chasejarvis LIVE on Wednesday Feb 9 — Taking Any & All Your Questions.

ask chase jarvisWhenever I give a talk or host a show, I’ve heard from this community time and again that one of the most valuable things is the Q&A wrap up. Straight up. You asking questions and me doing my best to answer them. And not just the “how’d you get started in photography” questions…. we’re talking the hard questions, landing clients, hiring staff, working with challenging clients, legal questions, gear questions, portfolio questions, whatever you can muster…

As such, we’re dedicating and entire 90 minute chasejarvisLIVE show to this topic this Wednesday. We will take some questions LIVE via the #cjlive or #AskChase hashtag on Twitter (follow @chasejarvis here) during the broadcast, however, so that we can be organized and get through as many questions as possible, please frame your questions below in the comments. Don’t be shy. Ask away. Anything is fair game. Whatever it is you really want to know about with photography and video–your questions and the dirty truth.

Who: You, Me + a worldwide gathering of photographers and filmmakers
What: I’ll be answering any/all the questions you can throw at me in 90 minutes
When: this coming Wednesday, February 9th at 10:00am Seattle time (1pm NYC or GMT -8)
Where: just visit
How to get your questions on the show: ASK THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW

I’ll bring your questions from the comments below onto the show and give you a shoutout for asking your question. You + me, mono y mono. And if I don’t know the answer, I might even make a cell phone call to get you the info you want. You get the point.

It’s free, it’s LIVE, and apologies but this video won’t be re-posted for a very very long time (if ever), so please tune in LIVE if you can. (We’re in a technical gear/podcast/youtube transition at the moment, figuring some stuff out.)

Ask your questions below in the comments. Hope to see you Wednesday. The more people participate in this event, the more interesting it will be for everyone involved, so feel free to invite your photo friends.

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