always purchase and go back to what he was saying..because you cant always get everything the first time so its nice to have the download option..

    • val lord June 15, 2010 at 11:42 am #

      1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others? I really enjoy the format, it’s organic and having pros teach, and not hoard, their techniques is refreshing. They actually know what they are talking about.

      The live format is a pretty amazing feat. The crews really do a great job of making this happen.

      *If you need volunteers, I’m local and would love to be a part of creativelive.

      2. Where do you live? Seattle
      Where are you from? AK
      When are you watching the LIVE feed? as it happens if possible, but I have purchased two courses for later viewing.

      3. Does this live worldwide format really work? I think so, people from all over the world last weekend were excited about the class and missing sleep to watch it. That’s impressive. Thanks also for the rebroadcasts, they also help people in other time zones.

      What does the experience feel like to you? It makes me wish I had just saved my money on a recent studio lighting class and put it towards Zacks class.
      I don’t feel like the instructors I have seen on Creativelive are trying to sell me things. Their passion for the craft is evident and they don’t seem worried that they are training their replacements. They seem genuinely interested in helping people learn. When I need pro shots taken, I’m way more likely to hire someone like this over someone who is teaching just to make money.

      Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

      CreativeLIVE brings knowledge, passion and energy to you in real time. Instructors offer professional techniques and advice while giving people all over the world the opportunity to participate through answering questions sent by social media.

  2. Paul June 15, 2010 at 10:25 am #

    Thanks for getting this interview up! Can’t wait to watch it. Between this and the d/l of Zack’s class, I’ll be entertained for a while.

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I can’t really compare this to other classes since I haven’t taken any. I went to a few “seminars” but they turned out to be nothing more than two hour long advertisements for some new gear. So if there is something I thought was better about this it’s that it wasn’t a sales push. The only think Zack was trying to get you to be was successful.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post.

    Where are you from, when would you prefer to watch the LIVE feed? Cleveland, Ohio. I think the times on the east coast were good. Probably a little early for folks on the west coast and middle America that still might be at work when it kicked off. You can’t please everybody though – so keep pleasing us east coast time zone folks! ;)

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    I thought Zack’s worked great – well what I saw. It’s really like sitting in with the folks in teh room – except harder to get a question through. Of course, any event attended by 20,000 people is going to be hard to have your voice get heard. I really enjoyed what I was able to watch live and I’m just starting to dig through the downloaded vids (pre-paid). Looks like great stuff.

  3. Vladimir Mendez June 15, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    Congratulations for the CreativeLIVE idea, i live in Guatemala city and i learnd so much specialy with Zack Arias, it was the best class ever, i also recieved Aperture with Scott Bourne, it was great.

    It is the best way to learn.

    Thanks Chase for been so kind and think of us.

    Vladimir Mendez

  4. Adrian St. Onge June 15, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    CreativeLive is amazing.

    At no other time has there been so much support for learning and teaching (for pretty much free).
    Thank you all so much for bringing this to the world.

  5. mark owen June 15, 2010 at 10:31 am #

    I had an amazing experience watching the live feed. You guys made my weekend. I live in the Philippines and had attended numerous photography workshops before. You guys made me feel like i was right there in the studio with Zack. It was quite an experience, i learned a lot and most importantly it was inspiring. Thanks for making this available to everybody.

  6. e Greengart June 15, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    I was not able to watch live as the firewall at work blocked it on Friday, I am a sabbath observer so Saturday was out and was too busy on Sunday to get a chance to watch. I love the concept and appreciate that it is restreamed over night so I technically could have watched on Saturday night. I cannot afford to attend one of these sessions in person, so this format where I can ask questions and feel like I’m there is great.
    I live in Baltimore MD

  7. SE Teoh June 15, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    I think it’s great that photogs from all over the world can now tune in for a workshop online live for free. Not only is it good for those who can’t afford to buy learning materials but it’s also good for those who buy it cos they will know exactly what they are buying before paying for it! I’ve watched both Vincent Laforet’s and Zack Arias’ and bought both cos I found them really worth it.

    I’m from Japan. I try to watch the live version when I can. But most of the time, because of the time difference, I’d be watching just the first hour of the day, and the last few hours of it cos I’d be sleeping in between. And then, I’ll watch the rerun. Though with the rerun, it’d be good if there were breaks in between like the live version.

    The live version does work. It’s literally attending a workshop, only through the computer screen. The Q&A sessions make it very real.

    All in all, thanks creativelive for bringing us photogs something like this!

  8. Kim H. June 15, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    This was the best live broadcast webinar I’ve attended. I was able to catch the whole weekend except for about 2 hours on Saturday.

    I loved how everything was all connected together to bring the home viewers in with the Creative Live team via Twitter, chat room, etc. I also like the high speed viewing option as I have FiOs and it worked very well – no skipping.

    Oh and since you asked, I’m in New York State.

  9. David in Seattle June 15, 2010 at 10:44 am #

    1. Better: More intimate approach to the class setting. I like how we’re able to ask questions relevant to the material and your crew is able to relay that question to the instructor.

    Worse: Day-long classes can be tiresome. It’s hard to sit around for 4+ hours at a time when I have other matters I need to attend to. I recommend splitting or shortening the classes into 2 hr sessions with a rebroadcast of the session available for a week along with the option to purchase the video.

    2. I live in Seattle, WA. First heard of CJ’s work through the Nikon D90 release (awesome by the way). I normally have time to watch the live feed during the weeknights (6pm-9pm PST) and weekend mornings (8am-11am PST).

    3. Yes it works brilliantly, even though I’m not able to consistently view each session live. Many others are able to view and ask relevant questions. Yes, I tell my friends about these sessions quite often.

    Overall I think it’s an awesome concept that just needs a little tweaking. Your guests have been very helpful and insightful. I’ll definitely be watching more classes!

    Thanks guys!

  10. Krzysiek June 15, 2010 at 10:48 am #

    This is amazing project. Good work

  11. Manu Gómez June 15, 2010 at 10:49 am #

    1. It’s live, so it’s natural. Natural but very professional. Quality contents taught in a ‘personal style’ that every photographer has.

    2. South of Spain, so most courses of #creativeLIVE are at night here… so we have 2 options: not to work the next day or only watch the weekend seminars.

    3. Do you really have to ask this? I think 75.000 people online watching WHATEVER is good receiving ;)

    Keep rockin’

  12. Michael June 15, 2010 at 10:52 am #

    1. I love the approach. CreativeLIVE is an amazing website and you’re getting the best photographers around to teach these classes. I love that it’s free if it’s live. It gives no one an incentive NOT to try out the site. With some other sites you have to pay to get to see any decent content. I enjoy the business model of Creative LIVE and think it could be the premier learning site for photography and other creative classes.

    2. I live in Memphis, TN and try to watch a good bit of it during the day, but normally have more free time to watch these things in the evening around 7-9pm or even later.

    3. I think the Live worldwide works well, I enjoy knowing that I am watching it Live and that the instructor could answer my question if I ask it in the Chat or so forth. I do wish that there was options to watch some of the shorter classes for free if we’re unable to watch it LIVE. Maybe within 3 days of the class, have it available to stream, especially since some of them are only 2 hours and during the middle of the day. There seems to be a lot of dead air on the Live stream, so it would be a nice way to add some filler, and give more people an opportunity to check out a class. The evening rebroadcasts of Zack’s were awesome (even though I bought mine, I wanted to watch as much as I could live or day of)

  13. draekko June 15, 2010 at 10:52 am #

    Loved it this weekend, amazing project and great concept. Congrats to all those involved.

  14. M.D. Welch June 15, 2010 at 10:52 am #

    Chase, love the overall concept of

    1. I think the concept is sound, the only online teaching tool that has questions asked live in the studio and through the web. I think the live sessions can be a bit slow, but I bought the edited versions of Vincents and Zack’s to get a cleaner lesson. I just wished the edited versions were available sooner after the class is completed.

    2. I live on the west cost, Reno, NV

    3. I try to watch the live versions, I do love the fact that you are in the same time zone as me, makes it easier to watch classes.

    I hope you continue to do this. I buy other training video through the web and DVD and this is some of the best quality, because you are getting instructors that no one else can get. I think that really makes it amazing. Content is king.

  15. Nick Knutson June 15, 2010 at 10:54 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? – I like the approach because it makes it feel like you’re interacting with the teacher instead of just listening. You also get to see a personal side of the photographers, which you can’t exactly get with purchased/canned videos. I also like the fact you can interact with the teacher and ask questions via the Twitter and chat room.
    The only downside, which this has to do with the fact it’s live, is there are periods of dead video, where nothing is happening. But this is nitpicking, not really a complaint. This also makes it easier for people to keep up with the teaching.

    2. Where do you live? – Minneapolis, MN

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? – This is the “internets” age, of course it does!

  16. Fran June 15, 2010 at 10:54 am #

    I have not been a big fan of webinars and such until you folks came along. I love what you’re doing. I watched what I could of the fundamentals course, but it was a conflict with work. This weekend, I watched the Zack extravaganza every minute I could….my girlfriend and I even suspended some of our activities so that I could watch it, and she learned a few things too. I even listened while I was in the shower! (TMI, I know!) And I’ll be watching the download to pick up what I missed. I would have liked to be in Seattle for this, but since I live literally on the opposite end of the country in Florida, this was the next best thing. I love the format because it feels like you are a part of what is going on and your questions are welcome. A lot of my friends were watching too, and we will be discussing it for weeks to come.

    I don’t know what else is on the agenda, but I am so looking forward to the David duChemin workshop when it comes along.

    You are giving us instruction and insight into the minds and workings of some of the best in the world of photography. I think you are making a real difference in the lives of photographers and the way we practice our art. I know it’s made me look at what I do with a new perspective. And you can’t beat the price! I hope that you’ll continue doing it exactly like you are and I’ll be soaking up all the info that I can from your future programs.

  17. Jason Hancock June 15, 2010 at 10:54 am #

    1. It seems more real when it’s live. You guys did a great job interacting with the virtual audience via the chat room and Twitter. It was much better than a stuffy recorded video about studio lighting.

    2. I’m from Los Angeles. I watched part of Friday’s session at work (had it on in the background), but had to purchase the downloads to catch Saturday and Sunday because I had previous obligations that prevented me from watching it live. I’m watching the downloaded videos about 3 hrs/night after work.

    3. I think it works well. I really dig the audience interaction. Zack was a great teacher. I’ve attended a OneLight Workshop and this broadcast had a similar, intimate vibe to it.

    I’m glad I purchased the download as I will now have the material to review on my own time.

  18. Erica M. June 15, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    I LOVE CREATIVELIVE!!!! I don’t often make the live classes because of my work schedule, but I buy them afterwards. Will be tuning in on days off tho! Who doesn’t love FREE!

    I love learning from people who are doing what they are teaching. And their not just your average creative folk, they’re experts in their fields. I’ve been in creative classes where the instructor teaches the software, but doesn’t use the software in their line of work. I miss the experience. The, “you-can-do-it-this-way,-but-I’ve-found-that-clients-often …” approach makes the class so much more valuable.

    I’m on the east coast — hershey, pa — and I’m a creativelive junkie. I’ve learned so much from your classes and wish I could cram even more into my brain. I don’t notice whether you’re across the country or across the globe.

    Keep it coming!!

  19. Daniel C June 15, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    I just recently started using studio lighting. I’ve always been a “natural lighting” kind of guy. This limited my ability to shoot at night and indoors during certain times of the day.

    When I watched just the first day (I had previous commitments on the second and third day) of Zack’s class, I had already learned enough to get me started. He took a lot of the “mystery” out of fstops and studio lighting. He answered the majority of questions that I’ve ever had about lighting within the first class.

    If I didn’t watch this, I would have spent a large majority of time just trying to figure things out. I haven’t even found a book that explained everything out in the open as he did.

    So, all in all, I loved the class.

    1. The CreativeLIVE approach is a lot better than other ways that I’ve attempted to learn. I’ve tried traditional movies/DVDs and books. By being engaging with the audience, some of the others who asked questions asked questions that I couldn’t think of, which allowed me to get the information that I needed, but forgot that I needed it.

    2. Where do you live? Houston, Texas. When it’s live and in reasonable hours.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? Yes!

  20. Richard Moreland June 15, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    I love the format. I seemed more like a hands-on class than most webinars or even tutorial DVD’s. Zach’s interaction with the audience was top notch.
    I live in Western Ohio and the time were fine. Especially since I could pick up the replay later to catch anything I may have missed.
    I also caught some of the Scott Bourne aperture program and thought it good.
    Eventually, you will work out all of your technical bugs and everything will flow much better.
    I really appreciate all that you are doing and thanks to Zach, Scott and all of the other instructors you have brought on board.
    Looking forward to more.
    Thanks again.

  21. UNOwen June 15, 2010 at 10:57 am #

    I love the classes and the content but I must mention that they guy that runs it wastes way too much time at the beginning of each show because he obviously likes the sound of his own voice and a small ego trip he from putting this all on. Someone really needs to be honest with him and get him to do all those checks and pre-show crap off the air. It’s far too geeky and where not tuning into the shows to listen to him do all that. It’s 10 minutes wasted and he’s the only person enjoying it.

  22. Scott Hartman June 15, 2010 at 10:57 am #

    I think offers something awesome to the creative community. Not only is it operating outside the box of traditional education, but it is really adding to the community that already exists. The great thing is that we have taken the forum to the video classroom and created feedback. BTW…the business model is a great idea too. Everyone has bills to pay. Keep it up!

    Zack’s workshop rocked. The site is easy to use and the video feed is high quality. DO NOT STOP!!!

  23. Joel Lim June 15, 2010 at 10:57 am #

    A big two thumbs up for your vision and effort to create CreativeLive! it is not often a professional like yourself and those who have appeared on the program would come out and openly share techniques and tips as well as provide a method of instruction for the whole world.

    1. While the class is more fluid than most and sometimes it can be a bit confusing at times, hearing questions similar to the ones we have and having the instructors answer them in a clear, concise manner certainly does aid the learning process

    2. I currently stay in Buffalo, NY but will move back home to sunny (humid) Singapore in a year’s time. while it is convenient for me (3 hour time difference) to watch the workshop, my friend’s in Singapore (15 hour time difference) had more difficulty to catch it, thankfully your rebroadcast timing was just the right time for them.

    3. I would say it is like a virtual classroom with an infinite number of participants with various perspectives and coming together to learn like this is great, especially with a very hands-on instructor who is patient and willing to answer or clarify a similar question time and again.

  24. Steve June 15, 2010 at 10:58 am #

    Chase! You’re amazing! Keep these coming!

  25. Laurie June 15, 2010 at 11:01 am #

    Chace, I attended Zack’s session all weekend and the format was percect. Plenty of coverage with the different camera angles and it felt like you were almost there. It was interactive because you could ask a question and get it answered right there and then when the material was still fresh. It allows people with busy schedules or those that can’t travel to get the information in a different format. Thought it was awesome!

    I live in Massachusetts and the timing was fine for me.

    I think you cover everything by offering the free workshop and the full download after for those that couldn’t attend live. The outcome of this weekend way surpassed what I expected.

  26. Rob June 15, 2010 at 11:03 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    You are doing amazing work and service with CreativeLive, Chase. The fact that you are bringing the top people in the field to us for free is remarkable. I have a young child and a day job that requires travel, so my time is limited and I’m not often able to commit the time to watch when it’s live. However, I’ve taken advantage of the extremely reasonably priced pre-pay option for downloads and catch up on my laptop/ipod when I have a moment. I’ve learned so much. Thank you and please keep it up!

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    I’m not sure how it works time-zone-wise outside of the States, but I love the thought that the worldwide creative community is coming together to learn. Very romantic.

  27. David June 15, 2010 at 11:03 am #

    First of all – Zack’s class was really the best I’ve ever seen of its kind. I love seeing a TEACHER (not an instructor – theres a BIG difference) at work. I put MY money where my mouth is by buying the classes just as you asked Zack to. Give me a few more classes like that for $79/$129 and it’s greatly more valuable than the several thousand dollars of college education I shelled out for years ago.

    To answer your 3 questions:

    1) The creativeLIVE approach is great in that its FREE! But more important is quality of the teachers. If I didn’t know the reputation and quality of work of the teacher – I would not watch – even if it was always free.

    2) I live in Houston TX. The live feeds are generally when I am at work – but I don’t mind watching while I work (and neither does my boss). I have also watched a re-watch later in the evening a few times for a second free viewing if I feel I needed whatever it was beat into my brain more or if it was JUST that interesting – which was the case with Zack’s class.

    3) I think the format is fine – I would describe it to someone else as being like a live broadcast TV show of a college class or workshop event – only better because of the quality of the teachers.

    My only complaint about the creativeLIVE video feeds has been that the audio needs to be better normalized. I find myself constantly turning up and down my volume to compensate.

    Thanks again – keep them coming, and I’ll keep working these classes into my budget! :)

  28. Patrick O'Gara June 15, 2010 at 11:05 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I think it is better because of the interactivity through social media allows the viewer to actively participate. It helps shape the classes to more closely fit the viewers’ needs, in a smooth and easy method, that otherwise would be difficult in such a remote manner. The global format however, does dilute that connectivity simply by sheer volume of viewers; a slight hinderance overall though, considering many people tend to have similar questions..

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I live in Marquette, Michigan. I’m a student originally from Detroit. I’m watching the live feed during all of my spare time: In the kitchen while making food, and at my desk space at home. The fact that Marquette isn’t very connected with culture or the photo industry, makes me try and get as much as I can from the internet.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    It works well for me I think. The format feels very similar to some of my studio courses at school, with instruction, followed by Q&A; with an instructor I otherwise wouldn’t have access to. There is an added benefit in that the format lends itself well to being very content-filled because the courses themselves are more specialized than a general course.

    Thank you for putting all of this on. Wonderful idea, and I plan to buy the Zack Arias course as soon as I can pull together the extra funds!

  29. Henrik Delfer June 15, 2010 at 11:05 am #

    I have yet to see the seminar, as I was working the whole weekend, but I bought the seminar, and am really looking forward to viewing it!

    I live in Denmark, and as much as I appreciate the re-broadcast to make it possible for people in all timezones to follow, I would LOVE to see a re-broadcast at a more convenient time. Staying up till 3am or getting up at 5am is pretty much a bad proposition either way.

    Another thing I would love to see, would be the offering of a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee, to gain access to downloads for the various workshops. I have already bought three courses, and although it is great with the before-end-of-course-discount, I fear that I will end up spending more than $1,000 total in the year to come with all the great workshops, training and classes I am sure you have planned. Getting an additional discount for buying ALL the workshop, training and classes seems like a good idea to me :-)

    One final thing: I LOVE the drawing and giving away of prizes during the classes, but I WISH you guys would also remember (and perhaps slightly favor) those of us who cannot stay online and send out tweets, but instead make the choice to buy the classes for download. Perhaps it could be an additional incentive to make a couple of prizes and drawings exclusive to those who actually BUY the classes with the before-end-of-course-discount.

    As a whole I think the creativLIVE format is an amazing idea. It makes training available worldwide for a BARGAIN. Living in Denmark, I would most likely NEVER get the opportunity to get in a workshop with Zack Arias, Vincent Laforet og John Greengo – and through the creativeLIVE initiative – I am able to attend first class workshops courses and training from across the globe! I absolutely LOVE it!

    The format as a whole works perfectly. I love the fact that it is so interactive, I have posted questions in chat and on Twitter during live events, and have had them answered immediately. Absolutely amazing!

    To sum it all up: I TRULY appreciate what you guys are doing with creativeLIVE, and cannot wait to continue to support you in your efforts! I HATE fanboys – but you seriously hit a note that TRULY resonates with this initiative!

    With best regards

    Henrik Delfer (Denmark)

  30. //d. June 15, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    Creative live is SO amazing.

    To have all of these top pro’s sharing information with the masses is so humbling. i sat through every hour of both the Zack Arias and Vince LaForet workshops, and purchased the studio lighting one.

    I am HUNGRY for knowlege – these workshops mean so much to someone like me, and i’ve already been putting into practice some of the tips and techniques that i’ve absorbed like a sponge.

    it totally blows my mind that these guys are broadcasting LIVE and with WORLD interaction. not only the pro’s in front of the camera, but your crew is AMAZING. the work that they put into these things must be SO IMMENSE. everyone involved is just so incredible.

    PLease keep up the phenomenal work, you and everyone involved with CreativeLive are changing the creative landscape of the world.

    thanks so much.


  31. Melissa Abbey June 15, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    1. The CreativeLive approach is appealing because it’s like a try-before-you-buy method. I’ve participated in several live courses with CL. Some, I’ve bailed on and KNEW I wasn’t going to spend the money. Others, I wish I had money in the acct to buy the course! The caliber of instructors that are chosen are knowledgeable and successful which makes it worthwhile to 1) listen in and 2) PURCHASE!

    2. I’m in St. Augustine, FL and work from home so the time slots for the classes I’ve participated in work perfectly for me.

    3. I love the worldwide format and just participated in my first chat during the Zach Arias show. THAT was great because we could bounce ideas and questions off of each other during the show and ‘meet’ people throughout the world.
    Thanks to CL I’ve learned a TON—literally have a notebook full of notes! LOVE IT!

  32. Brian Laurent June 15, 2010 at 11:08 am #

    Outstanding workshop this weekend. It’s a great resource and I am strongly considering purchasing the download. More info about the filesize and filetypes on that would be useful. I looked around a bit and didn’t see it. Maybe even a few pointers on how to make a disc backup that plays on a DVD player? Based on Zack’s workshop, I also plan to check out other resources at CreativeLIVE when I have time.

    The commercials would have been bearable had they been at the same audio levels, but they were not. If I turned it up enough to hear Zack, the ads nearly blew out my speakers and had me diving for the mute button. It seemed like they only affected certain streaming options, but the audio issue (and the fact that they didn’t pause the content) made them very annoying. This might sound lame, but I want to be able to play the content and set my laptop in an area where I’ve got my hands on my camera and lights or doing dishes or folding laundry or working in the yard and know that I won’t have to drop everything to turn down an advertisement.

    Thanks again for the workshop and the major production. It was clear that a lot of people put in a lot of effort and talent in this weekend’s event. Congratulations to all.

  33. Ashley Adcox June 15, 2010 at 11:09 am #

    I LOVED the workshop. I missed Friday & Saturday’s so I bought the download while it was still $79 & watched all day on Sunday- SO helpful and inspiring!

    1. I haven’t been to other workshops/seminars because they’re so expensive- but this was SO much more than I would have ever dreamed of! After I watched it, I kind of felt “…why would I ever spend $1500 on a weekend workshop, when I could just go back and watch this over and over!”.

    2. Indianapolis, IN- and I watched from home.

    3. The chat was a little overwhelming, so I ended up just skipping out on that, just because there were so many people involved- but I’m not sure what could actually be done about that. Maybe a room dedicated for chit-chat about the seminar, and a SPECIFIC room to ask questions? I’m not sure. But in terms of the video/broadcast- it was phenomenal! I think it’s amazing that you re-broadcast the videos as well…I found myself watching bits of the re-broadcast that same night!

    My ONLY “complaint” (I really hesitate to even use that word!) is that the video download is pretty daunting. It would be absolutely incredible to be able to download a single zip file as opposed to 16 (at least 16- I haven’t had a chance to go get the 3rd day video yet) different files. Maybe it’s just my computer, but they were downloading really slow- taking like 30 minutes for each segment…and I kind of feel like if it’s gonna take that long anyways, downloading one MASSIVE file would be easier than going through that process 16+ times!

    But yes. This was such a treat. I wasn’t able to make it Fri/Sat, so I almost skipped the live broadcast Sunday & just buy it afterwards- but I’m SO happy I watched live, because I ended up winning the final Westcott package (with the 7ft octa & 2 Apollo’s!). I feel SO blessed to know that there are so many people out there dedicated to making photography accessible to as many people as they can.

    You’re offering an incredible product absolutely free (or for a SUPER small price for the download). It’s obvious to everyone that you are all doing this for the LOVE- not for money or ego or whatever…it’s so deeply appreciated!

    You guys are all so amazing :) Thanks for all that you’re doing!!

  34. Adam in Vancouver June 15, 2010 at 11:09 am #

    I am really loving the creative live series. I have learned so much over the last few weeks. This past weekend with Zack was amazing. I really love the ability to interact with both the instructors and the audience.

    Few things I would like to see:

    Location photography with Joey Lawrence
    DIY filmmaking Series with various guests. Some notable people could be: Arin Crumley, Zak Forsman, Lance Weiler and even Seattle’s own Lyn Shelton of Hump day fame.
    Maybe some music classes as well, both lessons in playing as well as producing, mixing etc.

    Also, the business of photography, focuses on self promotion, getting jobs, how much to charge etc.

    Adam J McKay

  35. Phill Price June 15, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    Chase; Zack and every other person who were a part of making that weekend happen. It truly was and will be a paradigm shift in the training and learning area. I learnt more in three days than i have in years and it was a pleasure to be a part of the experience.

    I managed to while away 6pm till 2am (London time) on three days running being in awe. Thank you again.

  36. Charles Jones June 15, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    What makes creativeLive different is the interaction with the instructor by being able to ask questions. Other options provide simple video learning, but the interactive quality both makes it possible to explore vague points further and it makes me pay better attention since I need to be on my toes to get a question in promptly.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I am in northern Colorado and I watched all of the Friday and Saturday sessions and most of the Sunday one.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    It sure seemed to work on this production! To describe how it felt: It seemed like a radio talk show with a technical slant and a knowledgeable studio audience. You could “call in” and get a question addressed; the studio attendees offered many good questions and gave the instructor a decent foil to work against.

    Using IRC for the chat was a good way to maintain the dialog, although the #creativeLIVE channel got distracted with side chatter at times, and the #creativeLOUNGE channel tended towards the useless due to very low signal to noise ratio. I don’t know how to implement it, but it would be neat to have a way for the viewers to submit their questions, and for the other viewers to “vote” on the offered questions to pick which ones the mods actually presented to the instructor.

    Great work! Highly appreciated. Now if my Einstein lights would just get here so I can try out what I’ve taken notes on!

  37. Chris in Oklahoma City June 15, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    1. It’s exactly like it says…’LIVE, free, worldwide creative education platform’ That’s what makes creativeLive stand out. That’s what makes it different.

    2. Oklahoma City, OK! I’m watching at my office, on my lunch break, and catch it anytime I can. On my laptop, iPhone etc!

    3. Yes, I think this live format really works! The internet is endless, across all platforms/devices/mediums, and with the social network of Twitter – accessible to everyone.

  38. Justin Hulford June 15, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    Thank you for providing this Chase & Team! I was unable to watch all of it, and was disappointed I was going to miss it. Yet like a true champion you’ve come through with the goods!
    To answer your questions:-

    Offering it free first up, and paid downloads (both the pre-special and post normal pricing) is a complete turn about for what people normally expect. Something for free? Never! Something actually worth something for free? Unheard of!! Personally I think it’s a great introduction to something you might never actually look at. I actually bought the Zack Arias course when I first saw it up, as I knew how awesome it was going to be, and have previously caught a quick viewing of the CS5 and Fundamentals classes which is something I might never actually look at – Im now considering buying both. The best thing that I found from the classes are the twitter interaction with the instructor while keeping it feeling like a small intimate class. Very clever!

    I am an Aussie living in England, so the time difference for the longer classes can be a bit painful- going to bed at 3 and 4 in the AM makes for a long day following! While I can appreciate the difficulties with the live stream and delayed stream, it would be good to do three staggered viewings, so those all over the world can watch. Yet when you want to sell these classes to the masses, being able to watch even a small bit is a darn good teaser to open your wallet for more!

    Please do keep up the good work!

  39. Henrik Bengtsson June 15, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    The production value of your tutorials is quite a bit higher than most other formats out there. Sure Gnomon has a very high quality aswell (usually) but they cost a lot more ;) The depth of knowledge presented is also better than the usual “here, let me show you how to shoot perfect portraits” that is found out there. That market is kind of over-saturated, but what Zach showed was many different types of shooting besides the standard portrait setup 1a ;D

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    I am from Sweden and i saw day 1 and 2 live, and also the rewatches. Day 3 i was actually on a photoshoot so i had to watch the rewatch afterwards. Came back just in time to see the final aquarium shoot though ;D

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work
    Yes. besides the content which was excellent, and i am going to buy it aswell, the technical quality of the stream was about the best ive seen out there. Made it very viewable and not missing any details. And this is very impressive considering the ammount of viewers you had.

    So very well done, and yes PLEASE continue. The world needs more of this sharing of knowledge. I just hope some day that i will be good enough to teach on one of your future classes ;D

  40. Jeff Tamagini June 15, 2010 at 11:12 am #


    What makes creativeLIVE the best? You are hand picking the best of the best of instructors for us. I already know that when I sign up for a three day seminar that I am not going to be wasting three days of my life and that I actually will benefit greatly for it. Even if I don’t purchase the download (don’t worry I always do!!!) there still need to be a ROI on our end. While it may be free to watch there is still an investment in our time, and you are doing a great job with that ROI! I’m already planning accordingly for next month’s class with David duChemin.

    The live video quality is simply amazing, a little choppy at times for Vince’s classes but perfect for Zack’s. Something of this scale couldn’t have been pulled off even just a few years ago, bravo, its only going to get better quality wise!


    Boston baby! The Friday section I will typically start watching at work leave during a break and start it again at home, or just leave work early like I did for Zack’s class. The times are perfect for east coast, with maybe that exception of a couple of hours of work overlap we had on day one of Zack’s class but I planned around leaving work early to catch it live.


    I think this worldwide format will be a huge success, there are so many people that would never have had the benefit otherwise. We are very fortunate in both the US/Canada and Europe to have easy access to the pros on a regular basis. Many places however rely on outdated DVD training, so to be able to log onto the internet and learn/interact in real time with not only the instructor but the community watching as a whole via the chat room or twitter can only have a huge positive affect.

  41. //d. June 15, 2010 at 11:12 am #

    i live on the farthest tip of eastern canada. (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

    the live stream never dropped once (and i was watching the WHOLE time. i watched from my livingroom on an hd tv through a macmini.

    I’ve turned a couple people onto the workshops because they do work so well. even my girlfriend got excited about monkeying about with my lighting directly after watching zack’s workshop.

  42. Xavier June 15, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Form the ones I’ve seen, the quality is quite high, and very understandable. Seeing it live is just great.

    2. Where do you live? I live in Antwerp, Belgium. THis makes it very hard to see the classes I want (mostly photography). For example, I was very excited to see Scott Bourne, but because it started at 12 AM local time, it’s quite difficult to keep on seeing the class until 2 AM during the week.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? The live sessions work. You feel very involved, totally different from a tutorial you can see on the web. However, seeing as you target a worldwide audience, not everyone is able to see them live. There is the option to buy them, but then I could easily go and watch free tutorials online as well. I would recommend that the sessions stay online and available to stream for maybe 24h. This gives the whole world the chance to see the world-class sessions you organise.

    I understand that people buying the downloads helps funding this great project, and it should stay like this. But not everyone is capable of doing so/ doesn’t need it. It shouldn’t be because of a timeframe issue that people aren’t capable of watching the same thing for free than anyone else who happens to live in a favorable timeframe. The 24h to still view the sessions online by stream could remedy this and bring top quality sessions to a huge amount of enthousiasts around the world. This is what I think was the original goal of the project, I just hope more people can participate in the goodness.

    Anyway, thanks for the great initiative!

  43. John Wayne June 15, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    What makes the CL approach better is that it is far reaching. Although I wasn’t in the ‘classroom’ I was able to attend anyway. The multiple and moving camera angles and great quality production make it awesome.

    What makes the CL approach worse is the ‘checks’ before start and after breaks. I understand it’s needed and there probably isn’t a way around it, but it was rather boring to watch and ate into my precious time. Further, I could not get this to work on my iPhone which caused me to miss a bit, but that is where the downloads pick up.

    2. Where do you live?
    I live in Mountain View, CA. I was also watching from San Francisco via an iPad.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    The short answer is yes. It works, and it works quite well. The real answer is that it depends. When you have 500 students, it’s quite hard to have my personal questions answered, in fact it’s impossible to answer everyone questions. That is a trade-off of making this open and one that I’m totally willing to live with forever and ever.

    The experience was great. It felt very live, organic, and fluid. It helps that Zack is very charismatic, but the production crew really help out in making this feel natural and real.

    4. Other notes
    I loved the giveaways from companies.
    Also, you are wasting precious bandwidth and time when taking the much needed breaks. This would be a perfect time to throw in a couple of ‘commercials’ or sponsorship calls. As long as it’s related to the theme being taught I think people would really like it. Furthermore, companies and organizations (good volunteer call out as well, think Help Portrait!) could give away discounts for products just used on the show. This is a real opportunity area that could dramatically better the experience of the classes and provide even more funds to do more crazy awesome things.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  44. iso79 June 15, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    I think Creativelive is great but I wish each session took place later in the day like 7 or 8pm so people with day jobs can actually watch. Another alternative would to make the downloads free for a week before after their initial broadcast. Just an idea.

  45. Heymo June 15, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    The attraction of free now/pay later is very attractive to me.
    It’s almost like a trial version for software. If you’re busy and can only manage to see a few minutes during live recording, and you like it – then buy it.
    I watched Zack live almost the entire weekend and still decided to buy. I don’t think I would have bought the videos without first experiencing that it’s fun, entertaining and extremely high value teaching.

    2.) North Carolina.

    3.) The experience of watching it live is a good mixture of learning on your own and participating in the class (through chat and twitter).
    For me, I had things to take care of last weekend, but could still watch Zack and participate. That’s just awesome!

  46. Scott Nickell June 15, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others? – It’s a different approach because it offers an opportunity to truely share the creative process. In other workshops, I felt I was being preached to, that the instructor was all about telling me their process and cashing my check. In the CreativeLive classes the info’s there but with the collaborative vibe I encountered recently in the photography community.

    Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed? – I’m local, I live on Bainbridge Island. For Zack’s gig I watched from home, a little work, (sh! don’t tell the boss!), and in my car (yeah iPhone) while waiting to pick-up my teenagers. I was also able to listen to the live audio while driving, again through the magic of technology. I’m looking forward to the David DuChemin course in July! I also bought the downloads for Zack’s class, as I knew that on graduation weekend, with family responsibilities, (kids, grandkids, silly day-job, etc) I would not be able to sit through it all as it was happening live.

    Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it? – I think it works. It’s great that you also do an immediate re-broadcast for those in other timezones. The collaborative feel of the courses I’ve participated in is great. Took me a bit to get used to the chatroom communications. I like that Zack used a twiiter feed as well.

    The learning experiece that CreativeLive provides is excellent. I will continue to watch live as I can, and pay/download the courses that I want to add to my learning library.

    I also like the interview that you did with Zack, that was very informative as well. Keep the stream for handhelds/phones as well, as it allowed me to catch a couploe of additional hours that I would have missed.

  47. Warren Cartwright June 15, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Warren: The content is the driver; the flexibility is what makes it work for me. I’ve “attended” two of the sessions – Scott’s Aperture 3 and the DSLR video course – and was able to listen live to portions. It’s a big time commitment, and while the live/free is great, having the ability to buy the sessions means I don’t get stressed if I do have to miss one or more sessions.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Warren: Vancouver BC, Canada. Watching the feeds from a variety of locations. I travel a lot with my job, and having the flexibility to get them after-the-fact makes this format viable.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you?

    Warren: The “live” format has been good so far. There have been some growing pains with hardware and/or connectivity issues, but I imagine that’s something you’ll work through as you do more of these. The live audience is good, but you do need to do some filtering between the questions that get asked (both live and from the chat roooms) and what makes it onto the stage. While I appreciate not everyone will be at the same level, it’s critical to keep the questions on topic, and not drag us off on tangents, or into answering questions that most people already know. Keep the level high, and the value is that much greater.

    Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    Warren: I think the concept is very easy to explain, which is why it works.

  48. Tim June 15, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    From Columbus, Ohio I caught bits of a few lessons but pretty much watched of of Zack Aria’s. He did great by the way and I was amazed at the juggling act he had going on at times. I had to lay down and take a nap after watching how hard he (and the entire crew) worked.

    I would love to see a how to get your photo business from concept to bringing in clients class. Or maybe some photo business type classes. As a photojournalist who was recently laid off I’d love persue a studio/lifestyles career but I’m not sure where to even begin.

    CreativeLive has been great for those who can catch it on the times off work but it seems most of the classes always fall when I’m busy working. The price is reasonable but I wish I could see a bit of what was in the classes to make me want to buy the entire day(s) class videos.

    The content has been good and I’m liking the approach to most of it. Zack’s teach, explain again, take questions and reteach method seemed pretty good and I pickedup a few ideas from his approach with models.

    The worldwide format works fairly well as far as I can tell. The questions from around the world are often pertinent to what is being taught. I didn’t spend any time in chat though.

  49. Jamie Gordon June 15, 2010 at 11:21 am #

    I don’t mean to come across as too much of a fan boy, but I can’t say it any other way. CreativeLive was awesome. I can’t believe how much good stuff there was, especially for the price!! Zack was a great teacher, knowledgeable, personable, easy to understand and follow, and it was a really great studio to shoot in.

