6 Weeks Out – What Happens When Launching a Book [Vlog]

Last week when I announced my newest book, Seattle 100: Portrait of a City, I promised to blog, vlog, report and otherwise share the behind-the-scenes process of what it’s been like so far in taking this project to print AND what’s going on in these final weeks prior to the official “launch”. Lots to report. My hope is that this can help anybody who is heading into a book project or perhaps considering it…

Hundreds of questions poured this week about the process, so in this chasejarvis CURRENT video I recorded last night at 1am, I tackle a handful of those questions and rattle on a bit about what’s going on this week. Bear with me on my yapping. It was late. I was knackered. I’ll be doing one of these every week till the book hits shelves in October, so lemme know what you want to hear more

about… Lastly, I just found out that Seattle 100 is the #2 Black & White photography book selling at Amazon right now, and #1 in Photography Travel section. Check it:

[Update: Since posting this–thanks to you–we’re now #1 in b/w and #1 in travel AND #9 in Digital Photography. Majorly humbled and thank you!]

chase jarvis seattle 100 amazon

Huge huge thanks to all you who are purchasing. I’d be so grateful if book stayed high in those rankings…for if you remember, all my proceeds go to 4culture.org. Let’s raise some money for a good cause.

Buy Seattle 100: Portrait of a Cityfrom Amazon.

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