Bizarre News: Kuwait Bans DSLR Cameras

engadget no dslrThe Kuwait Times, Gizmodo and Engadget have reported that the government of Kuwait has outlawed DSLR cameras.

“The Ministries of Information, Social Affairs and Finance (hello, 1984!) have collectively decided to ban the use of the chunky shooters in public places, except where it can be shown that it’s for journalistic purposes.” – Engadget.

The Kuwait Times Newspaper has rescinded this story. Go figure.

This ban reportedly affects tourists too, so if you’re headed to Kuwait for some relaxing time over the holidays, come prepared. I understand that compacts and camera phones have not been banned, so you can still get the shot…-ish.

I’ve read all I can on the topic this morning, but for the life of me I’m having trouble understanding. Why they hatin’ on the interchangable lenses? What about micro 4/3? Can anybody out there shed some light on this bizarre state of affairs for me?

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