    I was really worried about watching it live beforehand, as my internet connection is terrible, but it actually worked amazingly well. The video and audio were both excellent quality, and the streaming was virtually stutter free for me. Being able to ask questions via twitter, as it happened, was great.

    Basically great production quality and great course material. It was almost as good as being actually there.

    I can’t wait to sit down and watch the downloads again now. And I can’t wait to see some other workshops.

  50. Allen Ross Thomas June 15, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I believe the format and approach are exceptional. The idea is truly a game changer. I believe in giving back to the community and this would appear to be a great model providing free instruction and paid archival viewing which I hope supports the the instructors, creative live staff, and supporting infrastructure. If anything, I would say 79.00 for three days of instruction post broadcast is too cheap and I hope it does not devalue the photographer. This is where economies and revenue at scale come into play and I hope the math works for all involved.

    I have noticed some minor issues with the creative live website, though I have addressed those directly.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Atlanta, Ga EST. Normally the events are challenging to watch during the time periods broadcast as they fall in awkward scheduling times in the EST (eg during commuting hours and midday weekends). Of course ordering these courses for such a value price makes this a non issue sans the feeling of a “live event” and interactivity after the fact.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    First off – having attended a Zarias 1 Day Onelight workshop, this creative live workshop exceeded even that experience. I believe having a live audience as well as manned twitter and chatroom spotters helped make the remote viewer experience feel more interactive and hands on. I found myself wanting to “Tivo” moments during the presentation either to pause for bio breaks or to replay a point of interest. Would be nice to be able to route through Apple TV or some such device. Of course, purchasing the course eliminates this for later viewing sessions.

  51. joar andré June 15, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    1. I don’t know how it compares to others as I have never attended a workshop in person before. What I can say is that I really like the way it is done. It is real and natural. It is as if I am seated in the room with the other participants.

    2. I live in the northern part of Norway (the land of midnight sun and northern lights!). I am really happy about the reruns of the workshop. That way I don’t have to stay up till 3 am three nights in a row…

    3. I think I covered this in part 1. Yes, it works! In describing it to someone else I would say that it is almost “just” like being there in person. You can see and hear everything, and you can even ask questions. Unless you’re there in person it can’t get any better than that!

    Thanks a lot Chase and Zack (and everyone else at creativeLIVE) and keep up the good work :-)

  52. Jan Hrubý June 15, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    1. It’s live, thats the most important aspect for me. You can really feel the live spirit in courses. They are much more catching than thousand times edited tutorials on DVD or short crappy stuff on youtube

    2. I live in Brno, Czech Republic ( It’s in the middle between West and East Europe). Times of courses aren’t always pleasant (like Aperture class starting at the Midnight), but Zack’s weekend class had good starting times, so I could have watched the first half live and the second half from replay.

    3. It’s different! For me, it’s gorgeous use of modern technology, I can watch in real time class overseas and at the same time tweet about it. Complains can be made about audio quality or lagging video, but this is fine in comparison with amount of information and inspiration.

    Jan Hrubý

  53. Bill Pierson June 15, 2010 at 11:30 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    I’ve had the pleasure of watching John Greengo, and most recently Zack Arias. While both classes were different, both were similar in some ways.
    I would say – the entire creativelive process is different in the respect that it’s real. It’s real people teaching what they know, and doing it well. The live Q&A from twitter/chat is awesome.
    Free is awesome. I realize that the classes can be purchased and downloaded, but at the point I’m at in my life, I can’t afford it. From what I’ve learned this weekend, however, SOME DAY (soon I hope,) I will put that valuable knowledge to use, and make money with it. I personally feel obligated to, some day, purchase Zack’s course as a thank you. I’ll also reference creativelive through B&H when purchasing future photography items.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    I live in Spring Hill, Florida. I was watching the live feed when it aired live the first time. Zack is an amazing photographer, and I’ve been following him for months. I took time off of work to watch Friday afternoon, and set the time aside Saturday/Sunday to watch, glued to my computer the entire time.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    The experience – in the case of Zack – again, was “real.” It feels like I’m there. There were small problems from time to time with audio/video, etc., but I quite honestly didn’t care. I didn’t mind those minor issues in return for receiving such valuable information for free. The twitter chat was awesome – everyone seemed to use good netiquette. The free prizes were awesome, even though I tweeted and retweeted my ass off, but didn’t win anything. I wasn’t in it for the prizes, though – I was in it for the knowledge. I actaully, for a lack of better terms, felt “high” after watching such as amazing photographer let us view, first hand, his craft and learn such valuable information.

    A sincere THANKS to all involved!

  54. Bea Kennedy June 15, 2010 at 11:39 am #

    I’ve watched Art Wolfe and Zack Arias so far. I didn’t watch Vincent Laforet because I didn’t have a camera that did video at the time. Just got a 5DII, so I’ll be looking to purchase that course (after I get my 60″ umbrella from B&H through the affiliate link LOL).

    1) The Zack Arias course was the single most practical photography educational experience I’ve ever had. I’ve read books and articles on lighting before, and have been fumbling along in TTL mode for a while, but there’s nothing like actually seeing someone demonstrate what’s being taught. A lot of what I had read about previously just kind of fell together in my head as I was watching Zack. Now, I get to go out an put it into practice.. Zack’s price for a 3-day workshop was mentioned once, and I really feel like he delivered that much value and more. The weekend long format is pretty intense, but I expect attending a weekend workshop in person would be even more intense, so that’s fine. I set aside that block of time just as I would have for an in-person workshop, made sure everybody in my circles knew I was attending a lighting workshop, and it worked out great.
    2) Mid Ohio – Eastern time zone. The time frame happened to fit my schedule pretty well.
    3) Love the worldwide format and the replay for people on the other side of the globe. The interaction with “The Internets” was great with the chat room and twitter. Top notch production all around – KUDOS to the production team and everybody else it took to pull this off.

  55. Ryan June 15, 2010 at 11:41 am #

    Zack’s was the first class that I have been able to watch most of the time (I had to take time off of work to do it and it was worth every minute.) The concept is amazing and the raw video download quality is phenomenal.

    I think that the concept is brilliant, but can crash and burn with the energy of the instructor; I tuned out to a couple of the courses because it was kind of flat. I look forward to more classes and pimp whenever I can to everyone. This can only get better with time. Cheers to the geniuses behind it.

  56. Scott Thomas June 15, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    I live near Syracuse, NY in the Eastern time zone of the US.

    I like the format…there has been some expected growing pains as everyone gets used to the new-ness of it all.

    What I don’t like is sessions starting at 2 in the afternoon, ET. I know you are working with a world clock and availability of the presenters but I would like to see the first session get another free play for a 24 hour period before the next session so more people (like me) can see if the session is of enough interest to purchase it.

    The Aperture 3 class started at 6pm ET so, even though I knew I’d miss the last one because of travel, by that time I knew I’d want to purchase it.

  57. Iwan Wolkow June 15, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    1) CreativeLive is awesome! Mainly because the events are live and interactive, in a way. Also so far the educators are just amazing and at the top of their games (I mainly Zack and Vincent). Provably the best thing about it is that you give the opportunity to watch it for free – I mean I love what Zack does and everything, but I’m just a student and I can’t afford fly to the US just to visit his workshop. The download prices are very affordable, wich is cool too.
    I’m very gratefuller for those workshops, they made me realize that I already have enough gear to do everything I want\need to, I just have to start shooting more.

    2) I’m based in Düsseldorf, Germany right now.

    3) The re-watches times weren’t very well suited for Europe. Here at GMT+1 they started at 5am, but I know you have to take the folks in Asia in consideration too.

    Thank you very very much,

    • Iwan Wolkow June 15, 2010 at 11:52 am #

      omg, that beer did kill my spelling for sure.
      Sorry about that:о)

  58. Mike Wilson June 15, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    Zack’s was the first class I watched. I’m sorry I didn’t jump on the discounted download. Now I’ve gotta pay full price. I only got to watch somewhat-intermittently because of work and other commitments, but I probably caught about 2/3rds of it. I am SO impressed. I knew lots of it already, but even those sections I picked up so many tips and tricks that I can’t express my gratitude to you all enough for this.

    Thank you Chase, Zack, and everyone behind the scenes! You rock!

  59. Sebastián June 15, 2010 at 11:47 am #

    The idea of spreading knowledge in such a professional matter is just awesome.

    The only complaint that I have is with the usage of Paypal to pay for the downloads. I live in Costa Rica, and it was pretty hard to get the paypal account working, and in the end I had to gave up. Please offer other options.

    Thanks to all the team that brought this workshop to us around the globe.

  60. Boris June 15, 2010 at 11:53 am #

    You guys take so much of your time for us, so i guess i can take a bit of mine to answer those question.

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?

    – LIVE, even it is not easy to be front of computer all the time. It’s what make the big difference for me, i can feel a connection between me and the teacher, the audience and the community (web/chat/twitter…). We are not just watching a video tutorial or whatever. We are a (small) part of CreativeLive, it’s my feeling.

    – RELIVE, as i live in Japan i really appreciate that. When we have an event like Vincent Laforet or Zack Arias Class i usually stay awake over night, but sometimes i fell asleep (i’m not a robot yet) and miss some short parts. I can watch what i missed, that is really a big Bonus !

    – FREE, DISCOUNT (until the end of class), what else.. i want to watch because of the class subject and the price (free = nothing to lose), i want to buy because of the awesomeness of the class. i can’t feel any cheating here. The Business Model is pure Genius. I don’t even talk about giving away stuff…

    – CONTENT, it is all the time very instructive, it’s made buy “active” professional people, i mean it’s not made by teachers but by professional photographer etc. They know and love what are they talking about. That make all the class i could watch on creativeLIVE very very interesting.

    2. Where do you live?

    – JAPAN, i live in Osaka, Japan. I’m from Paris, France but it’s been a bit more than 5 years since i live and enjoy being in Japan. Awesome people here. It’s can make sometime hard to watch some class if i have been busy the next day. Can’t be help !

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    – YES, as i said in the first answer.
    Also it is easy for me to know when we have a class or event, i’m on twitter (and i RT all the times events on my feed for my friends, sometimes on FB as well) and i follow @creativeLIVE after that it’s hard to miss something as they tweets every 5 minutes before a class start :) but it’s good. I also download the iCal Calendar, it’s come strait to my computer and iPhone, very useful.
    And on the i can check on Calendar tab with my time zone as well.
    What you can do more after that, i know it’s could be great to get a phone call from Chase to let us know “Class will start in 5 minutes”… but you know..

    – ONE MORE THING, it is not a problem for me, but for some it’s could be as a worldwide class, i think. it is about language. Translation or subtitle in download class could be a big value and one more reason to buy it. And on the other way, maybe having more international people/artists/photographers/vision could be very interesting, and could help CreativeLIVE to be spread on to the world event more ! i said that as i know how japanese people avoid watching/reading/listening something in english… just a thought.

    Hope this answer could be a little useful for you and creativeLIVE.

    And again thank you for let us learn very instructive class for free.

  61. Raluca L June 15, 2010 at 11:58 am #

    1. The best part of it is that the courses and workshops are live. It’s really amazing. Also, I love that the teachers are very passionate people and they know how to inspire in others the same creative force. I’ve been pumped up since the weekend, and not just in my photography but in all the other areas of my life!

    2. I’m from Romania, central-to-eastern Europe, so classes usually start at 9pm around here. The workshop was a killer when it came to that because it started at 8pm and ended at 5-6am. I didn’t choose to watch the reruns because I’m horrible at waking up early, as opposed to going to bed late. :)) But hey, it was so worth it! Just don’t have too many awesome workshops in a very short period of time. I’d have to turn into a vampire. :))

    3. Yes, it does work! And it’s so many kinds of cool. It did really feel as if I was there, like Bill said in the comment above. There was only the minutest of lags between video and audio but you can hardly notice it if you’re focusing on the class. As to describing it to other people, let me just say that I’ve got a whole group of friends planning to camp over at my place for the next workshop.

    What you guys are doing is really inspirational, thoughtful and just beautiful. Thank you so much for this wonderful chance you’re offering us. Hats off to you.

  62. Markus H. June 15, 2010 at 12:00 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I think it’s great when thousands of people can participate in a course like this the same time. The greatest thing at all is that you can introduce yourself into the course via internet and all possible communication ways like twitter, chatrooms, etc…
    I can only talk about the course with Zack this weekend, but it was really great. There was no strict order or plan, so when there were a few questions, Zack stopped for a while and answered detailed in his own opinion, before he continued.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I’m from Linz, Austria, Middle Europe, small Country and no kangaroos ;)
    The lessions started at 7PM here and ended around 3AM or so… I fell asleep twice but it’s so great you show also a replay so that you can watch it again the next day if you‘ve missed something.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    It definitely works! But it depends on the teacher of course and how you involve the audience in the whole game. Zack was a great teacher and I never had the feeling that he was about to loose “the red line”, even when he was explaining something and a question came up, he answered and continued where he interrupted.

    I hope to see more of these great classes in future!

  63. favian June 15, 2010 at 12:03 pm #

    Creative live is on to something with the classes. Zack was a great instructor, he was funny (enough), and very knowledgeable. This is the kind of mix you want. The support staff made the flow of the class great. Camera one, then camera two, transition, perfect.

    On top of learning new technique with flash photography I also walked away with the fact that I’m heading in the right direction, and that I should be building my photography on “cash flow not credit”. This last part still rings in my head!

  64. Eddie June 15, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    Creative Live with Zack was just awesome. The live feed was great for being free, but being able to download the whole show for just $79 was even better. Now I’m albe to watch it again and learn as much as I can from Zack over and over again.

  65. Casey June 15, 2010 at 12:14 pm #

    1. The three things I love about CreativeLIVE are the “learn for free” model, the quality of the education, and the participation. Giving the live feed out for free is great for people who either can’t afford the education, or are unsure if they want to learn. I also like the quality of the education. So far I’ve caught a few episodes of John Greengo’s course and a bit of Zack’s and I know I will be purchasing both of them. I would expect to pay $1000 for the caliber of information; way better than any college course I have taken! The class participation is also fantastic. There has been a number of times that someone will ask a question that I wouldn’t even have thought of, or someone asks the question I was also wondering.

    2. I live in Fargo, ND, USA. I watch on the Central Time Zone.

    3. I think it works. I watch in the US, so I have no problems with the times, language, or connection. I can see a need for subtitles, if they are not currently available. If I had to explain it to someone, I would say it’s like taking a college course, but pants are optional. : ) From what I’ve seen so far, the classes are very engaging, they do feel like you are in the room with the instructors.

    CreativeLIVE is freaking awesome…enough said. Thanks Chase, Craig, and everyone else that makes this possible!

  66. Ondřej Horák June 15, 2010 at 12:21 pm #

    1. This idea to spread information around the globe in real time is just marvellous! And for free! You guys did a wonderfull job! Thanks a lot from as starving students.
    2. I live in Czech Republic, but I am a night bird so I had no problems with watching live. But i must admit “rewatch” times are certainly a good thing for some folks out here in Czech Rep.
    3.Well, all of my friends got the general idea the first time I had talked about it and some even tuned it for themselves. (not all of them photogs:)

    Once more Thank you all.

  67. Todd June 15, 2010 at 12:23 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?

    I work as a technician in the distance education division of our state university system. We have both online classes and 2-way interactive TV classes that connect students and instructors on all our islands. The way you have this structured and the quality of the delivery is FAR SUPERIOR to what we have.

    There are many things that I like about the creativeLive approach:

    a. The workshop is offered live for free, with the option to purchase the download during and after the workshop. This gives us a chance to SEE the quality of the information we choose to purchase the downloads.

    b. The quality of the video is outstanding. Especially on the final edits – your post production people rock.

    c. I think the audio could use a little work – many times the audience questions could not be heard until they were repeated by the instructor. In our classrooms, each student has a desk mic with a push to talk button. We instruct each student in our classrooms to use their microphone when they ask a question, so that students on the other islands can hear them.

    d. The video switching was a little slow at some parts, when Zack would write something on the board and we were stuck on a cutaway of someone or a different camera angle. That could use a little improvement.

    e. Great use of moderators and Twitter/chat room to field questions from the internet viewers.

    f. Really appreciate the pricing of the downloads, especially the discount offered up until the end of the workshop. Being stuck here in Hawaii, the cost of traveling to workshops is prohibitive,

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I am in Maui, Hawaii. I can usually catch most of the workshop live, but the rebroadcasts really help me catch up on parts that I miss.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    Absolutely. I wish our distance education system could be even half as good as what creativeLIVE is putting out.

    Chase, if you’re ever in Maui, drop me a line and I’d be happy to show you our distance education setup so that you can see how the creativeLIVE format completely blows away our multimillion dollar statewide interactive TV system.

  68. Jeremy Hall June 15, 2010 at 12:29 pm #

    1. I love the format. Multiple camera angles combined with the on computer view is a huge asset. Obviously there are some rough edges during the live viewing as the broadcast team gets in synch with the instructor and vice versa, but with quality instructors it is more of a moment to smile as they move right past it. The format of the broadcast is great, but really it comes down to the quality of the content and presentation. I guess to me that speaks well of the format because it is not getting in the way of that content, rather enhancing it.

    I’ve only caught bits of previous presentations, but for Zack I caught as much as I could even while I was traveling for a shoot. Zack was a huge support to our PhotoCamp Utah 2010, and I knew he would deliver on this class. I wanted to return support for him, so buying the download was a given for me.

    2. Utah, so Mountain Time Zone. When watching live I was in Phoenix, AZ, so currently in Pacific Time Zone.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    I think the worldwide and particularly the live format works on many levels. First, the obvious “giving back” feeling is a bonus, both for its sincerity and that it encourages people to freely spread the word. Second is that spreading of the word happening liberally during the actual broadcast. Those of us active on Twitter continually are reminded when quality content is happening with the live questions and comments buzzing out there. Third, with all the buzz during the live sessions I would hope that sales increase for the downloads for those that come around realizing that they have missed something good!

    Thanks for putting so much into this concept and I hope to see it flourish!

  69. Mel Haynes Jr June 15, 2010 at 12:31 pm #

    1. What I like about creativeLives approach is how it allows you to watch/learn/be amazed by the subject matter in its entirety and then allows you to purchase the course knowing full well what we are buying. So far, the subject matter as well as the people teaching the subjects ( I watched Zack and Vincent so far ) are well worth the price tag. The price of the courses are an amazing deal that I do not believe exist anywhere else. I watched the courses all the way through, but I still bought them just to rewatch and pick up things I missed. Its an amazing resource.

    2. Im in Littleton, CO.
    3. I am hardly “worldly” so its hard to gauge the world wide format, but the times and weekend start time are perfect for me. I own my business and work from home, which means I work all hours of the day/night and weekends so I had Zack’s course playing on my second monitor as I worked….big mistake. I found myself watching way more than worked. I have been perusing my photographic vision for a couple years now and know my lighting pretty well, but I never ever consider myself a “master” at my craft and always am open to learn, relearn, be humbled, with my work. I learned with Zacks class and also reinforced what I learned on my own. It was a great course

    If I had to describe the classes that I have seen to other people it would go like this: if you have ANY interest in the subjects that are presented by CreativeLIVE, you must watch these broadcasts. You will enter the mind and personality of a true professional for a few days and will think of nothing else until the broadcast is over. You will gain an unheard of amount of knowledge, be totally inspired, and learn to love the instructor, respect them, and want to have a beer with them. After that you will purchase the course. Why? Because you will learn soo much all over again.

    CreativeLIVE is an amazing concept and I can’t wait to see more and wish it all the success it deserves.

    Thanks, Chase for bringing it to my attention.

  70. Charmain June 15, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    1. It is free!! For me this makes it totally, totally different. Still can’t believe that such quality teaching is for free. Thank you, thank you. I think this opens it up to a different audience as well. Zack is a great teacher and have the gift of explaining things simple and more importantly in a way one can remember.

    2. I live in Grimsby, United Kingdom. I watched half live and the other half with the rerun. It just got to late 12/1am at night for me to really process the info. So thank you for broadcasting it at a different time.

    3. I am also english speaking so really could follow. Didn’t feel like I was on another continent. The format (and Zack addressing “Internet”) made me really feel part of the class, even part of the jokes etc. It is a virtual class, just like a real classroom you can even ask questions and interact with other students in the chatroom, the luxury is that you don’t have to leave your house, watch in your pj and eat whenever you like!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you words can not express my appreciation to everybody involved.

  71. Jenny Hill June 15, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    Hi Chase,

    Heres’s my CreativeLIVE feedback.

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    I don’t have anything to compare it to…yet (may take the forthcoming lighting PS seminar).

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    Yorkshire UK. Watched FDP live (those that I could) and then bought the downloads. Watched Zack as a split session; the first few hours of each day I watched live, had myself a good nights sleep, and then watched the remainder of the class in the morning on the rerun.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    Yes it works for the most part. Technically, fine. As an activity I would do – yes I’d take a 3 day class, and yes its certainly a concept thats easy to get and to describe.

    Zacks session was a marathon for me even so. Sitting at a computer for that long was tougher than being in an actual classroom environment for a number of reasons. Predefined breaks would have helped with a lot of that.

    I’m not a big fan of all of the music played….some of it was a real downer. I know having mentioned it in chat and got an absolute flaming for it that this comment may not go down well but for my money its about keeping it real and UPBEAT. Again a schedule would have helped with this then I could have come back to the session later.

    The chat (questions, lounge and Spanish) – a great idea and without a doubt adds value.

    For the most part it works (for me) because CreativeLIVE allowed me to attend a class delivered by photographers I admire when its highly unlikely I’d have spent the money to do so otherwise.



  72. Geoff Moore June 15, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    I attended the Art Wolfe sessions live and thought it a great chance to understand his approach. I also watched most of the John Greengo class am really impressed by the structure and graphic explanations (and yes I bought the 10 week class).
    1. Comparison – I like the structured lecture environment of creative live. I set aside a period of time to participate and play catch up by purchasing the course. I have watched photography classes from Kelby Training and attended in person their live events. Creative live is the nearest learning tool I have found to being there in person. Other on line classes feel less like the presenter is addressing me personally.
    2. I’ve watched the live feed in MA and OR USA. Both worked OK, although I defaulted to the Webinar version in OR due to bandwidth and computer limitations. I prefer live HD feed. Obviously their were some teething problems, dropouts, missing voice or picture or both at times.
    3. The live feed is engaging, with the presentation switching between graphics/photographs and the presenter. The ability to pose questions (and receive answers) is critical to audience engagement and works well. The dual simultaneous chat room is confusing and distracting – perhaps only questions should get through screening via a delayed filter. Purchase options are great for catching up on missed episodes, dropouts and other interruptions. The ‘replay’ is less engaging, however, due to editing, the final product is of high quality and a useful addition to being there Live.
    Please persist in this endeavor by creating a sustainable business model (and bring back Greengo for the advanced version of his great class).

  73. Henrik Joensson June 15, 2010 at 12:36 pm #

    1. First and foremost i like the “interactive” approach, the ability to ask questions live througout the class is great and makes the learning experience better.

    2. Sweden, the class started around 7 pm here so i didn’t get to watch the whole live feed but managed to watch the parts i missed on the rebroadcast. The 9-hour time-difference gets pretty noticeable but it’s all worth it.

    3. Heck yeah it works! i think it’s great, it really feels as if you were there in the same room, i think Zack did an awsome job reaching out to the interwebz. I’d describe it as any other seminar only over the internet instead of at a school (or whereever it may be).

    I’d also like to thank everyone who made it possible for us to watch this for FREE, it’s an awsome experience. I know I learned ALOT this weekend and im really looking forward to future seminars. Thank YOU!

  74. Mark Salmon June 15, 2010 at 12:37 pm #

    1. It works because it interactive, we can ask questions and get involved.
    2.I live in the UK, it’s a bit awkward to watch some seminars as they run from 5pm until 2am, but other than that its awesome.
    3.It’s great it feels like I’m in the room with most teachers.

    I love this idea, its seriously been better than some of my university classes!

  75. Scott June 15, 2010 at 12:39 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    I’ve found that the best way for me to learn from these workshops is to sit through it, then be able to go back and watch it in my own time, rewind and review. There is so much information to absorb in just a few days it is just not possible (at least for my little brain). But being able to go back and review – particularly to rewined and see certain parts over again (and sometimes again) really helps.

    2. Where do you live?
    I’m in Idaho – Mountain Time zone

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    No complaints, really. Very accessable, easy to watch, wasn’t techincally challenging. My only real issue (other than blocking out that much time in my life) was knowing the start/end times so I knew when to get back. That said, I liked the loose format and even if the start/end times had been solid I don’t think it would have made that much difference.
    I saw enough of it live when I could break away from my life to pick up some great points and to prompt me to pay for the download.

    Great class – thanks to everyone involved.

  76. Ivy Pruss June 15, 2010 at 12:45 pm #

    @question #1: what makes creativelive different/better is a few things. for one you guys are live, i can learn actually watching in real time and the odds of someone have the same question i have is super high, so all the time my questions get answered even if not asked directly by me! then i can do this in my own home, i’m 28-married with 2 little ones, the times are not always during nap times! But i may have a chance to watch a re-air of it. if i cant the i buy it for $79. i don’t always have $79 but it’s more probable that i will then paying over 40,000 to go back to college? i even looked at new york institute of photography, cheapest for that entire curriculum is about $950, and i don’t have that now either,we pay mortgage guys! then i looked at and they seemed awesome, however they make a class of everything under the sun! which means that you have to take about 7-$200 courses to get what i got from jon greengo for $79( yes i just had to buy, and zacks studio weekend too!!) in 10 weeks!like are you serious!? thats how you guys are amazing.
    @#2: i live in ocala fl originally from Queens NY, and have my computer station in our bedroom, lately since i’ve bought 2 classes we put them on cd to watch on our tv. i fell in love with photography several years ago, 28yrs old and have a college degree in animal science! don’t have anymore college debt but couldn’t afford more of it to go back for photography? my husband told me if i really wanted it enough and i kept asking The Lord for it He would provide a way for me to learn for free, about a week later my cousin who is going to school for photography in tampa told me about creative live and here we are, i’m 28yrs old, wife and mother with a passion who just can’t afford to go back to school, or leave my kids? i don’t think going back to school beets this by far??!
    @3: i am 3hrs behind you guys so like this weekend for zacks class i got to bed really late but hey i got caught up today! i love the format, especially learning by watching and hearing, nothing beats that. only that i wish i could be there!

  77. Szabi (szabiakanich) June 15, 2010 at 12:50 pm #

    First of all, thanks for putting up the interview. Didn’t have a chance to watch it either, so it’s great to get to see it :) Highly appreciated.

    On to the weekend and the class itself. It was absolutely fantastic, amazing, inspirational, just off the hook (did I mention amazing?!). It was amazing enough to keep me up 3 nights in a row from 9pm till 5am in the morning. So yeah it was rather amazing :D

    1. I can’t really compare it to other formats, since I don’t really know other formats of such classes, not in this form anyway. I really like the format as it is. I wouldn’t really change anything about it. It’s great that there’s a live audience in the studio and that the whole world gets to tune in. I’m sure I’m not alone on saying, that this is a fantastic opportunity for a lot of us to learn from some of the best in the industry and that we really appreciate that. And it’s also great that it’s a whole weekend and that it goes on for 7-9 hours each day. That way the instructor can cover a lot of ground and can really get into detail about a whole lot of stuff.

    2. I’m from Romania, Europe and I’ve been watching the live feed every night from 9pm until 5am in the morning. That was ok on Friday and Saturday since I could sleep in until 1-2pm the next day. It was only a problem Sunday since Monday morning I had to get up at 7:30, so I only got some 2-3 hours of sleep. My other viewing time would’ve been for the re-run, but for that I would’ve had to get up at 5am. So I preferred going to bed at 5am than getting up at 5am.

    3. As I said at 1. this format works really well. I actually told a lot of people about this offline and got a few tuning in. Some of the people whom I told about this thought that I was crazy LOL, but I don’t really care. Thing is that this is an amazing chance to learn a lot about the stuff that you’re interested in and that’s what counts. I also liked all the “action” around the whole class: the tweets, the chatroom, the entry videos for the contest to get in on this class. And now the results of the shoots: the photos on Zack’s blog, with all the comments and all the great discussions.

    To sum it all up. The Creative Live concept is great and the execution of the past two major events (Vincent’s class and Zack’s class) were great and I think even the people on the internet got a LOT out of it even if not the full on 100% experience that you get when you’re actually there.

    Some other random thoughts:

    It’s great to see that there’s all these dedicated folks out there who try and make this the best experience for all of us. I’m mainly talking about Craig and his crew and how dedicated they are and how big of an effort they put into it so that everything works and everybody has a great time.

    It’s also fantastic to see that there’s companies who support this kinda education and stand behind this dedicated crew.

    And then there are the instructors. Zack is definitely the hero of the weekend. He was just so on top of his game and so into it. You can tell when somebody is really passionate about what they are doing. And not only was he passionate about it, his style of telling things and teaching stuff was just really eloquent.

    I could go on and on and on about how awesome these 3 days were, but I just want to thank everybody who’s been involved in putting this together. It was a treat to be “part” of this.


  78. William June 15, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

    Please don’t change a thing! Keep the talent coming! What an awesome idea and fantastic medium to share it all.
    In response to your questions:
    1. What makes it different, better, worse… IT’S FREE! BUT IT’S FREE WITH AMAZING VALUE! I bought the download, just because I felt that I was ripping you off if I didn’t. I love the fact that I’m able to ask questions on the twitter, etc and they’re actually read and responded to. This might change when it gets too big, but for now, I like it.
    I was lucky enough to attend Zack’s One Light Workshop in January of this year, and i was just as excited to see this feed from my office at home. I felt almost the same level of connection with zack and the material. I’m sure that’s a gift that he is able to bring, so find more people like him. He’s the Regis Philbin of the photography teaching world in that it seems like he can relate to anyone and always be liked.

    2. I’m in Orlando, FL

    3. A few times it would freeze, and I would have to refresh and reload, but other than that, it was great! I only caught about 10 hours total for the 3 days, but as I said before, I bought the downloads. I think the raw downloads (rough edit) are going to be better than the polished ones, because it feels more real when we get to see all the little quirks that a live feed will have. It’s like “unplugged” music and how it’s WAY better than a studio track.



  79. Vit Velasquez June 15, 2010 at 12:55 pm #

    I have attended workshops here and Creative Live’s workshops are the best yet I have attended. The best thing is they’re free!

    Zack’s workshop has taught me a lot of practical techniques in studio lighting. I got to watch him work and he is very inspiring.

    John Gringo’s workshop, I think is very very comprehensive and easy to follow. Great job guys! Keep it coming! Hehehe. =)

  80. Gary June 15, 2010 at 12:56 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others? It’s free. this is astoundingly appreciated by those of us who don’t have 2 dimes to rub together.

    2. Where do you live? Raleigh, NC

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    I love the live format! It works great as long as I select the right bandwidth feed. That said, I think there need to be more replay options. Try as we might, it’s almost impossible to free up an entire weekend to sit in front of a computer. Maybe there could be a special replay in the middle of the week or split up over a week or 2 in 1-2 hour segments?

  81. Lori Nicoli June 15, 2010 at 1:01 pm #

    First of all, this session ROCKED! I never would have had the opportunity to see an actual shoot and have access to SO much information. This event took away the mystery of lighting and photographing in a studio. What I learned from this seminar is priceless. I was riveted, spent the majority of my weekend watching and did order the download. Now, to answer your questions.

    1. Never having been to a photo seminar, I have nothing to compare with this session. However, I really liked the interactive format.

    2. I live in Illinois and watched it live.

    3. I loved that it was worldwide and brought so many people together for a common experience. It felt like I was actually a part of a huge, extended class because of the real time Q&A. It was great.

    This was, no doubt, a huge undertaking for all involved, but I will definitely be watching for future CreativeLIVE events and will pass the word to fellow photo enthusiasts.

  82. Jonny June 15, 2010 at 1:03 pm #

    First, a request: Chase, I’m sure I would enjoy a commercial or sports photo class by you, however, I think the most valuable course you could teach that seems to be missing so far is an ‘industry’ or a ‘business’ course.

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?

    Creative live is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. What Creative Live offers that no other source offers is the ability to learn directly from the worlds top photogs, designers, coders, etc. No other source offers this kind of training in the same format or forum as creative live, and certainly none of them are free to watch.

    I would love to purchase every course offered so far as I feel they are absolutely worth what they are priced at, unfortunately i’m rather poor at the moment, but i am pledged to purchasing at least 3 or 4 of them within the next few months to refer back to and absorb a little more deeply.

    I love CL because, even as a ‘pro’ making my living doing creative, I’ve still learned more in the few hours i’ve watched than in my entire career so far combined.

    2. Where do you live?
    Calgary, Mountain Time Zone

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    I’m only one time zone off, so yes, but i’m not the person to ask either.


    1) No artist names when music playing during intermission

    2) A good tune is always cut off by the annoying pre-broadcast checklist. I don’t care if the cameras are white balanced for the 100th time, i wanted to hear the rest of that song. Just saying.

  83. jussi June 15, 2010 at 1:10 pm #

    1) its live, its so much different than those edited,sleek, scott kelby videos. At the same time its THE thing isn’t it. We get to ask question through the chat and so on but has its downsize and thats the waste of time.

    2) Finland

    3) Hell ya it works! I would have stayed up all night through the weekend with my coffee maker if I had not had to go to work 6am on sunday.

    Keep on going..

  84. Josh June 15, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    1. First, I loved it. The amount of work and technical planning was amazing. Content was great. What I say below is intended as constructive criticism.

    a. Scheduling/timing was hard. I never knew when a break was going to actually end or begin or sometimes what was going on if a break went longer. Sometimes it’d be a 10 minute break that went 20+ minutes. I don’t care, just keep me informed that’s what’s going on.

    b. Not a dig at all, but Zack talked about how someone would tweet “we’re talking about _________” now so you could tune in for that part. That never happened.

    2. Minneapolis, MN. I watched 90%. Between live AND the live replay I was able to catch almost all of it.

    3. Format’s OK – just more info keeping the audience informed of what’s happening sometimes (see 1a). I was surprised at the level of audience involvement, I think the moderators did a good job.

    The experience is much better than the traditional webinar, nothing beats the hands on being there seeing in person. (i.e. I’d like to have seen the wall jack set construction up closer)

    Audio and video had pretty good quality too. N

  85. Joe J June 15, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    Comment for Creative Live:

    It’s one of the best tools that I have ever seen. I have been onboard with it since the launch. I haven’t seen every episode but I have caught most of the photography related ones. The Zack Arias 3 day event was AMAZING! It was so down to earth and gave the true perspective on many different scenarios. I learned soooo much. The only stupid thing, I did, was not buy the event at the discounted rate.

    Looking forward to future events! Great work Creative Live!

  86. Vladimir Krzalic June 15, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

    First of all, I would like to thank All the guys from the CreativeLive who worked theit asses off in order to make 8 hours of live broadcast accross the Internet. That was a real pain, keeping the pace with the tweeter, chatroom as well as several camera channels, sound and stuff. Honestly, i don’t know how you pulled it off with such small amount of people.

    Secondly, as i follow Zack for some time now, I must say that he is one of better performing teacher I know, and i’ve seen many on DVD and all arround the net. His way of thinking, sharing information and presenting it to the audience just keeps you glued to the screen and don’t lest go unitl it’s over.
    The sudience sound could have been better. Guess it could have been much better with boom mic and not that on the floor stand, as audio eng. had hard time to cover the audience with sound rec. One to two booms and you could coer a whole studio.

    Now off to the questions :)

    1. Major issue where CreativeLive is different is that it’ LIVE! Having that in mind, it opens an array of creative opportunities for photographers to ask and get feedback in real time. That i haven’t heard nor watched before and it is great in every meaning of the word. You could ask a question in chatbox and few minutes/seconds later, there is Zack answering it. That is real difference and what will keep this kind of workshop waaay above all the rest DVD/Internet stream courses.

    Being called creative Live, that means calling some creative photographers to do the talking and who would be better in that than Chase/Zack combo?

    What could be better?
    Some more studio technique like shooting tricky material (velvet, silk, stockings etc..), maybe splitting the work on basic/intermediate basis in order to make the audience more coherent and fosuced, with some that know the basics not boring themselves in the chatrooms.
    Other than that, no problems for me!

    2, I live in Belgrade, capitol of Serbia. Located in central europe and GMT+1 it was really hard to watch Art Wolfe @8am because sometimes i couldn’t watch it at work (yeah.. some of us still have their boring day jobs), but Zack times were fine and I could watch them online. Yes.. i was in pieces afterwards with almost no sleep at all but it was worth of it!

    3. Live format with two way communication is next best thing to being there in person. Great help from the chat room stuff. If next courses are being scheduled to last more than 4 hours, I think it would be great to cut them in half as people would have to do much to free 8 hours of their time. Going on weekend helpped a lot but still it would be nice to give the audience time. The other problem is that it would last longer and it would be harder to produce and organize.. but hell… it is great either way, as long as it is free and that good!

