Photo Plus Keynote Address: ChaseJarvis LIVE (talking Creativity…)

Friends: I am indeed giving the keynote address at this years big PDN Photo Plus Expo in NYC on October 28th. And…drumroll….we’re bringing it to you LIVE on the internets…

WHAT: chasejarvis LIVE – Keynote from Photo Plus
WHO: You, me, and some kick ass special guests
WHERE: Javits Center NYC…or….online at
WHEN: October 28th – 11:30am EDT

Love to meet you in person at the show or, of course, tune in online. Registration is avail here (note: it gets more expensive after this week).

And YES, my camera got very wet in the making of this video.

(And as for the special guests? One of them will be the handsome and popular Rob Haggart – Others announced this week)

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Haha, nothing like a boattrip, can you maybe do a blog item on how to prepare and clean your gear after the salty afair? I had a few and I always experiance that to be a knarly part of the job.

JERO says:

@jesus, or anybody else for that matter…

my registration gives me a +1 if anybody wants free entry to the show on Thursday. Also, I’m flying to San Francisco Thursdsay night, so I wont be using it for the rest of the weekend. I’d be happy to give to to somebody who could put it to good use jerophoto (at) gmail (dot) com

Omar says:

“I don’t know,….. the weather??” hahaha

mark says:

Any chance you can do a blog post on how you modified the bag to fit the laptop in!??

Simon says:

Damn nice Video, great idea

Helmut says:

Hahaha, I really had to laugh! :)

Bart says:

Haha , nice vid.
Have to watch it online , kinda long way from Holland to the US.
But i’ve a question , how do you dry of your equipment ? Last time I was drying of my camera , the lens got condensed. And it lasted for 8 hours so that was kinda stupid. I started to think that I screwed my lens. Maybe you could make a video of it.

Rick says:

My set designers are better than yours. Yours almost looked real though.


Ingrid says:


Peter says:

I love you Chase!

Greg Brave says:

I so wish I could come! But it is a long way from Australia to US…

That’s the coolest way to announce anything ever!
– I was planning on going to the PDN Expo but I just realized that I don’t have the funds for it :(
I was looking forward to it, but I guess that I can watch it online now.

Thanks a million for that. Very cool!

skc says:

i lick my d3s after every shoot. havent had any problems

Michal Fanta says:

Freakin’ cool announcement!!!

Sam says:

i am so happy to see one of these funny vids again.

Such committment. You didn’t really have to go to the ends of the earth to prove you dig creativity. But we’re glad you did! Looking forward to keynote. Be safe.

Qua says:

How do you clean salt off your sensor ? ;-)

IPBrian says:

The papers real wet….CLASSIC!

Andy H says:

Nice post good grief my 7D died with less than a second of salt water contact (it did have the battery pack on it with opens up the battery compartment (no weather seal between the two).
Looks like a cool place to get away from everyday life though :-)

Eirik says:

Such nice wind, and you didn’t sail? What a pity. ;-)
Anyway, what was the lens that also withstood the splashes?

James Bunch says:

Really creative man, I love it.

René says:

Sounds great :-)

I have a suggestion I think would be really sweet to have. At the last cjlive event I got the ical subscription, would it be possible to subscribe to a cjlive ical calendar, that allways would be updated? I know it’s a little more work to you, but I belive that a lot would use it :-)

Curro Mesa says:

When I grow up I want to be like you!!! hahaha

Made me smile right away. Fantastic! Cheers Andreas

marcus says:

“So far, nothing’s really hit me…” – nice edit into getting bashed a coupl’a times by Mother Ocean – lol!
Thanks for giving us a larf! Nice to see the gear all held up fine too.

Not quite greenwater over the bow there, but Chase must surely love the taste of saltwater. Next time, take a trip down to that little body of water between Australia and Tasmania; 45 foot seas, surely not fit for a sailing vessel. I wonder if he could get video in that environment. :) Awesome take!!!

Its inevitable for ANY blog about photography to become a “gear post”….

Simon says:

Love it! Great fun = great images.

