Which Photos Should I Donate?

chase jarvis bdayIndeed, today is my birthday! I’m celebrating with family and friends up at our cabin on the coast (snapshot here of yours truly at our fire on the beach last night), but there is something else that’s on my mind today. Giving back. And I’ve decided that in this coming year of my life, one of my goals is to give more time, money, and effort toward philanthropy and charity.

This will take many manifestations this year, but here’s one quick thing I’d like your help in tackling today. I get tapped every year to donate prints for numerous charity auctions, and I always struggle with which ones to give. A couple such asks are on my hot plate right now, and I’m stuck, so my ask of you today is very simple:

Out of all the images in my online portfolios here, would you please click around and tell me which image(s) is/are your favorite? Please specify by gallery name and image number.

I’m not looking for praise or critique, I’d just love to know which image(s) you like from any on this site so that we can collate all the feedback and use this community’s thoughts to help determine which prints I donate to raise money this year.

Thanks in advance. Your time here is the best birthday gift I could think of receiving.

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