    Really really great job from all of You in CreativeLive!! I hope you would keep it that good in the future.

  87. Dave Griffin June 15, 2010 at 1:46 pm #

    I’ve seen three creativeLIVE courses so far (Art Wolfe, Vince LaForet, and Zack Arias). I purchased the HDDSLR videos (mostly to support creativeLIVE), immediately signed up for Art Wolfe’s seminar tour, and I’ll likely purchase Zack’s course when a bit more free cash comes in the door (I’m not a studio photographer, but again I want to support the team).

    The ability to trade time for dollars is so important to so many. As I said, I’m not a studio photographer. Flash is something I use very infrequently. I tuned into Zack’s workshop mostly out of a general curiosity about that type of photography and because I like Zack’s approach in general. As some noted, it was like crack. I couldn’t stop watching. (I missed part of Day 2 because of commitments and ended staying up to 2am watching the replay until my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer…. the format, the high technical level, and the instructor made it more compelling than most training I’ve seen or been to.

    Probably the best thing about these courses is that while a professional instructor brings a lot of depth of technical details, I’m also interested in the “meta” things around being a professional photographer. Flash/ambient ratios were important, but watching how someone interacts with models and subjects, hearing from the hair&makeup people, watching someone deal with situation in an unrehearsed way that models what a professional has to deal with in the real world — you just don’t get that with someone who has taught a workshop 20 times. (You get something different, and some people want THAT. I generally get that from books and websites.)

    Continue bringing in top creative men and women, place them in slightly uncomfortable situations where they get to show off their skills, and you’ll continue to draw in tens of thousands of us.

    I’m on the east coast, Massachusetts. I’ve watched live and I’ve taken advantage of the replay (at the expense of sleep).

    I believe the live format really does work and demonstrates a cutting-edge way of getting high-quality information out using “off the shelf” technology. (OK, you guys are pushing the envelope in many ways, and “off the shelf” doesn’t equal “simple” — but I hope you get my point.)

    I participated in the chat room for Vince’s workshop and exclusively used Twitter for Zack’s. I found the signal-to-noise ratio much higher in the Twitter feed.

    Through the skilled moderation of your team, the good questions get through and, thankfully, nearly all of the inane/lazy questions either stay on the floor or are answered by others. It is imperative with an audience that large to have good filters in place so they aren’t wasting the instructor’s time and energy. (I felt this was done better with Zack’s course than Vincent’s, btw. You improved.)

    That said, despite watching from my dark hole, the live multi-camera feed is almost as good as being there and I’m sure the edited versions are off the charts good. (If it streamed to my AppleTV I’d be in heaven… Some day. Some day.)

    Thanks so much for the creativeLIVE concept and the delivery – both are inspired and inspiring. I will be doing what I can to support it in dollars and words.

    – dave

  88. Justin Thor Simenson June 15, 2010 at 1:52 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    creativeLIVE is the best thing that has come to the creative community. As a photographer that has decided to do personal work as much as possible and the paid work just to get funds for the personal work, I can’t think of anywhere else I could get this information.

    2. Where do you live? I live in New Mexico. I grew up outside of a little hippie community called Placitas in the late 80’s. Both of my parents encouraged my and my brother and sister to explore and that is something I still do today. New Mexico has so much, from dried salt lakes to white sand deserts to 14,000 peaks and alpine lakes.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? Yes, I love that when I wake up in the morning and my Google Reader account says that the 50+ photography blogs I follow have updates because they are from people ALL over the world. Now the data never sleeps, so my imagination does not have to!

  89. Andy June 15, 2010 at 2:02 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I love it! The only thing lacking is a physical presence there, which..well…is no big deal to me. You get to interact with the instructor, and I had a couple of questions answered directly, and with such a large audience with photography being the common denominator, I had some that I wanted to ask that were asked by someone else. Every question I had got answered.

    I know some people were complaining about minute details (oh..oh…that mic is a little too loud..), but man, it’s LIVE…stuff happens when you have that much going on. It sort of added a feel or realism for me.

    One reason I would say it’s better is because I have been in workshops where I was definitely the low man on the totem pole. It made it intimidating to ask a question because I felt like “Everyone else already knows this and I don’t want to sound like an idiot”. With this it didn’t really matter. If my question was dumb…no one knows who I am…I’m just one of a few thousand people.

    On a side note, the addition of the chat allowed me to make several new contacts via Twitter and Facebook. I think networking with your peers is crucial to photography, and I met some fine people who love the craft like I do.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed? I’m in Gadsden, Alabama (yes…there are redneck photographers too…lol) We are on Central time so I am two hours ahead of you guys in Seattle.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    Yes it works! It’s brilliant actually! Quite frankly, I’m not rich. I’m far from rich. Zack lives two hours away from me, but even without travel expenses I simply can’t afford to attend his workshop. Having seen his OneLight DVD and other teaching endeavors I think the prices are very fair for the return, but still out of reach for some of us. This brought it right to my front door for FREE! Watching a DVD isn’t all that personal….but the way Zack interacted with the internet audience was awesome and it gave a much more personal feel to all of this.

    I just want to add a big THANK YOU for the whole team that has made this possible. It’s great to see a group of people that believe in what they are doing and it’s obvious that you guys believe in this. You’re putting knowledge into the hands of people who maybe otherwise couldn’t afford it.

  90. hellopaul June 15, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    First of all, big thanks to all of you guys who made it happen. This was totally amazing experience!

    1) I can’t even describe how helpful you guys are. I come from Poland, East Europe and wanted to join that kind of class a long time ago (especially Zack’s class) but unfortunately there’s almost no such thing in my country. Any photography courses costs a lot and it’s hard to choose anything if you don’t see the effects of class that already participated in it. ‘Cause, you see, you, Americans has such amazing… thing, that you share everything you have with the world. I mean, if not you, I would never start my photography journey. All that flickr, facebook, twitter things, the blogs of photogs who exactly, point by point, show how they do that and that… It’s speechless.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say my country is out of good photographers ;P Actually we got some really amazing talents here. But it’s really tough to get started for a newbie.

    So, the whole creativeLIVE idea is REMARKABLE!

    2) The hours were really fine. Most of the time the course started at 8pm (so I was after work/domestic duties/etc) and it ended at 2pm. When I couldn’t finish it in the main day, I just woke up the next day at 9am and was in the same point I stoped yesterday.

    3) As many others says, you could really feel like actually sitting in the room with Zack and others. And there was no connection problems (which I can’t say about Vincent’s Laforet class ;( ), no sound problems, everything was just great! And about the Zack, oh man, he’s amaaaaaazing instructor, so chilled and so professional at the same time. Really, fantastic work!!!

    Looking forward for future creativeLIVE classes!


  91. Chris Ward June 15, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

    I tuned in, realized that that this was going to be awesome, and that I couldn’t watch the whole tome, and bought the downloads. I think that is going to be really neat. I still tuned in quite a bit, when I could, but will be able to rewatch and watch what I missed.

    I love that you can get to see the actual program before putting up the money. And yet, those that can’t come up with the change can still get in. (Are there really enough people coughing up the dough?)

    The format of the zack show was really great. I loved how there were people in the audience, how zack took questions from them and twitter and such. It was very relaxed, and yet still seemed to stay on track and focused. Good balance.

    I am in Minneapolis, and loved having the replay. It gave me two chances to watch. I bet this was great for other timezones too.

  92. Thatcher June 15, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    1. It’s FREE yo! Can’t beat that. Plus you put some super inspirational people are here, for FREE. I have been against the institutional format of teaching photography for a many reasons. But I like this format.

    2.From the 505 bro! Albuquerque, NM

    3. It works for me, because it’s FREE. I think some people are not fully understanding this. If I miss one, I miss one. It sucks, but beggars can’t be choosers. If I really want it, I’ll buy it to help support this awesome thing. You guys are offering your time for us. I’ll take what I can get.
    Thank you, by the way.

    The only thing I suggest is more variety. Do a show on old school medium formats shooting film. Cole Barash. Who’s killing it right now in the industry? Bring them on. I really like the creative process. So, who’s doing the most creative photography? Who’s doing some killer wedding stuff (DANIEL MILNOR)? Who’s killing portraits? Fashion? Sports? (not Scott Kelby )

    I know someone mentioned wanting to see a business class. I don’t agree with this. I would have about 3 months ago. But I figured some things out. Everyone’s business is going to be different. Pick a book up from the library to learn business. There’s tons. This is about creativity. Anyone can have a good idea, it’s the execution that will make it shine. Let’s see how people execute.

    I actually like the Chase Jarvis live interviews with Arias & RA Scion the best. That was awesome!! It would be cool to see more of those with magazine photo editors, creative directors and maybe even clients, like REI.

    “If you are what you say you are, a super star, then have no fear. The camera’s here.”

  93. Jannik Anker June 15, 2010 at 2:14 pm #

    Followed both the Vincent Laforet and Zack Arias classes and loved pretty much every minute of it! Bought both classes on day one ;-)

    1. I’ve never attended photography classes before, so I really have nothing to compare with. I can, however, say that I have learned a TON of stuff, so the fact alone that the classes are free makes them different from the rest. I’ve only “attended” the three-day classes, so I don’t know about the one-day class format. With Zack, I felt that day 1 was a bit too information heavy, but I totally get that it all had to be said in order to get everybody on board :-)

    2. I live in Denmark. The classes begin at 6 or 7 pm local time, which would be fine if the classes were divided into four hour days ;-) I could watch the reruns, I guess, but then I’d miss out on the entire interactivity (twitter) thing, plus I’d miss day three entirely (having to go to work on monday). I’ve purchased both classes at $79, so I could also just watch those, but again I like the live thing…

    3. It totally works! I guess the “language” of photography is pretty much the same all over the world (much as the language of programming which I “also” know). To me both the classes I’ve attended felt like being a part of any old photography class (which I’ve never actually tried), only difference being that you have to rely on other people to ask the right questions. The twitterverse is too diffuse for one to be able to count on “getting through” to the instructor. But it’s free, dangit, so I have no reason to complain. At. All. If I were to explain this concept (as I’ve done in Danish more than once ;-), I’d say it’s about (normally “unattainable”) world class instructors sharing their knowledge worldwide – live and for free. If someone doesn’t get that, or isn’t hooked by the concept, they’re not into photography enough :-D I know that this is my only chance to ever (!) attend a Vincent Laforet, Zack Arias or David duChemin class, and it isn’t hard to appreciate being handed that chance for free!

    Seriously, this concept is absolutely awesome and perfect for those of us unable to go to the US just for photography classes. To heck with the time zone issues, that can’t really be changed. As long as the streaming technology holds up (with it TOTALLY did with Zack Arias, not so much with Vincent Laforet), I see no reason to change a thing. Oh yeah. One little one: Craig could easily get much of his checklist done BEFORE the end of the scheduled break. Seems silly to say “we’re going to have a ten minute break” only to spend fifteen minutes breaking (hrmph) and spend another five doing checklist. And in general I’d love for the time schedule to be honored a bit more strictly (I probably didn’t phrase that correctly ;-), since there are a few thousand “invisible” people waiting every time.

    I know this is all just appraisal and that it might seem completely uncritical, but I have essentially no critique. A thousand thumbs up, ten million “keep up the good work” and a billion thanks!

  94. Raphael Kruczkowski June 15, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    1. I really like the open format of CreativeLive. I can’t really add much more other than perhaps the option to get me out of work legally to watch the content (something like a doctor’s notice?) :)

    2. I’m an American living in Heidelberg, DE. I managed to catch some of the live feed and also the replay. Really great that you offer the option for the replay.

    3. I think the stream is great. I would say that a “compressed” option would be nice, something that would cut out the setup of hardware, A/V tests and such. My guess would be that this would be offered post production at cost.

    Really cool job. Thanks Zack, you’ve a amazing teacher and really got the feel of someone who would manage in any situation – large and small.

  95. Patrick June 15, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Hey, Chase! Love the interview! I love Zack’s work and was so fortunate to get his insight on studio lighting this weekend! (and for FREE!)

    To answer:

    1) I loved the approach – I thought it was very laid back, and even when Zack was “pressed for time”, he still managed to give a lot of info. I loved his teaching style, where he repeats himself to ensure you get the info, and the breaks were well timed. I think, however, in it’s laid back approach, it resulted in a few lull times, when not a lot was happening. This got distracting and lost focus of the lessons being taught in class. Overall, I found it very informative and a great approach!

    2) I’m in the Washington, DC area, so the long classes were a little late at night, but I think it only hurt my sleep cycle because I’ve been waking up at 7am to catch every World Cup game ;)

    3) I thought the format was brilliant! Watching the few photographers try their luck, and having Zack teach during the process, was a great way to see what they were doing and learn from their mistakes/successes. I thought the folks at creativeLIVE did an excellent job making sure the viewers over the web got to clearly see what was going on to help the educational process. This was a fantastic class, and it’s encouraged me to keep on the lookout for more!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn, guys! It was FANTASTIC!

  96. Andy Shaw June 15, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    I really like the idea of try before you buy, if you’re going to spend any money you like to be sure that it’s going to be the right thing for you. I watched most of the sections live and now I know that if I need to have a refresher, or suggest a class to a friend, I can go download it. Having never been on a photography course I read all I can on blogs like these to learn, getting a live class for free is more than I could have asked for, let alone a whole weekend!

    2. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    I’m in the U.K. I watched live on my Mac until my girlfriend forced me to go to bed, then fell asleep listening to it on my iPhone with headphones (with the screen under the pillow to keep the light off!) I would then watch the rest in the morning on the re-run. The hours aren’t great for us here, perhaps another page showing the re-run’s at a suitable time would help? I missed the last section because I had to sleep before work and work during the re-run, the final picture looks great and I really want to know how it was done! :-)

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    The teaching format was excellent, beginning slowly and building up to more advanced. Zack is a very good teacher. I loved the social media integration into the class, it really added to the experience and show’s the appetite within the community, worldwide. It doesn’t matter where the class is held, this is good stuff and we want to learn it!

    Finally, a big thanks to all the people who gave there time and skills to this, it was amazing, please do another!!!!

  97. Damian Serrano Thode June 15, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    1. I can’t compare the class format, as this has been the first photography classroom I’ve attended, but I find it QUITE interesting, as it allows anyone in the world to attend a classroom wherever they are. And also, the availability of the free live webcast in addition to paid downloads (which I bought, of course), gives so much spread and access to many people with lower possibilities.

    2. I live in Spain, Europe, and although the last hours from the live webcast were a bit too late and I couldn’t keep awake, the retransmission gave the possibility to attend to these last bits that I wasn’t able to watch because of the late hours.

    3. OF COURSE IT WORKS. I couldn’t encourage you more to keep this format, I find it to be the most versatile, and via Tweeter you are able to be a part of it, even though you live thousands of kilometers away. You feel just like being there, as with so many videocameras, you don’t miss any angle from the classroom.

    Really, very BIG thanks to you and your team that make it possible.

  98. Kevin June 15, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    1. I feel as though the teachers have more freedom…whether or not that is true I don’t know…but from Zack’s course it seems like he was able not only to be himself but to be as creative as he wanted. It is great to see the creativeLIVE teachers be creative themselves.

    2. Providence, Rhode Island

    3. It works! I just wish it were not a weekend thing…only because alot of creatives are out and about creating when they are live….didn’t stop me though…if I could get in front of the computer and watch it I was there. Although at one point I saw the counter over the “On Air” just over 20,000. If I were to describe creativeLIVE to anyone it would be: A way to expand your knowledge in your passion. Or if they want to learn whatever is being taught: The most unique way to be submerged in the creative field of your choice.

  99. David June 15, 2010 at 3:13 pm #

    I think its great. My only comment is the timings can be horrid for those of us in Europe (I’m in the UK). I had to miss the second and third sessions on the Aperture course because it was just way too late in the evening with my early starts for work. I managed to pick up the first one on the free reruns. So my only suggestion is perhaps have more scheduled reruns in the first 24 hours after a session to help those of us not in the USA.

    The sessions I have seen have been superb, many thanks for those

  100. james byrd June 15, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

    Chase you guys need to get J cowart!!
    also take a look at michael Howard.
    the zack weekend rocked!!

  101. Jim June 15, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? The fact that it’s live is a really cool feature and obviously I’m not gonna lie – being free is awesome. From someone who’s photography business has just taken off the ground, I’m pinching pennies and having the ability to watch and then buy such high quality training is unbelievable.

    How does our class format compare to others? Love the format – particularly the ‘hands on’ approach Zack took this past weekend. Weekend workshop is definitely preferred for me personally vs. once a week over a period of ten weeks. I find it hard to commit to the training a the same time every week. A weekend workshop – I can mark it off for the weekend and commit knowing I’ll get to see everything.

    2. Where do you live? Born and currently live in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. 4.5 hours ahead of PST so timing can be an issue for me sometimes.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? I personally think it does. Obviously you don’t get the ‘hands on’ experience you’d have actually bing there – but I don’t have the coin to jump on a plane for a weekend photography workshop (yet! haha)

    What does the experience feel like to you? Feels like a full on in-person workshop outside the physically shooting. I’ve done workshops here locally and they are no where near this level – even though they are hands on. There have to be some limits to this format and this is pretty much the only one in my opinion that exists.

    Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it? For sure. It’s a knowledge sharing community by which you can learn new things, ask questions to the instructor or other attendees and often get immediate responses. Might be nice to have a que or something for the Q&A portion – that way you’d know if you’ll have your particular question answered. I’m sure this is a lot harder said than done though.

    Overall – this is a bad ass set of training. Zack’s weekend workshop has made me want to download others in the creativeLIVE catalogue. Would love to see a “reviews” section for those who’ve taken/downloaded the others. Maybe there is but I haven’t come across those yet.

    Keep’em coming!


    • Dane Sanders June 15, 2010 at 5:25 pm #

      First of all, as one of the folks contributing to a similar approach to education ( conference), I just want to go on record in saying you guys are just killing it. What an amazing lineup and execution. There is no question you guys are pioneering and leading a model of collaboration that will have a ripple effect in the creative profession for decades to come. Not only is it helpful but I believe it’s critical for the new paths that need to be forged. Thank you.

      The only critique I have this time around is that Zack hit it so far out of the park, I feel a little bad for the next guy. It’s going to be tough to deliver at this level over and over again.

      I say “a little bad” because I actually love that you’ve set a standard that is that high. Again, our industry needs it. This is the kind of game we need to be playing as professional creatives.

      Regarding your questions…

      1) Your format is affordable (either free or silly inexpensive), comprehensive, dynamic, accessible and most of all scalable. Zack can pour himself out that far and still get back with Meg in the ATL in just a couple days… after reaching more people than even he imagined possible… with a topic I know he is absolutely passionate about getting out to people.

      You’re removing virtually all obstacles to learning.

      At this point, it’s hard to point to an excuse beyond commitment that a photographer can make in not getting the content they need to flourish.

      2) Southern California… first time through I watched in & out LIVE & and then VOD later.

      3) It does work… without question.

      And, I think, this is just the beginning of what’s possible.

      The classroom approach, pedagogically, works and has worked for centuries. That said, with the removal of time and space as obstacles, I have dreams of interactivity that could flatten things even further. I know you guys do too. I’m excited to watch and participate in finding those mediums in the future.

      Bottom line: it works and I think we’re just getting started when it comes to collaboration between creatives. A lot of it will hinge however on spectators willingness to become contributors.

      I hope these comments are helpful. Thanks for asking.

      – Dane Sanders

  102. Forrest June 15, 2010 at 3:46 pm #

    1. I’m familiar with creativeLIVE’s approach from their previous courses. They’ve been around for a long time but I, frankly, ignored them because it was always pay to play. I went to school for design & photography in Seattle and Germany. I haven’t taken any traditional classes in this millennium.

    creativeLIVE’s approach better fits my life. For Zack’s classes, I let it play in the background while I worked and picked up a few nuggets here and there. Finally I got sick of the low streaming framerate and had to quit watching (was giving me a headache.) But I felt the class was worth the money so I purchased the download. I got a good taste to see if the classes were for me and my goals. Much of it was, so now I’m looking forward to being able to watch, fast-forward, rewind, pause…

    2. Seattle. I watched the feed when it was live. FWIW, I think you should restrict the replay based on IP. Ping me if you want to know why.

    3. This format gives users a great glimpse at the value of the class. If they have a ton of free time, they can sit and watch. If they don’t, hopefully it’s because they’ve got work to do and thus can afford to plunk down some cashola and buy it.

    Overall I think you’re somewhat asking the wrong questions. ~75% (maybe more) of this class to me was Zack. Having never heard of him, it’s not like I had some preconception about the quality of the class. It doesn’t matter where I am, what time it was, where he was filming, if the format worked… I bought the class simply because it was extremely clear Zack was bubbling over with experience and insight. He couldn’t squat down to put some tape on the floor without providing some insight on other uses for gaff tape ;)

    I’ve been surprised before by Craig’s choice in instructors. I think being able to get a taste and play the freemium game is great, but it only works because of creativeLIVE’s selection of instructors.

  103. Bobbi Mercouri June 15, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    What makes CreativeLive experience different?
    It was LIVE! We could ask questions (although seldom got an answer ’cause there were so many people). Zack could post his “lists” of gear, etc. (although I could never find them) but it was a great idea. I’m probably just not as “with it” as most of his viewers. I’m 67. I think it was great watching the crew operate. I used to work in live TV here in the Sacramento, CA area and for ESPN and it was sorta like being on the crew again.

    It felt like I was in the studio with everyone. Very informal people and some good jokes. Didn’t miss being able to touch the gear, but do wish I had been able to find the page where he lists everything he uses and why. Perhaps CreativeLive could have it on their site instead of somewhere on Zack’s page or blog or wherever it was.

    I loved it! The crew was fantastic and the instructor was incredible. Learned so much in the times I was able to watch it. Bought the download (but wish CreativeLive had been able to put it on a few disks for me. Great being able to get the video too. so I can review it with my husband. Really good info. even though I don’t shoot in the studio.

    I’ll be back.

  104. Ramona June 15, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    I have to agree with Jim for the most part!!!

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    “The fact that it’s live is a really cool feature and obviously I’m not gonna lie – being free is awesome. From someone who’s photography business has just taken off the ground, I’m pinching pennies and having the ability to watch and then buy such high quality training is unbelievable. ”

    How does our class format compare to others?
    “Love the format – particularly the ‘hands on’ approach Zack took this past weekend. I find it hard to commit to the workshop/training, since I work on call and so just can’t commit on a Weekend workshop nor once a week, since I just never know when I have to work.”

    2. Where do you live?
    Born and raised in Hamburg Germany. Moved to Canada BC 6 years ago and live now here for good.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    “I personally think it does. Obviously you don’t get the ‘hands on’ experience you’d have actually being there – but can’t effort to jump on a plane for a weekend photography workshop”

    What does the experience feel like to you?
    “Feels like a full on in-person workshop outside the physically shooting. There have to be some limits to this format and this is pretty much the only one in my opinion that exists.”

    Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    “For sure. It’s a knowledge sharing community by which you can learn new things, ask questions to the instructor or other attendees and often get immediate responses. Might be nice to have a que or something for the Q&A portion – that way you’d know if you’ll have your particular question answered. I’m sure this is a lot harder said than done though.”

    Overall – this is a bad ass set of training.
    “Zack’s weekend workshop has made me want to download others in the creativeLIVE catalogue. Would love to see a “reviews” section for those who’ve taken/downloaded the others. Maybe there is but I haven’t come across those yet.”

    But also I have to say, I am just starting out learning all about photography, as hobby, beside my main job (on call Canada Transportation), being a mom of two busy young girls (3 and 4.5 y.) plus learning my other addiction which is digital designs and just got my CS4 and LR, which I am also learning. So for me there was a ton of new information’s I haven’t heard before and need to read up on them. I would say it is more a Class for people who knows at least the basics (All about lighting; Exposure such as Aperture, Shutter Speed and light, if not even more).

    So I would probably have to see the class again, once I am more familiar with the Lightning setting of my camera itself. And would defiantly come back then

    Keep’em coming!


  105. Ákos Kriváchy June 15, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?

    It’s for free. I feel that creativeLIVE just wants to get the information out to people who want to learn and become better at what they do. Also it’s nice that there is a simple way to support the whole thing (i couldn’t because I’m on a student’s budget…:( ) and the 79$ was a ridiculously great price for the weekend.
    I didn’t like the Q&A so much. Many questions were answered by Zack during his lecture and he was repeating himself. Although there were many very good questions.

    2. Where do you live?

    Budapest, Hungary. The +8 hours was really hard on me. It either started at 10pm to 3am or the rewatch from 5 am to 11am. So it was hard to fit into my time this way.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    I think it does. The bandwidth was good, I could always get a HQ. Many times during the course I just wanted to pause the video like a movie, but then I always remembered that this is live and exactly at this moment on the otherside of the world Zack is teaching me :) So it was quite fun :) Loved the many camera angles. That was probably the best. Sometimes I had a feeling that I could see better than the students that were there (of course it’s better to be there in live :)
    I can’t really describe it and I don’t see any point in trying since it’s free, so everyone can tune in and experience the magic for themselves.

  106. Terry June 15, 2010 at 3:55 pm #

    The live format is interesting and free but time consuming to watch. I think the DVD version could be should be more efficient to watch.


    The live format lets you get to really know the people.

    I would have liked to have seen in detail all the pictures taken with the different types of lights and modifiers on Sunday. Perhaps those pictures with a description of the light and modifier used could be posted somewhere now for viewing by attendees.

  107. Igor IGOSTA June 15, 2010 at 3:58 pm #

    first of all thank you very much for that seminar!!!!

    I am from france. I saw all three days of seminar in direct (so the end of each live was very very late in france – about 4-5 of morning). I was affraid to dont have a time to see it in rediffusion. So if the next time you can broadcast little beat earlier it’s will be great!!!

    Thank you again, and thank’s to Zack!!!!!

  108. Richard June 15, 2010 at 4:07 pm #

    1.I’m studying fine arts and in my classes have not found anything like this, and I’m talking about regular classes. sometimes also think that my teachers are losers. if not I respect them as artists is difficult to learn from them. Creative live is a good idea for those who want to learn from the best. like me.

    2.I’m from Bogota, Colombia. I live in Bogota Colombia. I hope one day to go visiting.

    3. Course work. I found myself able to understand and empathize with what happens in the workshops. I find no difference between being a 5000 miles or be there. you teach, we practice, if anyone has questions you answer… and if there is definitely something that intrigues me, I buy the class. as simple as that. The fundamentals of digital photography changed my life. I have four years in college and had not understood much of what you teach here. can you believe it?

    Also chase jarvis hopefully can give a kind of “on location photography” class or something

    (I do not speak English very well) sorry

  109. Robert June 15, 2010 at 4:09 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    The creative LIVE approach is unique, especially for those who get to watch it live. It’s like being front and center of an actual in-person live seminar–there is no bad seat and it’s free! Then, when I have a question, I can ask it, just as if I was there in person. And there are so many people watching that, if I feel my question is too dumb to ask, there’s a hundred other people with the same question that aren’t afraid to ask.

    2. Where in the world do you live?
    Katy, TX, a rapidly growing town in the west Houston suburbs. I laugh when I say suburb because when I was a kid growing up in north Houston area, Katy was a spot in the road so far out in the boonies we didn’t consider Houston. Now, the Houston suburbs extend well past Katy.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    The live part works for me since I am currently unemployed and can take time during the day to watch the weekday classes. If I was working, the weekday classes wouldn’t work for me (but if I was working, I could probably afford to buy the classes). But the weekend re-watches would help then. I can’t justify the cost, as low as it is, until I get a job or get my new business running well, but then, I wouldn’t be home to watch the live versions during the day. I also really like the intensive weekend class like the one just finished with Zack (with a K, not an H). Even though I didn’t get to watch all of it. I was able to still get a lot of very useful info and when I would be gone for a while, when I got back, I was able to get right back into the flow of things.

    Thanks for this great concept!!

  110. Rik June 15, 2010 at 4:09 pm #

    1. I hadn’t taken any other photography course prior to Zack’s; couldn’t say. I will say that seeing it live was nice. Even seeing the snafus I thought was a bonus, because if it happens to him there, I know what to look out for.

    2. Near Washington, DC (EDT/EST time zone)

    3. The format works for me. I don’t know if it’s specific to the instructor/video crew or not. In general, I like the idea; sitting in on a class, getting feeds from the monitor and different angles was great. Seeing the side-by-side comparisons on “this is what the difference between 7′ octo and 28″ softbox is” was something that I’ve been looking for for a long time. Having the later rebroadcast was perfect. When a class occurs during the week, I’m at work and can’t catch it. I also can’t justify to my spouse the expense of buying the courses afterward.

  111. Irving Calderon June 15, 2010 at 4:11 pm #

    Thanks CreativeLive!
    You are the perfect combination between Wikipedia and Universities.

    Greetings from México.

  112. Chris Oaten June 15, 2010 at 4:11 pm #

    1. The informality of the class format makes it more accessible. Working within a schedule but without a script breaks down the you and me feel that other seminars and instead feels like its more about us. Not you and me, us. And we’re gonna nut this out together. Engagement. That’s it. Engagement.

    2. Adelaide, Australia.

    3. The live worldwide format destroys barriers. By bringing thousands of like-minded people into the same place and enabling a means for live feedback and interaction, your format is less like a sermon from the mount and a lot more like a bunch of friends shooting the breeze on a shared love.

  113. dario June 15, 2010 at 4:13 pm #

    Hi Chase, I’ve already thanked Zach a million times, he has been such an amazing and unstoppable instructor, and I want to thank you too for putting this together; it was truly exciting.
    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? It’s different because I can watch it live from my lounge room and I don’t have to travel to participate; it’s better for the same reason and because it is taught by the best instructors; it’s even better because it’s free, altough, for such a full on 3 days intense workshop I wouldn’t mind to pay a reasonable fee ( and maybe have the download included in the price )
    2. Where do you live? Sydney , Australia; I watched it live at ridiculous hours, but that’s not your fault ;when are you guys coming down under?
    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? I think it definitely does: we have the chance to interact with the instructors and with like minded people around the world, and you have a great marketing-targeting strategy to develop after this.
    What does the experience feel like to you? I tell you what: after 25 hours or so of watching Zach teaching and joking and basically just being himself, it’s like now I know this man a little; this makes me feel a bit special, this is good use of the internet!
    Please do more stuff like this and definitely get Zach again !

  114. Meryl Wieder June 15, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

    The format is very helpful for learning (especially when purchasing a copy of it so I can repeat learning parts of it). The entire concept is amazing. Global education,–I don’t have to rent an apartment next to a university or school, etc. to obtain the information.

    One thing that would be helpful to me is if you could list/post the full filename of each download on your Download list so I can match up what I have already downloaded and know which ones I have not yet downloaded. Yes, I do keep a list of downloaded files, but there is nothing on screen to match the filenames that I have with the sessions available for downloading.

  115. kristin June 15, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    Better in many ways. I like the stream of consciousness way Zack taught instead of rigidly sticking to notes. It was helpful to see him (and the others) actually have to tweak things instead of having it be perfect immediately.

    Being able to watch his interaction with his subjects was especially valuable.

    I would like to see more shots of the Lightroom computer – I like to SEE the results.

    2. Where do you live?
    I’m in Exmouth, Western Australia. Roughly 1200kms from the closest city. As you can imagine, it’s not easy accessing learning opportunities here! Having the replay was excellent otherwise I would have had to start at 1am. This way, I started at 6ish when I woke up and watched the second half of the course and watched the first half later in the day.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    Absolutely. The interaction with the Twitter feed was great, if a little limited. A question I asked got answered, though with the 140 character limit the spirit of my question was lost. The answer was very good and valuable, it just didn’t address what my intention was in the question LOL

    Thank you for offering this incredible resource – you all did an amazing job.

  116. Tony June 15, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    1. The idea behind CreativeLIVE is unique, in that it offers viewers an opportunity to ask questions while the instruction is happening and get real time feedback.

    2. Seattle, WA

    3. The CreativeLIVE format works . . . kinda. The problem is that there are so many viewers that the chances of actually getting a specific question answered is nearly impossible. Additionally, anyone who tunes in late ends up asking the same questions. Perhaps there can be a FAQ board where one of the moderators posts answers to the most commonly asked questions. Even starting out with a gear/software list and why the instructor chose that gear/software (normally lots of questions on this topic).

  117. Meryl Wieder June 15, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    Forgot to mention – I am tuning in from Santa Barbara, CA. Several of our local camera club
    members are tuning in, and friends in a Video club in Palo Alto also. Only high praise and gush notes.

  118. Toby June 15, 2010 at 4:19 pm #

    It was different cuz it was FREE!! A ton of helpful information and I appreciate it! I’m in Germany by the way and had no sound/video issues at all.
    I guess that would answer the last question, huh? :D

  119. Lauren June 15, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I love that each set of classes, is about a specific topic – not just general about photography. I think when you are just getting started it is overwhelming, so much information. So when its broken down, you can know what you are going to learn and retain it. I’m currently going to school for photography and I’ve been to Zack’s Photo 101 workshop (which inspired me to learn more). The difference there is, when I went to Zack’s workshop he opened my eyes to everything. Going to school I’m hands on and able to work with equipment that I wouldn’t be able to on my own. So now watching this workshop, I totally got what he was saying and so excited to start applying it. The more times you hear the same thing, the better chances are of it sticking.
    Also, amazing work with the filming. Being able to cut to the lightroom screen and get the variety of angle – makes you feel like you were there, easy to follow along.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I live in the US -Florida and I watched it live.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    It totally works. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to see a working professional, give you advice. The times where you guys cut to the questions from online and the audience, just sets Creative Live apart from what’s out there. When you watch a DVD you can’t pause and ask a question.
    For someone who’s never seen it, I’d say its interactive learning. When you have a job/family and you just want to learn something on the side its such a hassle to try to find classes near you at the times that your available. This is just a flexible format, that’s so easy and affordable to learn and gain insight live.

    Looking forward to new classes!

  120. Christopher Breneman June 15, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Fantastically better. Price is a bit high (all photogs are cheapskates about everything but their camera) but i can only imagine the amount money it takes to run and the zack arias seminar was completely worth the money.

    2. Where do you live?

    Huntington Beach, California

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    It does for me. If i missed something during the day, i would re-watch it on the rebroadcast.. and I still purchased the download.

  121. Luis Murillo June 15, 2010 at 4:23 pm #

    1. This format is excellent, not only because one is learning from the best in the field but because the participants can interact with the class and that just makes the whole project stand out versus getting a pre-recorded course. I’m looking forward for more of the weekend workshop type courses as they are easier for me to attend since I have a day job during the weekdays which makes it a bit more difficult to attend the courses during the weekdays.

    2. I live in Costa Rica

    3. I’m happy to be able to watch the courses from my country, after all the Internet is a world wide technology and I really feel discouraged by those companies and services that only allow for videos or services to be accessed from a certain region. In my case I don’t run into time zone issues, like the people from Europe, so I don’t have a problem with attending the live classes.

  122. Doug Hanson June 15, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    For me, there are several reasons that CreativeLIVE is amazing. First and foremost is that it gives photographers all over the world access to phenomenal talent for a very reasonable cost (and I’m talking about the cost to buy the course after). I think it’s safe to say that not many photographers have the cash (or time) to travel around the globe attending seminars of peers they admire and want to learn from. The interaction in Zack’s course was amazing. It was the first one I was able to catch live so I can’t speak for the other courses that have finished. The fact that you can watch the live broadcast for free is amazing. Personally, I’m hesitant to buy something like this without knowing if it fits my needs. But, again, with Zack’s class, I almost immediately recognized its value and made the decision to purchase it. I’m very much looking forward to watching it in full and having it as a resource for years to come. Again, this isn’t something you’d typically get from paying hundreds/thousands of dollars in a live weekend seminar.

    I live in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Atlantic Standard Time (+4 hours from Seattle) so it did make for some late nights and I had to keep switching back and forth between the Lakers game and the seminar, but it was definitely worth it.

    Zack’s course had a very intimate feeling to it. I felt as though I was there in many cases. Aside from not being able to shoot with him and have him critique me, I didn’t feel as though I was missing out. Everything seemed transparent. It was raw, yet polished. It didn’t feel as though there were a lot of things going on that we weren’t a part of. Even down to the checklists during breaks. Just felt real and I appreciated it.

    I love that you’re making this possible and love the calibre of instructors you’re bringing in. At the end of the weekend, I was inspired, excited, energetic and couldn’t wait to get out and try everything I learned. Can’t wait for the next one.

  123. William June 15, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    1. Great format. It’s tough for me to travel to attend courses.
    2. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    3. Works for me as I can watch it anytime and help me decide whether I want to buy the downloads.

  124. Susan June 15, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    Watched from Melbourne, Australia. Sometimes “Live” sometimes “Replay”.
    An issue for me was my time availability for such a long program. I know the videos are available for purchase… I wanted to watch it while it was happening, to feel like being there.

  125. Joe F June 15, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    1. Creativelive is different compared to other online systems simply because some of the training like Zack Arias class is the best there is. While it may not be as good as being there for the real class, it give you the opportunity to learn as live for free, but for a reasonable price revisit parts of the training until you understand and practice it until you have it down. Now where is my vacuum cleaner.

