Photo of the Week. Like or Not?

chase jarvis_TGR.jpg

Here’s the Friday Photo of the Week. Was feeling wintery and I couldn’t help myself. Tell us if you like and why/why not.

Behind the scenes “making of” this shot and the camera/lens/spec details after the jump…

The above shot was created on a Nikon D3, using the Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 lens (affil links to B&H). Shot at f6.3, 1/1600 sec, ISO 200. The legendary Tanner Hall is the athlete. Location: Stevens Pass, WA.

The behind-the-scenes shot below is how we captured this image. That’s me in the black on the right with my D3s and Todd Jones (TGR) on left in the yellow, shooting the RED camera, hanging outta the helicopter. BTS photo shot by Scotty.

stevens pass chase jarvis

Like or not? Why?

Jae Gonser says:

With Mozilla Firefox how will you tailor-make the actual toolbars to different colors along with styles?

Dusan Hein says:

Sense of scale, lines, structures, shades.. all works. But to me the this shot gives a message: that no matter how great athlete you are, you’re still just a tiny, fragile, human thing – a small part of a great nature. And I love both the message and the way it’s told.

nabbin says:

that’s an awesome pic, really like that it doesnt have so many elements that would disturb, a clean shot.

Henry says:

I love this shot because I like the snow, it looks like it was shot at night, I know how big that jump was, I love Stevens Pass, and I want to shoot stuff like this. I mainly like it because you made a great image of things I love!

Matt says:

I’m going to be in the minority on this: I don’t care for the shot too much.

I find the tree and pole shadows at the top very distracting. They feel disembodied. If either there were shadows along the whole top edge of the frame or the shadows were cropped out entirely, it might work better. However, either of those options would screw up the composition with the skier, which is good.

I also don’t like the vignetting. The snow that is darkened by the vignette is an odd and unnatural color. I was immediately put-off by it, despite it taking a few moments for me to realize what I was actually put-off by. Related to this, I feel that there are not enough blacks in the image and too many dark grays. I feel like I have to search the image for blacks to convince myself that the photo is properly exposed. I see what you were going for with the vignette though, but I feel that it would have been better achieved through lighting rather than post production. (Immediately after writing this, I realized that the photo was taken not at night – when it looks to me like it was taken – but during the day, which would make lighting an area that large very difficult and expensive. Maybe that just means this photo would work better if it had been taken at night.)

I think it’s pretty clear that the skier’s in the air, but it might have been nice if his shadow had been in the gap between the jump and the landing just for some added perspective.

On the plus side, the angle is interesting and the skier and jump are composed well within the frame..

Banger man, I love the comp. Super sick!

Clint Faile says:

I Like! Interesting angle.

Margaret says:

at first glance i thought i saw the Twitter bird on the mountain! lol (second photo, shadow cast)

Joyce says:

The B&W photo–what an arresting image. I like it for a variety of reasons, many mentioned above. Perhaps the two most compelling reasons are, 1) the distance from the subject and the high angle gives me a real feeling for the amount of air between Tanner and the ground–far better than most photos taken from the more typical low angle; 2) the fact that there are no other people in the photo takes it home that this is Tanner Hall, alone, and his skills vs. gravity; this is not a team sport.

Allen says:


Hahaha, Just Kidding!! Really nice shot! Love the textures and like the way the tree shadows point to the action.

Now if i had to play devils advocate here, I’m on the fence if the sled lines in the bottom left are bringing me in or pulling me out of your shot. Burn the corner more or clone them out possibly? But I’m no expert by any means.

Keep up the good work man!

One Word: Insane! Just curious what time of day was this taken?

Joseph Fisher says:

While the shot is interesting I cannot jump onboard 100%. is it just me or is the “bird” shadow distracting. Like the angle and the helicoptor but something just is not right in my mind with the shot.

Oh! my goodness what a great capture and this is a so adventures job.
hats up .

Jon says:

I think you’re just looking for some ego boosting unalloyed praise!

What’s not to like?

Lovely poster shot as the graphic quality would draw you in from the other side of the room.

Only minor point might be that the skier looks a little out of focus, but then again the fact that the ground is in focus adds to the graphic quality so not sure what the compromise would be.

Aputure says:

Of course, it’s awesome. Never seen that angle before.

Anonymous says:

This is a great photo, to me the skier’s shadow looks like a bird about to emerge from the side of the half pipe and take flight…really neat!

Evan Sensenbrenner says:

hands down shot of the week! love it!

