Jeremy Cowart Portrait Photography Class on Creative Live

Many of you know the amazing portrait, entertainment, and travel photographer Jeremy Cowart. Well, good news is here: Jeremy is doing a creativeLIVE course on Experimental Portraiture in Photography. The two-day course is December 2nd and 3rd. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about portraits, how to shoot first-time models or what it’s like to photograph celebrities, this is not to be missed. And remember it’s worldwide and it’s free to watch LIVE. There will also be some additional free weekly video check ins leading up, so tune in. Check it out and register here now.

Also super cool is that creativeLIVE have teamed up with Jeremy to broadcast Help-Portrait to a live, worldwide audience on 4 December 2010–the day following Jeremy’s portrait course. And what is Help-Portrait? In case you missed it’s kickoff last year, it’s an annual, global movement of photographers using their time, gear and expertise to give back to those in need. creativeLIVE will be hosting a huge Help-Portrait event from their new studio in Seattle and acting as the worldwide hub for the event, checking in with other Help-Portrait events from cities and countries all over the world and watching things and photos unfold. More details as this continues to comes together.

A video from Jeremy, more on Help-Portrait, plus a is a call out to discover new models after the jump. Hit ‘continue reading’ below…

Indeed, creativeLIVE just launched a new website. While it looks similar to the last iteration on the front side, under the hood it’s completely rebuilt. When you buy from the site, you’ll get a dramatically better user experience, and most importantly…, you can shop the back catalog really easily, downloading classes from Vince Laforet on HdDSLR Cinema, Zack Arias on Studio Lighting, Jasmine Star on Wedding Photography, John Greengo on Photography Fundamentals, Vision Driven Photography from David DuChemin, even register for an upcoming class on Children’s Portrait Photography from Tamara Lackey. [also classes in fine art, design, programming, beyond…]. Please check out the new site, kick the tires, and enjoy.

And don’t forget about Jeremy looking for some undiscovered models… Know someone who should enter? Have them send in a vid.

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