    2. I live on East coast (Washington DC area) training is available here, but like all things requires time to practice and learn.

    3. I really believe the world wide format works because the enables use to learn from the best using the internet. I often travel for mine main job and This is a resource I can take along and review over and over again.

    CreativeLive is a fantastic idea and hope in continues for a long time.

  126. Kaouthia June 15, 2010 at 4:30 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I’m going to answer this in 2 parts if that’s ok. :)

    a) Live Show – The biggest thing that makes it different and better for me is that you have a whole team of people there taking questions from a global audience. A lot of the less relevant questions are filtered out and the important ones come through and get asked, and the host (at least in Zack’s case) sets aside time throughout the session to make sure to answer those questions, and answers them completely. There were a few times questions were asked like “would you…?” where he’d jokingly come out with a one word “no”, but then pause and give a qualified and detailed response.

    So, I liked the interactivity of it very much.

    The only thing that let it down for me (which became fixed as we got to Sunday) was a lack of contact during the breaks. “we’ll be back after a 10 minute break” turned into 40 minutes. That’s fine, but please pop up a timer saying “we’ll be back in at least…” if things are going to be delayed, or put up something so that I know if I’ve got time to go make a coffee, have a pee, etc.

    b) Recorded HD Download – Given that the interactivity feature is now lost on a downloaded version of a past show, I think the only thing that separates it from the others is the fact that it *had* a live interactive audience asking the questions the viewer might wanted to ask, or the instructor didn’t otherwise think to include (simply because the instructors do a lot of things out of pure habit and don’t necessarily think to mention it, or think it’s something everybody knows already).

    Some of Joe McNally’s videos over at Kelby Training left me with even more questions at the end of it, but is that necessarily a bad thing? It gets me thinking, researching and learning more along the way (Btw, I wanna see Joe McNally on CreativeLive!) :)

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Lancaster, England. Watching and in the chat rooms until 4am on both Saturday and Sunday, much to the dismay of my wife, whom I woke up on both occasions when I finally went to bed. :)

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    It definitely works for me. I had the chat rooms going in mIRC on one monitor, and the live video up on another monitor, so I could keep up with the chat and watch what was going on at the same time without running out of desktop space. :)

    If I had to deal with the whole thing on a single monitor in a web browser window, I’m not so sure. Trying to keep up with the web based chat client on past CJLive events (especially once the spammers kick in asking the same question 500 times until it gets answered) was a little troublesome.

  127. Brett June 15, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    1. The semi structured workshop is great, and being able to take questions from ‘the internet’ to clarify a point was excellent, something that you would not get with a pre-recorded seminar.

    2. Sydney Australia

    3. Actually the live stream didn’t work so great for us… as it started very early in the morning. The rewatch stream was perfect though! Long live the rewatch stream! The chat moderators were key to making it feel like i was actually at a workshop. If i had to explain to someone what it was like, i would tell them its just like being at a workshop, while your at home.

    Thanks for offering CreativeLIVE stuff like this. Awesome!

    Please send Zack to Australia to do some actual live workshops…

  128. JW Stovall June 15, 2010 at 4:32 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I have not seen anything that compares with this presentation.

    I have attended workshops, watched tons of tutorials online, and this is bar none fantastic. Please do more of them.

    2. Where do you live?

    Casa Grande, AZ

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    This format is absolutely fantastic. You can watch it live, rewatch it, and even purchase the whole class if you like it that much. The reason I will purchase a DVD of this workshop, is because of what I call the small things, but to me they are the big things, that I want to hear and see again and again….


  129. Tim Rogan June 15, 2010 at 4:33 pm #

    I’ve watched 2.5 events now and bought two: Zarias and Fundamentals of Digital Lighting.
    1. The only thing I have to compare it to is online training such as and Kelby Training. In my eyes is still the king. What do I like? Well, watching Zack work with the models was great. You can’t get that in a class. It made it feel like more of a workshop as compared to Fundamentals of DIgital Lighting (loved the animations) and Aperture which felt more like a classroom situation. What doesn’t seem to work – the inconsistencies in volume and the moving cameras (get them steady cams and rolling tripods) – not switching to a new camera when the active camera guy starts walking around. Also, I started watching my Fundamentals of Digital Photography today and the volume level from one download to the next (as well as the syncing of the audio to the video) varied wildly. These are things that Kelby Training and have gotten much better at resolving. So to me production has got to be nailed. Also, some of the topics in the Q&As can get the instructors really off track. John G was very good at putting questions off knowing he would answer them later. One thing that humored me with Zack is the questions flying through the forums – he would usually answer their questions BEFORE they got to the Q&A sessions.

    2. Watching from Athens, GA, USA.

    3. Don’t know if it works or not since I live in the states. I saw a lot of questions asking about gear in other countries (esp. alien bees).

    4. I’ll add this: who would I like to see? Joe McNally doing a Nikon CLS class. I’ve watched everything he has put on Kelby Training – but I know that is highly edited. I’d love to see him do a live Nikon CLS workshop for a couple of days.

    • Tim Rogan June 16, 2010 at 3:16 am #

      One more negative: please get a new system for picking prize winners. The one used for Zack stated that it only picks from 1500 retweets (not even original tweets), yet I’ve heard reports of up to 60,000 people being tuned in at any one time. But even with the 20+ thousand watching on the window I was on, picking from only 1500 is hardly right. That is like having a raffle and throwing out 93-97% of the tickets.

      One more positive: what was the animation software used by John in Fundamentals of Digital Photography. His illustrations were the best!

  130. George Quiroga June 15, 2010 at 4:34 pm #

    First let me congratulate Zack, the crew, the models, and the participants on putting on a great class.

    To Answer your questions:

    1Q. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?

    1A: The live streaming, multiple camera angles, and view of the computer screens made it as good as being there or better. My only complaint is that I would have rather that the crew keep the audio feed from the microphones going during the breaks instead of piping in the music. It would have felt more like I was there taking a break with everyone and hearing the tidbits of off-camera conversations.

    2Q. Where do you live?

    2A. South Florida. I watched mainly all day Saturday and part of Sunday.

    3Q. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    3A. It works superbly! The experience was awesome. I could interact live if I wanted to yet I could still walk away and take care of other things without disrupting the class. It also saves a bunch on airfare and travel expenses if I would have taken the workshop in person.

    Thanks Again Chase and company. I look forward to the next class (and hope that I’m not at work that day(s) ). BTW – Saturday live courses work well for my schedule. During the week is tough because I can’t watch it from work during the day.


  131. Dennis June 15, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others? What you can get for free is amazing, however, being at home makes it tough to dedicate the time if you have family. With that said, you roped me into buying the Zack Arias seminar.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed? Ohio. I watched the second half of Friday first, then caught up on the replay. I was at work when it started. Saturday I watched most during replay, Sunday some live. Purchased it Sunday to see what I missed.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it? The format for Zack’s was great. I would describe it as a live seminar in your living room. I asked a couple questions and received answers. It was like I was there.

  132. Lee -"Clockdoc" June 15, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    I can’t remember exactly how I learned about the very first class offered by (then) CreativeTech, but I was very impressed with the way in which the classes were presented. Several classes later (John Greengo’s was the most recent one) I was very impressed with the amount of information Zack presented over the 3-day course. He (like John Greengo) is an excellent instructor!

    1. What makes the approach so effective is that I was able to view the classes live in the Central Time Zone at a reasonable hour and in the comfort of my home. The soccer matches were relegated to the DVR. Additionally, the Chat feature makes it possible for many pressing questions to be answered by the instructor during the class. The staff did an excellent job with the technical issues that made me feel like I was sitting right there with Zack. John Greengo deserves a new nickname, “Mr. Steadycam”, as his video work was excellent, particularly because he was hand-holding all his shots. He also gave us views that those in class probably couldn’t see as well. One very effective tool was that of Zack being able to shoot tethered to the computer so that we could see results and comparisons very quickly. I also appreciated Zack posting his gear lists and many photos from the class on his blog. I had not heard of Zack before the class and have found his website to be a wealth of information. Unfortunately I never was able to access the Chat function to ask a question but with so many participants, I realize that technical issued prevented that from happening for many folks.

    2. I live in Montgomery, Alabama.

    3. This Live worldwide format works well for me as I am retired and have a more flexible schedule than many of those who had to work. I am sure your retransmissions were greatly appreciated. In closing, it was a nice touch to see many of the staff who helped put on this and other CreativeLive course presentations. Perhaps in future courses, in addition to showing the names of the folks working that course, a photo of them could also be shown. I find it helpful to be able to put a face the the voice/name. Again, my sincere thanks to all those who worked such long hours this past weekend and to B&H and others for helping to sponsor the course. I look forward to future classes from the CreativeLive team.

  133. Marius June 15, 2010 at 4:42 pm #


    1. This was my first workshop regarding photography, so I can’t really tell the difference between this one and others, but what I can say it’s that it exceeded all my expectations.

    2. Constanta, Romania.

    3. I saw only the 3th day, but it was more than ok. I haven’t slept for 3 days and I stood awake until 4 AM too see all. The fact that everything was happening live, all the talking, tehnical informations, different sets, answering live to online questions, underwater shooting, it was a great experience for me as a rookie photographer. Congratz to Zack and all the team, all the people that made this possible.

    Q: Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    A: Yes! I told my friends everything that happend in full details!

  134. Sean June 15, 2010 at 4:42 pm #

    1. Yes. I think it works quite well because it really does feel like being at a workshop. And you don’t need to travel anywhere. All the other training sites I’ve tried are good but they don’t have that ‘hands on workshop’ style atmosphere that Creative Live is bringing.

    2. Japan. I’m British but have been in Japan for 9 years.

    3. Yes it works. I was able to catch the end of the live stream when I woke up in the morning and then catch up with what I’d missed easily during the day. It beats having to wake up at 3 a.m.

    But if the course was shorter it would be better to decide on a definite schedule for each region of the world. A specific re-run time for East Asia, Europe, etc. I think it would be better than just re-running it once and hoping that it suits everyone’s time zones.

    I’ve bought the download anyway. Well worth the money.

  135. Dan June 15, 2010 at 4:43 pm #

    1). The live aspect – it felt like zac wasnt running to a set schedule, he was just teaching in a loose way as things came up or occurred to him and he was prepared to just go with it. To me, thats the mark of a true expert – those people who can just start teaching, or talking about their subject, and know it inside out, backwards, forwards… it shows in a format like this one. It’s the instructors that make the format work (vince laforet one was great also).

    2). Perth, Australia. +8 GMT, live started at 3am, replay at 11am. The replay was the perfect time for me.

    3). As above – yeah the live format is good.. you have to be prepared to invest some time, and i was doing other things around it but whenever i sat down to watch i learned something, so knowing i missed heaps of good info, decided to invest in the download.

  136. Andrew June 15, 2010 at 4:47 pm #

    > 1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?

    Good that you’re trying to offer multiple classes. I think you should do more classes and cover more subjects and many aspects of photography. When Chase Jarvis will be giving a class???

    I like that you’re broadcasting in good quality, almost HD. I like that you have higher standards regarding sound editing and video directing (of course, there’s no limit to improvements). Nice idea.

    > How does our class format compare to others?

    It’s better because it forces me to watch/listen. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do that.

    > 2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Redmond, WA. Originally from Siberia, Russia. :)

    > 3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part.

    Live is good since you have to watch it. I can’t figure out how to post a question to Zack — it worked much better with Art Wolfe.

    3-day weekend workshops are hard. It’s not easy to spend 3 days laying in front of your tv to watch this. 5 workdays*4 hours would have worked much better for me!

    > What does the experience feel like to you?

    Tedious. Very. And very frustrating since whole weekend was destroyed. And still, I missed half of the show :(

    > Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    Online classroom.

  137. Ben Slabaugh June 15, 2010 at 4:47 pm #

    1. Using the twitter feeds to share questions and comments all while in real time with a live world audience was simply incredible to be a part of and totally different from other online seminars, training and workshops I’ve been a part of.

    2. Pennsylvania

    3. The format totally works! You reach such a greater audience using the internet. The live feed was really stable and strong as well which made it that much better. And actually having a small in-house audience made it feel more like I was there, rather than having the workshop in front of 200 people and just having a video feed. Thanks CreativeLIVE! Thanks for empowering the small guys and the beginners who don’t have the money to invest in big conferences and expensive workshops.

  138. DSWfoto June 15, 2010 at 4:50 pm #

    1. What makes this class better than all others is I get to see it before I buy it. In your chat with Zack, he discusses the “Look at me, I’m great” photographers out there. Many of them have overpriced and minimal content training seminars and DVDs out there. Even with a small “preview” of classes, it doesn’t give you enough to make a decision. I know what I’m going to get from your classes.
    Which leads to the next part. You guys are using the best educators out there to do your workshops. Not photographers trying to advance their own career, but rather open and bright photographers who are definitely out there and ready to help us.
    Also, what makes it great is the live chat. It’s nice to ask questions of the educators, something you don’t get with a DVD. It also allows for the educator to reexplain some key concepts that the audience may not have gotten. This chat could be improved upon slightly by having some experts in the forums answering some of the questions..
    2. I’m a wedding photographer out of Orlando, Florida.
    3. The live worldwide format works great. I can definitely see a global community coming together as the result of these classes. Also the recasts are nice even for US, for those that may have other obligations during the original airings.

  139. Peter Carroll June 15, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    1. Access, price point and questions – I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I’m not often wondering to myself – so which pro seminar should I attend this weekend? If you live in NY,LA,London, etc that might be a real question but here your choices are buy a good book or an instructional DVD. The access creativeLive gives to top talent is second to none. Combine that with the price point and it’s a grand slam home run. The price tiering of free, $79 and $129 says it all – the idea behind creativeLive is to teach photographers of the world and for those who have made a good professional life out of their talents with a camera to give back to the community. Lastly, the ability to ask questions as part of the experience is a big plus. It’s important to have the creativeLive team culling questions from the chatroom so that questions add to the discussion rather than steer the workshop off course.

    2. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    3. The format really works. Plain and simple – it feels like you are there. Zack’s format over the three days was perfect – Day 1 theory, equipment and basics, Day 2 Slow walkthrough of different set ups, and Day 3 putting it all into action on a shoot

    Thank you so much Zack
    Thank you so much Chase
    Thank you so much creativeLive team

    You inspired this Canadian photographer big time. It’s one thing to be taught by a talented person. It’s something more when the talented teacher is a great person.

  140. Sergio R June 15, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    1 It’s free and you can watch it almost anywhere in the world (except, perhaps, in places where the internet connection is awful and believe me, those locations still exists). Also, the “teachers” know how to keep the attention of the participants, I mean, they weren’t boring.

    2 Valparaíso, Chile. And I mostly watch it the same moment of the broadcast.

    3 Yes, it works. I can hear, watch, learn and ask questions in the chat or twitter so you can really be part of the course even though I’m far away from creativeLIVE.

    • Sergio R June 15, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

      oops, I forgot to say:


      Thanks John Greengo, thanks Scott Bourne, thanks Zack Arias (the courses I could watch)

      And thanks to the creativeLIVE staff for give us this opportunity :)

  141. Tristan Fewings June 15, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I can’t compare it to any other web based classes as I’ve never seen any but it is iin many respects better than any class or seminar I have physically attended and that has to be down to the fact that the quality and talent of the teachers you have is second to none. Zack Arias and John Greengo have such great ability to communicate information, technique and ideas in such an easy going way that you can’t fail to learn and be inspired.

    I love the fact that its live – in real time, I feel like I am there with you in the classroom, the high standards you are setting makes it an absolute pleasure to watch and be part of. The fact that it is free to watch is amazing, the openess, philosophy of sharing and the community that you are creating with Creative live is very refreshing and inspiring.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I live in London, UK, the live feed starts in the evening and goes on into the early hours 3 – 4am, for the weekend courses its not much of a problem staying up late in fact it made it a really cool weekend event for me. I did nod off to sleep on the Friday right at the end so the re runs was useful to catch up on – would there be any way of staggering them for different time zones? As for the John Greengo and Art Wolfe courses they started here at 7-7:30pm and fished up at about 9-9:30 which is perfect evening time.

    Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    It certainly works for me! I must say that I feel more connected to what you have going on in the US and Seattle photo-community wise through Creative Live than I do here living in London, guess thats the power of the internet! The experience is a very positive one, I would love to be able to be more involved and help out in some way even though I live so far away. I have been telling as many people I know about Creative Live. Would like to see David Hobby,Joe McNally do a course/workshop. Can you get Zack back as soon as possible to do a business kind of course…!!! Got to just say that Zack’s workshop was superb, his whole philosophy to being a photographer was just as inspiring as his use of light.

    Would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the CreativeLive team for making this all happen and wish you all the very best with future projects.

  142. Kevin Pepin June 15, 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    I’ve never been able to afford to go to any other workshops but I love the fact that it’s live and free. You get to see the process in real time with any problems and the solution.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    I live in Connecticut

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    I like the fact that there is a live Q&A and questions get brought up that I may not have thought of. I think some of the questions were for basic terms (like what is chimping) that may have slowed things down for a few minutes. Zack’s class was great because he covered a ton of information. This was my first Creative Live course but I am looking forward to David DuChemin’s class in July.
    If I had to try to describe the format, I would have to say it’s a live classroom on the internet where you can learn about different creative topics. You can ask question online but they may or may not be answered. If you miss part of the class, you can buy the download. Top notch instructors and production, great value, great information.

  143. melissa June 15, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    1. Creative live approach is different because it goes further than most “webinar” type classes/sessions. In this case specifically Zack Arias, started out slow, some how managed to cover the basics for those that didn’t have a lot of knowledge and still gave more detailed information for those that are very familiar with their equipment. He went beyond the basics while still keeping it fun and interesting, maybe it was the slight repetition while adding extra ideas, more importantly ideas he(Zack) had that are all his, that go with his personal photography style. I have to give slight disclaimer that have heard him speak before and read his blog and really love the way he communicates, I not only hear it, I get it. I have just really discovered Creative Live in the last months. I have purchased downloads. So I guess the difference for Creative Live vs other things that could be considered similar is that Creative Live goes farther and deeper. As to Zack Arias specifically he managed to talk to both those there and those of us watching on the internet and made us feel like we were there.
    2. I live in TEXAS!!!
    3. I don’t know how this works for those across the pond or in a majorly different timezone but it works for me makes me wish I lived in Seattle so I could be more involved with the whole process. I just feel like you can never really know everything and there is always a lot of room to learn and improve and tackle new approaches, which is where something like Creative Live comes in , photographers sharing their approach with other photographers, which of course both Zack and Chase are great at doing.

    To all of those at Creative Live, thank you for taking the time to make this a real opportunity for all of us out here on the internet(s) :) To the sponsors, B&H and folks like those at Westcott that answer the call to help support Creative Live , believe me we out here won’t forget .
    To Zack and his family, thanks for sharing a whole weekend and so much honest knowledge, life’s lessons and of course Megan’s (spelling?) music and artistic abilities.

    I honestly was inspired by watching the craziness that Zack had going on, on Sunday with students shooting, the band sitting and tests going on the aquarium , it was all amazing!

    To any other photographer that Creative Live might approach , the bar is pretty high, between Vincent L. and Zack A. and all of the other classes that go on regularly.

  144. Kees June 15, 2010 at 5:00 pm #

    What makes the creativeLIVE approach different? Different than what? A physical classroom somewhere? A typical webcast? An instructional DVD? Hardknocks U?? I enjoyed the spontaneous nature — warts and all — and the ability to ask questions in real time. I also valued seeing the collaboration of professionals and amateurs alike, on a global scale. Think about it! We could move mountains that way, but that’s a diiferent topic. The LIVE factor is quite appealing. It would be very helpful to post a (reliable) schedule of starting-, ending-, and break times and duration. That gives everyone a chance to stretch a bit, grab a bite, etc. Then again, maybe having a more “flexible” approach is the price of spontaneity.

    San Francisco.

    The experience is one of feeling more engaged with the learning process than if I were to view something pre-recorded. It also had the excitement and anticipation of a start-up venture. The quality of content was awesome, and I much appreciate all the effort that went into it. I expected a barrage of annoying commercials etc, and less than great instruction, but au contraire! Zack was humorous, down to earth, and full of excellent practical tips. Thanks guys.

  145. Jeff Golden June 15, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Live and being able to ask and have questions answered is amazing. DVDs and the like are great but having the course being taught live and being able to participate is really cool. I can’t say enough good things about this.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I live in a suburb of Kansas City. I watched the Zack Arias workshop in my home in the central time zone.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    I thought it was really interesting to see chatter on twitter from all over the world. I think if you ran a course that would be in the late hours in my own time zone and it was one I wanted to see I would opt to see it live rather than watch a replay for the interaction you can have over twitter and the chat.

    Finally I just have to say I really hope creative live goes gangbusters. I know I purchased the downloads and I saw every minute of the coverage live. I suspect I will come back to the videos time and time again but the reason I purchased the videos is that I think the value you are providing is more than worth it and I want to see it continue. I just can’t say enough good things about creative live and how much I enjoyed the experience!

  146. alesad June 15, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    1) The format is very helpful for learning. The LIVE concept is a big plus since we could ask questions and get answered in minutes. Internet is definitely great, and “live” is the way to go.

    2) I’m from Italy, and had no sound/video issues (and I don’t own a very large bandwidth)

    3) This format totally rocks! I can watch the lesson, ask questions, get answered, grow up my knowledge and then, if I want, I can purchase a copy of the entire workshop to re-watch it again and again. Of course I’ve already purchased my copy, even just to support CreativeLive :)

    I think that kind of e-learning is a huge leap forward from everything else.

    keep up the good work!

  147. James Ryan June 15, 2010 at 5:13 pm #

    Concerning Zach Arias Creative Live
    1. Creative Live approach is great, it is just like being at a seminar. You get to see everything going on, it helps to give the feeling of being there in person
    2. I live in Kentucky, USA
    3. The live format works out very well. This format keeps you involved and interested instead of an edited version where everything is planned and perfected before it is shown. Zach did a great job and would like to see more on Creative Live.

  148. Simon June 15, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    1. CreativeLIVE makes the workshops we want from the teachers we want accessible anywhere we are. I love the fact that it is broadcast live since we can interact with the class (ask questions, add details, cheer, etc.). The use of Twitter makes everything more easy : you don’t need to be in front of your computer screen all week end long, they’re gonna tweet you when they’ll come back from lunch !

    2. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (EDT or PST +3).

    3. Is I previously said, Zack Arias, Joe McNally, David Hobby, etc. never come to Montreal to present their workshop (so is it for Europe, South America, Asia, etc.). It gives us non-Americans the possibility to virtually attend this kind of event. So yeah, I think this live worldwide format works pretty well. :)

  149. Tom June 15, 2010 at 5:26 pm #

    1. I love how organic the lessons are with questioned being asked from those there and across the interwebs.

    2. I live in Ohio and I watched Friday off and on from work. Saturday I caught as much as I could between watching US v. England in the World Cup and seeing the Dayton Dutch Lions play that night. Sunday I watched off and on in between then caught the rest of it during the rebroadcast on Monday morning.

    3. I believe it does work great. I would describe it as watching a live workshop where you get your questions answered and learn from experts, who may not be in your area. And best of all, it’s FREE.

  150. Maria June 15, 2010 at 5:33 pm #

    1. What makes it different?

    It’s such good quality material that it makes you want to buy it. Just before doing fundamentals of digital Photography course with John Greengo I did a similar one at one of the best photography colleges here in Sydney. I paid a lot of money and It wasn’t half as good, as well explained, as dense, as easy to understand. The chapter format to download the files is awesome, it makes it easy to find the information you’re after, however it would be good to be able to download it all to your Ipod in one hit.

    Odd show times (at least for people like me who live “at the other side”)
    2. Where do you live?
    Sydney – Australia, I watch Live feed at 4:00am 

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    It does, I’ve explained it to many but no one would even think about waking up so early to watch it

  151. Douglas Ferrer June 15, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

    1) Is the best way to break every boundary to let everyone in the whole world learn from the best instructors. The live format is fantastic, letting not only the people who is physically attending the workshop but the whole world to ask any question and that adds a significant complement.

    2) I’m from Venezuela.

    3) As I said in answer #1, the live format is awesome. I have broadband internet but is not the fastest. I didn’t have any problems at all streaming in high quality, which is really good.

    I can’t help myself of keep saying that creativeLIVE is the best. I can’t believe that apart of giving people the opportunity to grow their knowledge, they gave away awesome stuff, EVEN A LIVE CONCERT..!!!

    I’m very pleased I follow the great work of Zack Arias, thus that way I discovered creativeLIVE.

    I’m looking forward to see more workshops from creativeLIVE.

    Please keep the good work!!!

  152. ralston smith June 15, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    -The production value is incredible and makes for a very interactive experience
    -The talent of the people teaching the classes is top notch
    -The live crowdsourcing of twitter questions from people all over the world with different levels of experience means people will ask questions I, as an audience member, may not even know to ask (I get to tap into the knowledge of not only the teacher, but also the experience of the audience via their questions)
    -it’s FREE…no where have i been able to get this type of valuable information in this format…there’s something about SEEING how something is explained as opposed to reading it that adds a deeper level of understanding to me…and i have the option of buying later
    -the chance to win gear! (though i may need to remove all my followers to do so! ha! :))

    2. Alexandria, VA

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    YES! It’s like watching a director’s dvd commentary while he or she makes the film AND you get to ask questions about what’s going on

    *while i loved the production value & the multiple camera angles, i would suggest not switching camera angles simply for the sake of getting another angle, particularly when the host (zack) is visually describing something…at that point, seeing the audience member’s reaction isn’t as important as the information being conveyed (minor point going forward)

  153. Sarita June 15, 2010 at 5:49 pm #

    1. Apart from the obvious – that it’s FREE?:) It’s a live, real time learning experience that you can take advantage of in the comfort of your home, taught by working professionals.
    3. The format does work, because as I said, it brings real time workshops into your home – you can interact with the presenter and ask questions (and participate in giveaways!:) – I bought the download, even after spending the whole weekend glued to my computer (even though the world cup was going on!) because for one, the content was presented in such an interesting fashion and in such an engaging manner, and two, it was actually very educational…I can finally say that I understand the concept of lighting, thanks to Zack – prior to this course it was a confusing mystery to me – and the benefit of having the material to refer to after the workshop is more than worth the price to download it.
    It’s also a godsend to people like myself who live outside of the US, who would ordinarily have to travel to a workshop like that at great expense – I’ve just discovered CreativeLive, but believe me, this wouldn’t be the last course I’m attending or buying from you!
    Thanks alot for providing this platform!

  154. Keegan Sparks June 15, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

    Hi, my name is Keegan Sparks and I love what your doing with Creative Live. I think you can make it better in a few ways. First off, I wish there were more audience members. I think it will make the atmosphere better to have more people watching in person. Second, you should get Platon to do a course. Third, I was a little confused about the whole preregistration thing. I thought I needed to sign up for something to watch it but then it turned out I didn’t. Could you make that more clear? Lastly I would like to see this kind of interview with everyone who teaches at Creative Live. This interview was my favorite part of Zack’s class.

    I live in Siloam Springs, Arkansas I was born in Little Rock and I’m in central time.

    I don’t really like the live format. It is really frustrating to have to plan my day around the class or to have to miss part of the class because I have to go somewhere.

  155. Brian Rodgers Jr. June 15, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

    Chase and Team,

    1. CreativeLIVE is different because you actually get to see these classes live as they are happening. I like the fact that you can tune in during these schedules and check out pro classes for free. Having these classes in real time is cool, because it’s much like a real classroom experience. You have to be there at a specific time. I also like the fact that the instructors are working pros that I myself admire. Taking Zack’s class via web, is exactly how I would expect one of his OneLight workshops to be. Bottom line: Keep doing this!

    2. I live in the South Bend, Indiana area (Northern Indiana).

    3. The worldwide format worked for me! Just to be a part of the experience was amazing. The fact that you can use Twitter to get questions answered, and get a direct line of site connection to the instructor is really cool. Zack Arias is hands down one of my favorite instructors and photographers for that matter. After seeing his OneLight workshop DVD, I had no problem paying the $79 for 3 days of outstanding knowledge. This is information that I did not receive in college. Though I majored in graphic design, my passion was photography so I took some classes instead of changing majors half way through my degree. Trust me the instructors at my college did not teach like Zack.

    Your crew did an amazing job producing the videos. Broadcasting went very well for the most part. I had little delay in video. Although the I didn’t win anything in the giveaways, it’s really cool that companies sponsored the event. I also like the fact that zack spoke his mind, and would rather tell people his honest opinion instead of forcing himself to hide behind an endorsement.

    Prices are right on target. Very reasonable for the information provided. I also like the promo prices available before the event ends. Having seen Zack’s DVD, it was a no brainer to buy this class.

    Suggestions: I think a great way to get more people into buying these classes is to make a teaser video featuring some of the key moments or highlights of the class. So if someone did in fact miss the time it aired, they could at least get a taste of it.

    All I can say is THANK YOU. I had a great weekend attending Zack’s class! I love technology

  156. Tomek Kalinowski June 15, 2010 at 6:20 pm #

    1. It was incredible by all means, but I expected a lot more information. Well, hope it wasn’t the last workshop by Zack Arias on creativelive :) I thought that it was going to be aimed at more experienced photographers, as I considered myself as one of them then. My thoughts changed on day 3, after Zack gave simple assignments to students in the studio. My first thought was: “I could easly do that” But then Zack said something like this: “It looks easy when you watch somebody doing this, but turns to be really hard when you try it yourself, doesn’t it?” That changed my approach. I’ve learned my lesson. It wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t live show with real students. Also, I love fact that it was free. 129$, or even 79$ is a serious amount of money for me.
    2.Poland. I was watching parts of the workshop live and parts of it as a rewatch the next day in the morning. (10 a.m. in Seattle is 7 p.m. here)
    3. Definitely YES!!! It was fantastic to participate something like this knowing that several thousands of people all over the world are watching along with me.

  157. Brian Rodgers Jr. June 15, 2010 at 6:20 pm #

    Is there anyway you could make this interview available to download for the people who paid for the class? I would love to have this inspiring video!

  158. Matthew Everett June 15, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    By far the best thing about creativeLIVE is the ability to try before you buy. I love the fact that you can get totally-free, high-quality training by only sacrificing a little of your time. The production value is the best I’ve seen especially considering most people probably aren’t buying the full product. I especially enjoy how affordable the courses are.

    I live in East Tennessee I’ve watched the live feed during the afternoon and very early in the mornings with no problems. Also, I’ve used several browsers with no problems either.

    Regarding the format, the only observation/complaint I have isn’t something easily solved, because it lies with the other viewers. I’ve noticed that, in true internet fashion, some of the other viewers take over the chats (regardless of the segregation) with inane drivel that only detracts from the value offered by this interactivity. At the tiniest little hiccup the chats are instantly flooded with ridiculous complaints or other useless and repetitive comments. Many times there are people flooding the chats with questions about things they missed by being late or having to leave the room. I don’t imagine there is much to be done without simply doing away with the interactivity and that is worse than the problem because then you miss out on the really good questions that also come up.

    To conclude, I love creativeLIVE. It is by far the best place/format for online workshops. You can attend the live courses free (with out tons of sales pitches and other garbage), the courses are all jam packed with material, and (best of all) it took two courses before I just dropped $79 without a second thought (and that’s not something I do very often). I will definitely be a repeat customer going forward.

  159. Kim Combs June 15, 2010 at 6:26 pm #

    1. I really appreciate that those who cannot attend “in class” workshops can benefit from the instruction/knowledge right in the comfort/convenience of being home.

    2. ATLANTA, GA!!!….ZACK loved your references to ATL and the south….LOL

    3. We have high speed wireless internet in our home….Not one issue with connection. I was glued to my computer….it was well worth the time invested…FREE!!!! And Bravo to everyone involved in the planning, development, and execution of this workshop….I know it must have been alot of hard work.
    I personally appreciate this form of “giving back” as Zack mentioned……

  160. Jeff Almquist June 15, 2010 at 6:27 pm #

    1. CreativeLive is unique to it’s own. Having the ability to just go to a link and connect immediately, it’s just SIMPLE! The big screen and live feed below from the viewers is awesome. It’s very user-friendly. The only thing I would suggest (and I know you guys did this)…..but, maybe have a better way of answering the questions from the viewers a little quicker…..or just have someone ask a few and have them answered every 15-30 minutes and move on. That way, the questions won’t build up and help with backtracking, etc. Just a suggestion…..possibly result in a better flow of the show and with the viewers. 0ther than that…..CreativeLive is money!

    2. I live in Walnut, CA (Southern California)…..but, watched the whole live feed on my mac at our studio,, in Orange County, CA (Santa Ana).

    3. Yes, this format works. It feels like I am part of the workshop and just hanging out. If I have a question, I can ask. And if I have other work to do…..edit, etc….I can do that while listening to the live feed and go back ‘n forth. It’s perfect. The only thing frustrating w/ this particular show……I use to live in Seattle….and it made me miss beautiful WA! And I can easily explain this format to someone else…or better yet….send them the link. It’s so simple, I wouldn’t have to say much! =)

    Thank you guyz! CreativeLive and this past weekends workshop with Zack Arias and Chase Jarvis was awesome! It was my first experience with it and it made me realize, once again, how lucky I am to be a part of an industry that truly cares, listens, and gives back to it’s community. We’re like no other.

    Rock on!

  161. robert June 15, 2010 at 6:34 pm #

    thanks to all who put the event on, all the hard paid off


  162. Donna Cushing June 15, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I’ve taken a number of different course, in a variety of formats including a fair number of photography & art type courses. Both virtual and in-class. I’m very impressed with your approach, and look forward to the final product, not just for the content but to complete the whole production experience. I find most, not all virtual classes kind of boring. This was interactive, interesting, and unique.

    I look forward to future courses. If future instructors are as dynamic and as forth coming in sharing their knowledge as Zack, you’ve hit a home run.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I live in northern Ontario, Canada, in the city of Sudbury. I basically ran your feed 24-7 to fit in as much as I humanly could given my schedule this past weekend. I’m a computer technologist in a community college, and photography is my newest passion.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    This format was by far the best virtual experience in learning that I have participated in, to date. I felt like I was a part of the class, and was just as nervous as the first student that got up to do the live lighting session with a model under Zack’s guidance. I was almost afraid I’d be put on the spot next, somehow…..

    I’ve been detailing the class structure to my workmates – virtual technologies and classrooms are one of our current directions — the best I could do was to say they needed to experience a class themselves. We don’t have your production capabilities at our disposal, but I think it will give them a basis for a quality class.

    Again, I look forward to being able to go through the class again, and again. I also look forward to the next class that I’ve already registered for: Watercolour.

    Keep up the good work.

  163. Keith Jackson June 15, 2010 at 6:37 pm #

    I love the concept! I agree it is hard to stay glued that long but thats what the downloads are for. Liked Laforet’s class (saw about a third to half) and loved Zacks class (saw about 2/3’s or more).

    What could you do better… Goal is wide scale cheap easy teaching… what about on the fly publishing of some of the sub-common questions forum style I guess and have a live rolling forum going with all the users able to publish answers. (I understand this could be very difficult to control some of the flaming and verbage on the fly but if it could be done it would be incredible.) You have thousands of people all online at one time with varying degrees of knowledge. Tons more questions could be answered beyond what gets picked out and we could contribute to others with less knowledge (as time and opportunity arises during the class of course)

    Lastly I like that I watch for free and decide if I want the download however it might be nice to have a donate or pay something button. I may not want the full download after watching but would likely pay something (based on the value I got out of it). Not everyone would use this but I understand I would be paying covering for some of those that cant afford it. If this would continue this series and bring more and equal caliber teaching I would definitely do it.

    • Keith Jackson June 15, 2010 at 6:51 pm #

      Opps forgot to do my part and answer your questions.

      How is it different. Mentioned it before a little… watch first pay later. It’s a little more free form flow which while not as compact and fast pace as some other formats gives a homey/real feel.

      I loved Zacks method of showing how to do it on the cheap and how to do it as the level of required sophistication increases.

      I currently live in the USA, IL

      Yes I think it works. Its kind of you get what you pay for (but its all a great deal)… if you can sit glued for that long and that many days its free and if you want watch in chunks of time at your pace you pay more… regardless of if you pay or not pay its a killer deal for the info if its info your looking for.

      Future class possibility…Posing maybe a one day’r possibly tied to something else.

  164. Dawn Camp June 15, 2010 at 6:48 pm #

    1. The live format is just that: live, exciting, unexpected. I like the unpolished aspect of it.

    2. I’m from Atlanta, watching at home.

    3. Yes, the live format works. It felt like being at a big, worldwide party with other people interested in the same things. You can’t get the whole Twitter and live questions aspect in a pre-recorded class. I couldn’t watch on Sunday, but the buzz on Twitter convinced me that I had to buy the class, which I did while on the road.