Ben Jacklin says:

The top shot looks like it was taken on mars. I love it.

Paul Conrad says:

I’m going to go against the grain and say, no.

I’ve seen so many ski shots that the one of Tanner Hall looks like a lot of the others. “Skier in air, upside down.”

The second one, the skier merges too much with the helicopter making it difficult to differentiate the two.

Take this into consideration, I’ve worked at a newspaper in a ski resort and had the “pleasure” of shooting the Winter X-Games every year they’ve been at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen.

But I love a lot of your other stuff.

Aputure says:

Thats a good point but I would remember that 99.9% of the audience are not photojournalists with extensive ski photography experience. If I could see more ski shots I might agree with your first point, but I haven’t seen so many.

Erik says:

Love the object, proportion and effort you made to capture this shot

Anne-Marie says:

This is too cool!!! I love it because the point of view is unusual and so is the man is just hanging there in the air! I really like the shadows of the trees and the texture of the snow. And I ask myself…how did he get up there…is he going to land safely…and…hmmm, that looks like a lot of fun! :-)

Andy Brown says:

Beautifully captured. What I really like is the high angle of the photo, it’s different, kind of reminds me of Alexander Rodchenko’s stuff in a weird way. Also the angle of the lighting is great, it captures the texture and depth of the landscape.

Ken says:

Love it. Beautiful. Unique angle.

Bryan Lynch said it perfectly!

Nice shot Chase! Love it!

Photo A is “better” but only because it’s a perspective not seen before (at least by me). Having said that I would have rather seen it in color. Photo B is cool in that it shows the lengths to which you will go to get a cool shot!

saneesh says:

LIKE. Love the feel of the photograph, your eyes goes right to the person and angle.

Michael Croan says:

Your photography is really coming along nicely, Chase. With more practice, you are sure to become quite capable one day.

Good grief.


MH says:

like it? Love it!!! amazing shot. Absolutely full of tension, great texture and nice composition. Emphasizes grandeur and frailty at the same time. Just a great photo!

Bryan Lynch says:

This is one of those images that, to my mind, does not need an analytical disassembly of its components in order to be appreciated. I looked at it once, and my immediate thought was, “wow, i’d love to have a big print of this hanging on my wall!”.

In fact, how would I go about doing that?

Dave says:

I like it — all the obvious reasons have already been posted. Too bad, the white balance is screwed ;-)

Daniel says:

I forget tell why.
3 reasons.
Wonderful use of the “Rule of Thirds”
The underexposure of the image sides
The angle from which the photo was taken from above.

Daniel says:

I Like IT ! ! !

Daf says:

Although I’d prefer without the tree/lift shadows at the top of the Frame.

I hate how wide it is, and love how the vignette pulls it back.

I hate the shadow of the trees, and yet love how this hurts the frame.

I love the geometry, and hate the fact that I might never climb into that heli.


Ross Rayner-Brown says:

From a skiers perspective this photo just makes me excited and super stoked to go shred!
From a photographic point of view i’m asking myself why the feck is it soo bright around Tanner. Where is all that coming from or is it post and an enhanced Vignette? Either way it makes the shot look great and draws you in to the skier. The textures in the snow are wicked… almost Ansel Adams lolzzz ;)

immo says:

I definetly like it!! Great Shot!

Kevin says:

The angles and perspective are a little awkward to me. At first glance, it’s a bit straining to decipher what exactly is going in the image (the skiers path) due to the unorthodox aerial perspective combined with the shadows of the trees and ramp. Once this becomes clear, however, the image is pretty decent. I think my initial impressions takes a lot away from a setting that could have been captured in a more traditional and more importantly, practical way. Sometimes, a new way to shoot isn’t the best way. For this image, I would certainly appreciate a more natural perspective. The helicopter angle is just awkward.

Becky says:

Seriously like-so different and love it in black and white.

great picture and great tutorials

i love snowboarding, so if can put some pics with snowboarders :)

zadie says:

I love how the contrast brings out the texture in the snow!

Mike Folden says:

I love how this looks like it was shot at night at an event with stadium lighting but was really shot in broad daylight! Great edit.

I like for sure. The texture and scale are what set it apart for me. The fact that the athlete is just a small part of the image tells me that the mountain is king and we are just little players on it’s face. As a former ski racer that is the right thinking, if you think you are bigger then the mountain you will crash and burn. Sweet shot, a keeper all the way.

