Making Of The Speedo Underwater Ad Campaign

Thought you’d get a kick out of this video that takes the latest Speedo advertising campaign from ideation to creation. I wish it went a whole bunch deeper (pun), but it’s certainly enough to get my attention. Hope you dig. The underwater studio at Pinewood (0:42) is really dope. (I’m jealous…wish I’d have hired that pool for this work I did a while back…)

Also–since the vid doesn’t give any real love to the photographer–It’s my pleasure to do so… It’s been great to discover photographer Martin Brent from this. Check out his work when you get a second – some stellar stuff. Still shot from the campaign after the jump.

martin brent for speedo
[btw, I like the stills and I really like the motion (which I don’t think was a part of the campaign, but rather just for this video…can we see more?]

Thx fstoppers.

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