  165. Linda June 15, 2010 at 6:51 pm #

    #1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Watching creativeLive workshops from home, knowing I’ll have a download of all the sessions, helped me relax enough to hear and learn better than when I’m actually attending a workshop, knowing I wouldn’t be called on to participate.
    This type of online format where gear is repeatedly shown, described and discussed, where lighting setups are repeatedly performed helps me understand and learn better than I do in a workshop or classroom situation.
    Watching students try their hand at using the equipment while shooting live and often needing help made me realize I need to let up on being so hard on myself.
    CreativeLive’s intent is to teach, to inform, not to impress. Sessions are geared toward starting slow and making sure the beginner isn’t lost. The humble instructors generate a calm environment making learning much easier.

    #2. . Where do you live? Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I live in Rancho Mirage, CA, located near the better known town of Palm Springs. I watched from my home in Rancho Mirage. My husband could not believe I watched for 10 – 11 hours straight on Saturday (10am until the end) and 6 hours on Sunday. (10am until 4pm when I felt sorry for my husband and went to a movie with him. I really didn’t want to leave my computer and Zach’s workshop but I knew I had the pre-purchased download for later viewing.)

    #3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    Yessireeeee, this live worldwide format REALLY works. I felt safe. And because I felt safe during the workshop I was surprised to find myself understanding things I’d previously not been able to grasp. I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long time. I couldn’t get enough. I didn’t tire. I wasn’t ever bored. My friends who called on the phone while I was watching couldn’t believe how excited I sounded AND that I’d been online watching as long as I had been.

    How can I describe this format?

    This format is the absolutely perfect learning environment for the person who wants to learn but is reluctant to learn in a group environment for whatever reason.
    Breaks between the sessions were long enough.
    Sessions were varied and kept interest up.
    Zach is an incredible communicator and has a way of going over concepts long enough and in varied enough ways to ensure understanding.
    The crew behind the scene were professional.
    The informal nature of the actual workshop was interesting.
    I value my time and would not have spent an almost entire weekend online watching had I not been thoroughly interested and satisfied with what I was learning. That this workshop is free is unbelievable. The information so generously shared is invaluable. This gift giving of this Chase’s free online teaching format will change photography forever.

    Thank you, thank you.


  166. Mickie Crowley June 15, 2010 at 6:55 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    The ability to participate in a live class situation with a world-class expert in the convenience of you own home–no travel expense/inconvenience; also the convenience of being able to purchase the downloads so if you have to miss a session or part of a session you know you can catch it later, and you can replay any session to reinforce the learning. Further, the ability to ask questions in real time is great. Finally, the fact that it is FREE is terrific–almost unbelievable that such a learning experience with a world-class instructor is free! And $79 for the download package is a bargain!

    2. Where do you live?
    Knoxville, Tennessee

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    Yes! It allows you to participate in a real-time classroom teaching experience with a world-class teacher and ask questions via computer as the class is proceeding in real time. It is like BEING THERE without the cost/inconvenience/interruption of traveling to a distant location.

    Thank you to Zack and the entire crew that it took to make this happen. I watched the parade of folks that were recognized at the end of the class and realized what a large group of experts it took to put on this class. Your efforts were obvious as well as your passion and professionalism. Many Thanks!! I am looking forward to my next creativeLIVE experience!

  167. Glenn Simmons June 15, 2010 at 7:07 pm #

    1. I thought the live format was great… but a little long… the problem with watching a live event over three days is that you invariably miss something.

    2, I live in a town called Timmins, about 175 miles south of Hudson’s Bay and 500 miles north of Toronto in Canada.

    3. I think that this type of live webcast is the future of visual media… over the next few years, as the “pipeline” becomes bigger and faster, we North Americans will finally catch up to Korea and Japan in being able to stream live HD. It would seem to me that CreativeLive has demonstrated a capability for doing a unique live event that will set the stage for even greater content choices in future… I’m not sure how the business model will play out, but I am sure that I will be tuning in to other seminars run by CreativeLive… Thanks for a great weekend… and thanks Zack Arias!!!

  168. Chad Pennington June 15, 2010 at 7:08 pm #

    Man you dude arw what’s up – you are history makers in your own rights – I am a wedding shooter but I am on your heals in the next couple of years – Thanks for letting me chase you !!!

  169. andreas June 15, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    1. Availability, great teachers, interesting subjects. I love how I can just tune in and get tons of knowledge. Or I can download the whole thing, and have it readily available 24/7. So much great stuff, I have learned a LOT. I love how you got live audience as well as “internet audience” – And that everyone can ask questions ect. Just.. everything is great. Really. I cant say anything bad about CreativeLive.

    2. I live in Norway. Ive been watching the live feeds in the evening and out into the laaate late night. It was so worth it.

    3. Yeah, absolutely. I love the fact that it is world wide. I really do. It makes it so much more I think. Theres something special about it. :) Ive just tried to direct ppl to it and check it out for themselves, because it is such an amazing experience – You gotta experience it yourself to really grasp it I think.

  170. Bernie Greene Sussex Photographer June 15, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    Zack Arias’s workshop was the first of these I have seen. I was very impressed with the quality of the feed and the size of the image. It really was close to actually being there.

    Apart from that I learned a few things that were worth learning.

    I’m looking forward to the David DuChemin workshop and I’d love to see one from David Hobby.

    I live in England and don’t have a problem with the time difference.

    • Terie Christmas Davis June 15, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

      This is my third Creative Live session. I have watched John Greengo and Scott Bourne and now Zack.
      I love the “structured informality” of Creative Live. The feed in incredible and I’ve only experienced a few glitches of being dropped off line. I will continue to watch on the sessions that interest me. I did buy the Zack sessions because I was unable to watch the entire 3 days. It would have been nice to have that broken down into more manageable hours. Those were long sessions to sit in front of a computer, although I will say it was riveting. Zack is such a charismatic person and great teacher. Aside from all the knowledge that he shared, I loved the fact that he encouraged people to give back in some way and that the way he does it is to open his studio as a gallery.
      What a wonderful idea and if I ever get a studio I will follow his lead for sure. I just love that and will never forget it. I live in North Carolina. Thanks Chase for doing something so incredible as providing us with all this information and great teachers for free. I know I will be buying more after watching.
      Thanks again for all the inspiration and a relaxed platform for learning. Keep wowing us, we love you for it!!!!!

  171. Theodore June 15, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

    First of all, a huge THANK YOU! to Zack Arias, CreativeLIVE and everyone involved in this 3-day workshop. I got a lot out of it, thank you again!
    1. I don’t have a response to your first question only because I don’t have experience with other web based teaching.
    2. I live in South Carolina, USA.
    3. This was a great success. It was well done, very informative, and it was free. Thank you. (Did I say thank you already?) “What does the format feel like to me?” I felt like I was being cordially invited over to learn from people who knew what they were doing. Everyone involved in the production was friendly, professional and informative.
    Also, I have to applaud you for re-running the class each day for people on the other side of the globe. Otherwise, it might have been impossible for some of them to view the class sessions.
    I have no complaints, but I did want to pass on to you some minor glitches I experienced to help you improve future classes. One was that the video feed would occasionally freeze for about 30 seconds (but I would still get audio). This happened to me about a couple of dozen times during the entire 3-day class, and I don’t know if it was on my end, your end or somewhere in between. And even then it only mattered when Zack was demonstrating something, so I would miss what he was showing us. The only other thing was certainly the result of the class being live, so it would probably be fixed on the post-production videos… and that was that sometimes (rarely) Zack would be showing us something and the camera would cut to a shot of the audience (or something like that) and so we would miss what it was that he was showing us. But overall, these are no big deal and again I would call the production a great success.

    Also, I second the motion on Keith Jackson’s idea for a “Donate” button. I think that’s a great idea.

    Thank you – one more time – to everyone involved.

  172. Ramon Carcases June 15, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

    1) Access to live FREE instruction from acknowledged industry greats in an industry where everyone it seems is trying to make money by running workshops vs. actually shooting is phenomenal.

    2) Miami, FL

    3) I bought the download early Friday because I knew Zack would be awesome. I did watch some of the live broadcast & the interactiveness via Twitter gave a shared sense of community.

  173. George E Kennedy Jr June 15, 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    Thanks for keeping it real gents.

  174. Abe Friedman June 15, 2010 at 7:37 pm #

    1. It makes the information more widely available than any other. It does not discriminate between poor starving students and wealthy pros. Equal access to the information.

    2. Arlington, VA, USA. I watched it live streaming and took off early from work to do it.

    3. It works extremely well. I’ve read much about what Zack was teaching but seeing it performed live made somethings much clearer. It felt like I was taking a class. I was an information sponge soaking up the information. Seeing how a picture was generated and then immediately seeing the results in Lightroom was a great learning experience. It’s like attending school but being able to dress in your bathrobe and nip off the fridge whenever you want.

    A suggestion for future classes is to make it clearer exactly when the class will continue after a break. I didn’t want to miss a minute so I even ate lunch and dinner at my computer just so I wouldn’t miss anything.

    Zack is a wonderful teacher and that I could attend his class from the comfort of my own home (not to mention for free) is the best example of giving back to the photographic community I’ve ever seen. Kudos to you guys!

  175. JZ June 15, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

    I love creativelive. It is the best thing I have found on the internet in a long time and I would describe it as giving one the opportunity to take classes from home on my schedule (upon download purchase). It works for me in Walla Walla, WA. Wish I could get to Seattle … Thanks again and the weekend with Zack was incredible. So much to think about!

  176. Sean June 15, 2010 at 7:39 pm #

    1. I love the fact that this information is available to me despite my extremely limited budget. I watched the entire weekend with Vincent LaForet and I doubt I could EVER get that sort of exposure without CreativeLIVE. I’ll be catching more soon. I’ve never watched anything like this before so I have no comparison. However, discovering the format via CreativeLIVE has been a great experience.

    2. I’m in Providence, RI. so GMT -5.

    3. I believe it does. I love the feeling of the world wide connection. having someone from Portugal or Norway is awesome and the networking possibilities are epic. The only frustrating part is dealing with some of the comments left online by people who just like to “hear themselves talk”

  177. Rudy June 15, 2010 at 7:43 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different? Don’t know. This was my first time. The problem I had was not having a high speed internet connection. My DSL connection is 32K bytes per second. This prevented me from seeing more than moments of video but some audio with a little better success. I did drive to my work and was able to watch about an hour of the second day.

    I would like to have had a lower bandwidth option. Maybe 1/4 size.

    2. Where in the world do you live? Canada

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    What I saw looked good.

  178. Claus Jepsen June 15, 2010 at 7:48 pm #

    1) It is live and with the chatroom it is just like beeing there – just better, because you can filter the questions.

    2) Denmark.

    3) I rocks, so awesome.

  179. Don June 15, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    1. It opens the subject matter, to not only many more students than could possibly attend it live, but to potentially millions of students around the world, simultaneously, simply an incredible concept!

    2. Woodland Park, Colorado,USA

    3. Works great! Especially with the ability of any viewer to ask a question and get it answered as the program progresses. Ingenious!

  180. Eddy June 15, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    1. I did the download option (pre-pay). The videos are fantastic! I just love Zack! Its the best $79US that I have spent. I have the OneLight DVD, this is the StudioLight follow up version!

    2. I live in Perth, Western Australia.

    3. Worldwide format work? Well, Aussie broadband is not the fastest, I can’t stay up so late to watch it live, but the cheap download option is absolutely the best way to watch it at my convenience over and over!

  181. james June 15, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

    To begin with, CreativeLIVE is an amazing resource!

    I believe the obvious answer here is that it is interactive with such an enormous audience. I think the fact that it is live is great because you can see the instructors really having to think things through on the spot. That also goes for the “live” students. The only negative I can really see is that the weekend long classes take a big chunk of time to be able to be involved in the “live” aspect. But you would have to commit more time and money to a live workshop. So it’s not really a negative.

    I am currently residing in Fort Wayne, IN.

    I have learned a lot from watching the two weekend courses that have been offered so far. So I would say, yes, it works!!

    Thanks Chase, Craig, all of the instructors, and everyone involved with CreativeLIVE!!

  182. Adam C June 15, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    Creative Live is such an exciting and engaging way to learn subjects online. I really enjoyed watching it live; it felt like I was there in the audience which made the whole experience much more exciting. I like Zack’s show better than the Digital Photography 10wk Corse. It was bigger, different, and more attractive than the other guy just sitting there going through his slides. However, that was also a good class which was very informative. But as far as being a repeat customer Zack walking around seeing the action hands on approach is MUCH more attractive, it was a unique and memorable experience.
    I would suggest that you get better with the camera work and organization. That part was a little unprofessional. The bad live cutting between cameras and the shakiness of the image. Also it was very hard to hear anyone besides Zack. Also the whole checklist thing we could do without.
    I look forward to being involved again, I would love to see something on some video stuff. Preferably not DSLR but real video. Also set lighting for film/video such as with scrims, hot lights, KinoFlos, outside reflectors and whatnot. Or maybe what would be really helpful would be an in-depth look into cinematography, frame composition, what makes a shot and how to do it.
    Just FYI I would consider paying like $5 or so to watch it live. However, that’s only because I know what it is im getting. New commers might be put off by that.
    Great Job Do It Again!

  183. Briand June 15, 2010 at 7:59 pm #

    1. FREE live class.
    2. Jakarta, Indonesia
    3. it works, but for some countries, the internet conection is a big problem, maybe CREATIVElive can make even smaller bandwith/quality live video.
    also the time different, it is very nice if everything has schedule and on time.
    too bad the people who watch re-run, dont have the chance to ask Zack.

    Thank you very much for everything

  184. Hang June 15, 2010 at 8:04 pm #

    1. great way to join an international class
    2. Australia
    3. time difference is the major issue. I purchased the video but its such a big data download when you have a limited broadband plan. Perhaps you could offer a DVD option.

  185. james June 15, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    Oh, and ask David Hobby to do a class please. Thanks!

  186. Linda Abbott June 15, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

    1) CreativeLive’s format differs from others in that I actually felt like I was there. With the chat room and Twitter going all the time, you could actually raise your hand and ask a question. It was actually very intimate. It might have been worldwide, but it felt like it was being taught for me specifically. I do Webinars all the time and it’s a taste..a quickie..but never anything in depth. This was a real class, and an amazingly incredible one at that. I got questions answered that I couldn’t find anywhere before…and answers when I didn’t even know enough to ask the question. For me, it was life changing since I’m transitioning from a profession I was in for 30 years to a new one in photography..and lighting was a major hole in my education, and it terrified me…rightfully.

    2) I’m in beautiful Utah, USA…so Brandee working in Salt Lake City was a blessing for me.

    3. The worldwide format works well. I explained what it felt like as a studen in question 1. I was THERE, and Zack was teaching to ME. I’m pretty sure it was because of Zack’s teaching expertise and his personality…He’s a very giving instructor. But if CreativeLive continues to offer this calibre of instruction, it will change the face of photography instruction. I’m so used to traveling for instruction and I never EVER get from those classes what I received this past weekend.

    Thank all of you and especially Zack, for the tremendous gift you gave me.

  187. Shannon June 15, 2010 at 8:23 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?

    It’s an amazing way to immerse yourself into the world of photography, with many different master photographers, and so many people learning together. Often, after reading a book, I wished I could have asked the author a question. During an intense workshop, I may forget the questions I had and remember them only after the fact. But with so many other people participating, all my questions get answered, some I hadn’t even thought of yet.

    The fact that it’s free is beyond anything I could ever imagine. Not everyone has the time or money to fly halfway across the country (or farther) to be able to participate in a live workshop.

    2. Where in the world do you live?
    Northeast Ohio, near Cleveland, USA

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    For me, yes. It’s perfect timing in my day. The chance to hear questions asked that I may not have thought of is wonderful, especially knowing some of the questions are coming from all corners of the world. The use of Twitter as well as the live chat room was inventive and a great way to build a new network or grow an established one. Even though I missed quite a bit of the live show (all of day one), I was easily able to pick up most of what I missed throughout the rest of the workshop. And having the ability to download the videos after is a great offer, especially at that price. I can go back through them at a more leisurely pace to take better notes, and refer back to them if I need to.

    Thank you so much for creativeLIVE. Your hard work and dedication is so very much appreciated.

  188. Teri Temme June 15, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different? Affordable for everyone (free), but also allows a great discount if you aren’t available to watch and/or want to watch fantastic classes over and over — and you will because the information is so awesome!!! Very economical for those purchasing later too! The format is engaging, allows for interaction and is fast moving – those factors alone make it different. But to get a view into the real workings of a photo or video shoot is priceless.

    2. Where in the world do you live? Half Moon Bay, CA

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? For me, absolutely, there has never been another form of class on the web which could command my attention for 3 days straight AND the re-watch too! Along with purchasing the downloads. I miss them when they are over!

  189. lephotographe June 15, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

    1. CreativeLIVE is great because of the business model that allows to see and participate to the live workshop for free (free knowledge for everyone!), or buy a formatted version for later use. That and the will and talent of the people involved to make it the best experience possible. I’m subscribed to (monthly payment of 24$) wich is also good but is less bold in it’s way of doing things. CreativeLIVE feels revolutionary, participative and scalable.

    2. I’m Canadian (french)

    3. CreativeLIVE is democratising arts and knowledge thanks to live streaming and the possibility of learning for free.

  190. Anita J June 15, 2010 at 8:46 pm #

    1) What makes the CreativeLive experience different? Jarvis, “You Are The Man!” I asked in a email to express my opinion on the CreativeLive experience. and answer three questions. It is not just a positive experience but I also feel strongly convinced that when you and your staff care enough to share and help other photographers. It is not a PR ploy like some others in the industry.

    I have watch two workshops via CreativeLive. The first was with Scott Bourne teaching Apeture 3 and now with Zack Arias teaching studio lighting. Both men have done an amazing job! They were informative, entertaining and genuinely nice people willing to answer question(s) making sure every aspect and question was answered, if possible. They also gave gifts that person really benefit from. They took time out of their busy schedule to share their wealth of knowledge and information in a way that others could easily comprehend and retain. I myself am a visual learner and that it what make CreativeLive’s part in it all the one’s to credit with the highest honor. There were problems with Scott’s feeds but other than that. coordinating not just an interview or Q/A which never really covers what is desired from aspiring photographers like myself; it is the 3 days workshop with real-world hands on approach that made all the difference in the world! I really hope to see more workshops in the future and like the unwavering faith and belief like a young child believing in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. I hope, pray and believe I could aspire to one day be an attendee in a future on-location class audience.

    Please do not stop what you are doing. You are doing us all a huge service. I myself had paid thousand to a private school who scammed many for years out of their hard earned money and eventually were forced to close but the money was never refunded making my college degree I recieved fraudulent along with the lack of knowledge shared with us.

    I am a disabled, single mom attending another college determined to make my aspirations a reality; you have help make those aspiration that more attainable for me to achieve by having the free workshop.

    Thank you, Jarvis and to the rest of the CreativeLive crew, their family and friends who patiently and nicely lent us all of you in order to make these workshops possible. If I have not already said and if I have, I will say it again (what’s a little more rambling of praises), “Keep up the good work!”

    2) Where in the world am I? I am in Southern New Hampshire (working on my Zack inspired studio setup).

    3) Does the live world-wide experience really work? Absolutely! I love the format, the clarity, the consideration for the audience’s point-of-view and ability to hear clearly constantly being checked, showing each and every step’s why and how-to never assuming we know any of it which would result in leaving crucial information out.

    Best to you all!

    Anita J

  191. favian June 15, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    your the mentors I’m looking for.

  192. Alison June 15, 2010 at 9:15 pm #

    It was a fantastic workshop-I had the feeling I was taking part physically. Also great that you could have questions answered in real time when they cropped up.
    I live in Munich, Germany.
    The timing was a little difficult as it went on quite late, but was well worth it.
    Will certainly sign up again for a creative live experience-love the idea of being able to communicate with others all over the world.

  193. Bernie Greene Sussex Photographer June 15, 2010 at 9:20 pm #

    Second comment here but this one is about the interview you did with Zack. I didn’t realise it was 2 hours long before I started it. Awesome. Thanks for that.

  194. John in Beirut June 15, 2010 at 9:21 pm #

    Zack’s work shop was fantastic! I thought the format worked very well. I expected the video to hang, be jumpy, or to have other problems. No significant problems at all. However, I live in Beirut, Lebanon, a 10 hour time difference from the U.S. west coast. Given the time difference, I had to give up watching the workshop after a while. So, I bought the video! Great work. Keep it up. Interesting idea.

  195. Monica Holmvik Garrett June 15, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    1. I have not tried many online classes before, this was my first. I came across the link to the course random just a few hours before it started and figured I would give it a go since it was free.

    2. Norway

    3. Wow! I am amazedn with how much I learned from this class. I was stuck to the computer all weekend, for hours and hours! I didn`t want to miss a thing.
    Zack was a fantastic teacher, easy to follow, charismatic, and inspiring.
    I can not thank you enough for this opportunity to learn more about my favourite topic! It was not just boring talk, even all the talk was fun! And it was great to be shown how to take the photos too!
    I am so inspired and motivated after this course! Now I will do everything I can to make my dream come true about being a photographer.

    I would recommand Creativelive to everyone! It is just fantastic! You did a great job making these classes special!
    Never seen anything like it thats for free!

  196. SameerKM June 15, 2010 at 9:43 pm #

    1. CreativeLive approach is definitely different. I should thank everyone behind this project and wish good luck in future too. It is as good as attending a class especially when there is interaction via chat. And IT’S FREE. Keep it coming.

    2. Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    3. Except for the odd timing for us in this part of world, which is not your problem, I don’t see any difficulties.

  197. James Xavier June 15, 2010 at 10:03 pm #

    1. This was my first CreativeLive workshop but to me it was amazing! Instead of some edited video, you get to see everything that happens, even the mistakes and/or pitfalls of setting up certain shots. This was not only a lot more informative and interesting, I found it a lot more fun.

    2. Federal Way, Washington. Wish I could have swung by to say hi, you guys did amazing!

    3. I would say it works very well. Everything went along great but with it being shot and streamed live, rather than just watching the same old stale post-production dvd, it felt more like being there. I was glued to my tv the entire weekend.

  198. Adi Ulici June 15, 2010 at 10:43 pm #

    I’ll be short

    1. I love it because it’s open to a large audience
    2. I’m from Romania
    3. Yes, the live format is really cool because viewers can ask questions through the chat room and stuff. Still, there were a a couple of nights when I slept only about 4 hours and after that I had to go to work, but I surely didn’t regret it :)

    Hope we’ll see more great classes! Thanks creativeLIVE for the effort you put into this and thanks Zack for this amazing weekend (strange, but when it ended, I kinda missed you :D)

  199. rene June 15, 2010 at 10:53 pm #

    1. I’ve seen and purchased various photography class resources over the internet. I’ve been a follower of the Swanson team offerings for over a year. Without a doubt, the CreativeLIVE production this weekend set the bar in terms of the the kind of quality & relevant information aspiring photographers desire to improve their technical proficiency and craft. I appreciated CreativeLIVE’s class format this weekend because the material was presented clearly, astutely and in a down-to-earth manner. For this viewer, Zack’s expertise and enthusiasm was a splendid combination to help me gain an understanding of studio lighting and to keep me engaged during the three days. The ‘live’ elements (‘students’ in the studio, tweeter’s, etc) created an environment that was dynamic and vibrant. The ‘hands-on’ demonstrations were an invaluable teaching tool and helped me stay in the room with you this weekend.

    2. South Austin, TX

    3. In this case, the virtual, real-time classroom worked for me. After some research, I pre-paid for the class because I thought Zack’s information would be perfect for my needs and schedule conflicts. As I tuned in on Friday (just to check out what was happening), I immediately determined that the value of the class was superior and was going to exceed my expectations. I like the flexibility that a worldwide (internet) classroom provides. The worldwide aspect of your venture leaves me with a sense of connectedness with photographers who appreciate quality content and who seek to become better artists. I hope that ‘worldwide’ photographers can convince enterprises like yours to continue to provide compelling topics, thoughts and presenters in this ever changing medium. Indeed, Creative LIVE

    Thanks Zack and everyone responsible for the weekend class! Much success.

  200. Jen Lapuz June 15, 2010 at 11:05 pm #

    1. The CreativeLive approach is different because the instructors really want to teach what the audience wants to learn. The instructors are very patient with the material they are teaching. I have watched Mr. Laforet and Mr. Arias on CreativeLive and have learned so much. I especially like the courses because it is hard to travel and attend workshops.

    2. Victorville, California

    3. I think this format does work. It allows everyone to learn and contribute.

    Keep up the great classes.

  201. Beerni June 15, 2010 at 11:17 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?

    The big difference is that is brodcasting live and with audience all over the world interacting with teachers!, you can make questions at any time during the class, and the questions from other people can help you too.

    2. Where do you live?

    Madrid, Spain

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    Is like being there! really works. I´ve enjoyed to much the weekend class with Zack. Keep teaching LIVE!

  202. Steve W June 15, 2010 at 11:34 pm #


    I’ve watched both Vincent & Zack.
    I’m from Sydney, Australia.
    The live feed is great and adds to the experience allowing one to see more of the real presenter without it being sanitised in post. It felt like I was there.
    The repeat our time is appreciated.
    A great example of the web making the world a smaller place especially when Australia is so far away and getting the chance of seeing presenters of this calibre is remote.
    A brave move by Chase & Co. which is groundbreaking but which will repay them time and time again IMO. They are to be complimented for sticking their neck out.
    Keep up the good work and give the concept time to grow.
    No negatives at all.

    Cheers & thanks,

  203. Viorel June 16, 2010 at 12:21 am #


    I live in Romania and I followed (most of) Zack Arias’ Studio Photography, Fundamentals of Digital Photography, and The Creative Eye with Art Wolfe. While they were all good, at least for me Zack’s workshop was head and shoulders above the others. To my disappointment, although “Creative Eye” is such a generous theme, that series of workshops was not really what I hoped for.

    Although I am on a high speed connection (100 Mb/s) the live feed was most of the time unstable, with frequent freezes, at least 3-4 every hour.

    Thank you for offering this format to the world.

    Best regards,

  204. maski June 16, 2010 at 12:21 am #

    i loved the workshop… so much useful info in a relaxed atmosphere… wouldn’t mind if you keep it more pro next time (w/o kids and wifes and that sort of stuff during the workshop….)… the reference was great too (found out about lot of realy good photographers)….

    theres no doubt that the format is working. why shouldn’t it? you are able and willing, the audience is there to receive it … it’s all perfect. internet killed television!

    i’m from belgrade, serbia
    kudos to CJ :bow: may you live long, prosper and be in health!

  205. Steve June 16, 2010 at 12:36 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?

    2. Where in the world do you live?

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

  206. Josh Sa June 16, 2010 at 12:41 am #

    Hi I am from the California San Francisco area and I really enjoyed this production. You can get to a more large and dynamic crowd by having a free seminar to the caliber that this was produced especially for this being the first one. From what i saw the interaction with the audience online and in the classroom. I love how “to the point” it was rather than beat around the bush.


  207. Steve June 16, 2010 at 12:43 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    No one has done this before so everything is different. In a very positive way

    2. Where in the world do you live?
    Oxford UK

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    Yes absolutely. I’ve bought a couple of the shows because a) I loved the content and it’s helped me a lot, b) I realise these events require investment on the part of the Creativelive team and in my view the cost of the download is miniscule compared to what you get back.

    In fact where I would usually share videos DVDs with people this time I am saying go buy it and support these guys.

    If we don’t support Creativelive with $$$$ then the shows will stop.

    Chase, Craig and all the guys like Vincent Laforet, Zack, John Gringo thank you for this fresh approach and keep up the great work

  208. Robert Coppa June 16, 2010 at 12:55 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    There are a few differentiators that i believe puts you way ahead of the curve, at least that i am aware of. Free courses with option to buy and view when needed, VERY high production value and lastly engaging guests with great workshops. I got up at 3.00am to watch Zack workshop, i have been following his work and love his approach and easy way he instructs. Top marks Mr. Chase Jarvis, thank you :o)

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    I live in Australia, strangely enough i lived in Seattle for 8 years prior to returning home to Australia. I wish you guys were operation 3 years ago.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    It worked for me, I attended a couple of live shows, early call for me; and then returned later in the day to watch the Euro reruns. Great job guys, keep it up. Big fan !!!!

  209. Suzy Walker June 16, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    Its different because its free and live! The option to interact via the chat room & twitter to have your questions answered is great. The chat room staff are very helpful (and patient) The option to buy the download for later is great, especially if its getting late and you need to go to bed but you don’t want to miss anything.
    2. Where in the world do you live?
    London, UK
    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    I think it does. I felt like I was really there, my chat room questions were answered. I didn’t watch all of it live (after the 1st 2:30am finish – London time) I was too tired to stay up again so I watched what I could and bought the downloads. I like the live aspect better than the download/rewatch because you can ask questions. Cant wait for day 3 to be uploaded so I can see the rest. Thanks for creating this amazing concept and thanks to Zack & his team for a very interesting workshop.


  210. Suman Zaman June 16, 2010 at 1:44 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    It’s live and interactive. No other format allows you to watch the photographer live, listen to what is going through their mind and get answers to your questions in real time. Usually, when you watch a DVD etc it’s just the photographer talking to you and you don’t have the opportunity to ask questions. The live audience and live internet stream chatters ask questions that we’re all thinking.

    2. Where in the world do you live?
    Surrey, UK

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    It was evening/late night over here, which was great. Also, the re-runs will have helped people in Asia/Aus.

    Overall, it’s a great model. Free to watch live, gives you the chance to see if it will help/educate you and if you like it, you can purchase the classes for a relatively small fee. How much would you normally pay to attend a 3-day Zack Arias class?!

  211. Heather Dalgarno June 16, 2010 at 1:51 am #

    What I love about creativeLIVE and it’s approach is that it’s wonderful to see so many incredible photographers coming together to share their hard-earned trade secrets with the world for free, or if you buy the downloads for a great deal less than you’d expect such high quality tuition to cost. It seems very noble to me in its approach and it makes me want to support creativeLIVE in any way that I can. There are other courses aspiring photographers and hobbyists can take, but none I feel that offer such high standards of teaching for so little cost.

    I live in Scotland, in the UK. CreativeLIVE allows me to learn from photographers that are very rarely, if ever, in my neck of the woods. The live worldwide format is a great idea. Sure the timings won’t suit everyone, but that’s what the downloads are for, and they are fantastic value for money in my opinion. I just purchased my first course (the Zack Arias weekend workshop) and I’m amazed at how much bang I’ve gotten for my buck.

    I think as a resource for keen photographers of every level and background the CreativeLIVE system is unparalleled in its quality and value for money. Long may it continue!

  212. Ian MacMichael June 16, 2010 at 2:05 am #

    Hey Chase. I am in Liverpool UK, so the live streams are usually eveing or late night- early morning, which is generally ok, though when they are on till after midnight-1am it’s kinda difficult to keep going! This means to get the full benefit, it’s best to pay for the download.

    I have been following you and Zack for a couple of years now as I attempt to get my business going and growing and when this course was announced, it was a no-brainer for me to pre pay for the course, not only because of the timings but also because I could then have the stuff to watch, pause, think, try out etc an listen to the other question for less than half of the cost of some instructional DVDs! So interms of VFM (value for money, sorry!) it’s awesome.

    I have 3 kids so I need to grab time to watch and learn when I can and this is perfect for that. I can also pick and choose, which is great, and pay for what I want or watch for free if I choose. It is this variety of watching live, pre or pat ordering, the ovrerall flexibility, that makes creativeLIVE a winner for me. Also, personally, it’s the guys like Zack, David Duchemin etc I want to learn from and outside of this, I don’t think I would get the chance, so cheers for that too!!

    Thaks for creativeLIVE, it’s a great gift to creatives everywhere, bringing us all together, no matter where, or when!, we are!

    Cheers guys, Ian

  213. Annalucylle June 16, 2010 at 2:07 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    I found it an excellent format. The option to watch a live feed for free meant that the user has a chance to sample it and decide to eventually buy it afterwards… the sharing concept to me is one of the main attraction.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    I live in Milan, Italy, so the live feed took place during the night and went on till the early morning. Thankfully it was scheduled during a weekend so I was able to invert my sleep/wake cycle: I slept during the day and watched the live feed at night. I can tell you, going back to work on monday was hellish, but it definetly was worth the trouble! :-D

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    I have a schetchy internet connection, so I experienced problems viewing the live feed during certain hours… I loved however the interaction between users worldwide: being able to answer to question from all over the world in real time is an excellent feature.

  214. Edi Held June 16, 2010 at 2:09 am #

    Thanks alot for the interview with Zack!
    (perhaps it’s too much to ask for, but is there any chance of seeing the live-shoot and live-post of that cover for the band? would be so great!)

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    -> better:
    – answering questions live
    – a more natural, “real” atmosphere
    – if you miss the show, you still are able to buy it and watch it afterwards
    – the classes deal with the latest happenings (for example hddslr cinema with vincent laforet), no delay for producing a dvd etc.

    2. Where do you live?
    -> Germany

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    -> Depends on the perspective. For us photographers around the world it’s a great source of information provided by professionals and we can watch it for free, i guess that’s the definition of “it works” :). I don’t know about your side of the story, but I really hope it works for you aswell.
    -> As for myself, I unfortunately haven’t been able to watch any of the shows live, yet, because my internet connection at home is really bad. But I watched some of the shows afterwards from another place and it’s exactly the stuff I’m interested in. The problem is, I’m still a student and can’t buy everything I want, so my options are either going to another place to watch the live show, or missing it. I’d love the option of a free download offered for one day or something, but I also understand if that’s not going to happen.

    As a conclusion, I think it’s great that you’re offering those very informative shows for free (the live part) and that your focus lies on providing information for the community, rather than on making money.

    Thanks alot!

  215. Paul Hodgson June 16, 2010 at 2:15 am #

    I watched this live and continue to be so impressed with the honesty – heart on sleeve wearing – Zack Arias. Really like his photography but his honesty and openness is what really does it for me

  216. mikeh June 16, 2010 at 2:17 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    A. it was free, I’m a poor college kid
    B. I was able to ask questions and the CL staff asked most of the ones I had that weren’t answered in the chat.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    I spent as much time as possible out of my lazy summer vacation watching, so I only missed a few hours, I live in California.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    Yes it works! It’s like you’re sitting there with zack soaking up his advice. The format is just like one big screen with the option to use an IRC chat as well to ask questions and chat about the lecture.

    I hope there are more of these in the future and thanks zack+CL!

  217. adrian June 16, 2010 at 2:20 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    it’s live!! we can get involved as it happens, the free to air cheap to buy approach is a stroke of genius!
    2. Where do you live?
    London, England
    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    yes and no, the class with zack was starting at 6:30 pm local time, which is great, but the classes all finished at 2 or 3 (or later) in the morning… once you start watching (and tweeting questions etc) you don’t want to drop out and catch the re-run of the second half in the morning…. a longer delay on the re-run would be better for western europe, but then i guess people in other timezones will say different!

    overall im in awe of what you guys have put together, i was ranting about it at work, and have got a bunch more people interested in watching AND purchasing your events….

    i have the zack arias sessions downloaded onto my netbook, and watch them on the tube… twice i have missed my stop because im so engrossed in the class!

    more please!

    ps, would be great to have some photoshop retouching classes, and maybe movie colour grading lessons



  218. Jonas Silius June 16, 2010 at 3:09 am #

    Hey Chase,
    1) dont know other class formats, never atended any other photography seminar, but Your class style is one of the best (compared to different style seminars). I like the at ease approach, with joking around involved, the casual beer at the end, and the general approach of lets have some fun while doing it. What i dont like are the recording checklist that goes after every break, but hey, its a part that we cant skip, so not a biggie.

    2) I live in Vilnius, Lithuania (Baltic countries in Europe). I watched live so for me it was from 8pm till 6am the whole weekend, but i couldnt miss it.

    3) Yes, the live worldwide format really works. Just the feeling and power to ask the instructor live a question, when hes halfway around the world is something incredible. And to experience everything together with other people that are joining in to watch and chat about the same topic in the chatrooms LIVE is just amazing. Loved every part of the seminar, no mather how tired i was.
    Thanks for the wonderfull experience Chase and all the people at CreativeLive! Oh and also Zack, the great teacher!

  219. Kevin June 16, 2010 at 3:15 am #

    1. the best thing of course is it´s free if you watch it live!
    the other thing is, that it´s really like takeing classes, the people speak to you not just to a camera and you can interact via chat and twitter and ask questions when ever you want some more information.

    2. Freiburg, Germany. I try to watch the live feed when it airs first. of course on weekends it´s easier because of the time shift. It was really cool that you did reruns of zacks class because I couldn´t stay concentrrated till 4 or 5 in the morning, although I tried, so I could watch the rest after I woke up.

    3. I think it works great. It´s much better than just reading how to do something. It´s pretty much like an online class by all those talented people.
    I hope you can continue to bring the world so much knowledge and inspiration

  220. Anonymous June 16, 2010 at 3:18 am #

    1. It was great to able to ask a question during the class and actually get an answer.

    2. I’m in Scotland. I tended to catch the end of your day in the morning, and then the first part during the rewatch. Thank you so much for doing that. I’ll be downloading the polished copy, but it was nice to catch so much of it despite the time difference.

