creativeLIVE Presents David DuChemin AND Jasmine Star

david duchemin and jasmine star for creativelive
Guess who’s on deck for the next 2 series of creativeLIVE weekend workshops? Two stellar folks:

David DuChemin – Vision Driven Photography
David’s recent series of books (Within the Frame and Vision Mongers) have carved a niche in photographic education that–prior to now–rarely got discussed. That niche is VISION. The internet has given photographers so many tools to work with gear and specs and digits and all that crap, but there’s been a distinct absence in rhetoric in and around VISION. Better than anyone going, DuChemin, teaches us to cultivate our own. Shoot your own stuff, compare it with the live class during this 3 day workshop. It’s not to be missed.

What: creativeLIVE hosts David DuChemin on Photographic Vision
Where: just visit for a FREE viewing vision
When: July 23-25 (Fri – Sun)
Register here – it’s online and it’s free.

Jasmine Star – Wedding Photography Re-invented
Perhaps no one before has stormed the wedding photography industry like Jasmine Star. In just 4 years Jasmine has become a winner of the “Top 10 Wedding Photographers Worldwide” by American Photo Magazine and has developed a reputation as the leading wedding photo instructor. We at creativeLIVE are bringing her to you…get this… to shoot a LIVE wedding AND teach before, during and after – everything you wanna know – over the course of 4 days in August. Among other things, we’re currently seeking a real bride & groom to participate (video to participate in this after the jump!!). If you have ever had even a remote interest in the artistry, freedom, and great money for shooting weddings, this course is for you.

What: creativeLIVE hosts Jasmine Star on Wedding Photography
Where: just visit for a FREE viewing vision
When: August 26-29 Thurs – Sun)
Register here – it’s online and it’s free.

Video on how to submit a bride and groom, plus more after the jump…

[In case you didn’t know… creativeLIVE is a side project for me that has grown rapidly to educate more than a million people worldwide in just months. Succinctly put, it’s FREE worldwide, creative education for photography, design, fine art, computer programming, and more. Award winning photographers, filmmakers, and instructors teach you everything you want to know, in a new completely interactive format online.

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