Which Photos Should I Donate?

chase jarvis bdayIndeed, today is my birthday! I’m celebrating with family and friends up at our cabin on the coast (snapshot here of yours truly at our fire on the beach last night), but there is something else that’s on my mind today. Giving back. And I’ve decided that in this coming year of my life, one of my goals is to give more time, money, and effort toward philanthropy and charity.

This will take many manifestations this year, but here’s one quick thing I’d like your help in tackling today. I get tapped every year to donate prints for numerous charity auctions, and I always struggle with which ones to give. A couple such asks are on my hot plate right now, and I’m stuck, so my ask of you today is very simple:

Out of all the images in my online portfolios here, would you please click around and tell me which image(s) is/are your favorite? Please specify by gallery name and image number.

I’m not looking for praise or critique, I’d just love to know which image(s) you like from any on this site so that we can collate all the feedback and use this community’s thoughts to help determine which prints I donate to raise money this year.

Thanks in advance. Your time here is the best birthday gift I could think of receiving.

Thank you for the great article

Kris says:

Tous Les Jours #19 is my fav!

Tim McGuire says:

1 % For The Planet is a great Organization. Check it out. Founded by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia.


Kirby says:


You should definitely auction off a shoot of the auction winner doing something spectacular. Like say snowboarding on Ranier or skydiving or something underwater. You could then blog about it and raise more awareness for your charity. It would be most awesome and more fun than hitting command P.

Tonja says:

Happy Birthday hope it was great!

Favorite: 17 of TOUS LES JOURS

Honorable Mention:

Blessings! Tonja

Chiara says:

Hi Chase and happy birthday! This is my choice:

Commercial Portfolio #1
Disposable Heroes # 7- 18

Sean says:

Happy Belated Birthday Chase! I hope I’m not too late for input on this one!

Commercial Portfolio #25
Tous Les Jours #s 11& 22
Disposable Heroes # 18
New Zealand B-W Landscapes #15

Hopefully I’ll see you this weekend on CreativeLIVE!


Photo 22 of Disposable Heroes is my choice. Superb picture!

chris bradford says:

my favorite pic of yours is in the tous les jours the 8th pic down of the guy standing in front of the subway. That is an excellent picture!

Scott says:

New Zealand Image 01

John Grover says:

The REI panoramics are #1 for me. I love the integration of humans exploring in the landscapes. And the landscapes are so strong. They make a great group.

jason ward says:


well done on giving back. keep it up. :)

adam says:

#22 Tous Les Jours
#3 Commercial
#1 NZ
#9 REI From left to right, hikers pano
#3 Seattle 100
Thanks for sharing so much of what you do. I pull a lot of your stuff for examples and assignments for my high school classes. We generally use your Tous Les Jours for a composition assignment for example. Would love to have an “art composition in photography” conversation with you sometime…Cheers!

Andrea Lypka says:

Happy Belated Birthday! All you images are wonderful but I would let the winner pick a favorite image.

ausberto says:

Yo!! Just got in to your website n Blog…I’m hooked. Happy Birthday!!! Man!!!

Doel from Tampa, New York, California

Jeff Shaffer says:

NZ landscape 1/16 or 8/16.

max says:

IMO 15 & 16 NZ have most universal appeal

Silvia says:


Joe Chahwan says:

Happy birthday.

MemoDesign says:

Feliz cumpleaños!!! :D desde Mexico!!

Gerry Kong says:

happy birthday, Chase
Gerry Kong from Malaysia

Anatol says:

Happy Belated Birthday!
keep it simple, #4 & #9 in commercial photos
and # 26 in tous le jours would be good pictures to circulate freely for humanity.
Much love and dedicated follower

Pete Smyth says:

Commercial #9 #26

Anonymous says:

Commercial #9 #26

chuck kovach says:

Happy B-day Chase! Wow, its like judging a bikini contest, you really want to choose them all. New Zealand #1, # 12, Disposable Heroes #7, and Stevens Pass #4. Your an inspiration and dude, your living the dream!