Nick says:

Expensive shot! Me no likey….B&W and vignette are always the big safety valve. :) to many distracting objects…

Ken Smith says:

Like it…b/w simplifies which is needed since the small size of Tanner must be immediately seen w/respect to the jump or your viewers say to themselves, “Huh?”. The smallish size…does great for perspective…showing the whoomp of this jump…big…big. But, we want to identify w/the only person and try to claw out some emotions …. so I am thinking you post this 100% pixel size with only the jumper showing in the frame…then the photo is zoomed out slowly to finally end up with the full frame…kinda like a google earth zoom, if you know what I mean. Oh, yeah…thank goodness the foot tracks show up in snow below the kicker…helps show the distance between the snow floor and the jumper. Ken S

Kabara says:

The composition draws the eye in and the crisscrossing and flowing lines keep it moving around the image. The range of tonalities is great with detail retained across the range. Subject placement – and posture – couldn’t be better. I agree with some of the other constructive criticism that the shadows at the top could either be eliminated or could be more dense – it is the in-between that bothers me – the mix of tree and light pole is OK because the rest of the shot mixes man and nature. Having said that – if this shot can be executed hanging out of a helicopter hundreds of feet in the air, then I have no excuse for anything but perfect exposure and composition when standing on the ground – right? Thanks for building a community that makes this critique possible.

CB says:

F-N A Right. this is such a great spin on a ski photo. honestly getting a little bored of the kid at face level a tad of the center mark on the blue bird day. It’s just getting old. Love the B&W. Love the time of day that gave you the long shadows. And again, I can’t remember the last shadow I’ve seen in ski photo like this. Very dramatic.

Rosalind says:

OMG WHAT is NOT to like about it?! it’s fabulous angle and in B&W so striking in tone and contrast. It has an element of weird miniature film set but then you see the shadows of trees and the littl figure spinning wildly in space and his shadow on the approaching bank.

Mathieu Wauters says:

Like! Creative and unique.

James says:


I like especially how it is so unlike any other photos I’ve seen and the photo’s perspective is almost tilted up the mountain, giving the feeling of instability that is integral here. It’s so cool how this is just a “photo of the day” making it seem so commonplace when it is so well done. Nice job! Can’t wait to see more.

faiman says:

BW picture is best. Love the composition contrast everything…..
in simple words Its Perfect.

I actually think this is the best sports shot I have ever seen..!
Incredible! Love the angle, contrasts, crop etc. Good job!

Adam Leahy says:

What’s not to like.
Nice post-pros.

Rafael Hoyos says:

I would add more contrast. but yes good shot.

THATS SICK!!! I’ve noticed that when I see photos shot from an angle thats different from the conventional, it never fails to amaze…I’ve seen a million skiing shots but none like this. I have a fear of heights so when I see photographers who go such heights to create photos, it amazes and inspires me…

Nick Girard says:

love the contrast. sick grab.!

Matthew May says:

Dude.. that 1st photo is amazing!

Mike Kalibabky says:

Made my stomach lurch; startling image; nicely done; WHEW!

Ana GR says:

like it? Love it!
The angle is impressive!
The BW works perfect.

Csaba says:

I like it. The graphics on the snow are really nice.

Charlie says:

Love it. Dramatic as the skier/jumper is small within the setting, yet still draws the eye immediately – partly ‘cos he’s in middle of negative space, lead in lines of ski jump etc… I’m starting to sound pretentious so will stop. Cool photo.

Dov says:

You nailed it. Love that it’s in b&w! Less is more my friend!

TimR says:

Almost great, and I wanted to like it, but I think the skier it too static. Maybe because he’s parallel to the ground, and/or maybe because he’s facing the jump. I think my viewing got stuck between his helmet and the lip of the jump, and it sort of looks like he’s actually flying toward the takeoff jump. Intellectually I of course know what’s going on, but that conflicts with what’s going on visually.

donna says:

I like it

Kevin says:

I like this because there are all these tracks going around in the image. Then there is the skier who is in the air and making tracks we do not see. The other aspect I enjoy is that there are huge elements all around and yet the the skier one of the smallest if not the smallest element takes over. Thanks for sharing as usual!

nron13 says:

Inthe color shot, the skier’s shadow looks like a bird!

Carley says:

This is a great shot…the texture of the snow looks awesome as well as the dark shadowy trees. I love looking from above and seeing the ‘whole’ picture.

marian says:

Yes, I like it. Maybe a bit more of texture is missing behind jumper.
It’s a great shot with great composition.