I’ve subjected my D3 to plenty of unintentional salt water abuse over the last few years and it has been faultless too (yes you would want to hope that a D3 is up to the task but salt water generally takes no prisoners)

Thanks for the sneak

Adam Leahy says:

I was concerned about the camera too! Fun vid, it’s always great watching your adventures!

AH!!! I wish I was going! So many exhibitors I’d love to see and hear from! LOADS of useful information!
I’m curious to know what you’ll be speaking about, Chase! I’m sure you’ll mention your iPhone app… It’s really changed how most of us look at photography. Plus, even when I’m busy and not out with my SLRs, it keeps me shooting and thinking photographically/creatively.
Will you post footage of the event?

Carlos Bruno says:

AT LEAST McNally didn’t show to NIKON how he use to abuse of his gear.
I BET the customer for this assignment was not who he said it was but … NIKON!
Like somebody said above … he is 5 steps ahead … anybody notice he has 2xD700 that NOBODY else have?
Ask him to do the same with his Hassel … hahahahaha.
You’re the best Chase … da’best.

hahahaha Thats sooo awesome!

Sheldon says:

Dude, I’d keep an eye on that camera. Salt water is death for cameras, weather sealed or not. I’ve had friends lose a D700 and D3x and 5D Mark II to the same type of exposure (wave spray at the beach).

Glad you’ve got a backup! Oh, wait… it was shooting the video of you. :-)

Hopefully one camera stayed dry.

Kris Arruda says:

Hey Chase, just registered, but i’m not sure if the Gold Expo Pass is enough. Do i need anything else to watch your keynote?

Appreciate if u answer, i’m coming from Brazil.

Hafe says:

You have gone stir crazy?!

'Caps says:

Fun video. Good to see the humor and humility from such a superstar. Also, I have to live somewhere more exciting. Nothing good happens in GA. Except DragonCon or whatever.

Big E says:

yeah, please comment on your experience with Nikon’s water sealing! I think it’s something most people that are, admittedly not as adventurous you are, curious about.

Chase says:

ok. not intending this to be a gear post, but in all seriousness, the camera has not missed a beat-worked perfectly all day, and everyday thereafter. i simply wiped this camera with a fresh water rag to remove the salt after this experience and wiped it dry with a towel. good to go.
note that I had my back to the waves so it wasn’t taking direct shots, but it got plenty wet….

I see that You got some “hits” regarding the ideas… :)

Toby says:

You’re a douche! Loved it! x

Matt Brennan says:

Very well said. Looking forward to it.

Rick Koetter says:

Very nice. It reminds me of a scene out of Back To The Future (minus the water). “Doc!!! I have to tell you something about the future!!!”

Guasch says:

oh lord, exactly what hit my mind within the first 10 seconds LOL

Chase says:

LOVE the B roll! Nice video broseph

Carl Licari says:

Don’t buy any used gear from this guy!!! LOL!

brec says:

that jarvis guy, always thinking five steps ahead, pretty sweet to have that video recorded on your sailing trip.

i like the current blogging frequency, nice entertainment ;) though there s some open questions in earlier post, would be great if these wouldn t fall through the grid


Michael Nguyen says:

Freak of nature!! and I not talking about the weather!!! lol

Ray says:

Nice! I’m there!


Ummm, is your camera fairly waterproof? Or is do you just get lucky and not get it very wet?

Awesome way to announce your Keynote speech at PDN.

Don’t have too much fun.

Martin says:

was it warm water?

Blake Murphy says:

Got to love weather sealing!

Moep says:

Yep! Nice brainstorming environment.

yeaaah! Weather sealing rules.

Sailor says:

The D7000 can handle that kind of water splash?! Or did you use some waterproof case?

I liked the previous creative inspiration teaser better, this one hasn’t got any twist

Dave says:

Even if the camera is sealed from the weather, the lens and mount are not. They either trashed the lens our used a protective housing such as an Ewa housing.

Brian Jones says:

Giveaway at event – One wet camera….

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