Puneet says:

#25 #26 #15 #10 #3 #2 these are the photos, I believe to be different and unique.

Theon says:

Happy Birthday My Man! I like Jason Puccinelli and Michael Seiwerath form the Seattle 100. Stone Gossard and scott Rinckenberger from Songs……, Group enjoying falling snow and Josh Charles. On a separate note, while watching your interview with Zach Arias, I was wondering why YOU chose the prints that are on the wall when you first walk into your studio?

thanks for your time and hope you had the birthday you wanted and deserve!

Carolina says:

I vote for…

Tous Les Jours #19 & #22.

NZ B&W Landscapes #1 & #16

Disposable Heroes #18.

My fav out of all of those is DH #18.

Feliz cumpleaños amigo!

Sean says:

I like #22 and #26 from TOUS LES JOURS

Mark Y says:

Disposable Heroes #18 (diver). Something powerfully surreal yet simple about it.

Amy Heiden says:

I love #1 in the NZ B&W and #9 in the Commercial Portfolio.

Jason Parker says:

I would like to see picture 16 and 17 donated; I know you said one but they are two dance pictures and being an exdancer and now my girls are both training to dance.

Chase, we have the same birthday! I also have the same birthday as my sister, who is not a twin. Two years ago we celebrated 50 years of Michal & Lia.

Donate image 2 from the Seattle 100 project, with the guy looking into a mirror. It’s just right.

See y’all in two weeks!

Shandi Kay says:

My favorites are: #9 (tree with blue sky) and # 15 (3 sets of chairs) in your commercial portfolio, and #26 (trees) in the Tous Les Jours portfolio. But I have to say, they are all pretty amazing. Happy Birthday by the way!

Darren says:

Not really a big fan of open charity givings. Possibly an easy way would be to just ask for which one is our favorite. Just my side of the world I guess.

Happy Birthday!

Love #11 in disposable heroes. #11 from Seattle 100. And #17 from Stevens Pass!!!!

disposable heroes #9

michael says:

NZ 1 has it all!

Audrey says:

Love the NZ landscape work, especially 1,8,15 &16. Also like #15 of the commercial portfolio. Happy Birthday!

Ben Madden says:

That’s great about the giving more and all that, but this is not resting easy with me. Feels off somehow.
When someone asks you to donate a print, why not just give them a link to your images and let them pick?

bernardo says:

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Morgana says:

Disposable Heros: # 16

Happy Birthday :)

Michal Fanta says:

Disposable Heroes #1 is my number one. :)


Rachel Meyer says:

If it’s for an auction, I always like the idea of letting a winner choose their own image. That way you don’t have to wonder if they like it, and you know that they are getting exactly what they want.

GQ says:

Happy birthday sir!

My selection:

STEVEN’S PASS: #16 & 21
NZ: #15 & 16


Tom Varden says:

New Zealand 1/16

06 of the SEATTLE 100 portfolio.


14 of the STEVENS PASS portfolio.

Hope this helps!..

and Happy birthday Chase!..

Will Austin says:

Happy Birthday Chase, I love the REI panos and I think they would make killer prints!



Stef says:

Birthday Greetings,

Commercial: # 18 & #26

Steven’s Pass: #4, #9, #22

Tous Les Jours: #22

NZ: #1

Best Stef

Jason Meaux says:

Disposable Heroes – #3. Lights= AMAZING effects that bring such a spectacular, and different, uniformity of sorts to the pictures. Model= no need to up-sell the bright and appropriately chosen clothing, but at the risk of sounding cheesy, as my eyes are drawn to the right of the frame I can describe my feelings as none other than erotic! Mesmerizing Chase, truly mesmerizing!

Stacy Hanna says:

Happy Birthday Chase! I admire your kindness and desire to give back. I’m a huge fan on your NZ black and white work. I think my favorites there are #1, #2, #4, #14. Beautiful.

Becky says:

NZ Landscapes, Fjordlans and Remarkables at Sunset are unusual and amazing. Its my favorite portfolio.

