Photo of the Day: Gorilla Loose in Telluride Colorado


At its root, this blog is about photographs. So here’s one I snagged last night with my iPhone at sunset from the always-epic Telluride, Colorado. Anybody spot the gorilla face in the picture?

[btw, As I mention the gorilla face… Photo gear is good, but vision is better. TODAY starting at 11am Seattle time–and throughout the weekend–a must see. Join us LIVE for FREE over at as we bring you a masters-series weekend with David Duchemin, award winning photographer and author of the best selling photo books Within the Frame and VisionMongers. How to “see” pictures and pursue your dreams in photography isn’t just something you’re born with – they are skills you can learn. Register here now for free, join us all weekend long!]

Terri Davis says:

Chase – An amazing job! What I’ve seen & read so far..I will purchase this book. Seattle is a unique place, a lot of sounds & “fashion” came out of Seattle. I want to see more! And the hard work & dedication that you have put into a project of this magnitude is absolutely astounding. Donating your proceeds to artists, new & old has something to be said all on its own. Truely beautiful work. I love pictures of people. You look at them & wonder what they’ve gone thru, where they are, what hardships or joys they have had in life. A couple other photographers that can capture “real people”, that I have always admired is Annie Leibovitz and Linda McCartney. Two women who could capture the essence of people. Just as you have. Be proud of your work. I can’t wait to own this book! Thank you!
xoxoxox (this is how i sign just about everything)

Jim says:

Looks more like Kermit the Frog to me. Or maybe a ninja turtle, like someone else mentioned. Fantastic shot though. Still wish that app was available for android.

Phil says:

Love my iPhone always with me camera. So nice to see your great phone shots and so many others online!

Carley Brown says:

I see a panda bear face. This is an awesome shot! as all of yours are! I’m a fan of you, your company, and your work fo sho :)

Anthony says:

Thats creepy. But amazing at the same time, a once in a lifetime picture.

Joel says:

I see it! Now, tell me, why can’t I get the same image quality on my iphone? =(

Slainte says:

Seriously, Iphone needs to be paying for the publicity. One of the main reasons I want one now is for the on board editing and trickery.

Great shot.

mark owen says:

Chase you and Zack continue to inspire me. I used an iphone during Scott Kelby’s worldwide photowalk. Here’s the results

Thanks for inspiration

Brian says:

Nice Chase. Ironic, given that the photographer is a little bananas. ;)

Tai Gray says:

I got a picture with my iphone with lens flare that looks exactly like that :-)

Bob DeChiara says:

Great stuff!!

James Bunch says:

man, phone cameras have come a long way, not to mention great apps for in phone editing

Neil Walton says:

Very cool photo from a very good photographer…

sacha says:

wow very unique, great stuff, cheers :)

David Haut says:

I found Waldo!

SACHA says:

see it, believe it. there more between the sun and the earth!! haha

Just wanted to shout out a thanks for David duChemin’s CreativeLive weekend.

It was a religious experience and has changed my (and probably thousands of other photographers’) approach to photography completely.

Two Jack Studio

Chase says:

thanks heinz. i’ll make sure david and the whole creativeLIVE team gets your feedback. thanks for spreading the word!

Aric Hoek says:

Is the face on the ground? I think I see the eyes.

Wait. Just read the post above and now I can totally see it. Way cool!

Matt Timmons says:

I totally see it! For those having trouble-
the two dark spots just below half-way down under the sun flair are his nostrils, and the horizontal line in the concrete near the bottom above the vignette is his mouth. His eyes are two sun flairs on opposite sides of the sun.

Joel says:

Thanks Matt. Yep, that was it.

ck says:

yep, I see it, but never thought before that this gorilla has a mouth. at first, I knew only by seeing his eyes. right now, I am thinking that “he” is could possibly a girl (or call it: a goddess) and her face looks sad. :|

marcus grip says:

can´t see it, any help? Haha!

Darrell says:

I could never see those damn 3D images hidden in posters at the mall back the 80s either. One of the great failures of my life.

Loved that Zach Creative Live though – had no problem seeing that! ;-)

Sam says:

I see pretty much nothing.

Kevin Shea says:

I saw that. Love it when stuff like that happens. Great photo!

johannes S says:

Why does the Gorilla-face make you think of David’s workshop?

Greg Brave says:

Nice! But why is this gorilla is so angry?

Wow! that is sooo neat : )

Mitch says:

I think I see a Ninja Turtle

Michael P says:

Win! Gorgeous and nostalgic. Loving the warmth and the flare.

Brian says:

Looks more like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man of Ghostbusters fame….

this is too cool.. what are the odds?!?!?!!

Wow! I love that! For the first second, I thought “what Gorilla?”. But then I spotted it! Very cool!

No, I don’t see it.

Dave Dugdale says:

I was just there a couple of weeks ago and also stopped in Ouray and got this amazing shot on my iphone. It looks like the mountains are on fire.

Ben says:

Telluride is the best place on Earth!!

Yep. I see it too. So cool when that happens! You and Zack (Arias) are making me want to get an iPhone just so I can walk around with a tiny camera with me at all times (instead of a big bulky one) and have my own visual diary! Thanks for the inspiration! :c)

I definitely see it. But my initial reaction is “That was taken with an iPhone?!?” Amazing picture quality. But I guess that’s what you get with an amazing photographer.

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