Vincent Laforet on Chase Jarvis LIVE [This Wednesday]

This Wednesday I’ll be hosting pulitzer-prize winning photographer, award winning director, and my good pal Vincent Laforet into my studio for another broadcast of chasejarvisLIVE. In this 90 minute show, we’ll talk shop, cut thru all the fluff, cut past Reverie and all the hubub to the meat of the things that matter. We’ll also be taking your questions LIVE via my @chasejarvis twitter handle, hashtag #cjLIVE.

It’s free. It’s live. Just point your web browser to on Wednesday.

Who: You, Me, Vince Laforet + a worldwide gathering of photographers and filmmakers
What: Get to know the real Vince Laforet and his career + answer your questions LIVE
When: this coming Wednesday, March 2nd at 10:00am Seattle time (1pm NYC or GMT -8)
Where: just visit
Want to get Vince to answer YOUR questions?: ASK THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW

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