chasejarvisLIVE on Tuesday with Jasmine Star

jasmine star on chasejarvisLIVEPhotography has so many facets. The one I know the least about–while ironically probably employing the most photographers worldwide–is wedding photography.

It seems the whole photography industry is wild about this genre and its complete re-invention over the course of the last decade. So many people want to know more and–honestly–I need to get up to speed.

That’s why I’m happy to host wedding photographer phenom Jasmine Star TOMORROW on chasejarvisLIVE. In just 4 years Jasmine has become a winner of the “Top 10 Wedding Photographers Worldwide” by American Photo Magazine and has developed a reputation a leading wedding photo instructor.

In the spirit of all the other chasejarvisLIVE events, join us free and LIVE at for this casual conversation from my studio in Seattle. We’ll take your questions via twitter at hashtag #cjlive.

What: Jasmine Star
When: Tuesday, August 24 at 12:00 NOON (Seattle Time)

And if that’s not enough Jasmine Star for you, a reminder to register for her class

That’s right. She’s in Seattle because my homies at creativeLIVE are bringing her to you…get this… to shoot a LIVE wedding AND teach before, during and after – everything you wanna know – over the course of 5 days. This Wednesday thru Sunday. If you have ever had even a remote interest in the artistry, freedom, and great money for shooting weddings, this course is for you. Register HERE.

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