Photo of the Day. Like it Or Not…?

chasejarvis_split head

Here’s the Photo of the Day.

Like it or not? I’d love to know, and it would be good for everyone if you told me why.

[BTW, this image is from our “OGI” file. What’s that? Well…when Scott and I are editing photos after a shoot, combing through thousands to find the select few that see the light of day, we employ a practice that I can’t recommend highly enough. That practice is to put those surprise images–the unexpected happy accidents that have merit, but maybe aren’t relevant to the job we’re editing–into a file of their own with other like-minded (bizarre, unique, etc) images. We call that file “Otherwise Gifted Images”. That’s sort of what I meant by the title of this post. It’s got a double meaning… in one sense, like this image or not, the practice of saving random, unexpected stuff to a common file, or tagging it a certain way, is a good practice. In another sense, I do want to know if you like this photo or not. I’m bias, but I love it. In fact, I took a spin through that whole file last night and fell in love all over again with about 40 photos.. I’ll be sharing more of them over time.]

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