Nikon D7000: Benevolent Mischief Remix [music video]

Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in to the sharing of my experiences with the new Nikon D7000 camera in this post here, where I featured the behind the scenes video and a new short film: Benevolent Mischief. It just so happens that I’ve been sitting on another little nugget since then that I’m excited to share today: the Benevolent Mischief REMIX featuring MC Victor Shade and MTK.

Without losing you in the details, this remix came about in a completely natural way and was so fun to create. The the protagonist in the video is Ryan Abeo. We cast him for the part based on his look and his acting ability, but he’s also a well-known hip hop MC by the name of RA Scion (you may recall we hosted him on this episode of chasejarvisLIVE a while back…his current project is Victor Shade, but he’s also from Common Market.) While Erik and I were editing the original release of Benevolent Mischief, we were listening to the Victor Shade album and stumbled on a track called “AutoGraffiti”. Since our film was about an automobile getting graffiti’d, we thought we’d give it a listen…lo and behold it matched the film we’d put together pretty nicely – as in was the exact length, with several lyrical references that matched perfectly with visuals we’d already created–PURELY COINCIDENTALLY.

chase jarvis + victor shade + nikon d7000

So, like any curious artists we began playing with the combo–we got in touch with Victor Shade and his producer MTK and asked them to remix in the cello work we’d done with Dan and Joshua. We pulled some footage from the Victor Shade LIVE performance on the earlier chasejarvisLIVE, played around in Final Cut for a bit, and within 24 hours we had ourselves a completely reverse-engineered music video. I love remix culture, and I hope you do too.

So now, for the first time on the interwebs, I offer you Benevolent Mischief – the autograffiti remix featuring Victor Shade and MTK. Which to you like better – the original or this new version? Love to hear your thoughts.

[Get the Victor Shade album here on iTunes.]
[Check out the Nikon D7000 camera here from B&H.]

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