Go Figure: New York Times Shooting Phantom Cameras

NYT tennis
You recall that fancy 1000 frames per second cinema camera called the Phantom that I love so much (that was the feature camera from this project)? Well they’ve got a new one out…the Phantom Flex and it shoots 1250 fps now at full 1080 HD.

Well the New York Times Magazine (that’s right, editorial….) is shooting motion these days. Renowned Director of Photography there, Kathy Ryan, hired photographer Dewey Nicks to shoot some tennis stars.

Although not “new”, this is beautiful stuff. And best of all, they are using this badass camera in the editorial context. Gotta love that. Gotta. Freakin. Loveit.

NYT doesn’t allow embeds of the vids, so check them out HERE.

Another screen shot after the jump…

[Thanks for the tip, Lou.]

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