RPPhoto says:

Trees & Peaks and West Coast Morning Light from the NZ B&W Landscapes portfolio.

Chris Wheeler says:

Eglington Valley in the NZ B&W Landscapes.

Lydd says:

Happy Birthday, Chase!

My fav shots is #17 from Disposable Heroes, #1 & #2 from Commercial Portfolio.

Cheers! :)

Ken says:

#1 New Zealand…b/w is timeless. This shot appeals to many who enjoy the rugged outdoors as well as those who love the tonal quality of a high quality clean photo. It is a shot I wish I had taken…and it shows that classics like those of Mashburn from the air are still in demand.

#16 Tous Les Jours…city shots..not always are they wall hanging stay-power…skiing is fun…if you are a skier…and uhh…if you are young. Hikers…another…uhhh…I don’t know those folks….do you? Say, I am a charity and I want what I think appeals to the broadest audience who have purchase power…I want a photo with long-term staying power. That #16 child…I don’t need to know him..nor see his face…the moment expresses it all…youthful excitement… that all of us over-the-hill crowd can relate to from our youth…it has mass emotive appeal…beauty in the moment…classic. Staying power. And …heck..as a Chase Jarvis photo…it says to me that the scene even reminds you of you at that age ..which I suggest is a bit of autobiographical…you sign it, give it away… and you have truely given of yourself …an all-round winner.

I’m a bit late too Chase…but I like the following two images. Typically people think landscapes or still life are best for auctions and wall art…I think people shots can rock as well.

#9 in the Commercial book – the lone tree shot from Chile.

#3 in Disposable Heros – the light, the colors, dramatic and fun.

Great work Chase.

#11 disposable heroes; #16 iPhone as art; #22 TOUS LES JOURS

Tim Skipper says:

Happy B-Day late!

I’m chiming in late, but if its going to be auctioned I would go with one of the landscapes. I like the mountain top myself. I love your pictures of people more, but if its being auctioned to raise money I would imagine a buyer would want to hang a landscape before they hung one of a person they didn’t know. Of course I also thought that 8-tracks would last forever, proving I could be wrong :)

Photo’s no’s. 08 and 22 in “TOUS LES JOURS” portfolio

Tyler Austin says:

Steven’s Pass #4…..or any of SP for that matter…or the REI project panorama compilation. I think the REI project could bring so much life and conversation to any empty old place.

Happy Birthday my friend!

Tous les jours #19 or #22. Love those!

brian says:

Happy Birthday Chase, thanks for the invite to admire your portfolio once again and kudos for your continued charity work and giving back all that you do to the community!

Photos I’d love to have on my walls (as an admirer of Ansel Adams, snowboarder, trail/adventure runner, hiker of fjords (in Norway) and aspiring photographer) and my top picks*:

new zealand b+w: 1, 3* (clouds and ocean), 5 (mountain ridges), 10 (grass and mountain vista), 11 (fjord vista from peak), 16* (smooth clouds, ragged peaks, dark trees)

rei pano: 3 (guys on mtn top with map), 7 (clouds, moutain, water vista)
9* (4 hikers on a trail in a fjord), 11 (mountain vista), 13* (runner pano)

stephens pass: 11 (skier sun kiss), 5 (snowboarder carve), 14 (snowboarder silhoutte)
paris/tous les jours: 22 (umbrellas in crosswalk b+w), 23 (the red umbrella)
iphone as art: 2 (taxi/jet), 12 (walkway flight attendants), 16 (luggage and legs), 17 (bar scene)

James Bunch says:

Hey man Happy Birthday!

as for shots, I really dig “songs for eating and drinking #2″- I really like the feel and the idea/story behind the shot that gives so much weight and meaning to why that group has gathered.

Also I really like “Steven’s Pass” #12.

I think both of those would be great prints!

Peter Caty says:

Happy Birthday!

Commercial Portfolio – 2, 32
Stevens Pass – 4, 19, 22
Disposable Heroes – 19

Brett says:

I’d maybe choose depending on the charity, and what would give charity bang for the buck. So awesome ‘scapes seem to do the trick. SO… REI pano 7, 9 (which I bet would look awesome printed hanging on a wall) and NZ 1 and 12. Good luck!

