Chase Jarvis SHORTS: Don’t Forget to Have a Laugh [video]

So much of the discussion in the photography and advertising worlds online is about the serious side of things. Creative problems, budgets, timelines, travel, gear, etc. And, indeed, there’s a lot of serious aspects therein.

But in truth–especially when shooting on location–there’s a whole helluva a lot of fun that happens. And that fun is an important part of it that rarely comes across in all the photo/film industry ranting online.

It’s that slice of fun that’s happening in this video. Just some good old fashioned clowning around. In this clip, we’ve got a small crew of 10 or so shooting an advert atop the snowy mountains of Telluride, CO, just in time for the holidays. It’s at the end of the day, the last shot, and we’re all tired but jolly. The models, Kim and Mike, are dear friends of mine and are…er…well…struggling on their skis. We all somehow break into this weird schtick and … well… that’s about it, we’re all laughing. No punchline, no drama, just a reminder to have a some laughs along the way.

Happy Friday. Happy holidays.

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