    3. As opposed to a pre-recorded class, the live broadcast is brilliant. We’re with you as you set up and don’t miss the details so often overlooked when a teacher has set up before the cameras are on. Thanks Zack for giving so much detail. Not being in the room, however, means that I can keep listening while I’m making tea in the next room or playing with my daughter.


  221. Sarah June 16, 2010 at 3:18 am #

    1. It was great to able to ask a question during the class and actually get an answer.

    2. I’m in Scotland. I tended to catch the end of your day in the morning, and then the first part during the rewatch. Thank you so much for doing that. I’ll be downloading the polished copy, but it was nice to catch so much of it despite the time difference.

    3. As opposed to a pre-recorded class, the live broadcast is brilliant. We’re with you as you set up and don’t miss the details so often overlooked when a teacher has set up before the cameras are on. Thanks Zack for giving so much detail. Not being in the room, however, means that I can keep listening while I’m making tea in the next room or playing with my daughter.


  222. Joaquim Pinto June 16, 2010 at 3:21 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different? To be online and is interactive is very nice.
    2. Where in the world do you live? Lisbon, Portugal
    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? Yes, i think so, in my case is difficult to go a workshop widh Zack in the EUA, but not impossible.
    4. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it? This is a very nice experience,

  223. Pete June 16, 2010 at 3:27 am #

    1. Never been to a live workshop until this weekend were I could pop in and out.
    2. Saginaw, MI
    3. Yup, it geeked me up and was telling people who have no clue what a photography workshop even is and they understood the whole concept.

  224. Karen Muircroft June 16, 2010 at 3:35 am #

    1. Amazing to be able to watch workshop on other side of the world happening live and be able to participate via the use of modern technology. Excellent.

    2. I was watching from Scotland.

    3. Great idea, I have watched Zack and John’s weekly tutorial and have picked up lots of good tips which I now use in other areas of photography.
    Keep up the good work and look forward to the next workshop.

  225. Miquel Àngel Xamena June 16, 2010 at 4:13 am #

    1. I’ts amazing to be able to see live in action a great photographer, teaching us the secrets of his psicology and having the best feel with the worldwide audience, it was great!

    2. I was watching from Mallorca, Spain

    3. Absolutely YES, it works. Great idea to give us the chance to see it live for free and if we liked it, can buy.

    Congratulations to all crew to make this possible, thank you a lot!!


  226. ian June 16, 2010 at 4:23 am #

    Zack, Chase all the stuff about negativity and bitterness is good to hear and is the easiest road to go down.

    Just wanted to let you know I have been hounded by assistants since this went out, you obviously encouraged people with you thoughts on “getting in the game”



  227. Ana GR June 16, 2010 at 4:26 am #

    1.It’s a unique opporutnity to learn from the best for free. I love it.
    The format of the workshop with people participating there was interesting and fun. Seein Zack working, fascinating.
    2.I live in Huesca, north of Spain.
    3.I think so. I think it works really well. The streaming video offers quality, the sound is perfect, the possibility of asking in through twitter is really good. I had some questions answered by Zack .
    I enjoyed every second of Zack’s weekend. I am thinking of paying for the download to watch it again.

  228. Lori M. June 16, 2010 at 4:29 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others? I was attracted to it because it was FREE but ending up buying into it because it was REALLY GOOD! Zack is an amazing teacher and the technical aspects (overall production) of the class were put together extremely well for a live internet feed.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed? Central Alabama – I watched at random times during the day when my kids napped and listened to the rewatch at night while editing images.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. Yes, I think so. What does the experience feel like to you? I enjoyed having it playing in the background as I was multi-tasking.

  229. Katrin June 16, 2010 at 4:31 am #

    Zack – I love you. For making the transform video, and for remembering how it is for us sitting here going “how the eff did he get there? I wanna be there” and telling us how to do it. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Please keep kicking our asses about getting our stuff out :-)

  230. Adam June 16, 2010 at 4:49 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    Not so great as being there, but the free live feed is definitely great for people who can’t afford the download / actual attendance (and lines them up as customers when they can).

    2. Where in the world do you live? Brisbane, Australia. I watched the second half of each day live in the morning and then caught the first half in the afternoon. I wouldn’t have done it this way if I didn’t already have a good idea of most of the stuff (though, if I’d actually been there trying to apply it I think I would have had a hard time (which is why being there in person, you learn a lot more!))

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? It works, as well as not being there can. It was a great insight for someone who has never been to a workshop, and shows me just how great they are (at least, those run by you guys!)

  231. Boris Kretonic June 16, 2010 at 5:14 am #

    First of all: Congratulations!

    The whole creativeLIVE wibe is spreading arround the globe, and it is inspirational.

    1. Live approach has advantages both to cretiveLIVE production team and for the viewers. Having production company I am well aware of production complexity and problems. Also, knowing creativeLIVE high standards and complexity of the events creativeLIVE covers, it would be impossible to have just one ‘go’ per scene. :-)

    On the other hand, as an attendee or just the one who is watching, being able to ask questions is invaluable.

    On top of that, being located away from any major area where I could attend such events in person, makes this number one service for me.

    2. Croatia

    3. It works very well. In my case, it would be much better if creativeLIVE is located on the East Cost or at least operating on EST time. That way creativeLIVE could cover all Europe in reasonable hours. ZA workshop was ending in 4 AM CET, and that is too late even for a hard core guys like me. :-)

    Best regards,

  232. Sergio Toff June 16, 2010 at 5:17 am #

    Huge Thank you 1000 time! It was great and This format really work! I’m from Siberia watched all 3 days twice each class both American and European time! It’s worth it. Great teacher, interacting, practical knowledge from real photographer, independent view and advice for equipment, and real shoot of
    the band!
    All the best,
    Sergio Toff
    If you ever think of translating your video to Russian (which speak 293 million people) I would love to do it! Please contact me ready to discuss it in greater details any time!

  233. Adam June 16, 2010 at 5:28 am #

    1. The approach allows a large audience attend the class and interact. Also having live participants there to ask questions was helpful. I wasn’t able to attend the whole class, just a few hours here and there over the weekend. By being able to watch it free I was able to decide it was WELL worth my money to buy the videos. Additionally, having the discount forced me to buy before the end of the class. Even if the regular price was 79 I may have delayed and forgotten to buy. This is the best format for taking a class for a test drive before you pay. Thank You for this…..

    2. Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

    3. I liked the replay. Even though I am on Eastern Time I was busy during the day and able to watch some portions during the replay.

    Honestly this is the best way to sell a workshop to me. I don’t have the time to dedicate to watching it in one shot or even taking a whole weekend to travel to a class. I felt that by dropping in on the class live I wasn’t seeing a preview of just the best parts. I was seeing a good representation of the whole class. This is the first workshop/ video I have paid for.

    Zack was top notch as a teacher and presenter. Great job.

  234. Manas June 16, 2010 at 5:53 am #

    This was definitely a great help. Zack’s work is totally inspiring and he’s a great teacher!!

  235. Noam June 16, 2010 at 6:05 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Doing it, that’s what makes them different. And being more casual and less formal, makes it fun and comfortable to watch and learn.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I’m watching you from Israel. I watch the LIVE feed on time (live) when it starts and trying to keep up all night, and than if I fall asleep, I watch the rewatch.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    It’s fabulous. On the LaForte weekend the streaming was so so, but on Zack Arias, it was smooth and enjoyable. It feels like almost beening there in the class.
    Describing the format seems easy enough:

    It’s an online live weekend seminar.

    Thank you Chase and Zack so much for sharing.

    Noam Armonn

  236. zed June 16, 2010 at 6:18 am #

    What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Zack’s approach of this classroom setting is nice and natural. he explains, people ask question, some tweets etc there is a lot of knowledge, experience and details being discussed that would not be in a more formal/controlled/schedule environment. you get the personal interest stories, an anecdote here or there or a 2nd or 3rd way of explaining – which give more scope for people to understand the various topics – however, and this is not be be criticism that outweighs everything said above – it was at time almost painful to listen Zack talk in slow detail about things that seemed off-track. it felt like it took an hour until there was some meat added to the first day for example… perhaps the first day was more difficult in this way .. I haven’t yet watched all the rest and still need to download it. and because of it when I watched the replay – and thanks HEAPS!!!! for doing those – I had to switch off at times, it was just too much. All in all, though it was a full on workshop, with so much to learn great expample and practicalities. I love how Zack is so down to earth, talking about gear and his own journey and stumbling – it makes you realise I can get there too, or I already know THIS much, or I still need to practice and learn THAT much. Excellent stuff. Thank you Chase, and thank you Zack.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and was watching the re-live streams – most of day one, some of day two when I decided to buy it, cause I couldn’t all take it in. technical this seems to have worked really well. some stream glitch, but it was fun to connect via twitter and see what others experienced and what creativeLive was working on to fix it.. great stuff

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? certainly does.

    I think you guys realised that while the US market is huge there is a bigger potential out there in Europe and Asia (and elsewhere) you’re making that stuff accessible. I guess still some of the practicalities work better within the US context than the European or AU context (eg: setting up a studio, networking, online market for used gear, access to gear/shops. etc) but it certainly still gets one to think about what can and what can’t be done. So well done, keep it up. from an Aussie point of view the course seems a little pricey even the reduced offer. perhaps different markets have different dynamics, maybe that sort of money seems “cheaper” in the US if you know what I mean. but then you’ll have quite a few costs and the end-product is of excellent quality.

    Thanks again!

    • Juan June 16, 2010 at 6:42 am #

      Some CC:

      1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

      It tries to reach too wide an audience. We all know you can’t make everybody happy, but it would be better to divide the courses between two levels 1- Introduction 2- Advanced. Different publics, different needs.

      2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

      I live in Spain (Valencia, to be more precise). If the feed is worth it, I’ll skip a few hours sleep to attend it live. If not, I’ll just watch 10 minutes to half an hour, and then drop out.. Laforet’s master course comes to mind: I was hooked after 50 seconds (even thought I work in the film industry it was enlightening to hear his points of view) although I’d say it focused (haha) too much on gear.

      3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

      It’s great. It works great, but it’s perfectible: see nº 1, and also, very very important, consider avoiding all the senseless blurb we can find a thousand times anywhere else on the internet. I don’t want to pay $100 to hear how great Adobe’s new software is. What I want is to learn more tricks and techniques I’d never thought of, and that’s something I’m very willing to pay for. and tens of others websites already make online courses. Yours are already better, but what you can do with this format is so much better, so don’t restrict yourselves to mere tutorials or shameless promotion.

      If I lived on another time zone, I’d give CL a B+. Because of the time difference which makes it less practical, I’ll give it a B-, but it could attain an A+ easily by changing a few things.

  237. John Lewis June 16, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    Location: Banbridge, Northern Ireland

    The format is fantastic, it is like being in the studio almost. I was hooked from the get go. Took me a few days to recover as the time difference was a bummer. Zack was a fantastic teacher and he answered many difficult questions. The big plus is hearing other peoples thoughts and the random questions being answered fully. Loved Zacks down to earth approach and hs business advice. Very humble guy.

    Lost my weekend to this and it was brilliant. Please keep doing these things.

    All credit to the production team. It was professional but not over produced.

  238. Ian Holmes June 16, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    1. I think the main thing is the feeling that I was really part of it. It was like I was AT the event. I loved that. I loved watching Zacks confidence grow over the 3 days. I loved seeing little errors we all make such as forgetting to dial in the correct exposure after taking a meter reading. Just the little things seemed to somehow make all the difference. I don’t think I’ve ever sat at the computer for hours watching a ‘tutorial’ but I was glued to the screen watching Zack work.

    2. I’m based in Paris, France. Watched 2 feeds live and the third half live then caught up with the repeat.

    3. Yes I feel undoubtably the format works. Describe it? It’s the closest thing to attending a live workshop I’ve ever come across.

    Just…..ermmmm……just bloody well done guys!

  239. Jeremy June 16, 2010 at 7:30 am #

    1. I love the laid-back approach of the creativeLIVE workshop. As someone else mentioned, it was almost like attending a workshop in person. I think the linking of multiple layers of technology really makes CL different. Using social media, along with a live audience really sets this workshop apart and allows everyone to be a part of the action. Really impressive. Zack, you are an amazing photographer and an even amazing person. You speak to everyone from a beginning photographer such as myself to a seasoned professional. You can communicate on all levels. I also thank you for your humble attitude. You make us feel as though there is no such thing as a dumb question and you do your best to answer at a level that anyone can understand. When we (beginners) ask questions in Flickr groups, all of the “wanna-be” professionals immediately launch into a philosophical debate over the a lost 1/999th stop of light. You are awesome!

    2. I live in Starkville, Mississippi. Since I live in a very rural state, I do not have access to workshops, conferences, etc. that you guys in Seattle, NYC, and other parts of the world are accustomed to. As an amateur photographer, I rely on Flickr groups and other Web resources to learn and expand my skills. This gave me an opportunity to learn from a world class photographer and for less than $80 I will have it with me forever.

    3. I think the worldwide format really works well. It allows people from all across the globe to interact with each other via Twitter, etc. as well as the photographer. Really incredible use of technology. Great job and thank you for all of your hard work and effort.

  240. Ryan June 16, 2010 at 7:32 am #

    1. Love this business model. The ability to see a calendar of events up front and know it is free to watch is outstanding. Even though Zack’s workshop was free to watch (and rewatch) I still purchased the vids because there is so much info. so to have the purchase option is great (even better when it is a discounted option during the workshop period)

    2. I am in New Hampshire, which made it tough for the west coast start of Zack’s workshop and the rebroadcasts were too early in the morning. Don’t worry it is how I feel about the NBA finals start time too!

    3. The format is great. Plus the step in HD is wonderful. You guys are doing this right, please continue to bring inspiration to creatives!!!

  241. Charlie June 16, 2010 at 7:33 am #

    The interactive element definitely sold it for me, being able to get my own questions answered straight away was fantastic. I think there was something for people at all skill levels to take away and learn from, purely because the audience could steer the teaching if it was necessary.

    I was watching in England, the live feed was on from about 6pm to 3am,

    It works, I definitely feel like I’ve attended Zack’s workshop in person. perhaps there could be a cheaper price point for those that just want to stream the tutorials once instead of downloading them?

  242. Michelle Feeney June 16, 2010 at 7:33 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    We haven’t attended many photography related classes. That being said, your production was clean, your agenda was comprehensive (specifically the Zack Arias lighting), UStream worked well on our end. Your communication was straight forward. We really couldn’t ask for more. It really seems very well thought out.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    Phoenix, AZ. We’re from New Jeresey, we watched the live feed this passed Saturday and bought the take out package so we will be able to keep watching it for the invaluable information that was presented. We really love this offering since we work day jobs at the moment.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    I thought it was interesting to see people from all over the world on the chat. We’ve described it multiple times since this weekend. We’ve said we attended part of a live workshop that is interactive using UStream (which we want to check into more) and also purchased the taped event for future viewing. We think you have a solid plan and product happening here. Thx to the creativeLive team for all of there efforts.

  243. Andrew June 16, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    – The free live broadcast is amazing and the production values are very impressive. The multiple cameras and audio feeds keeps things from getting boring.

    2. Where in the world do you live?
    – I watched the live feed on Sunday from my home in Toronto with my Mac Mini media server connected to my TV and audio system. It worked flawlessly.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    – From what I’ve seen, absolutely! I just hope the business model is sustainable.

  244. Rusty June 16, 2010 at 7:51 am #

    The free live broadcast is a bold approach. The funny thing is that I am more likely to purchase because now I know what the content is and that I definitely do want the whole piece as a learning tool for future reference.

    I live in Charlotte, NC.

    This past weekend truly felt like a global event. Lots of questions and chat from all over. The use of social media to really give the classes traction and grow participation is well done.

  245. Dorean June 16, 2010 at 7:52 am #

    I’m in suburban Philadelphia.

    What makes this workshop/class different from other online training is the ability to participate through the chat rooms, so there is a chance to ask questions. That’s awesome.

    For me, this format is amazing, because I have a physical condition that makes attending live workshops impossible. I don’t have the strength or endurance to spend two or three days in a classroom or out shooting in a workshop. For a physically challenged photographer, this was a priceless opportunity.

  246. Jonathan June 16, 2010 at 7:54 am #

    1. The resources at hand are great, a lot of the information given by come right from experts who do make a living doing what they teach. The interaction between the online peers and the live group is amazing.
    The main draw down I see is the schedule of the weekend sessions, take for instance Zack’s studio lightning course, I really wanted to see it all but couldn’t because of tight schedule. I reckon that’s where the payment option comes into play and I’ll surely buy the course in order to catch everything, but I think for the limited resources folks it would be great to have a retransmission of a sort.

    2. I’m from Guadalajara, México. I work at home so there’s no problem for me to watch the courses I’m interested into at the live feed. Weekend courses are the ones I’m mostly unable to catch. (Mainly Zack’s and Vincent’s courses)

    3. The concept is great, I find the format unbelievably attractive and even though the questions are sometimes hard to get through the most important ones are most of the time asked. Everyone I’ve told about the concept find it interesting and compelling and it surely works out.

    I think what you’re doing is a huge step forward in what the general attitude toward educating fellow peers (either amateur or professional) should be like. It’s a great contribution for us photo lovers and I truly thank the creativeLIVE crew for all their effort.

  247. Yaniv June 16, 2010 at 8:04 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I was able to follow John Greengo’s class and parts of Stephen Laforet’s weekend workshop. As a reference for comparison to other photography resources I have the various YouTube photography classes and Zack Arias’ One Light workshop which I had the opportunity and pleasure to watch on the DVD recording.

    So first, CL is different by being, well, LIVE. This makes it possible to be interactive as well. It really gives a sense of intimacy – as if you are actually there.

    From what I have seen so far, it looks like this whole initiative is top-notch in terms of quality of instructors and the choice of materials. It is obvious that the staff gives all they have and are totally committed to the effort. The level of thoroughness exceeds every YouTube class I have watched. I believe that if one is willing to pay for photography education material, he can’t go wrong by purchasing your recordings.

    On the not-so-bright side – comparing your live broadcast to other types of live programming in other media, like TV, it seems like you still have some technical problems that should have been overcome a long time ago. For example, during many of Greengo’s broadcasts there were video or audio drops and many times the slides were not aligned correctly in the frame.

    The Live Chat is hard to follow. I am not sure about the effectiveness of this format. I found it distracting trying to follow the chat at the same time of watching the video. But then, I can’t imagine an effective alternative.

    To put things in context – the bad things are dwarfed by the good things mentioned above.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    We are Israelis living in Massachusetts for the past few years. I watched Greengo’s classes live while in the office (duh…). I watched parts of Laforet’s workshop from home, when I had the opportunity, then some parts of the rewatch.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    The is great. I think it works more due to the level of the persons involved than to the technical specifics of the format. Describing it – just mention a remote live, real-time, interactive classes.

    To sum-up – so far CL is fantastic. Big thumbs up and good luck in making this format economically justifiable.

  248. Greg L June 16, 2010 at 8:16 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    It’s been said before, but really what differentiates creativeLIVE from everything else out there is that it is FREE. Not just free but just really thought out in terms of logistics. A lot of other places offer free lessons, but few are able to fully harness the power of multimedia like CL has.
    Another aspect of the CL experience I really enjoyed is the interaction between instructor and students. Being able to respond in real time with Twitter and live chat is an aspect that should adopted by others. Also, it’s great that your lessons include practical lessons to try and practice at home.
    The only thing I think could be improved is the rewatch and some of the glitches that have happened. I understand that it’s free and CL is bound by the limitations of time and the need for sleep. Really not sure how to get around this one, but I and I’m sure a lot of others are grateful for the chance to rewatch overnight.

    2. I’m from Toronto (Canada) and have been promoting the whole creativeLIVE experience to anyone who will listen! If I can, I will watch the live feeds at the time of broadcast. Sometimes I’ll watch a bit of the overnight if I’ve missed some sections. I also purchased the Vincent Laforet workshop series.

    3. The worldwide format absolutely works. Not perfectly, but it is definitely a start in the right direction and should continue to be at the heart of the creativeLIVE ethos. The experience is unlike any other available on the internet. While there are lots of resources on a whole host of topics, I think one of the key strengths of the CL experience is interaction. You get chances to apply what you learn and have questions answered almost in real time.
    I’m definitely not a marketing guru, but to describe the CL format to someone else I would emphasis the key aspects of it being free, interactive and stress the quality that the instructors and support staff put into the production. I would also (kind of) push for the downloads and remind folks that producing something of this quality isn’t free (even though you can watch for free!). So any download purchases help the cause. Basically what you folks are doing already!

    Kudos to everyone that has been involved in the creativeLIVE process, keep up the good work and looking forward to learning more!

  249. Julián G. Lorenzon June 16, 2010 at 8:31 am #

    1. CreativeLive rocks because of the content, the names associated with it and how you offset the costs. If you watch a course and you liked it but you still can’t pay for it, no sweat. People who can will probably buy it, and people who are still in the hustle will buy it sometime.

    2. I live in Argentina, Buenos Aires (gmt -3). I watched Zack’s workshop from here, and missed Vincent’s, i’ll probably buy both as soon as I can though. The feeds i try to watch live so i can ask questions, but sometimes obligations make me watch the replays (which are a life-saver)

    3. Absolutely, the world seems smaller every day, everything interacts with everything and it seems as this is easier to notice each day that goes by.
    It felt great having access to people i would probably never have access to in any other way, the direct (or pseudo direct since it’s impossible to read everything that comes in) feedback. Then the accessibility that the Internet gives you is amazing.
    A short explanation would go something like this: “Watching CreativeLive is having an almost one on one class with THE best teacher about the specific topic at which that teacher excels” or “Imagine having your hero teach you what he does and why does he do it? Well, it’s just like that”

  250. Chuck June 16, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    1. Well obviously the free is good but really what made it different was I’ve never been involved with something that seemed so well thought out. The camera work was great (kudos to that audio/video team), and the level of interactivity with Zack was awesome. It was as close as I could come to actually sitting in the room and that’s pretty sweet.

    2. I’m in the Tampa Bay, FL area and I didn’t see one glich in the video/audio (of course, I didn’t get to see the entire thing).

    3. I think it does work. Especially for those of us that can’t afford, schedule, or be near enough to these pros that hold workshops. I’ve been planning on going to one of Zack’s “one light workshops” since he’s probably the closest one to me but scheduling my family of five to travel is a headache. This was just downright convenient. The only thing that really, really pissed me off was not knowing beforehand the level of quality and interactivity this would be. I missed a lot of the three days because of my schedule but had I known that this event would be what it was, I would have marked my calendar as busy. I would have told my family that I’m attending a class and to just pretend that I’m not home.
    If CL decides to do another of these classes you need to tell people “no seriously, this will be an intense 10 hour day workshop, put this on your calendar and don’t schedule anything else.”

    All in all it was awesome. I’m a fan of Zack and CL needs to have him back as soon as his schedule allows. Also if any other pros that aren’t on CL are reading this: you need to get on CL asap. This is as close as I’ll probably ever get to purchasing one of your classes.

    Thanks everyone for all the hard work!

  251. Fabio Cormack June 16, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    First of all congratulations for the awesome workshops!!!!
    Zack, was amazing !!!!!
    1 – Much better in so many different aspect, but I think the “Live” feel is the most important, with real time interaction of people. I never watch any web class like this, the other web tutorials, webnars, classes, you name, are very boring (and I love to read manuals, so…)
    2. Brazil, and I’m watching the LIVE feeds at home or at studio
    3. It is an mazing format, and REALLY works absolutely fine
    It’s amazing, you really fell like if you are on the workshop, you fell like a classmate with the other guys
    You have to attend it to understand how immersive it is. It’s really, really immersive, making you you fell as part of it

  252. Raul A Ospina June 16, 2010 at 8:54 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?
    The interactivity is the best….you can chat, tweet you are always involve in the class.
    The other thing is the LIVE factor, it makes the experience more vivid, more real.

    2. Where do you live?
    Palmira, Colombia. I put the CreativeLIVE calendar on my iCal so i know when the classes are live.
    I watched the whole workshop live.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    Of course. 110% After the succes of Zack’s live workshop, we’re a worldwide community of photographers, we are tune, and we are thankfull with CreativeLIVE and the sponsors. Actually, sponsors have a great opportunity to get live, real, actual review and hands on gear, and it’s a tutorial for their customers.

    Finally the not so good part. I think you have a great production team, but need to make some things better.
    Your cameramen didn’t nave an intercom system neither a tally, so they don’t know when they’re live. And the camera director gets distracted and we saw a lot of focus adjusments, camera rapid movements and that makes the whole thing look unprofessional, amateur. I think the teacher can make a keynote, as a guide for the class, with nice design and graphics, that gives the class and order and a graphic clarity.

  253. Bjoy June 16, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?

    I think it’s a brilliant idea to have the online classes for the world to see. Zack’s class was REAL… in the sense that I really felt I was really in that room. And the chatroom was a really cool thing… we were able to ask questions and get more insight / information from the questions that other people (who were also on-line)
    so the experience was like you were actually there.

    I like how the course was spread out over the weekend otherwise there would have been too much information to take in.

    I am looking forward to see another on-line class soon… hopefully still about photography.

    2. Where in the world do you live?

    I am from Quezon City, Philippines. I was watching the live feed from 1AM-9AM… the replays were a brilliant idea too. I was still able to catch up with the stuff I missed when I fell asleep.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    Hell yea! Kudos to you and the people at creativeLIVE for shrinking the world and bringing so many people from all over the world to share the experience.

  254. Arni June 16, 2010 at 9:07 am #

    1. It’s a great idea and format. I fully appreciate all the great courses, teachers and effort behind the scenes!

    2. Santa Barbara, California
    I usually watch it live during the day if possible due to day job.

    3. I think it works great. Occasionally it’s hard for me to watch the workshops, because often I’m at work and it would be really great if all the classes offer rewatch at a later time of day!

    Big THANK YOU to everybody involved in creativeLIVE!

  255. Raúl Hernández González June 16, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    1. I like it is just like a full live class I was attending. I don’t like that “interaction” is not real (only a small % of questions are answered… I understand that it’s impossible to answer all of them), and I think I preffer a shorter, edited, more focused class (with concepts explained one by one, in good pace and order… live class sometimes is a little messy)

    2. Spain. Not a good timing neither for live broadcast (from 19:30 til 4-5 in the night) nor re-broadcast (too early in the morning).

    3. It’s an excellent opportunity to attend some awesome classes. For free. There are some unconfortable issues, but you can always buy the course and watch it whenever you want. And the “live” show is an extraordinary marketing tool.

  256. Ron June 16, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I like the “live” in front of an audience format. It keeps it real compared to video that has been cleansed of any real-life problems. I liked the multiple views (video of the shoot, views of the camera back, views on the teathered laptop).
    I like the time spent on Zack’s philosophy of sharing with the local community and his community of friends/associates. It was refreshing to hear/see this.
    I saw nothing that was worse than other courses other than have to wait through the breaks – I see no way to avoid that when watching a live presentation. I just left my speakers on and did other things and came back when I heard voices again.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    I live in California. I watched the Friday session (to the extent I could) at work and then watched the Sat/Sun sessions at home.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    To me it felt very much like a live lecture class on photography. I did not try to read on-line viewer comments and questions as I thought the density of information coming from Zack was as much as I could handle.
    The Twitter-based give-away was fun – even though I didn’t get the monster 7 foot modifier – I was so sure it was MINE! I’d keep that feature just for the fun of it to the extent it works with the class being given.
    Zack’s class was great – thank for putting it on. I also enjoyed the John Greengo course which was full of detail. Even though I knew most of the material, I still learned small things that will improve my photography and my selection of equipment in the future.

    I’m now really looking forward to the Watercolor course.

    I hope these courses make you enough money that you are able to continue this operation. Best wishes.

  257. Karen Johnson June 16, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    I am really loving CreativeLIVE and all that it has to offer. Being a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom doesn’t afford me a lot of opportunity to take in workshops such as this past weekend with Zack. I can’t tell you how much learned and how valuable it was to me.

    I really think you need to check out the link I’m attaching. I would love to see him on CreativeLIVE. I’ve been so inspired by his posts. Check him out.

  258. Alyson June 16, 2010 at 9:32 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Honestly, I was skeptical about spending a weekend in front of my computer, but I was so impressed with the whole event…the production/streaming quality was amazing. I was in awe of the fact that it was live – I generally don’t like watching classes or video tutorials online b/c the quality is always terrible. This made me feel like I was right there and a part of the class. Of course it is difficult to just watch and not be able to get your hands on lights, modifiers etc. in order to practice what is being taught. The students that were there were a great addition for me b/c we got to see them put everything into practice.

    2. Where do you live?

    Burbank, CA. Watched the whole thing live from Fri – Sun.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    It worked for me….but if I was in a different time zone, I can see how it would be a pain. I don’t think I would have made it through the live broadcast or the re-broadcast.

    To me, this says tons about our industry – that Zack was so willing to share his knowledge and experiences and that creativeLIVE made it available for free! There are so many nay-sayers who are not willing to help those who just want to learn, so really – a big thanks to everyone – this was amazing!

  259. Alex Stewart June 16, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    1. I definitely like the live format. More of an organic feel than other static educational offerings. The audience participation via social media brings the internet classroom up a notch in my opinion. I purchased the downloads after watching most of the Friday session, seeing how good the quality of Zack’s information and teaching was, and realizing I wouldn’t be able watch the whole session over the weekend. Saving $50 was a motivator too.

    2. Watching from Victoria, BC Pacific Daylight Time.

    3. The format works well for delivering live information in most time zones. Production logistics and quality will improve the more of these you do. Can’t wait for David Duchemin.

  260. Alexander June 16, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    1. I love the possibility to ask questions and get them answered in real time. It’s almost like sitting in the lecture room. This is the point that for me makes this MUCH better than a normal DVD.

    2. Europe Austria

    3. Zack’s workshop was a bit hard time wise, especially since the rerun time was not so clearly set. Falling asleep at around 3:00 and standing up at 5:00 in the morning to watch the rerun, just to notice it hadn’t started yet was not so cool (but hey I’m not complaining I got the great workshop for free!)

    I noticed the second day rerun was missing he breaks. The third day rerun was much better for me, since it left them in and thereby enabled me to go to the toilet and eat without my laptop :P

    Generally speaking I thought the Aperture class was ok, but I’d never buy it. IMHO video is great for things that have a lot to do with intuition and stomach feelings, but a book is better for hard facts. Also Scott’s workshop felt as if he was just promoting himself.

    Zack on the other hand was enthusiastic and his workshop made me really want to visit one in real. If I have time (and my girlfriend lets me spend the money) I’ll try to join the upcoming one in the UK.

    So I guess it’s not only a good way to sell the downloads, but also a great way to promote these workshops. I honestly never before thought about joining one, but now that I’ve seen Zack’s I really want to experience it in flesh and blood.

  261. caroline June 16, 2010 at 10:01 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    To be able to get a class like this, without having to travel, is incredible.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    Pennsylvania, on the Pittsburgh end. I wasn’t able to watch the live feed (many thanks for offering the downloads as an option), except for a bit on Sunday afternoon. Had I been home, though, I’d have caught the first go around.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    I think this went really, really well. You’ll never get exactly the same environment as a small workshop, as far as personal attention, but I think the ability to offer it to so many people is worth that trade off.

    I’d consider it a pretty huge success, myself. And as much as was covered over 3 days, I’d have probably paid for the downloads even if I was around to catch the freebie. Nice to be able to go back through them.

  262. Surly June 16, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    1) Accessibility, and it’s free
    2) NW, Indiana I view at home. Can’t watch from the day job.
    3) I think it’s an idea who’s time has come.

    I have not yet watched (participated?) in a class yet because I have a day job. I was fortunate enough to catch the ZA interview after work and the replay of the roundtable the next day. I am hooked and I’m sure I’ll be in on one but time is such a premium for me. I have a 40 hr/wk job, two kids, a(n awesome) wife, and shoot on weekends/evenings. I had a wedding at the time of Zack’s class and then time with the kids, home maint, etc… This is by no means a complaint but what I’m getting at is there are probably many other folks in my boat who are going to have to pay for the downloads because we just can’t participate live due to scheduling. I REALLY wished I would have pre-ordered Zack’s class but…that ship has sailed.
    For what it’s worth, I was looking at paying for something like Kelby training and weighing the cost of that vs. the downloads at creativeLIVE. The cost difference is huge and so is the content. Again, not a complaint just an observation. My budget is in the double digit range until I start making $ from photopgraphy or I don’t need to buy diapers any more. I’m not saying the downloads are expensive but if I can’t get the free view because of time then it’s not free for a guy like me. Maybe a package rate…I don’t have the answer.
    It’s so cool what is available on the internet for photo education now. Thanks for putting your knowledge out there and wanting to help us be great photographers.

  263. Jeff Heinz June 16, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    1. This was my first experience watching a creativeLIVE class. I love the “LIVE” approach. It was extremely valuable to watch Zack manage the shoot this way. This is the way it happens in real life when there are not a bunch of re-do`s and editing out of mistakes.

    2. I live in Kirkland Washington. It was killing me to know this was happening so close to me and i could not just go be there in person. Watching it live was the next best thing.

    3. I was able to get my wife engaged in watching the re-watch until about 1am! She just kept saying….” is this live? this is cool”

    I look forward to more of these and i am sure letting all my friends know about it. I will also be collecting the downloads for future reference and teaching.

    Thank you Chase and everyone involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff Heinz
    Jeffheinzdotcom on the Twitter

  264. Carl Licari June 16, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    CreativeLive’s approach is like being in the studio or workshop participating with the attendee’s. I’ve only seen your interview with Zack, which was very cool, and Zack’s workshop (awesome), but you’ve got me hooked and can’t wait to see more.
    I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, trying to survive the heat of summer shooting very early, very late or inside. C’mon October!
    For me your format is dead on. You deliver solid info to all levels of shooters, sharing what got you where you are with the masses. Who could possibly ask for more.
    Great stuff Chase!

  265. Philip Bowser June 16, 2010 at 10:40 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others? Video & sound comes in cleaner, less garbled than most. Scrolling of Twitter comments is occasionally interesting – mostly not when folks are trying to bump up their entries for the “door prize” – but seems to be a great way to submit questions and get a quick response.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed? Watching from Portland, Oregon. Couldn’t stay for the whole three days because of family, prior commitments, etc. but watched live when I could and also bits & pieces from the re-broadcast later in the day. Wish I could have seen more…

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it? Since it’s live, it feels real and sincere. You see the warts & all, and how people cope with tech weirdnesses, and even fatigue at the end of a long day. Questions are dealt with as they come in. So it’s much more like actually being in the room. You worry about the model, care about the crying kid, wonder how the presenter is going to answer THAT question, etc. Typical training DVDs come highly polished – sometimes too much for my tastes – and so don’t give you the sense the instructor is trying to “connect” with you. DVDs are clearly a show with the presenter on one side of the glass and you on the other side, watching.

    Thanks for the great training opportunity! Best to all involved!

  266. Alex Ö June 16, 2010 at 10:43 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to other formats?

    What makes it different is what it is; a live workshop broadcasted global, and its free! The differentiation is the uniqueness and that there is a pure commitment to share to the community. The business and earning-money-ambition is kept on a level of “we just want to cover the expenses” (even though no business model actually works that way in the long run =) ). This is attractive since people want to pay as little as possible for as much as possible.

    The first format that comes to mind when comparing is I wont do a complete SWOT-analysis but; CreativeLIVE is free with limited access, Kelbytraining is middle cheap/expensive but unlimited access for your submission time; Creativelive is more inspirational that start from the basic level and go to average level, Kelbytraining is more tutorial based and got all levels of advancement; when comparing prizes Kelbytraining gives unfortunately more value, 199 usd/year compared to 79 (129) usd/workshop. In short your advantage is: free, interaction through asking questions, to some extent possibility to tailor the workshop (as Zack did Saturday morning). And remember; there is not any advantage in itself that it is Live, just that it enables interaction.

    The difference between live and re-watch is significant in one, and one only, way. I’m so more engaged when I watch the live feed instead of the re-watch. The ability to ask question’s live engages me a lot. But, and there is a but, what’s engages me is the believe that I may get my questions answered. And when I don’t get q’s answered I loose engagement. It is quite hard to really feel that one’s questions are coming through to the moderators and get asked.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Gothenburg, Sweden. The live feed’s streaming 7pm – 3 or 4 am. Re-watch 5 am – 1pm next day. And this is one of the biggest reasons why I have the opportunity to watch, thus its hard to put full daytime during a WHOLE weekend into a streamed workshop. If you were broadcasting European daytimes I would have hard to prioritize CreativeLIVE.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    It really works… together with your business model. The live worldwide part works, but if I had to pay to watch it, I’ve would not have watched. I’m not willing to pay to watch a live feed. Depending of the prize of course, I would pay for a live stream if the prize was maximum 25 US dollars, but only if I knew that I could watch the entire workshop.

    One other aspect is, as I wrote above, the possibility to ask questions, which brings the event to a new level. And for me as a European that cannot join in person, this is a reason why it is worth watching. But I would most certain have watched anyway since it’s free.