Steven’s Pass #4 & #17

Nazli says:

Happy belated birthday Chase. You are a great inspiration.
Disposable heroes 11,13
Seattle 100 22
Songs for eating 4
Iphone as art 16
Tous les jours 11,20
Stevens Pass 4,9
NZ portfolio 1,3

Feliz cumpleanos from madrid!
ONe of my faves is the Disposable Heroes # 18- The Diver. Just love it!

Jill says:

My personal favs are:
#18 in IPHONE AS ART (great reminder that an artist can use most any equipment to capture true art!)

Happy birthday!!

BLOGitse says:

Happy birthday!
I like all your pictures….sorry! :)

Raluca says:

Happy belated birthday, Chase! I wish you the best and tons of inspiration! :)
As to which photos to choose, I have three I can’t take my eyes off of. #15 from Stevens Pass, #17 from iPhone as Art and #28 from the commercial portfolio.

liga says:

Hi Chase,
Happy Birthday.
It’s very hard chose only a few of your photos. In my honest opinion, your photos are all perfect. But, i can find some superlative shoot.

Commercial #8
Commercial #18
Heroes #23


Sebbe/DK says:

Happy B day Chase,
Think any of the TOUS LES JOURS pics whould do nice on a charity auction. If I had to chose one it whoud be nr. 1 or 22.

Love your work


brent... says:


happy birthday.

tough choice.


that images always has a different quality WOW factor to me, and i read a very persistent positive message in the image.



Pepijn says:

Hi Chase,

Happy Birthday from Holland!
I think it is a good idea to do more charity.
Just yesterday I went through your portfolio just for inspiration. Well an hour later I was still browsing and amazed by your work. :-) so this is an easy challenge for me.

Commercial Work: 2, 26 (although I really fancy 1 as well)
Disposable Heros: 7 (wow, and what a perfect model!) and 17(the ninja! :-))


Daf says:

I think I would tailor it depending on the charities.

E.g. if something ecological – then do more of a landscape/nature one.
If human interest e.g. Hospice/soup kitchen/fire service etc – then more of a portrait.

PS Happy Birthday ;)

Happy Birthday says:

The most memorable picture for me is the shot from Nikon D90 campaign – #4 in Portfolio. Chole in a field.

Sam Figueroa says:

Disposible Heroes #7 or #11 with a preference to #7

And btw. A belated Happy Birthday to you. I was too busy celebrating. No, really, my Mom’s birthday is on the 18th too.

Martin Wolf says:

Happy Birthday, Chase! Although I’m too late.

Randy Garcia says:

Happy Birthday. I wish i could choose all of your photos. My absolute favorites are “TOUS LES JOURS” #11 and Heros #18.

Croan says:

That’s a bit like asking me my favorite Beatles song… but if I have to choose, I’ll go with Disposable Heroes #18.

Happy birthday, my friend. Miss you terribly.

john says:

Happy Birthday Chase!

Commercial Portfolio image 2
Disposable Heroes Portfolio image 10, 11 and 25
Stevens Pass Portfolio image 4 and 9
New Zealand Portfolio image 1 and 16

Ricky says:

Happy birthday to you, Chase! Always loved your first picture from your Commercial Portfolio

Ken says:


#1 and #11

( I think these are wonderful, and in general I really do not like landscape photographs. But these, wow. )

Sentow says:

Chase, thanks for being a leader.

NEW ZEALAND B+W LANDSCAPES – #16, love the shot.

Nate Perkes says:

Hey Chase, Happy B-Day! My favorite by far is picture 22 of the Tous Les Jours. That photo is absolutely amazing, and would look truly incredible printed and framed.

Ken Mott says:

Happy Birthday!