Love the angle, my only thought would be the shadows from the trees on the top are distracting. My eye keeps going back to them instead of wanting to find the skier. Thought about a squarer crop for this shot and taking those out? Guess it depends on the client need.

Qua Veda says:

Beautiful on all counts !! the helicopter takes the “gear” so far out of reach that it kind of becomes transcendental – all you can do is marvel at the image ;-)

photossee says:

Great shot, wish i had a helicopter…. :-)

kc kong says:

nice pov because not everybody gets to go up in a chopper to get this view. But I’m not gonna say I like it just because you took this shot from a chopper. I prefer a more graphical image by cropping off the tree shadows at the top of the frame leaving 3 very strong elements in the image

Leif says:

Really like it because its different and put mankind in perspective – we are small

Brett says:

I like it. Big blocks of space/shapes make a cool symmetry, I like the long shadows, they work with the vignette in framing, awesome snow textures. I like all the big space around the skier. Besides, it looks like a face with a monster underbite. Nice!

Mark says:

In my google reader I saw the photo in a ‘cropped’ 1×1 format as I had to scroll down in order to see the full portrait view. I liked the 1×1 crop I had. Photo is great, I like the black and white conversion. The bottom half of it seems to tone down the action as opposed to had it been in a square crop.

Great as usual ;)

Russ Rowland says:

I like as both an abstract and as an awe inspiring view I never get to see (one of the great things I love about photos).

But viscerally, I hunger to see the same view closer in so I can feel the power of it more. It’s almost too abstract this far away.

Sandy says:

Like. The long shadows at the top of the image tell you time of day. High key in the center, nice vignette. Lots of detail and great angle on the action.

Adam says:

It’s a good image. However, the person looks off center from the slope and actually looks like they’re laying on the snow and posing. We all know that’s not true, but from that angle, that’s how it looks.

Ron Warren says:

Like. Because, c’mon, what’s not to like. Unique angle, frozen kapow action, all against the stark, bleak winteryness with some excellently dramatic shadows. I kinda hate to stroke your ego, because you’re very good (and you already know it!) but yes, this is a terrific shot. Kudos!

P.S. Thanks for all the great blog posts. I learn a lot, and more importantly, gain a lot of inspiration from this blog.

Lenn Long says:

I’ve heard of adding a drop shadow to your text to make it “pop”, but I think this takes it to another level.

Ben says:

I dont like the post. I think i would like it more if the jumper is the only dark element. For me the vignetting is too much.

I can imagine that a bright picture (like the center) and the dark jumper would look good.

But the rest is good.

Juan Diaz says:

I like it, I think B&W gives the image a dramatic feeling that’s very good.

what’s not to like?
as usual.

Geoff says:

Love it, the black and white really give this a more dramatic appearance which is further enhanced by the sense of scale created by the wide angle and the height the shot was taken from.

Would love to try this kind of shot someday, just need to get my hands on a heli!

federico gnoli says:

Love it! a new angle for ski photography, but I will crop the shadows of the trees they break the geometry of the picture.
It reminds me of the vertical shot in Life Cycle

Danielkphoto says:

Amazing shot Chase! Great work! Love it :-)

Eric Calabros says:

I like it.. coz nobody capture such thing from such angle.. and black and white effect made the surface looks like cream cake.
if I was a publisher and had a book about Ski and no idea about its cover, I would buy this image from you Chase… at any price :-)

Nick says:

As i sit here wondering how I am gonna afford my next camera, Chase Jarvis is shooting skiers…….. out of helicopters, and doing it amazingly, love the photo

Will says:

I do like the photo. It shows a birds eye view narrative as if the skier is all by himself. Somehow it feels as if we were not meant to see him ski from this angle, but we do. I like it.

Daniel says:

Awesome Chase, I love the perspective and the lines coming in from the bottom left that draw your eye straight into the skiing dude. It also makes you think how small we really are in this world

Incredible shot. Just totally wow. I can imagine the planning that must have gone into it. Hope you post the footage from the red too.

dhani says:

As a skateboard photographer that has been clicking for 11 years, I would have to say that this image is bang on. The job of an action sports photographer is to unite the need to make the athletes trick look as amazing and impossible as it can and unite that with a unique vision that will show an angle and view that nobody else does.
You have been able to achieve this in this photo. And the texture and contrast are dead on in B&W.

Nate says:

Dude Chase!
How could you not love this! I have dreams of doing what you do, and shooting the things you shoot. Keep making dreams for the little guys!

