Fraction Magazine: 100% of Print Sale Goes To Artist

Photo by Todd Walker via Fraction Magazine

Fraction Magazine today launched their annual Holiday Print Sale where, for between $30 and $100 bucks, you can purchase some pretty stunning original photographic art work. I got a DM from them this morning about the sale, went over and took a peek, and was positively struck by a lot of the work.

The hook? The hook is that there is no hook. 100% of the money goes direct to the artist. Just good clean livin there. The karma gods are smiling.

I was thinking that the gift of original artwork is a lovely gift and something you might consider giving over the holidays. Hope you find something you like. I love the shot in the thumbnail above by Todd Walker, and the couple others after the jump by Isa Leshko and Tom Richardson. Be sure to visit Fraction to see lots more and support artists over the holidays.

Love this photo….

Photo by Isa Leshko via Fraction Magazine

Photo by Isa Leshko via Fraction Magazine

And this is quite smart as well…

Photo by Tom Richardson via Fraction Magazine

[And, lastly, in case you’re wondering, Fraction Magazine is an online magazine/brainchild of award winning photo editor David Bram, and Fraction J is co edited by Pulitzer-Prize winning photo editor Stella Kramer and Editor/photographer Jason Houston, and photographer/curator David Bram. It was created to “establish a new venue for documentary photography and photojournalism”. Me thinks they’re doing a nice job.]

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