    My feeling while watching is; relaxed since I’m at home, I feel thankful since it’s free, darn inspired since the teachers (so far) have been really good, I feel as a part of a global community since it’s live from another continent, I try to get everyone that could be interested to watch since it’s a such opportunity.

    Twitter is a big part of the experience, that is how I try communicate with the moderators since the chat room is somewhat out of control and it’s hard to get your questions through.

    So, have I bought any of the workshops? No. And so far that’s because Vincents and Zack’s workshops was kind of information based. A lot of information just pouring out to me, i.e “this is a baffle, this is a beautydish”. If they were more based on short and clear tutorials I would have bought it. One thing that I really missed in Zack’s workshop, that would have made it more of a tutorial, was to see his pictures more, and more discussions about the pictures that he actually shot, pros and cons with a certain modifyer etc.. As it was right now it was more like “I do this and that, and this what a softbox looks like”

    One other reason for me to buy the workshop would have been if I didn’t understood and had to go back. Since it’s a live feed I cant stop and go back. I’m looking forward to David duChemin’s w-shop and I think that maybe I’ll buy that since I guess it’s more philosophical and needs more thinking to grasp.

    “You join a live workshop, broadcasted form Seattle in USA!! Isn’t that cool?!? And its free, but you want to keep the workshop afterwards.” Everybody gets what the format is, I think.


    A very unstructured comment since that is how I wrote it. But hope it helps.

    Since you Chase, is so passionated and I believe you when you say that you want to share with the community, I’ll be happy to give further feedback if that’s of interest. Twitter: @AlexOdman

    Take care.

    / Alex

  267. Nat Thompson June 16, 2010 at 10:46 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Well to be honest, usually, as soon as some nerdy looking photographer who is a trillion times better than me starts nattering about technical stuff I tune out and go and watch The Simpsons , so I found the fact that I WANTED to keep watching interesting. Zack was very engaging and honesty in a photographer about lifes challenges, not just the triumphs, was very releasing and empowering.

    I enjoyed the live Twitter questions. There is some things that can get lost in translation (even in usa engrish) so it was cool to be able to clarify. I loved that it was free. I probably wouldnt usually buy teaching online unless I was completely passionate about it. I liked the countdowns and setups for some reason. Im not 100% sure why, I think they just made me curious and I sort of felt part of it because of these, even when the guy running the show got frustrated and choleric, I still liked it:)

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Im an Aussie currently living in a village in Northern Thailand on the outskirts of a city. People in my street have satellite dishes on shacks made of bamboo. I watched creativeLIVE on my pimpin thai wifi balcony as the lizards ran around me and butterflies flew past (seriously, Im not even joking)

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    Yep it works.
    I told my friend about it. How Id been sick (with some gross tropical cold) and couldnt go out because I was too weak but was kind of happy because it meant I could watch all of Zacks classes. “AND!!!” I said “ITS LIVE AND YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS WITH TWITTER!!” She thought that was really cool and shes not even a photographer. I thought it was a totally excellent experience. For me it helped me to remember how big and yet small the world is. Im here getting the opportunity to shoot in such an amazing country , yet sometimes its totally overwhelming. So when someone from the other side of the world asks a question that is on the tip of your tongue its a good reminder of the common challenges with photography. Without gushing too much I just wanted to say that I was encouraged by the series and the generosity of Zack and the creativeLIVE crew. You could feel the vibe was excited and motivated and open.
    So I guess I just really want to thank you guys for all your great and highly professional work.

    V Please completely ignore any comments past this point V

    My only gripe with the whole thing was the grey brick wall that I kept imagining myself coming into shot with a paint roller to fix up. Sorry thats the lamest critique, I didnt like the grey wall. I liked the wood grain background for the Ballerina shot. That can stay! haha But that grey brick wall behind Zack for most of the teaching looked a little too Lo-fi for me and I ( in my humble opinion) believe that you should give that one a lick of white:)

  268. Mel June 16, 2010 at 11:03 am #

    Tks for a great weekend of learning with a truly inspering photographer
    had a bit of problem with feed abt 3pm sat where it stoped and started missing abt 10-15
    min where i finaly did a reboot and cleaned up the problem. Other than that everything seemed to go just fine
    again thank you for the free instruction very well worth it. THANKS AGAIN

  269. Theis June 16, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Good stuff is ofcourse that it is free. Worse well live is hard to manage and all new things you need to learn. That said you guys did a stellar job on the Zack series. More internet power and higher image quality is always great :)

    Love the fact that you can interact with the broadcast.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Located in Denmark in Europe and this is a downer with the live stream being in the middle of the night. Did watch some of the relive with Zack but day three was a problem being within work hours.

    Would love for you guys to do a on demand stream for maybe for a week after the show and then start the sale. Don’t know if it would cut in to the sales that is of course important, but as it is know its hard to follow from this part of the world :)

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    Apart from the time of the day this really works. Great possibility to learn. Loved to see Zack work and hear his thoughts on it while at it.

    Also the fact that the in class students where brought up to shoot was brilliant.


    All in all a very great iniative and I just love the fact that it is free – only problem for me is the time of day/night this is streaming :)

  270. Nattawut Guname June 16, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    1. That is is free and I find it valuable. There is a slew of free information out there and it is hard to weed through what is of value and what is not. The instructors that you have I feel targets a specific audience, one that is willing and enjoys sharing education, which is a new model. Not all photographers embrace this idea.

    Since you reach a large audience, questions aren’t always answered and I applaud your chat hosts are able to filter through all the questions and ask relevant and good ones. The hashtag idea is a good way field live questions and having Zack ask us what we wanted to learn/questions, was a good idea.

    Of course, being a webinar, one-on-one teaching/interaction is not available, unless you are in the live audience (great idea to allow a select few to attend live).

    2. Atlanta, GA, USA. I’m catching the various classes during the afternoon and being freelance photographer, I try to catch the live workshops, but if not, I will purchase the download before the end of the class.

    3. I think it does work. Of course, your workshop times are targeted to those of us here in the States and that is convenient for me. Now, I know you have audience members worldwide that tune in at 3am, which I applaud, but maybe something you can do is do a replay 12 hrs later, so they can have access to the same free live option. But of course, they will not have the ability to ask live questions.

    The experience parallels to me attending a large freshman calculus class in college. Lots of students; one instructor. Not all questions may be answered unless you speak up or up front of the class, etc. The way you get your questions get answered is you hang out after class or go to the teacher’s assistant or your small group class to get more one-on-one attention.

    The audience you target would be able to grasp the idea of this live, webinar workshop.

    I value what CreativeLive is doing and I support the efforts and hope that the feedback helps and that you can continue to exceed my expectations.

  271. Justin Dunaway June 16, 2010 at 11:18 am #

    1. I absolutely love the format you guys have setup. I’ve watched several of your classes. I’ve purchased a few too. The fact that the live experience is free is amazing. Keep it up and I’ll keep supporting this. BTW I’ve been watching before you switched it to creativeLIVE.
    2. I’m in Memphis. But would hop on a plane in a second to come sit in on one of these workshops in the flesh…
    3. The fact that someone in the UK or elsewhere in the world is having the same kind of questions I may be having is a great thing to know. Makes this big ole world seem a little smaller. And that is a good thing considering the way no one seems to see eye to eye these days.
    THANKS and keep it up!!!

  272. David Noceti June 16, 2010 at 11:39 am #

    1) One little word: Passion. You might have thought that the word was going to be “free” but I’ve seen other free broadcasts and I’ve never felt inspired by them. You can tell that this is something that everyone at creativeLIVE believes in. It’s not a gimmick chock full of advertisements. It’s from the heart and no amount of production can fake that.

    2) The Central Valley of California.

    3) There’s a sense of immediacy to this format that makes it all the more engaging. You feel like you’re one of the lucky few to actually sit in on a weekend seminar with a top name in the industry and moreover, you connect with them. After watching Zack Arias live, I now feel a connection with him and his work that I otherwise would have never found. Speakers can’t be “on” for two and a half days straight. They’re going to open up, let the viewer in, and that’s the point where the true connection is created.

    A suggestion before I stop prattling on about how amazing you guys are: We’re just starting work on our own studio now. Once it is up and running, I plan on holding creativeLIVE weekends where we hook up the computer to a projector and beam your broadcast onto a wall. We’ll put the word out to other area photogs and give them a place to go.

    One of the biggest problems we had was conveying to non-tech savvy people how important it was for us to block out an entire weekend for creativeLIVE. Even a lot of the tech savvy didn’t get it because of how new and innovative creativeLIVE is. People ask if you’re available, “No, actually I’m watching a seminar.” “No you’re not. You’re playing on the internet.” But, if people had someplace to GO, then it would be no questions asked. It might be interesting to partner with studios around the world willing to throw creativeLIVE parties. Perhaps selling passes in advance at a 10% discount in an effort to generate pre show profits. It builds on the sense of community that creativeLIVE is all about.

    Many thanks to Chase and the team. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

  273. Travis Baillie June 16, 2010 at 12:03 pm #

    1 – This format is better because it is LIVE, and internet entrenched which gives the quality of I Need To Be Here and Pay Attention, vs. I have the dvd, I can watch it anytime, whatever. The interactivity also gives a “who’s who” – “did you attend” aspect, which I enjoy.

    2 – Peoria, Illinois. I make the time for the courses I want to watch. Self Employed has benefits.

    3 – I consider it the next best thing to an in-person workshop. I have also found that the classes I watch are ones in which I am already familiar with the instructor and have either attended a workshop, weminar or class and/or own their DVD’s. You have my personal thanks for the efforts you are putting forth. This is a very good thing.

  274. Damon June 16, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    This is a great format. I think that only talking about “fundamentals” or the beginners stuff isn’t going to get the attention or viewership as a specialized, advanced shooting. I live in So Cal and I enjoyed Zack’s workshop, but I would purchase ones with advanced problems/solutions more than I would the 101 course.

    I Love this whole idea though. I hope it continues on for a long long time.

  275. William Gillquist June 16, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    A) The creativeLive format excels at providing information, answering questions, changing directions based on feedback, giving examples. Regrettably, but understandably, I can’t be in the studio having Zack tell me that my photograph would look much nicer if I took the lens cap off. That’s a lesson I have to learn on my own. I have to go out every day and shoot. But while I’m shooting, I remember what Zack did to provide a better light. I remember what John told me about the shutter speed. I, along others who are watching, can say, “Hey, I don’t get that.” And Zack can change directions and show another example of why an Octo is different than an umbrella, or Scott can show a slightly larger, but softer brush in cloning. Finally, the samples are awesome. Zach can bring in a model and make small talk. John can provide flawless graphics and examples on focusing. In short, after watching, I get it. Creativelive can’t look over my shoulder. They can’t watch me grow as a photographer and guide me and help me change directions. But that’s why I take classes taught by teachers who are paid to critique me.
    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    A) It live in a small town in Connecticut. I think I learned about CreativeLive initially through an email from B&H or Canon. (Don’t remember which). So, I’m watching Eastern Time.
    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    A) It works for me. It feels like I am watching the best work at their job. But I’m also looking at the unedited parts. I see what it’s like to make a mistake. I hear the questions from others. It generally makes me feel more human. You would think by listening to the best, I’d feel less human. I’d feel like I could never take a picture like that. But I see the beginner pictures that John was kind enough to share. I see that Zack was working a crappy job seven years ago. Does that mean I’m as good as John or Zack? Probably not. But it means that I may be able to become a photographer who can always get better if I keep shooting. In short, the experience of creativeLive allows me to watch people who are damn good at what they do, but didn’t come out of the womb that way. They worked hard. They failed. And they succeeded. That’s life. That’s creativeLive.

  276. Inaki June 16, 2010 at 12:34 pm #

    1.-Creativelife´s aproach is different because it´s live and free. In essence it feels more real, closer, there´s no safety net, so in a way it´s far more exciting than other proposals.
    2.-Spain. Fortunately the weather was bad and I could attend most of it either live or when it was rebroadcast :)
    3.-Not only it works, I think it´s gone beyond my own expectations, and I guess those of many-many people around the world. It really was an amaizing experience, and look forward to attending projects like this. I would like to thank you for making it possible. Cheers!

  277. Paula Padar June 16, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    Just did a presentation last night to my Mac Users Group and told them all about the great stuff at creativeLIVE. Expect to see many more Greenville, SC people taking your classes.

    I have bought most every class I have taken as it’s nice to review it during my leisure time.

    The only comment I want to make is that although I sat glued to Zack’s Studio Class, it was really too LONG!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for the Watercolor Class….it sounds fantastic!

  278. Maureen June 16, 2010 at 12:49 pm #

    The CreativeLive approach is FREE! Wow! We’re getting top-rate instruction for NOTHING! How cool is that?! I’ve been impressed by the quality of the presentations, and the depth of knowledge shared. the instructors are personable, and clearly really care about what they do, and want to share it! The enthusiasm is infectious!
    I live in Washington DC.
    I learned about CL from my photo group.
    CL format. Does it work?
    I’ve been very intimidated about using flash. the workshop I just took opened up the horizon for me, and showed me not only how to do it, but made it approachable, and not-so-scary. I’m going to order some basic equipment to get started -through B&H so as to give CL some credit.
    Thanks, CL, and your whole terrific team! I owe you!

  279. victor piscue June 16, 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    1.- Skilled people talking on your computer for free. Terrific :D
    2.- I’m from spain (terrassa, barcelona)
    3.- It depens, If you can combine your time, maybe. This intensive course are cool, but requires time depence (6pm-3am). I guess should have more rewatches on other GMT settings.

  280. Matthew B June 16, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    I have only watched a couple classes so far. The main difference that I can see is the teaching style is dialogue based, not monologue based. This is super helpful for me because it makes the class session into a conversation instead of listening and taking notes.

    2. Where in the world do you live?
    Seattle WA

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    Yes. One thing that you may want to do to help with rebroadcast is to move the buffer to 24 hours that way you dont have to cut things off. I end up tuning in live for some bits and then grabbing the download.

  281. Paul Michael Kane June 16, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    A fantastic way to spend a couple hours . . . felt like I was sitting on the other side of the couch . . . This was just amazing!

  282. Matt Lange June 16, 2010 at 1:44 pm #

    New Castle! YES! :-)

  283. Mark Allen June 16, 2010 at 1:50 pm #

    1. the live format is fun because it is spontaneous, and in general I liked it
    2. I live in Northern CA
    3. Yes w reservations. Offering a FREE seminar w someone as skilled and entertaining as Zach is really, really great and I very much appreciated the opportunity to view it. What would, I believe, really improve the seminars is if they were either 1) split into different skill/experience levels, or 2) a rough schedule w detailed topics and times was available so those can either skip the more basic stuff (like, if you incr ISO from 100 to 200, decrease SS or ap by one stop), or watch them (as need be). Zach has so much to teach other photographers of all levels and I’m sure it is very difficult to teach to a wide range of audience skill/experience levels, but mixing in so much very basic stuff with more advanced stuff didn’t seem very efficient to me. I would be very interested in purchasing a CD if it contained a more focused skill level (according to my needs), but I don’t think I would buy this particular CD set since it has so much info that is not at my particular level. Not sure how you guys can balance such things and still keep things spontaneous and free to view -but I hope you try! Thanks again for the opportunity to watch Zach at work.

  284. Tim Grondstein June 16, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    1. well i’m just impressed. i think mostly because it is live. you just can’t hide mistakes when the whole thing is live – which makes it all very honest. it’s not prerecorded shit like someone giving you a kind of video tutorial which is not much more than a somehow illustrated handbook. these things won’t help you much. i have many of these tutorials in my office and now make an educated guess: how many times do i watch these vids? yep, once – what a shame…
    and now here he is: mr. zack arias keeping me up all night (for three days) after a ten hour shift… astonishing. he’s not only an excellent educator, he also has a huge woman acceptance factor =) “honey, i won’t go to bed there’s zack arias teaching live on the internet…” “oh, that great photog you always talking about? cool, g’night…”
    to sum up: good business model, good production, information worth at least two years of study and most important: much fun.
    2. germany, northern part. precisely outskirts of hannover. which explains typographic errors in the english language (if you find one you can keep it).
    3. well i think so. we live in a time where many of us simply want to learn new things and we find out that most of these things we cannot learn in our own urban environment. so the idea of a live classroom broadcast is a good step. i even stayed up all night to watch this live feed (crazy). you almost get the feeling that you are in that studio together with these other guys… amazing! forget the worldcup =)
    ok, after all the pro’s now the con’s: more coordination during live video transmission. even a zack arias is a predictable human being. if a camera wants to show zack canon display after a shot to let us see the “blinkies” (thanks, moose) focus hunting is a pain. i know its hard but i think that just needs some practise and direction from the producer. also the questions from the web and the whole chat thing seemed a little out of control.
    all in all, well done. keep it up!

  285. Ron Braxley June 16, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    Q1. Not sure it is unique, not in the long history of teaching and learning, but it was certainly worthwhile. It was interesting to me to see the TriCaster in action in such a robust event.

    Q2. Athens, GA. Viewed the workshop on campus at UGA, so I had plenty of bandwidth. I do wonder how it would have gone at home over my DSL connection. I guess Zach went to UGA, where he said he almost flunked out. When was that? Where did he finally finish up?

    Q3. I thought the format worked really well, though I would personally prefer to be in a live (f2f) classroom. Still, Zach was able to successfully make his points using this “live TV” approach. Obviously, the event was way, way, way too long to actually sit through and absorb. I had to dip in and out. Zach and the production crew must have been exhausted after the final session.

    All in all, it was a positive experience and I’m glad I was able to participate and gain from Zach’s deep knowledge and experience.

    Well done.

  286. Jim Miller June 16, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    The class is almost like being there! This is so much better that reading or listening to some boring lecture. Photographers are visual people and most of us learn better by seeing it being done and explained in no nonsense terms. Zack was fabulous. Being able to ask questions and get answers from Zack and others in the chat room was extremely beneficial.

    2. I’m in Tampa Florida. As much as I’d love to go to Seattle that is just not possible. The beauty of the internet is that thousands of us were able to participate yet it was a small intimate setting.

    3. Yes this format works, As bandwith and availability increases this is the wave of the future and you guys and gals started it all. To someone who has never experienced it I’d say “Its like going to a college level class naked! You’re there but no one can see you.” LOL

  287. Edmis June 16, 2010 at 2:54 pm #

    1. It’s superb! Live, full lenght and answering viewers questions on the spot…
    3. This format is good, also thumbs up for replay/rewatch, it lets you choose to sit and watch till 3-4 AM, or watch replay.

  288. Rick Binkley June 16, 2010 at 2:55 pm #


    First off I am a paying member I have bought a class, and believe in the idea. I live in Knoxville Tennessee, and have a degree in Animation. I have taken classes on my own, online, and in a classroom environment.

    So what attracted me to Creative Live was the content, I know you have been moving expanding but with all due respect you need to diversify like you were. You have some great, great, instructors and I have really learned allot from the classes I have watched. I even talk it up at work and email my friends, and people I work with. Don’t change anything except for some .
    diversity in what you offer. Watercolors was great, this weekend class was the first one I had been able to spend some time watching, it is all good. Thanks for all the hard work you put in behind the scenes I work for a cable network it isn’t easy


  289. Steve June 16, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    1. I love the idea of what you are doing. I got to watch the one where they were going through the intricacies of shooting video with an DSLR. My biggest issue is time and my lack of remembering that something is going on. I find that I just don’t have the ability to commit the whole amount of time to watching the entire show, and so I end up missing a bunch of it.

    2. I live in Kelowna BC Canada. I wouldn’t probably ever be able to make it down to one of the live events, but would watch online.

    3. I believe the format does work. My biggest problem I guess is that this is like TV. You are requiring people to watch it (free) at a specific time, which is on your timetable and not the users. What would make this a better setup, is to have the live event, and whomever can make it watch it, then have it available for x amount of time, say 1-3 days after the event, then after that, it can then be available for purchase. My problem is that I have free time in the evenings, not during the days, so I have not been able to watch a full session, only bits and pieces.

  290. Scott June 16, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    Well I have to say i’m impressed with the format , I love what you, CreativeLIVE, Vincent and Zack have done so far. The live element is working, it does depend a LOT on who is watching in house and online to ask questions but come on we all are here to learn so were gonna ask questions. I can only compare it to DVD’s and the only seminar I have seen and its better than DVD and the seminar. The price you guys charge for this is truly astonishing, where else could we get this kinda training for this cheap a price, you would need your head examined not to pay to keep the Zack or Vincent video’s.

    Stay in Scotland UK so I tend to watch live when able, the catch would be great if it were later ie start 8 am GMT following morning but if its something I love then i’m paying so no biggie.

    You all are inspiring a whole lot of us by offering this service and I applaud ya’all.


  291. Gary Winchester June 16, 2010 at 4:05 pm #

    1.) The creative live experience gives instant access to in-depth information that creatives need to stay current on technical and fundamental skills in the production industry. It allows us to quickly learn a skill that is usually taught over an entire semester of work, in a shorter time period. It gives thousands of people a chance to ask questions, which enhances the experience because with that many people watching there is a good chance that the course will cover 95% of relevant information due to the diversity of talent and experience asking questions.

    It is simply a very proactive way to learn. Learning has evolved and access to information and “how to” videos are ever more present each second. A photographer’s ability to learn new techniques is now easier than ever with online courses and live classes provided by creative live. It is fantastic. In addition, it is an affordable way to learn and bypass the “acceptance” process of colleges and Universities. In many countries in Europe, the government pays for your education and encourages you to stay in school and achieve your masters, doctorate, etc…. In the US, we have a fantastic level of higher education, but is costs way too much, and the process of getting accepted into a program is arduous. With creative live, aspiring photographers and filmmakers can instantly get better through professional guidance and real examples.

    2.) I live in St. Louis, Missouri and am an aspiring filmmaker and semi-professional race car driver……..and by race car driver I mean photographer.

    3.) This format absolutely works! It is just a matter of time before the word gets out, and more and more people start attending and purchasing the downloads. The downloads are worth every penny! Every single penny. Please keep providing technical classes that we can all benefit from. This entire revolution will create fantastic art and productions…….I am already in the process of creating a photography studio after the Zach Arias event.

    4.) I was looking everywhere for this technical knowledge. I stumbled across a live broadcast of cretivelive one night searching for “how-to” videos and was amazed at how effective it was. This is exactly what I was looking for and needed. I am a self taught photographer and filmmaker and it has been an up hill challenge the entire way, but I love it. It’s such a fantastic skill to know. I hope that these skills will allow me to do this for a living one day.

    I really feel that I will enhance my technical skills and understanding 10X quicker than reading books and searching for how-to youtube videos…….Thanks again creativeLive!

    Please invite me to one of your courses, I will fly out there!


    Gary Winchester Martin

  292. Mark Vinett June 16, 2010 at 4:16 pm #

    1) The CreatveLIVE approach is different because it is live in my house. This is really a great approach it gives the little guy with a short income a chance to participate in an event that could be very cost prohibitive. Your program idea also reaches a global audience who might not be able to attend in person due to other commitments regionally. This is a sound approach to teaching. I also bought the downloads. I really enjoyed Zack. I have his dvd which was fantastic…..This program pushed the envelope to a 5 star rating. I love how you guys talk, and teach to us, not down at us. You speak in a broad diverse manner, making it possible to help the beginner, to the advanced, to the pro. That is a first class speaker educator when you can reach multiple levels of users. You captured me from the beginning and kept me interested with knowledge and levity another good sign of great communitcation.
    2) I live in CliftonPark, New York just south of Saratoga Spring the Horse racing city, and north of Albany the Capitol.
    3) This format works and please keep it going with great programs like Zacks’. I know I could not afford to go to Seattle for your class but this made me a part of it. I am grateful and thankful for your work.
    Thank You!!!!!!
    Mark Vinett

  293. Steve Wolfe June 16, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I think the thing that makes the creativeLIVE approach much better is having the live audience of students in the studio. The instructor isn’t just talking to a camera; he’s interacting with his students. He can see their reaction and use that feedback to know when he’s made his point.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Central Ohio. I watched as much as I could during the live broadcast.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    The format certainly worked for me. I learned a lot about studio lighting. For me the experience was almost like being there in the class. I wish I had some lighting equipment here so that I could try some of the lesson material immediately. I would have loved to have been in the studio audience.

  294. Zakaria June 16, 2010 at 6:06 pm #

    1. I think what makes any education material good is the quality of the teachers. Zack is an awesome teacher and combined with the technical team of creativeLive to bring the broadcast live through to a worldwide audience is unique. Great teachers and great production values. The interactivity allows an engaging educational session which I think is important part of the learning process. A great teacher live on the net is infinitely better than a mediocre teacher from around town.

    2. South Africa – I tried sticking to the live feed, which in SA was from 7pm to 3am. But, due to having commitments during normal hours, by the time the live broadcast was on I could hardly keep my eyes open.

    3. The format I think works really well. The amount of information and having access to question Zack was awesome while the class is live. Its also great that creativeLive rebroadcasts to accomodate other worldwide audiences. The chat-room and twitter feed were a bit of annoyance at times, so I didn’t really pay attention to any. The production crew I think does an awesome job of broadcasting the event live on the web. As far as other minor gripes go, I would have liked to see a bit more real time of the images that Zack captured especially when going through the list of modifiers. I don’t know if something like a secondary feed focused on the lightroom machine only would help.

    To be honest, I was debating pre-purchasing this course and I took the dive before the course broadcast. After watching a bit of the live broadcast, I am glad that I did. Zack is a great teacher and the creativeLive team collaboration put together really good photography education… and Zack being Zack even educates beyond photography.

    creativeLive is such an enabler for the worldwide audience. We get to ‘attend’ workshops which would not be otherwise available. So thanks once again.

  295. Debbi Smirnoff June 16, 2010 at 6:17 pm #

    At this moment I am pissed at Creative Live. I prepaid the day Zack was announced. I never saw an paid invoice, but figured it would come after Zack’s workshop. It never did. I emailed them on Tuesday and was told I would get a ‘special link

    Today, 3 people I know, bought the series during the showing and have aLL DOWNLOADED THEIR FILES FROM CREATIVELIVE already. I EMAILED THEM TWICED TODAY AND WAS TOTALLY IGNORED!!!!!!!!!
    I will never pre-buy again

    Now as far as Zack goes, it was the best class I ever took and I watched ALL 3 days. I plan on paying him back by buying his DVD
    Debbi Smirnoff

  296. Debbi Smirnoff June 16, 2010 at 6:19 pm #

    I do have a paid invoice from PayPal but not from creative Live and not on the “My courses” page
    Debbi Smirnoff

    • David Ingersoll June 17, 2010 at 11:26 am #

      Debbie –

      I’ve gotten your emails and replied to them. Have you been able to access your downloads?

      If not please email so we can get the problem worked out.

      Thank you –
      David Ingersoll
      creativeLIVE Customer Service

  297. Jon Chiang June 16, 2010 at 6:26 pm #

    I didn’t think I’d sit down to watch all 2 hours of this, but I did. Awesome discussion and full of insight. Great job guys.

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    It’s different in that there is no hands-on approach, but it’s quite obvious why that is lacking. The content is great and to be in the audience learning is still a great way of learning

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    I’m from Vancouver Canada, north of the LIVE feed!

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    Yes it does. I absorbed so much information, took notes down for important information. It was like sitting down in a lecture hall.

  298. Morgana June 16, 2010 at 6:27 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different and definitely better was the quality of the broadcast. The images were razor sharp and whilst there were problems with mics that didn’t work etc, this was sorted out really quickly.

    How does our class format compare to others? I’ve only done software based web training prior to Zack’s amazing workshop, so the format was very different in that we got to see the people and faces behind the training.

    2. Where do you live? Melbourne, Australia. I tried to watch as much as I could live [the first day started at 3 am my time] but greatly appreciated that Creative Live went to the trouble of replaying each day’s workshop at a later time for those of us in different time zones.

    With so much wonderful content coming out of the US that is just not realistically accessible for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere time zones, it was really fabulous to find a provider who proved they really does care about providing the workshop to a worldwide audience.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? Yes. I didn’t hang out in the chat rooms but did take part in the twitter stream, and there was quite a bit of Q&A between participants too which was great.

    What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it? Workshops via video conferencing is the best way I can describe it. But instead of asking questions verbally, this was done via chat room or twitter.

    I have pre-ordered the workshop and I’m really glad I did. There was so much content that I just couldn’t take it all in at once,and I’m really looking forward to getting it. I just hope that all the craziness, joking around, and thank yous at the end etc makes it to the final cut because they are definitely all part of the experience.

    A huge thank you to everyone involved. :)

  299. Gary Young June 16, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    I watched the live feed over the weekend with zack on creative live and I thought it was great. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you (Chase) made something like this avalible for free to people around the world. Im a 30 year old married father of 3, and I don’t have the time or money to go to a Lighting Workshop of this magnitude. So Thank you and everyone involved, the feed was great the workshop was great and Zack and his team was great.

    As far as this Interview goes well done, I would have paid for this… I got so much out of this interview ( it started turning the wheels in my head)

    I think you and Zack should collaborate and make a REAL critique website where members can post a photo and get honest comments (not from the pixel peepers) about how the photo made them feel and what they don’t like about it. I noticed you both taked about it and I think you should take that idea and run with it…(Like you dont have enough on your plate) Maybe someone will start one up…Maybe me???

    Again, Thank you for all the knowledge can’t wait for the next class


  300. David June 16, 2010 at 7:27 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? One of the best learning ideas i’ve ever come across. You bring in photographers who know how to communicate their ideas. It’s live and fun!

    2. Where do you live? From Sydney, Australia. Woke up at 3am and sat on my behind watching the class for 8-10 hours straight. When you’re offering this kind of knowledge, who can so no :).

    I’ve also pre-purchase Zack lecture because I knew it was going to unreal…. plus Zack little sales pitch sealed the deal!

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? Plain and simple – IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. Tonja June 16, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    I love to learn. I love to attend classes, CreativeLive is the first place I have been able to attend a real class in six years. I am disabled. It is hard for me to attend classes. I was able to watch this class and many others from the comfort of my home. When I am feeling well I like to use my camera or create things. While I will never be an “expert” I enjoy others perspectives and like to do my best to inspire others. Zach Arias is an awesome instructor. So is Art Wolffe, and John Grengo, I am looking forward to the watercolor class that is coming up!
    I live in Nebraska USA.
    The format for me is fabulous. I totally feel as if I am apart of the class, and I have even had my questions answered in some of the classes I have attended. I am so grateful for the opportunity. The instructors you have on are enlightening, entertaining, and know their craft. Watching these classes makes me feel like I am out in the world again. I am quite inspired and grateful. You are serving a forgotten community of people by broadcasting online and for free. You are providing inspiration where none has existed. Thank you so much! The quality of the training is excellent, the kind I used to be able to attend in person when I could work.

  302. Kelly Hayner June 16, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    i LOVE creativeLIVE… it is different, in that it is one, free… TOP quality PROFESSIONAL photography GURU’s of our industry, that we could only dream of seeing, or being near, or attending in a class… straight to us , and FREE… now, this is incredible, for many reasons.. not everyone, can afford to attend trips to see classes or the travel to where these people are.. and you bring them to you , to show us … not everyone , can get to where they are, at the right time and place at the right cost.. more importantly , and most important. is the fact that , this is top quality knowledge, advice, hands on learning , and skills that we can carry with us , in a format of watching it live.. and we CAN buy it , if we choose, and that is the best part. we do get the choice.. and the way you present that is one of the best things i have ever seen.. not to say its a marketing strategy , but if i were to say so, its the best way to do one that i have ever seen , you watch , learn, love.. and then buy , as who wouldn’t , after watching ? that simple.. and of course, if you cant, afford, those that need this.. are allowed the place to learn , and you are giving it out ,, paying it forward.. this is incredible, and ive enjoyed every minute with Zack, who I LOVE. and Greengo .. who is very engaging and excellent, and with Arte .. and Chase .. all people that i so highly respect!!! fantastic this is !!

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?
    i live in seattle.. i watch live feed at the time of class going on !!!

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    IT SO WORKS!!!! I have learned SO much , i have felt near to so many people i have only dreamed of seeing or being around .. i have loved this format. and they way this is going about , with so many willing to put in time and effort , for free.. and the option to buy , at discout , and such clear and wonderful photography along with instruction .. along with the Q&A.. there is nothing better then this . that ive seen or been around in a very long time!!!

  303. Neuffy June 16, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    1. It’s better because it combines both an online audience (which actually gets some input! – This is amazing and unexpected) and a live audience. It’s better because it has (had?) Zack Arias. Knowing I couldn’t watch the whole thing live due to the scheduling conflict (photography-related classes/workshops/anything on a _Saturday_? Really?), I pre-purchased. It’s great having downloadability and editing, and a very good value. Letting us have the rough edits earlier is wonderful as well.

    2. I live in Edmonton, Canada. I traveled down to Seattle in October for Zack’s OneLight @ StudioJarvis, and intend on traveling rather a lot more. The feed is essentially “real-time @ same-hour”.

    3. I am uncertain as to its “viability” as time zones get too far apart. The scheduling is troublesome for me, as I am utterly unavailable on any Saturday. It’s a day that _nothing_ photographic should ever be scheduled. Anybody involved in the industry will have issues with that day of the week.

  304. Linda June 16, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    I live in Hamilton, ON Canada and just love the format of this presentation. I’m a retired inspired photographer who just began this endeavour three years ago. In addition to college courses I soak up everthing I can to better learn the art of photography. This format was an excellent one for me. I was unable to stayed tuned the whole weekend so I pre-purchased the download….excellent idea. I feel like I’m there while I’m watching but I can ‘be there’ on my own time which is usually between 12 midnight and 3 a.m. Zack is awesome! I learned more the 1st day about lighting than I had in three college courses. He makes it understandable and less confusing, but if I do get confused, I just watch it again. It’s great that it’s broadcast worldwide because I for one would never be able to afford to experience this type of expertise in training otherwise. Keep it up!

  305. Jay Rodriguez June 16, 2010 at 8:52 pm #

    I want to thank you both for not only being a big inspiration to the photography public. I would have sat-down here and watch you both for 2 hours if it wasn’t that you both put it all on the table for us!
    Chase & Zack, thank you both for keeping it real and not holding anything back. If it wasn’t for you guys many of us would still be lost!
    Thanks again~
    ~Jay Rodriguez

  306. DGV June 16, 2010 at 9:16 pm #

    2. Where do you live? – I live in NJ

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? It does! Especially with the re-runs u do.

    Suggestion: Bring Joe McNally and Strobist in for a class.

  307. Darryl boyd June 16, 2010 at 9:24 pm #


    1. I watch it all weekend even the re-watch’s, what you guy’s are doing is great. keep up the great work!! would not change a thing, and well it’s free which is great for students!!

    2. Newfoundland,Canada

    3. It makes you feel like your there.


  308. Tim June 16, 2010 at 10:55 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    It’s almost like going to a Photoshop World Class with a few key exceptions: A. It’s a lot cheaper and more convenient. B. There is more time invested in the classes. Not everything is skimmed over within an hour. And lastly, the instructors, for the most part, are more personable.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Way out in the photography ignorant state of Kansas. It makes me sad when I hear you guys refer to “run down to your camera rental spot on ….” Nearest camera rental store here is Kansas CIty, MO. Ironically, my local clients want the looks and techniques that are discussed on creativeLIVE! I usually take part in the course during the weekend when calendar is closed.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    I can and I have. I will say that the only real drawback I could see, at least to me anyway, is the communication gap. I am no where as fluent in Japanese as I would like, but the are some things lost in translation with our brethren in other dialects. There may have been some concepts or issue that may have arisen during an course that may have been of interest or potentially sparked interest in a whole new course of its own. (Sorry for the run on sentence) To people who have an interest, I am able to explain it with ease, well at least with people who want to learn more about photography anyway.

  309. ardean June 16, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    1. How it compares to other photography workshops I don’t know – this was my first. But I’ve been to a 3 day workshop [fitness] and this was exactly the same feeling in that I got the same amount [TONS!] of info – only that I wasn’t there in person.

    2. Toronto Ontario Canada. Well, actually Brampton, a suburb outside Toronto.

    3. The only thing that would have been better, is if i was there live. But I feel like I was there ~ the information was stellar and there was SO much education packed into the 3 days. The presentation was clean and simple and easy to watch online. Really it was as if I was in the studio with the other people, watch Zack teach.

  310. DI Morgan June 17, 2010 at 1:33 am #

    The live streaming video format is an awesome way to include people from EVERYWHERE on the planet in really important seminars that would be too prohibitively expensive for many to attend otherwise.

    The quality of the live streaming high bandwidth video really does make it feel like you’re right there. The only drawback (for me anyway) is sitting in front of a computer for three days. I ate it up, though, and missed NOTHING the whole weekend. Also did the laundry, took care of my companion bunnies, did some cooking during the breaks, AND slept in my own bed. Can’t beat that!

    I live in Westport, Washington, down the coast from Seattle. It’s a 2-1/2 hour drive to the Creative Live studios from my house, so attending live would easily work for me as well. Considering the size of the planet is, we’re practically in the same neighborhood!