Chris says:

Love this photo! So simple yet very impacting. Wish I was there taking photos.

Matthew Kerr says:

Both the BTS and the actual shot are awesome. I really like the black and white. Very contrasty.

Love it, love it, love it! Great composition, great texture, it’s just amazing. And makes you wonder too. Tells me a story. Awesome stuff, Chase. As usual! :c)

Love it. Huge air. Helicopters. Unique angle. Black. White.

Love the behind the scenes shot as well. Helicopters. Colours.

Images that get me pumped to go play are hard to beat.

richard says:

damn that is one awesome image, the angle and view you got is soooooo cool, and the black and white gives it that better feel to it too.
I love it and not only that I write that angle down on my notebook for future shoots.

Bill Hammond says:

Perspective…. Wow

Igor Furnas says:


I think the photo really captures what is happening! The mood is totally there!

It just shows how big of a challenge is to make that stunt! He is just a small guy… jumping between two huge piles of snow… and he even makes a stunt during the HUGE jump he had to make! WOW… what a great impact that photo makes!

It definitely made me feel like I was there… and for me that’s what a great photo must achieve!

Overall, the shot is great, although, like some have said, I like it better without the tree and light pole shadows (although then you lose some of the great “footprints in the snow.”) It gives it more of a solo feel, just him and his skiing. Either that or I’d want to see some additional feel of motion composed as is. It is such a wonderful perspective and shows the expanse and how tiny the athlete is in the great outdoors. Love the textures of the snow and “ski prints” like an overpass without the road.

Jack Pope says:

I love it simply because I have never seen anything like it before. Unique angle and composition.

william p says:

I’m a bigger fan of the BTS shot! And the blue bird is nice!

Tom Bricker says:

It’s great simply because the angle is not something you see everyday. It’s the one lesson I try to teach others. Don’t shoot most anything at eye-level. Sure. there are other factors, but seeing the world from a plane – no matter how many times – is always a fascinating experience.

Unfortunately, the only helicopter ride I’ve experience was an air ambulance and was disappointed I could not look out a window. But I’m sue the M*A*S*H style choppers couldn’t get me more than twenty miles in less than 8 minutes.

Sasha says:

beautiful and majestic!

Phil Balsdon says:

When I first opened the page the browser it was cropping the bottom of the image, I thought the image was interesting. Then I viewed the whole image and found it ordinary, however when I cropped the tree shadows from the top of the image I found it entirely more intriguing. The diagonals created by the jump drove the focus to the skier, itself now in a more interesting position in the frame, and removal of the shadows added an interesting air of “what the…?” to the photo. Great shot from a very unusual and interesting angle.

Nick says:

I like it….wish that the skier was set right in the rule of thirds with the 3:4 crop

Chito says:

Sorry Chase. This one doesn’t make the cut. It’s flat (due to the angle of the shot) and B&W rendition. It just makes me wonder where the photographer is instead of wondering about the subject (or theme). It must have been one hell of a ride for you, hanging out of the helicopter however…now that’s sick!

Ren says:

I dig it, but would prefer it to be cropped from just below the shadow of the light poles to the bottom of the frame. I’m not a fan of the tree and light pole shadows and with those cropped out I feel it would have better balance, but that is just one dude’s opinion.

I really love the first one! I like the graphical nature of that shot and the dynamical composition lines.
The second shot looks to cluttered for me. The skier and the helicopter touch each other and that doesn’t work for me. If the shadow on the snow was the reason of this shot: please crop extremely! ;-)

Like the B/W. Like the composition. Don’t like the top part quarter section with the shadows.

Beth says:

That’s pretty amazing. Three things stand out to me: the perspective, the feeling of solitude and the graphic-ness of it. Gorgeous shot.

Severine says:

I love it! It’s so powerful in Black and White. Great Job!

I think this shot has amazing potential. Great capture.
I have to say that the post processing is a bit too extreme for me. The heavy vignette seems like something an amateur photographer/photoshopper would tend to do. I find myself not thinking about the greatness of the photo as much as i should – i’m focused more on the unnatural gray snow on the edges, the ‘forced’ focus point, and simply wondering what the actual shot looks like.

Good work to the photographer for capturing this shot, though!

I love this image. It defines how large these insane moves and tricks are that these athletes do. It just puts into perspective of how BIG they go. The contrast in the image is wonderful also. Thumbs way up. Like it!