Sam says:

Happy Birthday Chase!
Stevens Pass #4, #6, # actually if possible the entire Stevens Pass portfolio.
Tous Les Jours #22

Love the REI and Commercial portfolio stuff

taylor says:

happy birthday! i love so many of your photos but narrowed it down to:

commercial #4
commercial #15
disposable heroes #3
iphone #16
new zealand #6

thanks for your blog btw–i always look forward to your posts :)

Scott MacKenzie says:

Happy Birthday, man!
I start PhotoSchool on Aug 16!
So, thx to you and yer team for the inspiration.
I like New Zealand B&W Lanscapes #2.
People who live in the south cannot hear the snow crunch enough, so that image helps!

Thanks, and Best!

JR says:

Tough choice to pick a favorite. Mine would be Campaign #7, the Rebock BB shot.

Andre says:

Happy Birthday Chase, great day for it (same for me ;-) )

I love the classic B& W of Mt Aspiring, image #15 in NZ gallery and #22 in Tous les Jours gallery.

I’m just in process of doing something similar for the Leukaemia Foundation here in Australia.

Well done.

Shannon says:

Happy Birthday Chase!
My favorites are #1 from New Zealand B+W Landscapes, #11 from Disposable Heroes, and #20 and #22 from Tous Les Jours

Rizki says:

Happy birthday Chase!
My favorites will be #1, #14, and #22 from Tous Les Jours. Also something funny like #28 from Seattle 100

P says:

For YOUR birthday, I would like to have the following: ;o)

#18 Underwater Diver/Disposable Heroes

#06 Cliff McGrath/Seattle

#19 Versailles Gardens/Tous Les Jour
#20 Window Washer/Tous Les Jour (my personal favorite!)
#22 Zebra Crossing in Snow/Tous Les Jour

#23 Tubing/Stevens Pass

#08 Fjordlands/
#16 Remarkables @ Sunset/NZ B+W

♫ Happy Birthday to you… ♪

Pinto says:

Happy Birthday Chase!
Disposable Heroes # 18

Darla says:

Happy Birthday- It is better to give than receive on your birthday. #11 of Tous les Jour is my choice.

Randy says:

Great idea Chase. Giving always feels so great because you know how much it means to others. My favorite is from Tous les Jours #08.

Good luck with this years resolution

DPatten says:

Happy Birthday Day Man! So many good photos but I would say #22 and 26 from Tous Les Tours, or #4 ,11,or 14 from the New Zealand!

Drake Miller says:

First of all happy birthday Chase. Personally I would love to have the ninja image on my wall and the diver to.

Dario Branco says:

Commercial Portfolio – Photo 1- 4 – 8
Disposable Heroes – Photo 7 – 18

Steven Geer says:

Happy Birthday Chase!

My pick would be Disposable Heroes # 18- the diver in the water. This image is mesmerizing to me. Thanks for the inspiration in all that you do.

scout says:

any of the tour les jours are a good choice, but i love the eating + drinking ones because they have a great story behind them… happy b-day chase!

Marcos says:

Happy Birthday mate….
Mine is #7 from Disposable Heroes.
All the best and Spain, Campeón del Mundo!!! Couldn’t resist!! ;-)

Keri says:

Your Stevens PAss shots are great and i would love to have a couple of them hanging on my wall but i think for the masses any of these would be great – NZ B+W Landscapes #1,#5,#16

Doug says:

They are all great, in particular
New Zealand 1,3,11,16 (16 my favorite of them all)
Stevens Pass 8,11
Disposable Heroes 8
REI photos 9,10


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHASE!!! I wish you everything your heart desires on this your special day…

I have more than one choice for images to donate

New Zealand Landscapes (#1, #14 and #16) I love those
Tour Les Jours (#22) SICK SHOT!!! Probably your best piece ever!!!
Disposable heros (#3) I can’t get enough of this photograph

Sorry, I couldnt choose just one…all ur photos are great and i couldnt pick just one

Takecare man!!!

First – happy birthday you auld bugger!

Second – It has to be the Tour Les Jours set as I think that it the essence of you and probably number 22.

