Seattle 100 Project: Just 3 Weeks Out [But Shipping Now?]

In the 8 weeks leading up to my Seattle 100: Portrait of a City launch, I promised to be blogging, vlogging and any other sort of ‘ogging one can do, as well as answering questions to share the behind the scenes of what’s going on with the project. I’ve been doing some o’ that and now we’re just 3 weeks out…sorta, but better.

If you recall, in similar fashion to The Best Camera Is the One That’s With You concept (book, iphone app, online community), this Seattle 100 project is an entire ecosystem: a book, an edition of fine art gallery prints, and a burly website.

While the “official” launch of the project is not until October 21st, but the book is shipping [read on…] …full update and the juicy details are in the above video blog. A brief summary of each is here:

_Book. Seattle 100: Portrait of a City is officially shipping from NOW [here]
. 10×10”, hard cover, 240 pages of b&w portraits of amazing people, bios…and in many ways a full ethnography of the city. Just $26 bucks at Amazon for a book originally meant to be priced at $70. Consider it a cultural fabric that underpins not just Seattle, but a concept that is relevant to everyone. 100% of my proceeds from this book are going to support culture and art at

_Website. The Seattle 100 website is gonna be so awesome. We are working with my friends at The Superformula [check em out] who are doing an amazing job. Think photos, videos, [lots more info after the jump, click continue reading below….] interviews, locations, behind-the-scenes and in front of it. A living, breathing integration of art and data. Coming very soon.

_Gallery show. We’re doing a 4 day pop-up gallery featuring 44×55” prints of my subjects. The opening is October 21st at a location that will be shared soon. It’s the visual centerpiece of an amazing new festival in Seattle called the City Arts Festival. Music, Art, Conversation and more. Check out the site here for more details.

_Wine and Chocolate. Yes we worked in partnership with Theo Chocolates and Tierra Blanca/Small Lot Co-op to create official Seattle 100 chocolate bars and two Seattle 100 wines…a red table wine that is EPIC, and a 2009 Chardonnay. Both from the epic Columbia Valley region in Washington. Again, all our profits go to here as well.

Reminder: the juicy details are in the YouTube vlog above. If you want to get these things first, even before they hit the blog, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. Beyond that, lots more details in the coming weeks. Feel free to holler at me with questions that I can respond to in the comments section or–even better–in my next vlog on this here stuff.

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