Love it. The scope, the shadows, the tiny man in the middle.

Peter says:

The BTS shot looks a lot closer than the overhead view in the picture. Were you shooting a lot higher for the B+W image?

The Wallbanger says:

I like the unique angle, but that said, I don’t think the jump was big enough to require a helicopter. Save the heli-time for an 80-100 ft booter.

Daniel says:

The creative side of me says, ‘Wow!’
The commercial side of me says, “huh?”

My first impression is that Tanner is sort of lost in the busy-ness of the shot.

But lots of details happening all around that make for a really cool shot in general.

So I can’t identify who the shot is for… or really what the subject is and maybe that’s fine in a world of closeups…

If it’s For Tanner… I wonder if his shadow on the ground beneath the landing ramp would have created a more depth and given him a stronger context. Perhaps loosing the vignette would allow his form to pop more as the subject?

For Stevens? The text at the base of the landing ramp gets lost in the shadow of the ramp.

For you? Kick-ass Fun shot!

For me? Wish I coulda been there!

mwalshphoto says:

Great photo, really interesting perspective. I’m so use to filming low to make things look epic that sometimes you forget going from above can have the same effect.

Scot baston says:

Wow! I adore this first shot.. Such scale, graphical elements and wonder.
I like the colour image, but not quite as much. It feels a little crowded

Philipp Ulrich says:

I love it, great angle and black and white makes it even better!

Need you ask! That is an amazing shot. I expected no less. Great work as always.

Kevin says:

The first picture is great ! I’ve never seen an picture like this one before. Very good job !

Luke says:

Chase, do you sell these shots? This is awesome.

Tom Q says:

It is pretty amazing. Initially I thought it was a simple landscape shot, but once looking at the full size rather than a thumbnail it really works.

The blacks and the texture of the snow add to the drama, and the fact it takes a second or two to figure out what is going on here is really the magical part.

Steve Ferro says:

Fresh Fresh Fresh! Like it Bro!

Mike Wilson says:

From the very small thumbnail on Facebook I was pretty unimpressed. Then I hit the page and went “whoah.”

Nice job! Great detail.

Jason Wall says:

I love it.

Its stark and immense. The size of the figure contrasted with the size of the scene is gripping. the stark contrast of the white snow and the shadows accentuates the feeling. the whole thing feels perfectly balanced.

Jim Denham says:

I like it a lot. I love the vastness of the shot and how small this incredible athlete and the ramps look from this angle. The black and white is perfect. The only things that are not as desirable is the light post shadow and the STEVENS name next to the ramp, however, that may be who you’re doing the work for and should be there.

Harold Cook says:

AWESOME, Great contrast, and the skier is definitely a great focal point

adrian says:

I like that picture because of the scale, mud, blacks and shadows, angle and simplicity of the scene. Picture spokes by itself.

Keri says:

Absolutely love the shot, it has all my favourite ingredients for a shot – B&W, winter and action !

Job very well done!
Last winter i had lots of fun in the parks @ Breckenridge CO, if only i had a helicopter to play with too !

Blake says:

Like it. B&W and contrast make it look like a night shot.

Love it, obtuse/unusual angles. The tree shadows both frame and point to the subject… Keeping my eye trapped in the photo (between that and the jump!)

Gettle says:

love it. was just in Vail but the old guys jsut weren’t hitting the kickers. hard to balance skiing and shooting when the guys won’t slow down.
keep up the good work.

Kathleen says:

Beautiful shadow play & the lines are great. Very brave, I like it.

stinkykiller says:

Great Chase !!
Love the Shot !
Thanks for keeping us informed.

AC says:

I’m gonna go against the grain here and say I wish the shot gave a larger perspective as to just how small the skier is to the jump, the mountain, etc. Don’t get a sense of the scope because everything looks miniaturized, like it’s model of an actual ski jump, skier, etc. If it were perhaps populated with say skiers or snowboarders watching from the ground, truly seeing how small they are compared to the ramp, would help highlight that emotional quality of scale.

Frederik says:

Love it ! I really like the gritty B/W look

Nick says:

Love it. Great angle for this shot.

Phil Kuryloski says:

I like the shot, although would have maybe gone with a little less vignette in post myself, but brought out more snow texture with a very mild HDR tonemapping by blending a tonemapped version of the image as a layer above this, at around 15% opacity in Overlay mode. Rockin’ shot, though!

Dont Like it. the image dont kill me.

