One Day On Earth – You Tell the World’s Story

Today is October 10, 2010…or if you’re sharper than me, that would be 10.10.10. And today all across the world, documentary filmmakers, students and inspired people like you are organizing to record the human experience during this 24 hour period and contribute a voice to what looks to be the largest participatory media event in history.

Every country in the world–190 something–are participating, as well as nearly every major NGO…with cameras even being dropped into Somalia, Iran, Mongolia, etc, via UN supply chains. The goal? A global time capsule, a documentary film, a photo book, and some good ol’ creative spirit, among other things…

Call me crazy, but I think this project deserves your attention–and your participation (see qualifying update below). I’m on the road in Asia with a million things in my lap, and a little behind the 8-ball on this cause of my schedule, but I’ll be sending something in. My understanding you can submit stuff from today in the next 30 days.

you should know that for this project, the organizers have mandated an “all rights” clause on submission. It’s incredibly important to be aware that you’re essentially donating work to the project. I usually do not support stuff like this, or only support ideas like this if artists are acutely aware and interested in supporting this on the stated terms for personal reasons and not as a matter of professional practice. I am typically very bullish about maintaining/managing my rights at the appropriate level and suggest you do the same. ( I have been to federal court defending my rights and the right so of other artists at considerable personal expense.) Overdoing this practice of giving work away can degrade our rights. Alternatively, pretending there aren’t appropriate reasons or causes to do otherwise can be overly narrow. I’m attempting to advocate in this post is participating in kicking in photos for the time capsule/’global good’ argument. I think this is a worthwhile idea, but I won’t be sticking my neck out too far on this…Low hanging, donated fruit.I’m considering anything I submit as a donation. If you are opposed or this, even in the most limited capacity, I fully support you. You should know that I’ve sent the organizers a note to this effect in an attempt to increase awareness and change submission regs for the future.

Submit HERE. Follow them on Twitter HERE and on Facebook HERE.

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