Take A Chance

chasejarvis_cloudsWhy is it that our society clearly celebrates the chance takers, yet we rarely encourage one another to take chances–especially those people closest to us?

Almost all your favorite artists quit the traditional to pursue their dreams. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates dropped out of college to pursue their passions. Regardless if you wanna be in art, or film, or accounting, or a pro athlete, the story is the same.

Go tell your husband that you’re quitting your well paying job to pursue a career in video and film. Or go tell your parents you’re dropping out of college to pursue photography full time and see what they say.

I’m not saying quit your day job on the spot. But I do find it strange that our culture by-and-large celebrates those people who have taken non-traditional paths to success, but yet it rarely encourages people to take those same paths when success is only a distant dream.

What is wrong with us?

Take that chance. And encourage others in your life to do the same.

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