Get Some: Tasty Holiday Tidings Like Wine & Chocolate

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Quick diversion from the normal banter here…

What goes well with the holidays and photo books? Wine and chocolate. Wine and chocolate?

Hopefully you’re aware of my latest photo book project, Seattle 100: Portrait of City (hardback 10×10″ 240 pages, 300 photographs – all my proceeds go to non-profit I’ve alluded to it in some posts before, but as a side show, we got together with a few friends and made some very tasty Seattle 100 wines and a Seattle 100 chocolate bar. Sorta nuts (A.D.D anyone?) but it turned out pretty darn swell.

Those two partners, Small Lot Wine Co-op and Theo Chocolate, have connected to create a holiday gift pack and have asked me to share it with you. If you dig such stuff, here’s what I know…

$79.99 gets you:
Seattle 100: Portrait of a City book
1 bottle Seattle 100 Red Table Wine
1 bottle Seattle 100 2009 Chardonnay
1 large bar of Seattle 100 Dark Chocolate

They wanted me to let you know they’ll ship wherever, packaged in a bag or a gift box, your choice. You can also, of course, buy any of these pieces separately from them in whatever quantity.

This program is run entirely by Small-Lot. If you’re interested in picking up this little gift pack or learning more, please email them at and/or pick up the phone and call 425-939-0651.

Reminder that all profits from this gift pack still support the arts organization

…Some details… Of course I’m biased, but the chocolate rocks…it is organic & fair trade, and–my favorite–70% cacao. The fine folks at Theo are leaders in sustainability and yum.

The wines are especially tasty and blended by yours truly in collaboration with the uber talented folks at Tierra Blanca Winery in Red Mountain, Washington. This was an amazing experience. I was, of course, mostly tagging along thru the process trying to learn something while making things difficult, but, damn I had a blast. Let’s just say I won’t be giving up my photography career any time soon. That said, it’s been well received in wine circles, and fun to see it in moving quickly off the shelves of most of the grocery stores here in Seattle and at a handful of my fav restaurants. And I’m especially thankful that Small-lot has dedicated their efforts to shipping it to anyone interested in giving it a whirl.

In any case, happy holidays.

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