Terrific shot Chase, looks like a model set – then the reality of the scale kicks in, unusual.
Also like the Twitter bird in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ shot ;-)

Corey says:

love it!!! takes a second to wrap one’s head around the epicness of the shot!! The angle throws everything off for a fraction of a second and thne you go this shot is awesome!!!!!

Bryan says:


Ditto to Carlo. It sucked me in at first glance and I was like, “WHOA.” It’s a great shot b/c it caught my attention immediately and I didn’t think about the technical aspects of the shot at first, which is what makes it a great image to me. Nothing else really needs to be said.

However… on the technical side I love the moody darkness, the unique perspective and how all the lines in the image point to the subject. The way he’s just hanging out there gives a sense of freedom and makes ME think why the heck am I sitting at this desk? :)

Well done.

Mike Fillion says:

Love it. When I look at it, I feel like I’m in the air. Makes me feel good :)

Awesome shot…. would love to see an .R3D frame grab from the same angle…. or at least a jpg frame grab. You should definitely share on… Cheers.

Bob Ewing says:

Like it. The black and white conversion makes it feel like a night shot almost. Love the shadows of the trees creeping in from the top.

I really like the composition and tonality of the shot but I am finding the shadows at the top of the image to be a bit distracting. With such a small subject (the skier) the dark shadows of the trees and the pole add a bit too much distraction for my liking. Over all though the shot is pretty awesome and a great sense of timing in capture as always where we can see the skier completely: arms, legs, head and skis – rather than a ball with skis coming off of it Great job over all. Cheers.

Aaron says:

Love it. Would love it even more if you cropped off the bottom third of the image just below the shadow of the ramp.

Carlo says:

Like. It makes me go OMFG.

michael says:

I like everything except 1- too much vignetting. 2- I think it would make a stronger composition if the subject wasn’t centered. (Yes, could be fixed with a crop) 3- Would be nicer (IMHO) if the subject was a bit bigger in the frame. Otherwise I dig the dramatic look of the snow and shadows. Nice shot overall.

Ryan Meyers says:

Add another tick to the Like column for me. Like someone else already pointed out, I think it’s the angle that does it for me (both the from above and the ramp going diagonally across the image), and starkness of the blacks. Good stuff.

How do you take something that is everyday/boring and turn it into something circling around the word amazing?

Put a new perspective on it.

Paul says:

Amazing shot. This makes me want to rent a helicopter and a ski resort.

Love the post-processing to B&W. Even though everything is in focus, it has the feel of a tilt-shift shot.

Brian says:

I don’t like it. The danger and extreme nature of the sport comes from the height, and the image lacks that pop. The skier could be laying on the snow for all we know. Oh well, I can’t like all your work, right?

Ben says:

love it, for loads of the reasons above. I’m sure there are a load in that set that didn’t hit the bar, but the crisp blacks work well – it’s very geometrically satisfying!

Har Rai Khalsa says:

Very cool shot! I really like how Tanner contrasts with the snow. I agree with Scott White that it is not immediately apparent how high he is; I found his shadow right around the knuckle of the landing, but it took a little bit of searching. I might like a shot that shows more of the landing, even more. Also, I was thinking that that angle would be a good candidate for a tilt-shift shot; it might not serve the purpose of the shoot, but it would be interesting to see.

First impression: great shot! You work on some very cool projects!

Jennifer D says:

Love it! Very evocative. I have the feeling of the awesomeness of nature that I often feel when I am in the mountains myself.

Dean Bouchard says:

I love the perspective and the incredible contrast. It seems three dimensional!

This is awesome! Has anyone else noticed that the shadow of the helicopter in the second photo looks like a bird?

Edwin Rivera says:

Sick shot!! Are you planning on posting anymore from this day? Hope you do.

Nha, average….. Ok, just kidding. This is a really cool image. Unusual angel, beautiful light, perfect timing with the skiier right in the middle over the gap.

I think a square crop would be even cooler but that’s just me.

Thanks for sharing.

Aaron says:

love it.
– scale of skier adds drama. someone afraid of heights may get sick looking at this.
– the tree shadows and all of the lines in the groomed snow all have leading lines in the direction of the skier, from the top right, from the bottom. from the right. My eye is totally drawn to the skier, the smallest feature on the image.

Jen Folz says:

Very captivating, love all the texture in the snow and the beautiful light and shadows.

josh says:

Great picture. I love the unique point of view, sense of scale and all the negative space. Well done!