    I’m just ramping up my photography business as a planned retirement career, and it is extremely helpful to have available such talented photographers who so generously share their wisdom, skills, techniques, and all that experience. Really, I can’t say enough about how my own skills have improved because of the generosity of Chase, Zack, John Greengo, Scott Kelby and all the others whose knowledge I’m soaking up like a sponge. Talk about getting the proper exposure…..

    I thought the whole webinar was excellent from start to finish. The way it is priced is very sensible and ensures inclusion of anyone who is interested. Very innovative!!

    Thank you again, Chase, Zack, and the entire Creative Live team. AWESOME at every F stop!!

  311. Bruko June 17, 2010 at 1:58 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    I love how easy it is to follow on the Internet, because of the way it’s designed. Different cameras following the action and showing details, being able to see what’s on the computer screen live while it’s happening.
    Who’s directing this thing is doing a stellar job.
    Usually classes are thought for a live audience and there’s a camera in a corner recording for people online, just like you were sitting there for the whole time and it gets boring really fast. .
    I love how I’m able to be part of it while it’s live and get the files for later, to rewatch them over and over while I’m editing pictures and stuff like that.
    Also: the teachers so far are really stellar. Those are people I would seriously pay big bucks to be able to see in action and they’re not making a toned-down version of a workshop just because it’s free.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Italy. The live feed went from about 7pm to late in the am. But with the rewatch I was able to catch up next morning when I woke up.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    It’s exciting and I really felt I was part of something huge.
    Twitter helped a lot and at some point I was chatting about the class with a friend on the other side of the world watching it.
    At some point I started taking breaks from my computer when the course took a break and I had already bought it, so I really had no reasons to. I was just hooked.

    Now bring David Hobby in and I can die happy

  312. Kurtis Kronk June 17, 2010 at 2:29 am #

    I have to say, what I love most about your videos is how real they are. No fluff, no marketing-speak or hype… it’s refreshing.

    I should have probably watched this during the day instead of starting to watch at 2:30am… but that’s another story.

  313. mohsen June 17, 2010 at 2:46 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?

    There are a lot to say and I will shorten the number of sentences
    – Simplicity
    – How to deliver information
    – Photography and the wonderful live professional

    2. Where in the world do you live?

    Middle East – Saudi Arabia

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    In fact at first I was not convinced this thing will work for me but after the three days after I changed my mind fully
    live broadcast was awesome, clear and free from interruptions
    The sound was very cool
    My sense was, and I watch with you if I were you
    I couldn’t t actually move my eyes off the computer screen…

    In the end I would like to thank you and all who contributed to the success of this weekend very special

  314. Stephen June 17, 2010 at 4:47 am #

    Creative Live approach.?
    Great to see real time issues/problems overcome by a pro in a studio environment and also the interaction with others on the web and the participants in the studio. Fresh honest with no bullshit…I love it.
    Where do you live/
    Nr Perth Western Australia. Originally from UK. Caught some of the live feed but due to work and time differences missed a lot of it live. Was so impressed I pre-bought so as to watch it at my leisure. Have followed Zack for a while (digital trekker interview, blog etc) Love the guy….wears his heart on his sleeve…one in a million.
    Does Live format work?
    Absolutely!! for a pilot idea this was fantastic!! I think may be helped in future if you could publish on web the times of transmissions in other world time zones especially as you have now demonstrated that this went around the globe!! Thought the techies did a fantastic job must have been a few sleepless nights!! Will definitely participate again, only thing is I think Zack is going to be a really hard act to follow….I learnt so much Mucho thanks to everyone there for putting this together!!!

  315. Sharon Miller June 17, 2010 at 5:59 am #

    This is a great format for a workshop. Very convenient not to have to travel. Loved the genuine approach and the fact that Zack was not pushing sponsor products on me. The sponsor schmoozing is the biggest reason I don’t attend most workshops. Thanks Zack Arias and Creative Live.

  316. Brian Adelberg June 17, 2010 at 6:05 am #

    Joey Lawerence would be rad!

  317. lmphoto June 17, 2010 at 6:47 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different? it feels very inclusive. previously the seminars that i have paid to attend have offered me information, but always with a sales pitch, or some level of discomfort, as we are all at different levels on the learning curve, and because there is not just one curve to learn — i.e., maybe you know a lot about your camera, but not about lighting. or maybe you are a photoshop guru, but keep your camera on auto. there’s a certain posturing that goes on that is a bit distracting. this transmission was amazing, to be able to participate from all the way across the country, and not be pitched to or made to feel at all uncomfortable, and not have to pay for a flight and a hotel on top of it, yet come away with some incredible lesson experiences.

    to see a shoot in studio. live. to be able to get information on lighting ratios. in action. to hear the scattered words of wisdom about business practices. to have those questions answered about whether to spend money on new lenses or lights, and how best to use your monetary resources and why (that never comes without some sort of sponsorship, with the exception of here).

    additionally, where are you, the sole proprietor, EVER going to get a demonstration of all the modifiers and what they do? you go into this business blind, base your buying decisions by reading blogs and doing research, and then refine your buying choices based on your day in day out experiences, but you are really never able to see all of your options side by side at the same time, unless you know someone who has a large equipment library (and, unfortunately, given the state of the industry, and the resentment toward those that are inexperienced at something you might be experienced at, there is not much sharing out there.) wow, i’ve got a lot to say about that, huh? simply put, it was brilliant. it was awesome. zack rocks. hard.

    2. Where in the world do you live? florida. pray for the beaches.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? yes. there were no technical difficulties, no buffering delays, and aside from the start up process with the board for the “takes,” no minor annoyances even. i had to be a bit creative in dealing with weekend responsibilities, but it was so worth it to be able to see the seminar in real time, to ask questions and have them answered, and to participate in the giveaways.

    it would have been great to have a little notice about the breaks, but given how responsive the presentation was, i’m not sure there was any way around that. i stand in awe of zack and the energy he was able to harness to keep up with the strenuousness of doing all of that at the same time.

    thank you a thousand times over.

  318. Oliver June 17, 2010 at 8:56 am #

    I love this format. It appeals in a way that reality TV appeals to mass audience, except I’m interested in this content. It really feels like I’m at the seminar because of the unpredictability and spontaneous nature of the presentation. That aspect, rather than a slick edited piece, appeals to me. I feel like I can work and watch at the same time, which is important when they are 3 day seminars. If I could afford to take that kind of time off, I would probably still go to one in person.

    I’m watching from a couple hours north of you in Maple Ridge BC, Canada.

    I leave the feed on so I can watch the live and the replay. I couldn’t watch the whole thing so this way I caught some of it each time I watched.

    Thanks for this!

  319. Lou June 17, 2010 at 9:29 am #

    Hawk Danger rulez!

  320. Jonathan Yearsley June 17, 2010 at 9:38 am #

    I’ve really enjoyed watching what I have of Zack’s session. He is a very down to earth guy and so open to offering up all that knowledge he has.

    As I live in the UK, it was quite hard finding time to watch even some elements of the sessions live, or during the rewatch. As it is I always knew I wanted to have the sessions to keep so bought the download pass as soon as I could.

    The recorded quality is great and I look forward to viewing them all once I’ve finished downloading the last day.

    Keep up the good work and lets have more sessions like this one.


  321. Moto June 17, 2010 at 9:44 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? I can’t answer this yet, see point 2

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post.
    I’m from England and I’m only a part time ‘tog so I have to have a “proper” job as well. The difficulty for me is being available at broadcast times with the time zone difference. As yet, I’ve not managed to catch one

    3. Does this live worldwide forat really work?
    It certainly should but I think you could reach a bigger audience if you could stagger broadcast times, or maybe look at hosting “local” events. A uk creative broadcasting to the UK using GMT or similar (might mean a late night / early start occasionally) but I guess this would depend on where your main market is. You seem to be globally recognised so i assume you have fans/students around the world?

    Also, I appreciate that you can pay to download the classes to keep but if people like me might want to catch it “live” how about being able to tap in and view it for up to 24hrs after the event before it goes off line for purchase only. it wouldn’t be interactive but it would give us the opportunity to watch the whole thing, or tha good part of it of it before deciding on a purchase. just an idea. It’s the only drawback to the “worldwide” live format I can think of.

    Keep up the good work


  322. Daniel Solorio June 17, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    Zack’s workshop was amazing and his eagerness to help and give is amazing, I can imagine him thinking who may buy his dvd after CL workshop, if this CL download is so affordable, but I think that he’ll have in return good fortune, and I’m sure that many as me will find a way to attend to one of his workshops one day.

    Answering the questions:

    What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?

    First than anything is worldwide, so it’s able to reach the widest audience

    As business matters I wouldn’t fear to give away, do it for free. As an example I new I wasn’t able to watch it all live (zarias), and beforehand I knew it was going to be amazing, so I didn’t thought about it twice and I just bought it in advance.

    What matters most to me, that I feel grateful for, is, that like many I daydream about become this commercial photographer that chooses his clients and I’m pushing myself very hard in any spare time I have, I read loads of blogs, loads of magazines, I buy dvd’s (the ones I can afford) etc. And lately I found out that I needed some more serious education, but where I live is rarely a workshop at the level of Zarias, Hobby, McNally, Santa Fe Workshops, etc, so the solely Idea to attend one of this workshops involving Travel, accommodation, workshop fees, expenses, currency exchange rates is overwhelming. Working my ass off and saving every penny, I would hardly be able to attend one workshop a year ¡Maximum! So even though growing photographically depends entirely on me, be able to access this education well help me grow faster, as well as many others, and that will surely raise the bar.

    CreativeLive is like no other video course, the live Q&A puts you in there, the quality of the production is fantastic, and any money I could spent on the workshops I think is well spent.

    The price of the workshops are really accesible, Only a few people can pack so many hours and price it as that, plus available to download.

    2.- I live in Guadalajara México

    3.- Does this live worldwide format really work? Obviously yes, is fantastic, repeating it for the people in the other side of the world, is great.

    4.- Why I think Zack Arias Workshop was a success?

    1.- Zack Arias is a well known inspiring photographer, with something around 5000 followers between his twitter, FaceBook and blog, and if you add, chase followers, strobist followers, and the other people that help spread the word, you know for sure there’s was gonna be people watching.

    2.- He put everything in, I don’t think he kept any secret to himself, I was surprised of how much knowledge he has, and even greater is able to communicate.

    3.- I entered the contest and sent my video and was prepared to spent the money to get there and attend the workshop, and while my video wasn’t selected I didn’t felt bad at all, cause i knew that watching on the interntet, was gonna be like being there.

    4.- I like Zarias Portfolio

    5.- His photography journey to get where he is now is inspiring as well

    I’m sure there’s many other reasons, I hope this helps, thank you very much for pulling CL , you can count on me, to support CL buying as many workshops I can with my budget.


  323. Patricia Cuervo June 17, 2010 at 12:42 pm #

    1. It`s totally insane, to be able to attend to a class in an other country, live!! not just a theorical class but with models and alot of different things, its the finest thing it has happened to me!!! I think i`ts great! Zack Arias is really inspiring!! Thanks for sharing so much about your life experience in photography + I laughed alot! :)

    2. Medellin, Colombia!

    3. I had little isues, some times it would stop, but it would be like for seconds, so I would refresh the live page and boom it would last for a really long time in really good condicions. It was awsome how much things Zack showed us this past weekend! and all this for free woww Magical. Thanks for doing this! What an opportunity having such good teachers and being able to get so much with out being there! Internet and Creative Live rocks!! Thankssss!! And please don`t let this new kind of class dissapear!
    Its like magical,

  324. Doug R June 17, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

    I live in Dryden Ontario, Canada.
    Loved the life thing. Keep up the good work. I haven’t taken many courses as they cost money. So to make anything of this calibre available for free in any way is excellent. Major props.
    Keep it coming.

  325. Matthew June 17, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Better: it’s free! I can watch from home. But it necessarily feels much less interactive because there’s a crowd of 100 other people in the chat room.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Kirkland, WA. Unfortunately the live feed is normally in the middle of my work day. If I was signed up to take an in-person workshop, I’d take the day off, but this live workshop I just listen to with at most one ear, so I don’t get as much out of it. For Zack’s workshop, I listened to the nighttime rebroadcast of the first day and then watched most of the weekend live.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    I think it can work. When I’m watching on a computer screen, the workshop has to be super-focused or I’ll start doing other things at the same time and eventually drop out. And it’s hard to make a workshop like that. I liked the intensity of Greengo 10-week digital photography course (pre-creativeLIVE), for example.

  326. Philip Kuryloski June 17, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    CreativeLIVE is fantastic, a big thanks to everyone who is making it happen!

    1. I’ve never seen free lessons from pros at the caliber of CreativeLIVE for free. Of course it can be tricky to try to watch the lessons in between meetings at work.

    2. Berkeley, CA, so the feed broadcasts in my natural timezone. I grew up on the east coast.

    3. I think the format works well, I haven’t engaged as much in the interactive chat, but I can also just keep the audio at times when other things come up around the office. In the end, though I missed Vincent Laforet’s HDDSLR workshop, so I purchased it.

  327. Wojtek June 17, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    I have purchased two offline versions of the creative live seminars [Vince Laforet and Scott Bourne] .

    I live near Toronto in Canada. I found Vince’s seminar to be extremely valuable, some of the best photo dollars I have ever spent. I am an amateur and don’t work in the video/photo field. The “live” portion of the seminar is of little use to me. I would love to be able to download both the live version and the edits to watch at a later date. My work schedule does not allow me to watch and participate during the day. On weekends, spending 6-10 hours in front of the computer seems very daunting.

    I found the casual flow of Vince’s workshop very engaging. Being informal, the lessons flowed very well. The amount of material covered was incredible. I would like to see more of such seminars where the presenters are going through their experience in the industry. I did also find the gear discussions very useful. Its amazing to know how much extra equipment is out there.

    Vince’s seminar in particular helped to ground my expectations for shooting video with my 5dMarkII. The amount of work involved helped me find the limitations of what I can expect to accomplish and the effort required.

  328. Lenny Turner June 17, 2010 at 9:11 pm #

    1.I had never heard of creative live before last Friday and I think what makes the approach different is that I actually felt like I was there taking part in the class. I also don’t think I’ve ever come across someone who makes it so simple to understand as Zack Arias, I think this man is an inspiration and an absolute legend. I’m currently half way through a photography course and the module I’m studying at the moment is lighting and I have been struggling with it for the past 6 weeks, but in one weekend this man has turned it all around for me. After watching the first day I was hooked and watched the following two days non stop, the live show and the repeat. The man even had my wife hooked, it was incredible, and by the end I was on the phone getting anyone I could into my home studio for some practice shoots and all of the sudden things are becoming so easy for me. I have no complaints about the way anything was done, I think it was perfect, a big thanks to everyone involved. CreativeLIVE is now in my favourites list …. at the top. Thanks all.

    2. Townsville, Australia

    3. I think the format worked really well. Even though the repeat probably suited my region better, I was so hooked that I was up at 2.45am each morning so I could be part of the live show. I knew if I really had to miss any part of the show that I could watch it again on the repeat, but after watching the first day, I cancelled all my plans for the weekend. I know this might not be possible next time though.

  329. Marco D. June 18, 2010 at 12:43 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse?

    As some of the previous commentators stated, some of us simply can’t afford a real life course with a top notch photographer. The Photo 101 Workshop by Zack Arias for example, while definetely worth it’s price, costs $1,600 plus travel and accommodation expenses. And that’s where creativeLIVE kicks in. Even if you can’t watch the high quality live feed the purchase price, especially in view of the service provided, is extremely fair. Keep organizing such great courses… and I’ll keep watching (and buying) :-)

    2. Where do you live?

    Passau, Germany.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    Yes… and no. Due to the time shift I was able to watch only parts of the live feed and the rewatch of the Zack Arias course. But since the purchase for $79 was a no-brainer, I didn’t mind. The quality of the recordings is excellent and it’ll be fun watching them over and over :-)

  330. Mei June 18, 2010 at 7:45 am #

    1. CreativeLive is a great and AFFORDABLE platform for startup/self-taught photographers to keep learning and growing from the industry veterans. This is the great part.
    The greater part is Zack’s workshop … the step-by-step approach he took in showing the differences in the lighting modifiers and their effects … his no-nonsense down to earth advice and sharing … his authenticity. Zack is an excellent teacher!
    I would love to see a workshop on wedding photography … by Jose Villa maybe?

    2. Watching the re-watch versions from Singapore

    3. Yes, this worldwide format works well because of the re-watch versions … keep up the excellent work!

  331. Kirsten Cascio June 18, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    I’m a fan of both Chase and Zack’s work but I have a slightly different view of all this. First the “democratizing training” and “free” crap is killing me. Just admit it. You want to make money. You’re offering a free preview of a class if you happen to be available at that specific time. You haven’t revolutionized training in any way (you’ve actually taken it a step back in many ways).

    At least Lynda or Kelby online provide a service and let you know up front you’re going to pay for it. They’re not trying to make it sound like it’s free when it’s not.

    And I hope people aren’t fooled by getting your questions answered. If theres really 20,000 people online (as Chase says), then lets say 10% ask questions @ 30 seconds each. That’s 16 hours of questions. Don’t fool yourself, you’re not getting your question answered.

    You’re not getting your question answered. They are -covering- the material.. and it -happens- to answer your question. But there are tons of places that do that too.

  332. Patricia June 18, 2010 at 11:22 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    I know what makes it exceptional: the concept is ideal. If you watch on-line, it’s free (what could be better than that??). If you want to keep the course and re-watch again and again, you pay for it.
    This is my third creativeLive course. And I must say, it was Zach who really ‘made’ this course over the top and fantastic! So much so, I have parted with my hard-earned 79.00USD, just because I know I will want to watch him again and again. What I get for that price was worth it for me. He is a natural-born teacher, and put so much energy into his course, you couldn’t help but be super-impressed.

    2. Where in the world do you live?
    Switzerland. And, the creativeLIVE approach is fantastic for me! Until now, I would see so many one-day, two-day, or weekend courses in the States, which was frustrating knowing that the same was not being offered in a location near to me. With this format, I am able to attend sessions which are now available, without the cost of travel and accomodation. You can’t imagine how much that opens up the learning opportunities for those of us not North America.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    Absolutely. The first two CreativeLive courses I took were at ~8:00 p.m. my local time (which is GMT +1), for a couple of hours duration. That’s really convenient. This last course with Zach Arias was a little more different, due to the day-long 3-day structure, it ran from 8:00 p.m. to about 3:00 a.m. However, the fact that the course repeated made it perfect, as I would wake up and continue watching from when I left off the night before. Given that the course was offered 2 times in each 24 hour period made it SO easy to plan around – it offered me flexibility and made it possible to watch the entire course in my timezone.

  333. dusk5633 June 18, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different?
    For one thing, it’s free! I have always been interested in photography and purchased my first DSLR shortly before I became a victim of the economic downturn. To have these classes available for free has been phenomenal!. Thank you!!!!

    2. Where in the world do you live?
    The home of the newest Stanley Cup Champions! To you non-hockey fans, that’s Chicago!!!! Best city in the world, bar none. But, I’m biased.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    An emphatic YES!!! Especially, when you have instructors as great as Zack and John. I wasn’t sure how it would be, but they did a great job of making it seem as if I was there in person. The chat monitors also did a great job of choosing good questions and answering questions themselves in the chat room. If I ever become employed again, the timing thing would be prohibative for me. It would be nice if there was a way a student could see the class at a time that was convenient for them.
    I have learned so much and finally got the courage to go manual. Woo Hoo! Although, sometimes I still fall back on auto settings. Baby steps :) I was only able to watch the first installment of Zack’s presentation, but I still learned a great deal. His explanations were clear and concise for a beginner such as myself. I can’t say enough great stuff about John. He is my photography hero!!! Luckily, I got a big refund from the IRS, so I treated myself to the purchase of John Greengo’s show at the discounted rate, It would have totally been worth it at the full price though. I also bought a polarizing filter from B&H because of their support of CreativeLIVE. Thanks again for offering these classes.
    You folks rock!!!

  334. Ian June 19, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Hey Chase,

    I’ve only seen the Zack Arias workshop thus far and so my comments will be on that. Once I free up a bit of space on my credit card, I’ll download some of the others and maybe have some comments to add.

    First off, I wasn’t going to watch it… or any of them.

    When you first posted about creativelive and said it was a worldwide online free classroom and that “we” could sit in with the live participants and watch the instructor and ask questions, I immediately thought of mystery science theatre 3000 in a computer lab. I had no interest in watching people watching a guy teach. The impression I had was that it would be a stuffy/cramped view at a guy moving a mouse around. This opinion was based on just glancing at the info you provided, thus, uninformed.

    I was going through my bookmarks on the Friday night and saw a few references to the creativelive event and thought, meh, I loved Zack’s OneLight DVD and I’m bored, let’s take a quick look.

    The event with Zack couldn’t have been further from what I expected it to be.


    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    If you mean different compared to a live feed from a static camera at a conference or in a distance university class… creativelive beats that by having a multicam setup which makes it play out more like a tv show than a speech. No podiums or mics hiding the presenters face and keeping them from moving about freely. The angles are motivated. Close-ups, reaction shots, crisp computer feed vs camera over the should. A multi-cam/multi-feed setup is infinitely better at keeping the audience’s interest than a static, one camera shoot.

    Different as compared to kelbytraining…
    Kelbytraining videos are great. I won’t knock them. The difference however, is the level of interactivity offered by a creativelive event. Twitter and chat room questions are relayed by dedicated and mic’d liaisons. The live participants ask questions and even the presenter asks questions of the global audience. The dynamic nature of creativelive’s professionally managed interactive elements allows a learning experience that goes far beyond a static presentation. One learns more.

    Different as compared to attending a workshop…
    I’ve never attending a workshop but oddly, I’ve presented at a couple…
    A workshop has a set number of attendees. They can ask relevant questions and help expand on the content to a certain level but they can’t think of everything. A worldwide audience at a creativelive event _can_ think of everything. Also, with the internet audience being separate from the production, it allows for less distraction and apprehension. A workshop attendee might be nervous about wasting the presenter’s time or they might be thinking about something three topics back. The creativelive approach allows for a multitude of highly relevant audience questions which leads to a richer learning experience.

    The icing on the cake with creativelive is being able to purchase a copy of the event.
    Virtually attending a perfectly executed creativelive event is one thing; motivated multi-cam/feed setup, mics so that everyone is heard, unparalleled interactivity with a worldwide audience, top quality presenters who actually flourish in such an environment… but at any seminar or workshop, attendees miss something or wants to revisit a topic or just re-experience the entire event. The ability to do this by purchasing the entire creativelive event is priceless.

    2. Where do you live?
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?

    I went in to so much detail in the answer to number 1. that I can probably skip this question… but yes, the format works.
    The only problem comes from monetizing this experience. I’ve got a million thoughts on it and shared some with the creativelive customer service guy but I’m not going to list them here. If you or Craig (I believe he is the executive producer) would like to email me, that’d be cool and I’ll share my thoughts.

    3a. What does the experience feel like to you?
    It feels as though the creativelive team actually cares if you learn.

    Thanks guys,


  335. Elizabeth June 19, 2010 at 9:54 pm #

    Had to copy paste the questions to remember them as i answered.

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    A.- This is the very first time i have ever seen and experience anything like this. This not just good, is better than anything i have ever seen, FOR SURE. how is it different for me, its completely like and actual classroom class… even if not there, you could ask anything you needed to know. Loved the audience interaction concept.

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    A.- I live in Venezuela. Zulia. The conection was sometimes a lil slow for me, and had to refresh many times, but thats not your fault… lausy venezuelan internet conection.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    A.- It worked for me. The conection failed a few times, but that was not your fault.

    It was quite something, never seen anything like it. It wasn’t just information to learn. It was entertaining and fun. Loved the interaction with the audience. I actually had to take notes… hello? i’m not some1 that takes notes… that shows just how good it was. I was really into it. :)

    If i had to describe it for some1 that didnt have the chance to watch over here, I’d say, full quality… practical, and filled with knowledge… pretty much like a good university class in a classroom. Interective and fun. You can actually see well, hear well and understand. Gotta give it to Zack… you’re a good teacher!

  336. Antoine June 20, 2010 at 3:37 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    R: I would say it is definitely quite unique and nothing I heard about comes even close in my language (French).

    2. Where do you live?
    R: I live in France. The replays are mandatory for me to be able to follow, especially the day-long sessions. I didn’t believe I could follow Zack’s class because I had a tight schedule but in fact I easily could watch each day!

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
    R: This format feels very comfortable to me. The interactivity is real and I’m surprised how close it feels from actually being in the class in person. For that I use only the creative live interface to be able to watch the presenter. I believe the fact there is a live audience is also important. Of course sometimes there is connexion glitches but nothing that couldn’t be resolved in a minute with either reload or switch to low bandwidth. The overall quality for me has been excellent (I mean it) and I sincerely can say that there is no other way I could have this quality of information delivered. DVDs are great but this is way much better! In short CreativeLive already exceeded all my expectations, seriously. And the fact it’s the free is just incredible. I will definitely buy David DuChemin seminar, if not to watch it in loop, at least to support the platform! Thanks a million.

  337. Ali June 20, 2010 at 3:52 am #

    It’s really good idea and great job………it help us to attend and get more experience from you and your guests. I’m proud because I’m now one of your students.

    From Saudi Arabia, live in Ireland.

    This format works, I learned new things and I hope to learn more and more. even if cost me money I will buy it, it deserves

    If you don’t mind I would like to put Arabic subtitle and let Arab people take their chance to watch what you do

    Thanks million Zack for this effort.

  338. A.Ruiz June 20, 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    it was great i want to see more of this type videos

  339. Arturo Ayala June 21, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    I really like Zack’s workshop, I think is one of the best workshops out there. There are few photographers that shares the way of thinking like he does. I just would like to see other workshops of him and perhaps with David Hobby, and you.

    I am new into the photography, I started about a year ago and when I started using it I thought that I don’t like to take “regular” pictures so and that I wanted to do something special with my camera, so I decided to learn seriously, and professionally.

    I live in Mexico City and workshops like Zack’s are very expensive or they are very limited.

    After taking pictures for a while I reached the point where you look at other people’s pictures and it doesn’t matter what you do, I was not achieving the same quality and that’s when you realized how important post-production is, and you start asking to yourself what really makes a good picture: the concept, the composition, the post-production. Maybe it’s all combine, but if you don’t know what and how the professionals it is frustrating some times.

    What I would like to see is the following:

    – From start to end on how a professional take a picture. Almost like “one day in the life of Chase”.

    – Try to replicate other photographers pictures like Annie Leivobitz, Greg Heisler, etc. As photographers we are very visuals and I think just to see and listen your thoughts on how other photographers did their pictures while you trying to replicate them, can give us better ideas.

    Big fan of CreativeLIVE, it is adictive.

  340. Photographer Surrey June 22, 2010 at 5:29 am #

    great video, great work

  341. Tim Skipper June 22, 2010 at 6:29 am #


    I just finished watching this video on YouTube. I know I’m late but I had to tell you how great of a video this was.

    I am starting a new career as a photographer. Currently I am working mostly in local portrait work but my desire is to expand into more assignment work for advertising and promotion. I am also starting late in life compared to other photographers I see. In fact I am certain I am older than you and most of the photographers I admire.

    To say the least it is scary to be at my age and trying to rebuild a new career. Which is exactly why I loved this video. I love its honesty and frankness about working and at the same time not making it sound “doom & gloom.” I loved the fact that you and Zack made the point of yes its hard, but its worth it because we love what we do. Starting out its so easy to forget that. I’m not starting my career because I just want to be rich or financially well off (though that certainly doesn’t hurt) but I’m starting it because I’ve dreamed of this since I was about 17 years old. I’m starting this because I refuse to die and leave this earth with this still inside of me.

    I am not the greatest photographer, I have so much still to learn and to figure out, but I get up everyday and dive into some form work with photography from reading, shooting, editing, learning, whatever.

    Who knows, maybe one day I can set on a couch across from Chase Jarvis and talk about my great love of photography as well.

  342. Chrisdavid42 June 22, 2010 at 7:24 pm #

    1. offering free high quality information on creative pursuits works well for me.
    2. I live in Salem Oregon, USA
    3. sometimes it is challenging to find the time to watch the broadcasts because I work during the day and get home around 6 so the rebroadcast sometimes works and sometimes it’s to late to catch. I managed to catch the first day of Zarias on rebroadcast and was able to see about 3-4 hours of each day after that live. I bought the download because zarias is the man. Might watch more if the timing works or it’s someone I really want to see.I would definitely love to see a portrait photographer teaching on portrait work specifically; or perhaps the Strobist himself on DIY.

  343. Joao Rechena June 23, 2010 at 7:15 am #

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?
    For me the approach of creativeLIVE is so much important, these days, information if everything, were not in the old times, although some people still are, where we keep the information to our self’s and if anyone wanted would have to pay. Things live are always different then if edited, there are some special little details that usually in the editing would be removed.

    2. Where do you live? I’m in Portugal, I must admit that I’ve lost part of the feed, :( problems with schedules at the time I mentioned that by twitter. The parts that I was able to see where so perfect and useful. I know that I can always buy the recording…but I would liked to watch it real time… for us here it started around 10pm something like that, but it was sort of scheduled to 11pm…so I lost around an hour or so.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?
    Well, the describing part of this format, is quite simple, just tune into the url and start watching, how much more simple could it be? :) Now serious talking… The main problem was actually the schedules, synchronizing the entire world is not easy..several people tried and it was hard :P can you still remember the “swatch” world time? ;) long time ago..

    Well, to finish my comment…KEEP up the excellent initiative, if half the great minds in the world, just half, had this sort of initiative we would live in a better world, right? ;)

    Regards from across the ocean…aka Portugal…


  344. Tyler June 25, 2010 at 11:39 am #

    what type of ipad cases are those?

  345. Cameron Davidson June 27, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

    I enjoyed this video very much. It was great to hear the backstory and challenges that Zack has faced. I appreciated his open and honest rapport with Chase. I rarely go to blogs to watch videos or the work of other photographers. I plan to return to watch others.

  346. Sharra July 5, 2010 at 3:48 am #

    Hey guys,

    Recently my husband and I started Twittering. A little late I know, but I decided…hey, I can follow people that talk about gear EVERY DAY! Awesome!
    It started after we got obsessed with buy a 5D, and I was looking for info. I listened in on a seminar by RHedPixel Richard Harrington, and from him to GoForJared…to who knows….to you.

    It has been a really important find for us. I am an LA based reality Camera Operator that has moved to Cairo to get married and start a family with my Producer husband. His family has been in the film business for 30 years organizing foreign crews in Egypt. Now…we have our own dream. And your video about managing data, tips and tricks, and general inspiration from Photogs like Zach Arias has been helping me organize my thoughts about where we can take our part of the biz. It has been great inspiration.

    Zack speaks about big fish in little ponds…and Egypt is a place where there is so much room for growth.

    Anyway, I hope if you guys come to shoot in Egypt you will look us up to help fix your shoot…or if you’d even just like an extra contact here!

    Thanks for all of the stuff you’ve created. I look forward to watching more, and participating in a CreativeLive workshops (even if they are in the middle of the night)

    Thanks again!

    Sharra Jenkins-Romany

  347. Mehryar Maalem July 8, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

    I was wondering where I can find the famous 9 minute video zack made in his studio? I searched all over youtube but I couldn’t find it…..what is its name?

  348. Pierre Wachholder July 12, 2010 at 6:02 am #

    A Big thanks to the whole team who put CreativeLive together .
    Having looked at zack 3 days workshop, I have been thrilled by the amount of information distilled in 3 days, an approach which is really different from the on-hour webinar which are distilled over the web , or the one-day “real ” workshops .
    The fact that the webinar can be purchased and replayed over and over to grasp all info is also a real plus.

    I am located in Continanetal Europe, Brussels, Belgium

    The live format is OK, the downloads are a real plus as the schedules are not always optimal, nor can someone be available at ease for 3 days .

    Again, all the best to the team;

    Pierre Wachholder

  349. Mari Kadanik August 7, 2010 at 5:47 am #


    thank You SO much for sharing Your and Your friends’/colleagues’ experience. Found it most helpful, inspiring.

    1. What makes the creativeLIVE approach different, better, worse? How does our class format compare to others?

    Haven’t attended it LIVE yet, but certainly will try. I guess the real life touch, present happening works good, most important still are the good teachers. Internet is really a great thing! Maybe not possible to attend it all time, interested in downloading some material later, in our economy (see below) it is a bit expensive, but trying to save some money :)

    2. Where do you live? We want to understand the breadth of our audience with the comments on this post. Where are you from, and when are you watching the LIVE feed?

    Living in Estonia, the other half of the world :) It is a small country near Finland, widely known to set itself free from Soviet Union with collective singing (You may check the galleries of our last year’s National Song & Dance Festival at my website). Being so far away it is really an important opportunity for me to share the thoughts and experience of the pros in US.

    3. Does this live worldwide format really work? This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?

    As said, till now I’ve watched the information saved later, but will check out the Live when possible. So thank You very much for saving these interviews also for later viewers. As living in totally different timezone, it helps a lot.

  350. Peter Mahar August 27, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    hey chase loved this thanks for sharing. do you have a smiler thing for your interview with Jasmine star? I missed that interview.

  351. bimal nair March 16, 2011 at 4:24 am #

    I come over and re-watch these videos once every month. Cant exactly express what a huge favor you are doing to meager souls like me by such kick ass inspirational talk overs. Its super charging and i learn something new every time i watch. You are a huge source of inspiration by all means and the pain you take to sit flat on that couch for continuous 2 hours or more with other world class artists is a big give back to the community, the industry and the aspiring young ones.
    Thanks a ton over and over again for all that you do.

  352. Paul September 27, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    Obvioulsly this is old, but I never saw it. I was lucky enough to see the CL of Zack and I loved it–I took away a lot from that and now I have taken away even more fromt this video. A lot of what he said really gels with me so now I just love to hear this guy talk. Maybe he can be my Chase Jarvis and look at my book and give me some pointers–now all I need to do is get where he is.

  353. Travis Alex October 17, 2011 at 12:17 pm #

    Hey Guys,

    I know this is an old post, but I am watching it for the first time and I wanted to speak on it.

    I am going through the issues stated in this now. I have found myself lost with what I do and trying to pursue a career in photography. I have shed many tears, ripped out many hairs, and spent countless hours in my own head gripped by fear of making new work…focusing on what I want to be, what I want to do, where I fit in with work…looking for answers from the wrong people, following to many people and not blazing my own path and being afraid to make new work…and as of now, I have reached the point where I either stop worrying, start shooting or take a long break…

    Photography is all I know…I spent 3 years in school studying art theory, fine art photography and photography…what am I doing with it right now? Not what I want. What am I doing to fix it? Worrying and freaking out over things I can’t control, which isn’t helping. I feel like I am letting my photography buddies down, my teachers down, friends and family who see the talent I have going to waste with the anxieties and procastinations that are holding me back. I’ve become lazy, which is why I am struggling.

    This video and this blog (a long with a few others) have brought my to tears, and put a large lump in my throat with the realization that this career is not perfect, and making art is never easy…you guys have been a huge help in getting my to relax and get back on the right path…I love your insight chase, and it’s changing the way I think and making me more confident about what I need to do and where to start making this REALLY happen.

    Thank you for this, Thank you for everything you do…but if you excuse me, I need to get my ass in gear and start making work, because I am tired of just listening right now (which I will always continue to do), and not doing anything.

    Look forward to more wonderful live sessions like this and have a great month of October.

    ~Travis Alex.

    • Chase October 18, 2011 at 2:13 am #

      thanks for the honest and moving comment Travis. it ain’t always easy man, i know. keep on trucking….

  354. Kathy Meidell December 13, 2011 at 6:39 am #

    Infant photographer here setting out on the long photographic road late in life. I’m daunted photographically but mostly happy to be having fun at something creative and fun.

    After the investment of time sifting the deep sea of internet info I began to find the gems of the photographic community. I’m so impressed with the amazing stuff out here in the ethers. Found this site only yesterday . . .but it was a good day to find it because I had the time to listen.

    Much appreciated that you are producing this fabulous format. It makes a difference to me but I think it’s also contributing to making the photographic world a force of positivity. Good on you.

  355. Wenona Staniford January 30, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    I must show some appreciation to the writer just for bailing me out of this trouble. Because of scouting through the world-wide-web and finding tips which were not pleasant, I figured my life was over. Existing without the presence of approaches to the difficulties you’ve resolved as a result of your short post is a serious case, and the kind that would have badly damaged my entire career if I hadn’t noticed your web page. Your main knowledge and kindness in touching almost everything was vital. I am not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t discovered such a stuff like this. I am able to at this point look forward to my future. Thanks very much for this skilled and sensible guide. I will not hesitate to recommend the sites to any individual who needs and wants guide on this matter.

  356. Celso Mollo April 18, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    I think you should invite Karl Grobl he is a humanitarian photojournalist focus on all types of NGOs around the world, he has a compelling portfolio and he also does some workshops in several parts of the world. please check him out.



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