Chase Jarvis SHORTS: Don’t Forget to Have a Laugh [video]

So much of the discussion in the photography and advertising worlds online is about the serious side of things. Creative problems, budgets, timelines, travel, gear, etc. And, indeed, there’s a lot of serious aspects therein.

But in truth–especially when shooting on location–there’s a whole helluva a lot of fun that happens. And that fun is an important part of it that rarely comes across in all the photo/film industry ranting online.

It’s that slice of fun that’s happening in this video. Just some good old fashioned clowning around. In this clip, we’ve got a small crew of 10 or so shooting an advert atop the snowy mountains of Telluride, CO, just in time for the holidays. It’s at the end of the day, the last shot, and we’re all tired but jolly. The models, Kim and Mike, are dear friends of mine and are…er…well…struggling on their skis. We all somehow break into this weird schtick and … well… that’s about it, we’re all laughing. No punchline, no drama, just a reminder to have a some laughs along the way.

Happy Friday. Happy holidays.

Benny says:

This stopped working tonight!!! BOOOOOOO!!!!

Love the video! :D What’s the song in the background?

sorry :P “music by people eating people”

Danie Nel says:

I really enjoyed this. I make sure that I often shoot fun stuff at shoots as well. My youtube channel will show you some.

Some killer lines in zis viddio!

Rocky Lee says:

About Chase Jarvis’ Shorts

“Photographer Chase Jarvis once told an audience that anyone who walked his walk would find success, which led me to wondering what walking a mile in his shorts would really be like. So I asked Chase to send me a pair. And he did! Now I’d like you to take them for a spin. All I ask is that you share your photos on flickr and post the shorts to the next person on the list.”

” I ‘av ze feeling this are American models!” hahaha comedy GOLD!

Thanks guys!

Michael Power says:

Ya I tink u need tu bring me tos skis I put a little wax on dem four u ya

Adam Leahy says:

Looks like you guys had a few bottles of that Seattle 100 wine left…

Yeti says:

Are you shooting these shorts with the D7000? And are you using the Rode SVM for audio?

I really enjoy your blog, photos, video, etc! Thanks for sharing!

Jon DeVaul says:

I recently went with my son to a camera club meeting in one of the local Metroparks. There was a “slide” show of some members’ work…some excellent images, some not so good, but everyone there shared a love of photography. It was refreshing to not hear about bidding, copyright, usage rights, or budgets…just photography, I loved it!

Aj says:

Ah…. A day in the life of Mr. Jarvis. I’m jealous!

DanielKphoto says:

Nice video, fun is always good :-)

Richard says:

Great stuff as always. Happy Holidays Chase and the whole crew!!!

Paul says:

Now thats the way to finish off the day :)
Have a great Christmas.

Donna says:

lol … I think a bit of wax is required!

BenjaminR says:

What camera were you filming with? The D7000 or maybe the Red Epic? ;)

Nate Perkes says: it! Loved the accents as well. Hey quick question…how do you get Slow-motion like you did out of the D3s at 24fps without it looking choppy?

Ahhhh, this put a smile on my face.

“The way you move is like poetry” Love it! THANKS FOR THAT!

Briony says:

made me day. thanks for sharing.

Ken Mott says:

Were those pictures just used on the cover of the REI ads sent in the mail. Seem familiar.

Matt says:

Good humorous atmosphere……… Good photos. Works most of the time. Makes life much easier! And keeps your client remembering you with a little smile and good memories.

Andrew says:

Something tells me that given what I see in this video and what I’ve seen of Chase in his previous posts… I think I would always be laughing if I were working on one of his shoots.

Simon says:

Makes me think of Peter Hurley portrait studio. He’s laughing all the time with his clients. Looks like fun to shoot !

Stefan says:

“The way you move is like Poetry!”

There are some pretty funny lines in this video.

jeremy says:

have my first ski shoot of the season this weekend, perfect timing with this awesome vid!

Shelby White says:

Hilariously awesome!

David Dvir says:

That’s a great point, it really is a lot of fun at the end of the day, probably the reason we choose to do what we love :)

immo says:

Love it! Yesterday I stood 4 hours in traffic jam due to the snowy weather, not that funny. But now I’m really up to shooting in the snow :-)

Jason V says:

I had White Christmas playing while watching this, REALLY made it a nice experience!

Shannon Gray says:

So fun! I am pretty sure I would be falling too and I live in Colorado now (just moved from FL)…

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