chasejarvisLIVE Interview with Jasmine Star Re-posted to YouTube

Hi friends. Lots of requests to re-post this episode of chasejarvisLIVE with Jasmine Star to my YouTube channel. So here ’tis. Those of you in the USA on the 3-day weekend celebrating Labor Day should find some time to take a peek.

Reminder that her EPIC 5 day Wedding Photography course is downloadable for a bargain $149 over here at

Also, chasejarvisLIVE featuring National Geographic photographer, culture and food maven, Penny DeLosSantos as well as founder Barnaby Dorfman will re-post tomorrow…

[Lastly, these vids have been live for a couple days already…if you want to be first to get this content when it goes live, best to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.]

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