Keep inspiring.

daniel costa says:

It’s so hard to point just one but I would say that my favorite is on the DISPOSABLE HEROES photo number 3…

happy birthday and all the best


stuart warner says:

My favorites are:
1. Tour les Jours, #22/26 (umbrellas in crosswalk).
2. New Zealand, #6/16 (glaciar and waterfall).
3. Disposable Images, #18/25 (swimmer and bubbles, but I would prefer this to be CU and slightly rotated to the right, so it was a diagonal shot; it would be stronger).
4. Underground Cultural Leaders … , #18/25 (ECU portrait of handsome guy).
5. Commercial Portfulio, #25/32 (boy jumping in upper left of frame)

extra pick #6. Commercial Portfolio, #25/32 (Toyota chasing people over sand dunes).

Mr Din says:

Happy Birthday Chase!
my favorite is the #22 from “tous les jours”! :D

thank you for all your good (and shared) work!

Anonymous says:

happy Bday Chase!

Chase Gaewski says:

Yeah, I’d have to say my favorite in your entire collection would be #22 from Tous Les Jours. I wish I had that framed in my room xD

Marlena says:

Happy b-day! Any of the disposable heroes would be nice. If you want to make an even bigger difference, consider photographing someone who recieves services from the charity and posting a behind the scenes how to for other nonprofits. Right on for doing this. Amazing work.

james says:

Way to give away your B-day like Seth suggested!

My favs:
Seattle 100: #6
NZ Landscapes: #1, #2
Commercial: #15
Panos: Everything

Brent Davidson says:

Happy Bday Chase!

I like…
New Zealand #1, #14, and #15
Disposable Heroes #7, #8, and #18
Tous Les Jours #22
Commercial # 15

Hope you can choose after all the choices you have before you!

Jane Quigley says:

Happy Birthday, Chase!
The criteria I used (as everyone else did) is what would I like to own.

There are more than 1 or 2 ;)

iPHONE AS ART: #5, #17, #18, #20, #22
TOUS LES JOURS: #3, #4, #8, #13, #17, #22, #23, #25
Any of the NZ or panoramas

Hope you have a year filled with laughter and love.

Tim says:

Happy Birthday!
22 or 25 of your tous les jours portfolio (23 is good too).

Mark says:

Disposable Heroes #3
Commercial #2
Commerical #23
Tous les Jours #8

I think these would be nice

a.gee says:

new zealand — remarkables @ sunset + fjordlands
commercial portfolio — normandy beach

happy birthday !

Jonathan says:

Happy Birthday Chase, I’m going with #3 and #18 from the disposable heroes series.

chad says:

any of the new zealand images are beautiful and i would love to own any one of them…happy b-day…

Allan Bank says:

Happy birthday Chase!

Great idea: Tous Les Jours / 25

Vee says:

Happy Birthday Chase!

#13 from the New Zealand collection.

Shelby White says:

Happy Birthday man!

I’m going to have to go with Commercial #3 being my favorite and perhaps from the New Zealand archive, #1.

Jack Pope says:

Happy Birthday Chase! My choice would be number 22 from tous les jours

Drew says:

Happy Birthday Buddy,

I loved “cobwebs” in B&W, “hood ornament” and “kid flying kite”. The stack of cardboard boxes really stuck with me too.

Its a great thing you’re doing man, good luck with it, and the coming year.


Brett says:

New Zealand Landscapes: #1 and #4

Richard Melanson says:

As far as prints go, the first shot in the New Zealand B+W Landscape gallery has always blown me away. I would LOVE to have that hanging on my wall. As soon as I started reading this post it popped in my mind.

Happy Birthday Chase!!!!!!!!!!

Matt says:

Commercial Nr. 3
Disposable Heros Nr. 1
Songs for Eating and Drinking Nr. 8
Seattle 100 Nr. 22

Happy Birthday Chase.

PS happy Birthday Chase

also a fan of COMMERCIAL PORTFOLIO image 1

joar andré says:

Happy Birthday, Chase! A great way to celebrate :-) One of my favorite photographs is of the person diving into the water. (Image 18 in the Disposable Heros album)

DISPOSABLE HEROES image 3 has always been my fav

#15 in the New Zealand B&W set is pretty striking.
Happy Birthday!
and many happy alignments…..