Jay Goodrich says:

I love it. I think the black and white conversion just makes all the texture of snow pop. Great Job.

Nik says:

In my own opinion, the idea of a photo of a high jump is to capture altitude and maybe amplify the magnitude of the jump. in this photo, the athlete looks flat on the ice. the only thing that makes it look like a jump is the ramp. good framing and angle but for another concept….just my thoughts…oh I also think that lowering the helicopter and having the athlete jump towards you would help capture the location and altitude of the jump better….Maybe this was perfect for a TV commercial where the camera gives it motion….stay cool Chase. I love the way you push the limits of creativity like no one else…experimenting is the key. thanks for the post

jeremy says:

Trick question, i like all your shots :-)…

ok, if i got to nitpick, heres the things that distract me…the texture of the snow is so rich, i love that, but the one light post shadow on the top right is a bit distracting and the stevens text feels out of place…

but thats it, i’m really looking for stuff.

Tracey Hedge says:

Love it!!
The slope the tree shadows the dark negative space…all point you to The Athlete. Major triangles all over this shot too…love love.

Rich Park says:

this picture is great for so many reasons. the shadow behind the ramp accentuates it’s height – the shadow of the trees brings this feeling of fear and the unknown and the darkness of the landing area brings out the textures and again that unknown feeling esp with the skier still in the air. great great shot!

ECGroom says:

Great angle and shadows.

I dig it. The perspective is thrilling.

like the shot like the contrast. an interesting composition for a gap booter like that.

Sharif says:

Hi Chase,
This is a brilliant capture (as usual). I really like the B&W tone and the shadows.

Eric says:

Epic. I can’t stop looking at it.

lensman says:

Great job Chase, just wish I was in europe this time of the year for winter sport like this…

Mike Wiesman says:

I love the contrasty b/w Chase.

Matt says:

Nice angle. Great work. Best time of the day for the shadows of the kicker and the trees.

Adam says:


Love the processing.

Nicolas says:

Impressive shot! This is what sports photography is all about! Capturing the essence of the moment. Very well done!

Cheers from Denmark

Paul says:

Great shot. The lines, the prominent ones, lead right to the brightest part of the image – which is where the eye wants to go anyhow. Then it gets there and see the dark image of the skier doing his thing. It all works perfect and the result is a great image.

Lainer says:

CAn we get a comparison shot from the RED camera to see the artistic and camera quality differences?

Oliver says:

Excellent shot. I like it. The high angle gives it a non-traditional fresh perspective. Plus the black and white of image helps bring out the subject more by cleaning up the background. And coupled with the use of the vignette adds more focus.

Simon says:

Love the angle and the shot, but I’m wondering what this would look like if it was processed a little differently – maybe more high-key, super-minimalist,with lots of whites, and letting Tanner stand out in high contrast against the background. Again, nice and dramatic, and as others have said, it’s definitely an unusual perspective.

Ahmed eid says:

Like. What focal length?

Lainer says:

I like the shot. It has an artsy look to it, and the athlete looks so small in the scheme of things, making it even more majestic a shot.

Tim Chingos says:

I’m gonna go with “Like.”

The photograph tells a vivid story, but isn’t straightforward about it. It makes you think about where the athlete came from and where he’s going. Being in the helicopter puts perspective around this feat in a way many photographers fail to illustrate. As one continues to look at it, more and more details and textures come out giving the shot more depth.

Great shot.

scott white says:

It would be funny to recreate this shot with the guy just laying in the snow in that position, & having the camera angle just right, & see if people can guess which one is actually in the air!

Ron Warren says:

that would be hilarious

David says:

The shadow will reveal ;)
The lightning of the BW is great. And the fact that the athlete has no shadow creates so much vibrancy. Lights was yours?

Doreena says:

This is an inspiring picture. I wish I could have these conditions to actually take this kind of pictures. Great job Chase!

Rich Cave says:

Love it chase, and you know me I never bloke smoke up your rear, say it like it is,

sick of powder photography this is a interesting and strange angle, thumbs up mate


Anonymous says:

Nice shoot! Epic. But the type needs kerning.

Johny Cook says:

Love the black and white one! The shadows and smoothness of the snow is sick! It drawed my attention to finding the skiers shadow but its not where you think it is and instead on the front of the kicker. Well done man!

Steven Valk says:

Like, great capture

Rod Leland says:

Sick Chase. Haven’t seen that angle before. It works wide really well. Slammed blacks help the mood too. *thumbs up*

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