Giovanni Arteaga says:

Best wishes for good health, continue success on your special day and always. Happy birthday to you.

Why don’t you auction your time to photograph the winner and include one of your favorite prints which relates to the charity? :)

Nobody in particular says:

Hey, happy birthday! I hope your next year is the best one, yet.

I’ve looked at your work for awhile. Just spent another 30 minutes at it. Impossible to say if anything wouldn’t be well-received. Throw some virtual darts, you’ll have excellent selections regardless of where they “land”.



Erica says:

Definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY anything from the “Songs For Eating and Drinking” series. The shots ignite an intense desire for me to be in those moments and when it comes to raising money for charity, isn’t igniting emotion the entire point?

Happy Birthday.

Andres says:

Happy Bday Chase!!!

I would say:
-Commercial : 14-15
-Disposable: 18
-Tous Les Jours : 20-22
-Steven´s Pass : 9
-NZ & REI: the entire galleries are amazing!!!

John Leonard says:

New Zealand #8 (The one with the grass field in the foreground)

Seattle #11 (Shot of the helmet)

Disposable Heroes #2 (Firefighter)

Disposable Heroes #8 (Leaping Dancer on Black)

Disposable Heroes #18 (Diver, Hasselblad Masters shoot)

I think those would be a nice selection that run the gamut on subject matter and style to draw a larger crowd interested in say purchasing the print during an auction or what have you.

Amanda Q says:


Wow so hard to choose but I really like two photos from disposable heroes. They are the fire fighter and the diver into the pool…was it a pool?

Again, have a great birthday celebration. Be safe

Adam says:

I really like your “Disposable heroes” collection. Happy birthday bro.

Hey Chase, happy birthday.

My selections:
NZ B/W landscapes – Image #1, 4, 8,
From Paris: #22, 23 right,
REI Panos – 4th from end.

Hope this helps! Have a good one.

Josie says:

happy birthday Chase!!

Lisa says:

I believe # 3 of the Disposable Heroes collection will sell.

Norlinda says:

Like everyone else has mentioned, your New Zealand B+W are stunning and are my favourites. I love NZ and you’ve really captured the essence which I love about that country.

How do you choose!
I would say most of my favourites are in the Disposable Heroes Album…

03/25 (Girl walking out of frame, shooting into bare heads)
06/25 (mannequins)

and from the Panoramic project….

the 4th last image (of the ocean shore)
and the last image (the runner)

Now Chase… I want ask you the very same question! out of my portfolios… which are your favourites, and which would you pick to print? …if you had to pick any.


Cheers man! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Tracy Smith says:

Disposable Heros gallery
-Ballet dancers from PNB in (if you donate this or auction let me know where my daughter would love it)

Tous les jour gallery:
-yellow and white umbrella shot
-reflection on the river shot

Stevens Pass
-Neck deep powder
-tree bonk
-last run

anything from the NZ B&W series

Best of luck and good for you to do this

Kelvin says:

The No. 3 of the Disposable Heroes album. Good luck and Happy Birthday.

Happy Bday Chase! I love your way to celebrate your birthday! I’m a sucker for nature and i LOVE your gallery from REI stores and New Zealand.

Abrazos y feliz cumpleaños che!! Enjoy with the ones you love.

Joe F says:

Chase, the one photo I believe people would buy is the swimmer entering the water. This one has great appeal to many and should sell great.

JBerry says:

The swimmer entering the water in the Disposable Heros Album I believe it’s #18 and #9 under your Commercial Album get’s my vote.

Dane says:

Scratch that last statement, I meant the Stevens Pass and New Zealand photos.

Happy birthday bro, and good luck with the upcoming year!

Dane says:

I would say any of the sandisk series with the skiing if possible. Not sure i those are protected works.
But i would seriously hang those on my wall.

Happy Birthday Chase :) and great idea. Good luck with that.

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